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  • vishras 3w

    By unknown writer

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    Ayeee khuda mujhko bta
    Kya tera ptaa,
    Hum toh yaha musaafir hai
    jo dhoonde apni manzil ka ptaa.......;)

  • one_upp1 6w

    With You, I Am Me

    I keep speaking how hard breathing is
    n if we're apart my heart is beating less
    n I'm eating less, starving, if we can't be together,
    dreams few n far apart, being sleepless,
    With sleep apnea I can't see
    in this bleak sea of darkness,
    all I'm seeing is
    all these demons that you used to free me of
    n all the reasons I need you seems to bring me up,
    that's because I mean it every time I repeat it to you


  • kudirat_mojisola 6w

    She is someone I will never trade with ��

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    Queen bee

    Hurray! It is the day
    The day a queen was born
    The day the stars were twinkling so bright to celebrate her birth
    The day both young and old were dancing to jubilate the blessing
    What a blessing you are to my soul too
    I would have hated myself if I ever missed this day
    It is such a wonderful day
    A day to feast and gist
    A day to dance and dance till our bones weaken
    Let's twist our waists to the rhythm of the day
    For you are plus one today
    Happy birthday my beloved
    A treasure dear to my heart

  • bush_b 7w

    My Best friend a stranger now !

    How foolishly i let you go ,
    when i could have used the word No .
    I was fool enough to let u hate me,
    i made a mistake n i cant say may be ...
    I wonder if you still miss me
    i wonder if u still hate me ...
    I remember when we used to sync our names together ,
    i thought our bond will last forever ...
    U were there always there protecting me
    , and oh my selfishness ,now my mistakes always haunt me ....
    Forgive me my friend for giving up on you easily ,
    I wanna have you back and never let you go again selfishly !!!!!!!!!


  • myhiddenlies 20w

    O lonely moon

    O beautiful lonely moon,
    I can empathize with you

    I know you hide just to whine
    because the tears won't arise -
    when the day is bright,
    and then u appear in the dark night
    so that no one would find

    People find you beautiful out there,
    Is it result of that loneliness you bear?!

    I know you wish to join me,
    but instead of dividing it would only multiply
    So it's better for us to not rely,

    O lonely beautiful moon,
    I can empathize with you

  • saan_e_sukun 36w

    (Best friend)

    तू हंसे तो मैं जोकर बन जाऊं ।
    तू सुने तो मैं सिंगर बन जाऊं ।
    तू पढ़े तो मैं राइटर बन जाऊं ।
    तू खुस रह हंसता रह दुनिया की टेंशन मत ले ।
    तू कहे तो तेरे लिए दुनिया से लड़ जाऊं ।
    @jaypratap chauhan

  • mariateresa 45w

    Love kissed storm

    As life's turbulent winds blow us all around
    Held in the purity of love's violent seas
    Rocking together in the ebb and flow
    Holding onto each other as we go
    Intensity of our love knows no bounds
    Calms the waters and soothes the sounds
    Within your arms, held tightly in the strongest embrace
    Knowing nothing can hurt us or destroy the grace
    Withstanding whatever life's got in store for us
    Looking deeply into each other's eyes
    Intuitively we understand just how to navigate the dance
    Gentle kisses upon my lips, reassures me we will endure the trip
    Coming out on the other side, smooth sailing into the horizon
    Our love is forever triumphant

  • mariateresa 46w

    Surfing the tidal waves of emotion with my Dad's passing. Missing my man ever so much more now. These past 7 months have proven to me what an emotional warrior I am. Being human sucks sometimes ��

    #feelingblue #missingyou #myman #mylove #soulmate #mymuse #fromthebottomofmyheart #memories #emotionalwarrior #nostalgic #besttimes #mybestfriend #mycompanion #mylove #loveofmylife #missingmyman #originalpoem #originalpoetry #poetssociety #poetrysociety

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    Bobbing up and down in a sea of yesterday's snapshots
    Thoughts of you can't be erased even if I tried
    We are bonded in soul, in love and across lifetimes
    Being without you hurts the worst in my time now of grief
    Effervescent elation bubbles up at times briefly
    Quickly replaced by longing and sorrow, desperation to be held in your arms
    Crazy how one doesn't truly appreciate someone until they're gone
    I want to go back to the times of overflowing laughter
    When my belly would ache from the stories we'd chatter
    You're my best friend, my life partner and the one I desire most
    Lately I feel as though now you're just a ghost

