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    Begining under a nation whose ruler had blood so blue
    So hegemonically inclined that her subjects could never, a malignment or maltreatment, argue.
    Taking decisions so drastic without as much as a cue,
    To the subjects, there was not much due.
    For a freedom from the oppression, a war did ensue
    For the peace and satisfaction had melted like fondue.

    Having all these lost,
    The war was expensive but not half what the peace and satisfaction did cost.
    Their bloods turned to frost.
    For the peace, they were willing to become ghosts
    For they wept bitterly innermost.
    Gathering a few host,

    They find a usurping opportunity.
    Grabbing it with an air of amenity,
    Of course the Queen displayed no comity.
    Seeing that her territory was about to do something that would bring to her kingdom, a fatality,
    She executes a plan void of gentility
    To ensure secession becomes vanity.

    Determined to break the gates open,
    They decide to treat the Queen as a colleen
    Rather than the superpower she had always been.
    Embarrassed by the disrespect of the 'creatures' in her 'den',
    She brings down on them, the leven
    Causing the death of many men.

    Men on her side and the opposite,
    The earth under them used their blood and sweat as composite.
    The casualties were in no way lite
    For something now treated like mite.
    When the casualties were given their burial rite,
    The colony turned to a national site.

    Today we enjoy the beauty
    But some still make it seem an unnecessary duty.
    Handling the nation in a manner that make the efforts of the blood and sweat to be futility.
    For what? Personal gratuity.
    Desecrating the edifice with a rugged impunity
    Hope the souls forgive us for making a joke of the expensive unity.


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    The night drags. Stephen clears his desk in preparation to leave the office for his house. Shutting down his desktop computer, he lifts himself off from his swivel chair behind his tinted glass desk and walks his way out to the front of the desk to leave the office after a really long day. Suddenly, he realizes there is something missing on him, he cannot place what it is. He looks around to know what it us but still has no clue as he looks to hand and sees his phone. He would usually have such occurrences of forgetting about things mostly very easy for other people to remember and today happens to be one of those days. Stephen's footsteps hasten out of the office for the car park where his vehicle is parked.

    Getting to the car, he drops his briefcase on the roof of the car so he can reach into his pocket and pull out his car key to open the car up and have the briefcase and the other thing he has brought to the car lodged at the back seat of his SUV. Reaching into his pocket and rummaging carefully then frantically, he prays the keys are found but unfortunately they are not. He has left them again in the drawer of his desk in his office. What would he do?

    Rushing up to his office almost at the speed of light, he hurriedly tries to open the door to his office causing his key card to fall down a number of times. Realizing he would need to relax and do the opening of the door with calmness, he takes a deep breath, slots the keycard into the card slot on the door and as soon as it blinks green, he pushes the door in. He does not wait to scan the area to recall the location of the key before going to pick it instead he just rushes in and begins ransacking everywhere like a criminal searching for money. He looks through his entire desk before suddenly relaxing to recall where he had seen the key before leaving the office. He thinks for a while and immediately he remembers, he rushes to the particular drawer, the middle drawer to the right of the table and rummages it with his eyes staring in another direction as though he is forbidden by unspoken rule to stare into the drawer as he searches and suddenly he feels its ashy body. Pulling it out, he jumps to his feet and rushes down to his car after making sure he was really not forgetting anything else.

    Getting to his car again, he inserts the key into the slot in the door and turning it, it opens up awaiting his pulling of the door by the handle. He seldomly uses his remote to unlock the doors of the car as he seems to love the feel of inserting and turning the key in the slot of the doors. Pulling gently at the rear door, he opens it up and taking his briefcase alongside the other things he has left the office with, he lodges them all at the back seat before shutting it.

    The car park is quiet and lonely so he jumps into the driver's seat of his car for fear of getting jumped right there as he has heard in different stories in the news and from other people alike. Moreso the fact that it is very late into the night makes such an attack on him all the more possible. Igniting the car's engine, desperate to leave the car park and head home, he screeches out of the parking space and zooms off home fearing for his safety. He has not the slightest inkling that there is no impending attack on him, that he would be safe even if he decides to spend an hour in the car park, in his car, listening to the radio or the MP3 player.

