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  • sidharth_jeevakumar 12w

    Mutual Respect

    I fell in love with her,
    Because she deserves it.
    I stay in love with her,
    Because I deserve it.


  • samakhsh 13w

    Long Distance Relationship Has A Different Level Of Distance Between.

    She broke up with me.
    Not that we differed from our views.
    We still feel for each other.
    We are sorry for the distance between us, and the pandemic made things even worse.
    We don't even know if we'll actually meet in person, ever.
    Reality hurts.
    Distance hurts.
    Waiting hurts.
    The probable consequences hurts.

    And yet, there are positives.
    We build each other, helped each other rise like Phoenix from a distance.
    We're loved back by someone, finally, from across continents.
    No more did we ever respected, loved, and trusted in our lives but to each other.
    We made each other realize our worth, not to each other, not to our own selves, but to the world.
    It's weird, I've never seen the dependence and trust we have for each other in any person I know.
    We keep sharing our thoughts, knowing if needed moral support, we both know whom to find, and where.
    A breakup will make you realize how important a person was, and is, for you.
    Relationship can cease to exist, Love, however, in eternal, because there's no such thing as True Love, as heavenly feelings doesn't need adjectives to prove anything to anybody.
    It was, and is, Love.....
    Though, from a distance.

  • goonsaint_ 57w


    Yeh nahi kehta ki chaand la doonga,
    Yeh kehta hoon ki kami nahi hone doonga,

    Yeh nahi kehta ki rone nahi doonga,
    Yeh kehta hoon ki phir hasaunga,

    Yeh nahi kehta ki mann ka khila paunga,
    Yeh kehta hoon ki bhookha nahi sulaunga,

    Yeh nahi kehta ki nazar nahi uthaunga,
    Yeh kehta hu ki kisi ko nahi sataunga,

    Yeh nahi kehta ki jhooth nahi bolunga,
    Yeh kehta hu ki dil nahi dukhaunga,

    Yeh nahi kehta ki pyar jataunga,
    Yeh kehta hoon ki tum ho toh main hoon,
    Yeh roz yaad dilaunga.

    Yeh nahi kehta ki tumhe shaadi ke liye raazi kar paunga,
    Yeh kehta hoon ki kisi aur ko ikhtiyaar nazar nahi kar paunga.

  • goonsaint_ 57w


    Ek chhota sa khwaab sajata hoon main,
    Ke har subha chai tumhaare liye banata hoon main.

    Jaisa saada saaf dil hai tumhaara,
    Waisa hi paani ubaalta hoon main,

    Ranga tha mujhko jaise tumne,
    Chai ki pattiyaan bharti hai rang paani mein,

    Ketli mein chai bhar, tray mein akhbaar saath liye,
    Kareene se do pyaali sajata hoon main,
    Main hoon hi ab tumse, isliye khud ko behtar banata hoon main,

    Jaise mujhse hata di tumne alag,
    Kuch aadatein, kuch sohbatein,
    Khanjar bani jo fasi thi mujhmein,
    Theek waise hi chai chhaan leta hoon main,

    Tumhaara saath milne se khila tha jaise,
    Doodh daalte hi tumhaari chai ko,
    Muskuraata hua dekhta hoon main,

    Cheeni ki katori se, do chammach milaate hue,
    Sochta hoon guzri jo tumhaari raatein,
    Mujh neem chadhe karele ko hasna sikhaate hue,

    Shukra karta hoon Rab ka,
    Barkatein naam ba naam ginaate hue,
    Phir badalta hai khayaal,
    Pyaali tumhe nazar karte hue,
    Itni si izzat toh beshak de sakta hoon tumhe,

    Ki ek chhota sa khwaab saja loon main,
    Ki har subha chai tumhaare liye bana doon main.

  • susann 86w


    He lies
    Give lame excuses
    Forces an half a$$ apology
    And expects you to accept it?
    You deserve better.


  • mydilbeats 89w

    My River.

    There's a huge river, and in it, people swimming, fearless. Some are on the bank, not at all ready to even go near the river, they dont want anything to do with the river as it's too much effort..they just wanna watch.
    Some take the boat as the river had tried hard to drown them the last time..but they have to go in! And catch some lil fish for dinner. They know the river well as they've been watching it for the longest..Ks and Ks of years. They worship the river, offer so much love, consider it as a motherly figure, and hope to only catch some lil fishes for dinner. They like the river the way it is, as they very well know that the change in the river's flow can cause chaos.

    Big picture: Spend some time in the river and reach back to the bank ALIVE.

    Small picture: swim/sail safe, dont drink the water, dont get hurt by immersed rocks, and if you see a croc or anything dangerous, GET BACK TO THE SHORE.

    Current picture. In India: People have not only sided with the crocodiles who've come to eat them, they're carving holes in the boats of people fishing for their lives.

    IN THE MEANTIME, EVERY SOUL IN THE RIVER DROWNING TOGETHER.. crocs waiting to feast on all of them!!
    The people watching from the bank also would soon join them.. As there's nothing except the river, and the bank.

    @Mydil Beats

  • rafath 145w


    Let a woman be as free as she can
    For she let's herself to be herself
    Only when she's safe and secure
    And if that's around you...
    She TRUSTS you!
    And there can be no bigger compliment ever by a woman to a man

  • steph_poetry 177w


    " Love is pure with no mistake, but one does not reward its purity." Stephane Yaovi ADJAGBO
    @adjagbo ©steph_poetry