  • mariateresa 49w

    Nightime dreamer

    Belief is a funny thing
    For the more I believe, the more my heart sings
    Less of the darkness at night keeps me up with worry
    The more I see the brilliance of light cast upon my dreams
    Resurrecting emotions I once thought lost
    Come flooding in like the dawning of day after the storm
    Every night I pray for you to return to me
    Lately the belief that our reunion is destined soon makes my heart beam with the love I once knew

    Being away from you has taught me so much
    Never to take for granted how much your love comforts my days
    How the warmth of you near lulls me to sleep each night
    Laying my head upon your chest has always felt so right
    The dream of us together again is soon to be our reality
    For now the distance between us is just a formality
    Wishing upon the same twinkling stars
    Our bond is eternal, never to disappear

  • pacificpious 53w


    संसाधन व हुनर ही आपकी मित्रता का कारण है !
    आप कौन हैं ?
    ✍️ ©pacificpious

  • yukti005 68w


    My Mom is my best friend
    Our chat's never end

    She never gets tired
    While keeping me inspired

    Whenever I am sad
    Her hugs make me feel glad.

    She keeps my mistakes apart
    As she has a beautiful heart

    Her nature and her style
    Inspire me to always smile

    She looks very gracious
    My mom is very precious

    I feel blessed with your touch
    Mom I love you so much

    Mom , May you always be healthy , happy and safe
    And we will together win every race .

    Happy Mother's Day dear Mom.

  • man_of_joy 71w

    Her teachings:NEVER BE Jealous of someone..........ok dear
    Few days later
    Hey, your talking to whom?
    My BEST buddy from school

    Her reaction: called me and hang up saying "GOODBYE"
    I was like, what was that??
    No Replies.. For almost a week

    Then a last...
    A message poped up asking
    'Who's your best friend?'
    You, of course

    Then I heard the silence before the storms
    And she started lightning like anything
    Me:totally confused.. And even feeling guilty
    For something.. I didn't even knew

    After a while
    I could easily make out
    She was in tears

    I made a promise to
    When I was a kid...
    That she will be my only best friend ever
    And today she was jealous of my school friend��

    And then I remembered
    What she taught me few days ago...
    'Never be jealous of someone'



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    Friendship is a heart to heart thing, isn't it?

  • anu420 73w

    जो जिया था बेफिक्री का बचपन वो अगर फिर से लौट आए तो ज़िन्दगी से कोई गिला नहीं , वो फिर से लोगो के चहरे पर मुस्कान लौट आए तो कोई शिकवा नहीं । वैसे इस ज़िन्दगी से भी कोई रूठना मनाना नहीं , पर वो अपने दोस्तो का साथ फिर से मिल जाए तो किसी से कोई बैर नहीं । जब भी उन पलो को देखता हूं तो लगता है , कितनी तसल्ली कितना ठहराव था उस ज़िन्दगी में । ना कोई चिन्ता ना कोई परेशानी , कितना सादगी भरा था वो बचपन । #old memories #mybestfriend #momanddad #fundays #mirakee

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    जो जिया था बेफिक्री का बचपन वो अगर फिर से लौट आए तो ज़िन्दगी से कोई गिला नहीं , वो फिर से लोगो के चहरे पर मुस्कान लौट आए तो कोई शिकवा नहीं । वैसे इस ज़िन्दगी से भी कोई रूठना मनाना नहीं , पर वो अपने दोस्तो का साथ फिर से मिल जाए तो किसी से कोई बैर नहीं । जब भी उन पलो को देखता हूं तो लगता है , कितनी तसल्ली कितना ठहराव था उस ज़िन्दगी में । ना कोई चिन्ता ना कोई परेशानी , कितना सादगी भरा था वो बचपन ।

  • truthpoems_quotes 74w

    Best Firend

    I blessed the day when me and you met
    We both shared and kept our secrets
    We have lots and lots of mirth together
    And that fun we have lasted forever

    When I felt inside me the solitude
    You helped me find my gratitude
    You helped me get genial when I'm cold
    And you grab my hands for you to hold.

    We looked up into the ruddy skies
    And tried to chase down the butterflies
    I remember you gave me a beautiful and wonderful gift
    And you are the first friend who gave me a Christmas gift.