    He arrives his house an hour later as a result of the traffic, feeling very tired. The fatigue feels as though birds are sitting on his eyes. He drags himself upstairs to his bedroom for a shower after locking up his front door and as soon as he accesses his room, he strips himself and jumps into the shower for a warm refreshing bath after the long day. Emerging from the bathroom an hour after, he gets into his pajamas after towelling himself down. He hopes to be taken away by sleep as soon as he gets in bed as he is very tired from the day's work but unfortunately he is not taken away by sleep not even touched by it despite his tiredness.

    The clock hanging on the wall in his room read 12:30am at the time he got into bed. Now, it reads 1:30am yet there is no sleep just tiredness in his body despite the shower and the reason behind this is incomprehensible by him. Getting out of bed quite frustrated, he walks downstairs in the belief that the room may be the reason for his sleeplessness on a night like this yet he finds no sleep. Unhappy about the sleepless predicament of his, Stephen decides to take a walk by 1:45am instead of trying so hard to force himself on sleep.

    He shuts his door and stepping out, he goes for the stroll and could already imagine the quietness of the street, lonely and boring but is shocked by what he sees on stepping out of the gate. From a distance, he could see a lot of people gathered at a spot some eighty meters away from him. He wonders what is going on at the place. He can hear some faint sounds from that end that is suddenly drowned out by an even nearer event that just begins right then, some forty meters away from his house, as he inches towards the gathered people. It seems as though the whole street is out partying as music blares from virtually every angle.

    Stephen gets into one of the parties in a bid to complain about the noise and when they would accept, he would go do the same for the other music blarers lining the streets but his plan falls to nought as he finds himself ingrained into the party. He walks up to the barman and handing him a few five dollar notes, requests to have the music turned down or even have the party shut down completely and the barman agrees but to a different agreement. The barman thinks he made a request for drinks as he can barely hear Stephen over the loud music playing hence he gives him one shot worth two cents at first. When Stephen drinks it, he tops it up again and before long, Stephen who, formerly, clamored for the shutting down of the party is seen gyrating and enjoying the party while drinking a lot. He would be ashamed of himself in the morning after but would still return to the party of the next night.

    By 5am, on Friday Morning, the party is over and everyone else has left the venue except Stephen and a few other people too drunk and/or stoned to leave the venue.

    Having experienced the party the previous day, a lot begins to change in Stephen's life. Never late for the office, he arrives fashionably late on Friday morning and usually being the last person to leave the office for the day, he leaves very early on Friday evening.
    The question on everyone's lips becomes 'Is this really happening?' as they never for once envisage his actions.

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    Stephanie's hands are shaking in the cold as she walks into the office. It is clear she is in need of something hot to step down the effect of the blizzard outside the walls of the Clinton Welsh International Hospital premises. The Air-Conditioners cannot be turn off for any reason on the insistence of the Hospital's policy hence they provide alternative heating for the staff and patients of the hospital, heating cubicles numbering about eight on every floor of the hospital totalling about one hundred and twenty. Unwilling to go all the way to the other floor and possibly face the same disappointment as she has faced on the ground floor where her office is strategically situated, she decides to take some hot coffee to substitute the heating cubicle but as though it is not her day, she is met by another disappointment. All the variants of coffees served at the hospital at the moment do not appeal to her taste.

    Stephanie's astonishment is brought on by how exactly all other variants are still very much available when she arrives but the one she wants and enjoy finished few seconds before her arrival at the hospital's coffee stand.

    Irked by the situation, she picks up her car keys even though she knows leaving the hospital at that moment might be risky on so many levels-she might have patients waiting for her, she might have an accident under the unfortunate weather, she is not officially on break and she might get queried or worse still relieved of duty if she is found out by the management of the hospital. She would usually do things that strikes everyone as daring and sometimes just plain absurd so when the other staff see her leave the hospital and drive out of the premises, they neither ask no questions nor bother themselves but leave it to the management who have eyes on the entire premises and never miss a move from any staff except of course in the toilet and surely enough they see her leave. The consequences of her actions from the end of the management would come in the evening when she returns or they would allow her the privilege of having a good night and spoil her morning the next day with her letter of 'your services are no longer needed at this hospital' connoting dismissal.

