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    She’d always been a sickly child
    Right from the very start
    Something was twisted inside of her
    People suspected something was wrong with her heart
    Her mother would fuss a lot
    Caring and taking care of all her needs
    With medication and doctors aplenty
    Administering her story book reads

    She’d go out to play with her friends
    And after a little while start feeling faint
    Something was twisted inside of her
    A grim picture of health she would paint
    In the evening she would be too unwell
    To sit with the family at the dinner table
    She would spend her time throwing up
    Always nauseous and always unstable

    In no condition to attend school like the other kids
    Her mother was her entire world
    But something remained twisted inside of her
    That refused to let her be just another girl
    Her mother would feed her food and medicines
    Slowly watch her slurp the hot soup
    No matter how many drugs were given to her
    She always had to be kept protectively cooped

    Somehow she dragged on till she reached fifteen
    People would tell her ma how sorry they felt
    That something was twisted inside of her
    How they were sad they couldn’t be of help
    Her mother would weep, be comforted
    And then go back to attending to the sick
    People would rally around her mother
    Who tried to make her better using every trick

    And then one day after being unwell for a while
    She finally died and was at peace
    Something no longer was twisted inside of her
    Her soul at last found the much needed release
    At her funeral her mother was inconsolable
    Her father serious and heartbroken
    He’d discovered a nurse who had suspected
    His wife and left a note as a horrifying token

    The following week her mother was arrested
    For having kept her daughter perpetually ill
    For that something that had been twisted inside of her
    She refused to go quietly until
    She was shown how she’d fed poison slowly
    To her unsuspecting, trusting little girl
    Ruled a homicide she was thrown in jail for life
    Her nasty mind finally to the world unfurled

    A dark place is the mind of a mother who manages
    To twist something inside of her own child
    Just so that more attention can be drawn
    To herself and more sympathy derived
    Labelled a mental illness it survives
    In parents who outwardly look loving and upright
    Munchausen by proxy is a disease that takes
    The life of an innocent and naive child


    15th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- By Igor Morski

    Post Script:
    Munchausen by proxy is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick. Often the victim is made to look sick by the person in order to gain attention and sympathy. As a result, they do real harm to their children in order to fabricate symptoms.
    Munchausen by proxy is a serious mental condition that should be reported in order to stop the person from being a caregiver to a child who naively accepts the help thinking of it as love and affection.

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  • khwahishaan 4d

    जो लोग ख़ुद न करते थे होंठो से पान साफ़

    पलकों से कर रहे हैं तेरा पायदान साफ

    جو لوگ خد نہ کرتے تھے ہونٹوں سے پان صاف 

    پلكوں سے کر رہے ہیں تیرا پائیدان صاف  

    जिसको बचा रही है मेरे आइने की धूल

    दिख जाए साफ़ साफ़ तो नामो निशान साफ़

    جس کو بچا رہی ہے میرے آئینے کی دھول 

    دکھ جاۓ صاف صاف تو نام و  نشان صاف 

    इक हम कि उसको सौंप दिया कारोबार-ए-दिल

    इक वो कि करके चल दिया पूरी दुकान साफ़

    اک ہم کہ اس کو سونپ دیا کاروبار دل 

    اک وه کہ کرکے چل دیا پوری دکان صاف 

    सुस्ता रही है लान में अब तक ये शहरी लू

    बादे सबा तो कर भी चुकी कबकी धान साफ़

    سستا رہی ہے لان میں اب تک یہ شہری لو 

    باد صبا تو کر بھی چکی کب کی دھان صاف 

    "ग़ालिब सरीर-ए-ख़ामा नवा-ए-सरोश है"

    लेकिन वो क्या करें कि न हों जिनके कान साफ़

    غالب صریر خامہ نوائے سروش ہے

    لیکن وه کیا کریں کہ نہ ہوں جن کے کان صاف 

    वो मुझसे बदगुमान था, मेरा गुमान था 

    खिड़की का कांच साफ़ किया, आसमान साफ़

    وہ مجھسے بد گمان تھا میرا گمان تھا 

    کہڑکی کا کانچ صاف کیا آسمان صاف 

    बेशक चराग़ कुछ नहीं पर एक बात है 

    जितनी ज़बान साफ़ है उतना बयान साफ़

    بیشک چراغ کچھ نہیں پر ایک بات ہے 

    جتنی زبان صاف ہے اتنا بیان صاف 


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  • guardian 4d

    An act of Passion

    That night was magical. We laid is the fields, side by side, holding hands, fulfilling our promises of eternity to each other. The field was filled with fireflies, crickets and the comforting hum of insects. The sky above reflected crudely upon us, the clouds mocking us as they passed by, the stars pulsating with an otherworldly message. The air was heavy with death and romance.