    Now I finally see that you are my best friend
    And I am happy that I don't have to pretend.
    When I'm with you I have my true smile
    You even make me laughed for a while.

    You'll be my best friend till the end of time
    And I hope you'll forever be mine.
    Even though you are too far away
    I know I'll be with you someday.

    Keep this rustic dirge and poetry
    To remind you of you and me.
    I can hear your voice telling me to stay strong.
    I can hear your voice singing all my favorite song.

    Thank you for being my trustworthy
    And thank you for being with me.

  • rozella 76w

    MY LOVE,

    You will always be my inspiration and my role model because no one can ever guide me like you do

  • smrithi_menon 80w

    Hey, have you seen a creature who never shut its mouth...?
    Zyada work math de brain ko obviously it's you for sure...

    No matter what the situation demand...
    You never stop showing your 32 teeth which is not less than a brand..

    I have known you right from the white shirt and blue touser...
    To a well deserved software kam marketing browser...

    When you speak out that how undeserving you are..
    I wish if you could see how bright future you have got which isnt so far...

    Issues are common in evry life machaa..
    Lekin dil chota na karke himmat rakhna chahiye achaa..

    Is it relevant to speak about our memories..?
    Because it's never gonna last long with lots of queries...

    No person can promise you to fix your issues
    It's only you who can fix it without any refuse..

    Admit that you always got your back with friends like us...
    Saale but you never share any of those things thinking that we could be a mess...

    Bacha thodi hai tu happy bday wish karne
    Ikkis saal ka ek remainder deri hu tujhe chup chap apna kaam shuru karle

    Bohat tension hai na tujhe bass Mehnat karte jaa Aur logo ko yeh dikhate reh jaa ki
    Abb chahe uncle Philip mathew ho ya bhai lijo mathew
    Unko koi replace kar sakta hai tho vo hai apna lijin mathew...

    Neither impossible nor a fairytale
    Lekin haan hai tho bada filmy name...

    Abb bass countdown lagale aur apna gaadi shuru karle...
    Happy 21 saale major you...

  • chennai_venus 91w


    Am surrounded by bunch of people and yet I feel invisible...
    Fear of being alone haunts me every day!
    Can't tell how I feel about Everything that's happening right now!
    I miss you every day and every second that passes....
    My thoughts are unsettling and every time my phone rings, I hope it's from you...
    Save me from this hell!

  • mariateresa 91w

    This is a very personal poem written about my fiance's struggles with schizoaffective bipolar disorder and PTSD related to concussion syndrome from playing professional football. Right now he is in a challenging spot. He's the love of my life and my best friend. Praying his situation improves����

    #writersofmirakee #writingcommunity#whereiwrite #spilledink #football #mybestfriend #mylove #myheartandsoul

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    Losing my best friend

    Your big smile and laughter are fading
    While I sit in our room just waiting
    Further and further away you drift
    Not able to see the soul crushing rift
    I throw my hands up in dismay
    While you just stare at the television all damn day
    The elephant in the room we're not supposed to discuss
    Is getting bigger than the both of us
    I cry, I scream and I shout
    Yet you'll never know just what about
    The pain and voices have you in a rut
    If this were a movie I'd yell CUT
    But this is our reality
    The cold hard truth that no one sees
    While each day you slip further away from me
    Oh what I'd give to see that sparkle in your eye
    Confessing your love for me would make me cry
    As I shake my head and ask God why
    Deafening silence is the only reply
    This has become our new normal
    I yearn for the days when we would snorkel
    And laugh until we cried

  • ineffable_writing 109w

    Someday you will realise,that you have
    lost your bestfriend that you don't know...

  • krissyrosem 109w

    Saying goodbye

    It took alot for me to realize,
    That I,
    Was growing tiresome,
    Of my mind rattled with questions of your safety.
    Would this be the last time,
    That we spoke?..

    I grew tired,
    Of unanswered questions.
    And the thoughts,
    Of wheather saying goodbye,
    Would be my last and final farewell.

    I love you so,
    But I could not let my mind keep wondering if you were fine,
    Or if the drugs had you so lost in your mind,that you couldn't even bother to give me a simple hello.

    I finally gave in,
    You pushed me away.

    And I am not going to fight to be in your life,anymore.

    I had never seen myself giving up on someone I cared so deeply for,
    Giving up on you.

    I will always care,and love you.
    You were my sister.

    But I think this is it,
    I am saying goodbye..