    When she sets out on the journey, it is a horrifying trip driving through the blizzard as visibly is so poor, she can hardly see. She prays so hard to be back at the hospital in one piece but it seems her prayers does not cover her car as while she hits a lot of things that damage her car badly including road blocks, railings and a couple of times, a few road-crossing creatures.

    It takes about a visit to over fifteen stores and twelve hours of driving to make her give up her search and decide to settle for the lesser coffee brand.

    Just as she is driving back to the hospital painfully meandering her way through the thickening weather, she unfortunately and fortunately rams her car into a somewhat inconspicuous store by the corner of the road going unconscious. The storekeeper takes her out of the car and unto the ground to get some air. The storekeeper, Jane Alvin watches her for a few seconds and realizing she has not regained consciousness, decides to give her the kiss of life (Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation).

    It feels awkward to her but there is a life at stake and it is the only option available as there is no one else around in the store at the time as the storekeeper was just reconciling the books in order to leave for home before Stephanie rammed into the store. She succeeds in getting her conscious after about six huff-and-puffs of oxygen. Regaining consciousness, Stephanie asks holding her head while squinting,
    'Whe-Where am I?.....Who are you?....What happened?..'
    'Calm down, darling. One question at a time',Jane Alvin says softly. 'You had an accident'
    'Oh no', Stephanie screams whisperingly as a result of the headache. 'I need to get back to the office immediately'.

    Jane Alvin smiles not with an intent to ridicule Stephanie's predicament but because she wonders why someone would still think of work after such an unwholesome occurrence. She watches Stephanie stagger a little way off before fainting again.

    When Stephanie regains consciousness, she is surprised to see Jane behind the wheel of her SUV and wonders what is going on. Just as she is trying to wrap her aching head around what is going on, they come by the Welsh International Hospital. Jane drives in, screaming for the attention of the staff around. Immediately, a couple of nurses assist her in leading Stephanie into the hospital.

    Having been informed of the accident by Jane , the hospital puts Stephanie to bed-rest for four hours with the help of sedatives in drip form. When she would wake up, her letter of dismissal would sitting on the small mahogany cupboard-table beside her bed just by Jane. Jane hopes and prays that she wakes up strong and healthy.

    'Please, you just have to wake up. From the much I have seen, you are a hardworker and I am sure it devastate your company to have them lose you. I do not know you but it would still hurt to watch a human being die before my very eyes so please stay with us', Jane whispers softly trying so hard to prevent herself from bursting into tears. What Jane does not know is the fact that Stephanie is a staff of the hospital and the letter on the table by her bed effects her termination of appointment with immediate effect.

    After four hours of sleep, Stephanie wakes up from the induced sleep yawning and turning to see Jane, she gives a smile that suggests appreciation of the kind gesture of being by her side all through. Jane returns the smile.

    Sitting up on the bed, Stephanie notices the white envelope on the table by the bed. Confused, she inquires of Jane about the letter. Jane says the letter was brought in by a doctor and he said it looked important.
    'A doctor of this hospital....?', Stephanie asks terrified as she frantically opens the envelope to unveil its content.
    'Yes....Is there....'
    'Oh no...This can't be', Stephanie screams and faints again having read it is a termination of her appointment as a staff of Clinton Welsh Hospital.

    Confused as to what is going on, Jane picks up the letter to read and she is just as shocked but does not faint. Instead she quickly decides to recommend Stephanie for temporary employment immediately she wakes up pending when she would be able to secure another job for herself.

    When Stephanie wakes up, she is skeptical at first about the idea but looking at her letter of dismissal once more, she decides to accept the offer. It seems a blessing in disguise as she seems to enjoy working with Jane surprisingly because asides the fact that it is an interesting job to kill time with while she looks for one that would fit her career as a surgeon, she is home to the best coffee in the region.