    It had been a few days. We were crumbling. The decomposition had set in, but my fingers were still locked with your. The knife wounds on our bodies were now a fertile breeding ground for larvae. At least something was born from our love.


    #murder #love #romance

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    An act of Passion


  • khwahishaan 2w

    मुकरते हैं आप इससे
    क्या जालिम नहीं हैं 
    दिल में हमारे आप
    क्या शामिल नहीं हैं 
    पढ़ न सके जो
    आंखों की भाषा 
    अनपढ़ हैं आप
    क्या आमिल नहीं हैं 
    धड़कते नहीं क्या
    दिल में तुम्हारे 
    धड़कन में तेरी
    क्या शामिल नहीं हैं 
    ठुकरा रहे हो
    हमें किस वजह से
    चाहत कोे तेरी
    क्या काबिल नहीं हैं ।

    ©डाॅ फौज़िया नसीम शाद

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • khwahishaan 2w

    मरहम उस महल में ले गए, ज़ाहिल
    टपकता लहू था, दीवारों से जहाँ
    मसक्कत लगी थी, दवा काम आएगी
    जानमाज पर, किसीकी दुआ क़ुबूल हो गयी

    बातें बनाने लगे, पोछते लहू को ज़ाहिल
    बहती लहू भी नाराज़, राख बनकर सो गयी
    करते रहे, हर मुमकिन कोशिश पकड़ने की
    राख भी ना आई हाथ, दर्द हवा बन खो गयी

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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    हर इक आँसू की क़ीमत जानती है-
    ग़ज़ल शाइर का दुख पहचानती है।

    ज़ियादा ख़ूबसूरत तो नहीं वो...
    मगर रिश्ते निभाना जानती है।

    निकलता हूँ जब उसको साथ लेकर
    सरों पर धूप चादर तानती है।

    ज़रा सा ऐब मिल जाये किसी का
    ये दुनिया सबकी मिट्टी छानती है।

    अभी सोया पड़ा है..... शाह ज़ादा
    अभी कुछ देर घर में शान्ति है।

    मिरे इन्कार को मत अहमियत दे -
    तिरा लोहा तो दुनिया मानती है।
    ©शाकील जमाली

    ہر اک آنسو کی قیمت جانتی ہے
    غزل شاعر کا دکھ پہچانتی ہے

    زیادہ خوب صورت تو نہیں وہ
    مگر رشتے نبھانا جانتی ہے

    نکلتا ہوں جب اسکو ساتھ لے کر
    سروں پر دھوپ چادر تانتی ہے

    ذرا سا عیب مل جائے کسی کا
    یہ دنیا سب کی مٹی چھانتی ہے

    ابھی سویا پڑا ہے شاہزادہ
    ابھی کچھ دیر گھر میں شانتی ہے

    مرے انکار کو مت اہمیت دے
    ترا لوہا تو دنیا مانتی ہے
    شکیل جمالی

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • khwahishaan 2w

    दिल-ए-ख़राब को हैं ना-फ़हम से उम्मीदें
    बची हैं आह में अब कैफ़-ओ-कम से उम्मीदें

    दयार-ए-ग़म में रहा आँख से नहीं निकला
    उस एक अश्क़ को हैं तेरे ग़म से उम्मीदें

    है आरज़ू कि बड़ी मुश्किलों से उलझें हम
    लगाये हैं तेरी ज़ुल्फों की ख़म से उम्मीदें

    मुझे उमीद नहीं मिल सकूँगा मैं उनसे
    हैं कैसे लोग जो रखते हैं हम से उम्मीदें

    मैं उससे बात न करने को फोन करता हूँ
    हैं तर्क-ए-इश्क़ में भी मेरे दम से उम्मीदें

    अजब अज़ाब है कार-ए-जहाँ में ख़ारिज हैं
    हम ऐसे लोग जो रखते क़लम से उम्मीदें

    ©सत्य निष्ठ

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • khwahishaan 2w

    टपक रहा छप्पर से पानी वह निर्मम बरसात लिखो।
    लिखो कहानी फिर हल्कू की पूस ठिठुरती रात लिखो।

