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  • ayaz_haneef 13w

    Music; Most Healing

    Music; most healing

    Whenever I feel sad or tensed,
    Music is the one to heal me.
    It makes me feel pleasure,
    When in it's colour, it seals me.

    I sing my heart aloud,
    Without even caring about my voice.
    Which helps me to get peace,
    By listening to it by my choice.

    A single genre of dark,
    Makes me dive deep into it.
    Who takes me inside it,
    By making me deeply love it.

    Understanding it's meaning,
    Makes me more happy.
    Predicting it's nature,
    Makes it's more snappy.

    Music is my addiction,
    Songs are my life!
    Without which I can't live,
    Making it my forever wife.

    Dreaming about being a songwriter,
    To fill the songs with my words.
    Helping the people heal forever,
    Throughout this whole world.