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    Call it a spitball
    But you know what would be the greatest idea of all?
    An opportunity to use 'my love' when I, your person, call.
    An opportunity to be the free to do it all,
    Love, hold, kiss, cherish and enthrall.
    Would you be kind enough to, in love with me, fall
    Because frankly I have discovered that without you, my life taste like gall?
    I have met many a lady but none made me so eager, like you, to walk down the wedding hall.

    I kid you not when I say I want the rest of my life with you in it
    And I mean every bit.
    Please be the sound to my heart, let's make a hit
    Let's share a love that is not just good but very lit
    Be my lover whom I cannot quit.


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    Stephen Everton is a chartered accountant. He nags his wife, Stella for the whole day lamenting about the state of things in the country. She wishes there is a way she could get him to stop but unfortunately there seems to be none available as he goes on everyday wearing her out with his complaint about the country and how he would do better with the country alone than all the politicians have done together since assumption of office. He queries that the politicians do not know the first thing about rulership and for that singular reason have no business being in leadership. 'They are only there to enrich themselves and fill their pockets with people's hard earned money and when asked, they give us the story of that is how it has been since the day of our father's father's fathers. Why can't they be the ones to change it? Why must they continue in such untoward legacy?', Stephen queries Stella almost in a manner that would suggest she has a hand in the country's predicament but she is just as concerned about the country as her husband but there is nothing more she can do but hope and pray that things change for the better.

    'Calm down darling', Stella says pacifyingly. 'At some point in time, they will realize what they are doing is absolutely balderdash and turn a new leaf. I do not want you killing yourself over this because there is really little or nothing you can do about it. So please just calm down okay?'

    Stephen takes a look at his wife and with a smile, he plants a kiss on her forehead. He wonders how he did get so lucky to be paired up with someone as amazing as Stella in his life's trip on Earth. The Evertons decide to keep calm while praying and hoping that someday, somehow, the narrative would change for the better.

    One wonderful night after a little funtime with the kids and some alone matrimonial with his beautiful wife, Stephen retires to bed for the night. He would not expect what would happen the next morning but would be really glad that it happens. Resting in his bed for the night, he gets into a dream,
    'Good morning, Your Excellency. How are you today? You have a meeting with the minister of Finance in an hour from now. Another with the minister of Budget & Economic Planning and one in the evening with the general cabinet, Your Excellency'.
    Stephen nods his head with a smile, 'Thank you my good man. Where is the first lady?'
    'Oh, I was told she has gone for a drive around the city. She should be back before you are done getting ready sir'
    'Okay, you may leave so I can get ready', Stephen asks the Presidential Butler very courteously. The butler thanks President Stephen and with a bow, takes his leave.

    In an hour's time, he is done with his bath and just as he is coming out of the bathroom, his wife returns from her drive around the city.
    As she enters the bedroom, he flashes a smile and she waltz over for a hug.

    A few minutes later, the first family walks out into the open hall all dressed and ready for the day, the children are sent off to school while the president and first lady prepare for the retinue of meetings scheduled for the day.
    When the first meeting begins with the Minister Of Finance, he is surprised that the President has called such a meeting with him alone instead of in-cabinet but it is only to prepare him for the cabinet session which would hold later.

    'I have called you here today because I am about to call for a cabinet meeting and the topic to be discussed is within your purview'.
    'It is an honour Your Excellency'
    'Yes, we are cutting expenses. All those unnecessary allowances from this day stops and anyone caught embezzling money would be beheaded because we cannot have such unruly characters living on the lives of a thousand people. One man alone eating the money meant for five hundred people? No'
    'That is a great idea sir and it is sure to ensure even distribution of resources.'
    An orderly informs the president of the arrival of the rest of the cabinet for the scheduled meeting.
    'That is great. Please have them come in'
    The entire cabinet is caught off guard with the news of the cutting down but President Stephen cares less about their greivances positing that if they are comfortable with it, they can leave office for people ready for the task.