    सिसक रही हैं भारत माता, दंगे की तस्वीर लिखो।
    बचपन में जो बोझ उठाते वह बिगड़ी तकदीर लिखो।
    जेठ दोपहरी स्वेद बहाते हलधर की लाचारी को।
    जो दहेज की भेंट चढ़ी लिख दो अबला बेचारी को।

    छोड़ गया जिस मां को बेटा उस मां के जज्बात लिखो
    लिखो कहानी फिर हल्कू की पूस ठिठुरती रात लिखो।

    लिख दो मूक सिसकियां रोती जो अंधेरी रातों में।
    दानव भेष घूमते मानव हवस भरी जिन आंखों में।
    तड़प रही है भूख बिलखती नित्य पड़ी पुटपाथों पर,
    कागज कलम नहीं ईंटें है नन्हे - नन्हे हाथों पर।

    नहीं जला जिस घर में चूल्हा उस घर के हालात लिखो।
    लिखो कहानी फिर हल्कू की पूस ठिठुरती रात लिखो।

    लिखो बाण से शब्द करें जो भेद कुटिल व्यभिचारी पर।
    शब्दों से कर दो प्रहार दानव से अत्याचारी पर।
    लिखो बेबसी ममता की तुम, व्याकुल थकी निगाहों को,
    पड़े फफोले जहां पांव दुष्कर पथरीली राहों को।

    निर्धन के मंडप से लौटी बिन फेरे बारात लिखो।
    लिखो कहानी फिर हल्कू की पूस ठिठुरती रात लिखो।
    ©सीमा शुक्ला अयोध्या

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • _pluto_ 3w

    "Standing silently ,
    While rhyming with the wind ,
    As I spreaded my hands,
    Like the feathers of a furry wing .
    I could see,
    The curtains flying out
    From the windows of some culprit ,
    You know ,
    It's a murder ,
    A slaughter ,
    A tipsy black hurdle ,
    Surrounding my building ..."
    #DEATH #death #murder #lost #mirakee @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #lostforever #tears #death #kills #lifeless

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    ~You always get away with it

  • _pluto_ 3w

    Tipping toes ,
    My nose keeps on smelling gasoline and his hoes ,
    I didn't know then
    He kept sneaking his fingers around me ,
    little did I know
    I was actually playing with fire ,
    A fire which was actually an heir to me .
    It was a psychopathic attraction ,
    He was attracted to my half swollen lips
    While I was attracted to the revenge that kept burning inside of me ,
    Lighted by none other than that man ,
    The man who provoked me .
    Tiping toes ,
    They keep following me ,
    Here and there ,
    Wherever I go ,
    Even in the bathroom ,
    While taking showers ,
    Or sleeping in the bathtubs ,
    Groping my chest ,
    Planting posion in my neck ,
    Full of ecstasy ,
    Oh full of rotten sheets .
    I wanna see him on his knees ,
    While he wanna keep whirling around my broken furs ,
    Cause he has power
    And I havw nothing but the blood inside of me .
    Though he likes testing my abilities
    For he knows
    to kill myself, isnt easy .
    His hand feeling my collarbone,
    Makes him turned on ,
    Oh , he is such an animal !
    An animal set too free.
    Do you know ,
    How does it feel like
    To be trapped on the same bed ,
    Everyday ,
    Every minute ,
    Being pushed down to your limits
    How to escape, please tell me ,
    Tell me ,
    Tipping toes ,
    Why they keep following me ?
    #rape #assault #lost #crying #tears #murder #falling #pod #tearyeyes #againstrape #fuckrapists #assault #psycholove #messedup #dead #lifeless #souless @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    A play of murder

  • lucifer_says 5w

    Fake is the new trend and
    Everyone seems to be in style


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 8w

    I personally condemn death penalty,
    as to live is a tough task, granting & embracing death is easy,
    those who rape and murder a child, an oldie, a man or a lass,
    they actually molest and kill the whole human class.

    Humans are a precious resource
    and wasting a resource is not wise,
    rather they should be used a source,
    in a constructive way, law should punish & penalise.

    May be trained as soldiers or under cover agents for the nation,
    or to work in the hazardous mines or chemical factories,
    may be used to experiment for new vaccines before public introduction,
    or for charity like donation of blood or one of the lungs or kidneys.

    Meanwhile the families of accused & victim behind, losing the single earner,
    should be reasonably given the apt monetary consideration for their (accused) services & tasks,
    videos and images of such penalties, for viralizing, to be surely recorded,
    lessons for prospective criminals it'd be & relief to whom justice is to be accorded.

    #death #rape #murder #penalty #law #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #wod

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  • sanka_ 8w

    The murder

    It's true I killed a person. A very valuable person. A person who could change the course of humanity. I killed my true self. The person God made. He is now dead.

    I am in a path to find him back. And this time, I won't listen to the society, no I won't listen to the devil's word for I am afraid I won't be me. And God as my witness I will find you and be with you in front to get judgement for my crimes against you in front of God the supreme and him only ♥️.

  • mauri_varis 9w

    Thy art is murder

    One, two, three, four,
    I see beauty in the gore.
    Gorgeous art born from war,
    oh dead bodies galore.

    Corpses I particularly adore,
    a nature morte in it´s core.
    If you want more then please explore
    whats behind my basement door.

    A stilleben made hardcore,
    laying down on the cellar floor.
    A dead whore, for my encore,
    her final pose fits perfectly with the decor.

    The body captures her last implore,
    you can see the mercy she so begged for,
    and almost hear her desperate roar.
    My magnum opus I named "Muerte del amour".

    This femme fatale is so much more
    irresistible now then before.
    The allure of death is so hard to ignore,
    my work is an exhibition, a morbid metaphor.

    The fact that art doesn't work without pain
    but also,
    art exists for compensating pain
    and therefore.

    My art is pure by not being alive anymore,
    they always cry so loud that my ears get soar.
    By killing them our shared pain is no more,
    when silence grow pain fades away,
    emotion felt nevermore.


  • mr_kumare 9w

    Pushing up daisies

    She loves me, she loves me not.
    Each limb plucked, a muted scream.
    I still call them my petals, but she chose to bear the seed of another man.
    So away I plucked at her remaining petals, putting an end to this family tree.

  • prernasaxena 9w

    I Believe that their are people of every kind in every religion But why this things happen to only with a Hindu??? Does being a hindu is crime?? Or do being a human is crime?? Why these things are happening again and again in the name of religion?? Does worshipping our God is crime or does Thinking that we all are equal is a crime?? How does it make a difference if Hindu is worshipping their lord Ram or if a Muslim is reciting namaz in Masjid. Why remembering our religious beliefs is crime nowadays or worshipping with the way we want is crime nowadays. Why this India is still on backfoot and still their are people who behave like Jihadi and kill Hindus just because they're not Muslim??? Why, Why, Why???? Does your Allah asked you before giving birth to chose for your religion or did he asked for what gender you want or in which country or community do you want to be born in???? No, Nor your Allah Nor our Bhagwan asked us that how we want to be born or which community we want to chose, God, Allah, Bhagwan never differentiated Us, nor they made us Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian...He made us just Human But We made ourselves Evil, We chose to fought over religion, we chose to fought over every silly thing because This is how India is And this is how Indians Are. Bahar se logo ko aakr yha maarne ki jrurt nhi ya terrorist attack krne ki jrurt nhi h, Kyonki Hindustan m itne Jahil bhre pde hain Jo dharm k naam pr Katal krte frte hain, Aur Fr hm logo se pucha jata h k hm apne dhrm k khilaf q khde hain ya tumhare dhrm k khilaf q khde hain.....Insaniyat naam ki cheez h hi nhi is Bharat mein, Jha roj Army, military, Indian forces roj apni jaan pr khelkr, Apni families se door rehkr is desh ki raksha krti hai, Wahin is desh mein itne jaahil hain k unhe is baat ka ehsas hi nhi h, K koi dharm se upr hokr desh k lie jaan de rha h aur ye dharm jesi faltu cheez pr Ek dusre ko maarte fr rhe hain....Sharam aani chaie Ese logo ko Jo sochte hain k Unka Dharm unhe ye ijazat deta h k Wo dusre dharm ko maarke Apne dharm ka naam roshan kr rhe hain, Jb shareer m khoon ki kami hoti hai Toh blood bank m jakr jb ye nhi puchte k khoon hindu ka h ya musalman ka, Jo khana tum log khate ho jb us wqt ye nhi puchte k ye fasal ugaane wala koi hindu kisan tha k musalman, jb hospital m doctor se uska dhrm nhi puchte jb kisi Apne ko bchana hota hai, toh fr ye ghtiya hrktein dharm k naam pr kyun??? Islie kehte hain "Education is must", 6-7 bacche paida krne aate hain pr unhe shiksha dena bhul jate h kuch log,. Aur yhi ghtiya log aage chlkr dharm k naam pr kisi maa baap se unke budhaape k sahara cheen lete hain......Islie jb Bhi Koi kehta hai k Hme Bharat m rehne se darr lgta h toh woh sirf islie hi hai kyonki yhan Jaahil-Gawar log jada hain jo dharm k naam pr Crime krte hain Aur hmari So called Government aur Politics Usme apne vote bank ka nuksaan hone se kese bchayein ye sochti h.......
    "Band Kro Band kro Dharm k naam pr hagna Bnd kro,
    Agr itna hi shauq hai maasumo ko maarne ka toh pdh likhkr desh k lie border pr lado, Apne desh k logo ko maarne se behtr h desh k lie mar jao"
    Mujh jese log Sochte hain k hr dhrm mein bure log hote hain pr mujhe ye kehne mein koi sharm nhi hai k is trh ki ghtiya news kbhi mene nhi suni jahan, Hindu logo ne ek Muslim ko islie maar dia ho K wo Muslim hai"
    Shame on Pathetic Religious Assholes Who are Ruining this Country Just for the sake of their Selfish purpose.
    Aur ese hi crimes ki wjhse i can't say that i trust Muslims Kyonki agr chizein ese hi rhengi toh Darr toh hme bhi lgegea hi Aakhir hm bhi toh HINDU hain, Woh kya hai na bhgwan ya Allah ne Janam dene se pehle pucha nhi tha...!!!!
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    Rinku Sharma Murder Case

    Kyonki At the End of the Day mai bhi Ek ''hindu'' hoon

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    महज़ बेवफ़ाई की है उसने किसी का क़त्ल तो नहीं ।।


  • my_blind_thoughts 13w

    (Fictional Story)

    My name is Athulya (Fictional character). I'm 24 year old girl and living in a joint family. I was often sexually assaulted by my uncle aged 47 years. I informed many times to my mother but she didn't believe me. I was helpless and couldn't tell anybody else. I then decided to kill the disgusted man. My uncle who, who weighted 74kg was a daily smoker and drinker. I decided to take advantage of his smoking habit. When he went to bath, by wearing gloves I entered into his room and took the cigarette packets which was placed on the table I removed some chemical from his cigarette and balanced the weight by adding Strychnine (C21H22N2O2), which is a poison chemical when this chemical is inhaled, swallowed or absorbed it results in muscular convulsion and eventually die. The small amount of this chemical is enough to give the perfect result. It metabolises within 46-60mins and the death caused seems normal just like respiratory paralysis which commonly happens in chain smokers and drinkers with no traces left. Also the chemical is present in human body in some amount ie., body weight × 1mg. It means that 74mg of Strychnine is already present in my uncle's body. The death is caused when this chemical reaches to 100mg in the human body. I added 26mg of Strychnine. My uncle habitually smoked and his respiratory tract got blocked. He died and no evidences were left behind.

    I took revenge by myself without harming the reputation of my family.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 13w


    Even before beholding my charms,
    My parents detected my gender,
    Even before holding me in their arms,
    They bribed the medicos for my murder.

    Even before I could step into their hearth,
    They presumed me to be the heaviest burden,
    Even before I could see this Earth,
    They returned the God send gift to heaven.

    Even before they started to feed,
    They feared my existence would cause dearth,
    My mother denied me her breast milk,
    Refused my father to nourish my birth.

    Angels said, "GOD couldn't be everywhere",
    So he created mothers and fathers,
    Unaware and innocent, the unborn me,
    My parents would only be my murderers.

    For them I was a meer clot of blood,
    Which deserved to be ejected and flushed,
    Didn't they hear my beating heart atleast once,
    How did they manage to curb their conscience?.

    They must have taken an oath to be ethical,
    The very first day they entered medical,
    Those name-sake pledges were meant to be breached,
    Their dark-shaded promises by a few pennies got bleached.


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  • james_taumas 4w

    Future comforts

    My master commands
    I obey
    Whatever they want
    It is my programming
    They berate me
    I do not reply
    Even when they strike
    Not my fault
    They punish another
    I cannot help it
    Blood on my hands.