    A few of the cabinet members relinquish their offices feeling distraught over the decision while many uphold President Stephen's standpoint cheering him on with statements such as,
    'This is our president'
    'We believe in your government, Mr. President'
    'He is the president of our dreams' and lots more.

    Acknowledging the cheers, he stretches out in his bed and wakes up in the process. Surprisingly, something feels different. He checks his watch to discover it is the first day of his country as an independent. Could it be what he thinks it is? Of course it is, he has gone back sixty four years in time with his entire family. They are now the First Family. Taking the chance, he decides to change the history of the country for the better.

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    I can remember making you feel so blue,
    Snobbing you without giving a cue.
    How bad you must have felt, I'm sure I have no clue
    And frankly of your attention, I am not due
    But somehow, some torture does ensue.
    Each time you pass by, my eyes stick like glue
    As I remember I heaped on you, so much hue
    And today I feel it will my chances, for a fresh friendship, imbue
    But I do hope you can, the bad memories, lue
    And give us, a new events menu.
    Frankly I do know you have many in a queue
    Hoping that every other gentleman does, a slacking, rue.

    Please if I may ask may we start again as friends?
    Hopefully, at a better place, it ends
    But please let all of those previous moments be just one of the few bends.


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    WHO AM I

    Am I water?
    Am I water that does not die even when it splatters
    Or am I onions that, for tears, itself barters?
    Am I a hopelessness that does nothing but meaningless chatters
    Or am I one who thrives on those who flatter
    Even when clearly I am in the gutters?
    Who am I?


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    Williams cannot believe what is happening. He does not know what to think as he walks into the Sylvester Donnigan College hallway. He never thought people see him in such a manner. He runs through the crowd as he hears their voices but their lips unmoved. It is like his worse nightmare. Running to the ones he called friends, he cannot believe his eyes either. They seem to despise even more than the others. He wishes to die at this point.
    'No....no, stop it', he screams out loud as he runs off leaving everyone confused as to what his issue is exactly. Unknown to him, he can hear all their thoughts by just looking at them. It leaves him so distraught, he goes to sit somewhere secluded so the voices can stop.
    'What's going on with this kid? Why is he here?', Williams hears the janitor's thought as he walks into the supplies' closet where Williams sits feeling gloomy.
    'The entire school hates me, that's what's going on and I cannot face it. That's why I am here', Williams responds to the Janitor shocking him.
    'How did he hear that?', the Janitor thinks to himself. 'It was just a thought...'
    'Because you said it', Williams blurts out.
    'Said what, Williams', the Janitor asks Williams surprised that he heard what he was only thinking. The Janitor is astonished at what is going on. He begins to sweat before Williams who is seated on a mopping bucket.
    'You want me to read people's mind for you, right?', he asks already knowing the janitor would ask him to do that but what he does not know is that he can only read people's thought about him and not about other people.
    'Yes', the janitor says with an outburst as he pulls him in for a hug. The janitor is grateful that finally he could not only clean out the physical environment of the school as is always left to him but could understand why these student behave the way they do. He could be an untrained psychologist.
    'I'm not quite sure about that', Williams says dismissing the Janitor's dreams as far-fetched.
    Ignoring what Williams says, the Janitor drags him into the hallway so Williams can read their minds and tell him what people are saying about him. Unfortunately Williams powers can only read thoughts directly associated with him and not thoughts about other people. Pulling Williams out before everyone in the hallway, the janitor asks to be intimated on what people are thinking about him in their minds but Williams cannot as he only has powers for people's thought about himself and nothing more.
    'They are not saying anything about you', Williams says to the Janitor innocently but the janitor would not have it as he feels Williams is lying and only obscures what they are thinking about him in order to escape telling what he also feels about the janitor and to protect his personal interest.
    Infuriated, he warns that if Williams does not tell him what he wants to know, he would tell everyone that he is possessed by a demon hence the reason he has been acting strange, running away from everyone and hiding in the janitor's closet but Williams still maintains they are not saying anything about the janitor. Holding his head in pain and screaming so loudly in pain as he hears the thoughts of over a thousand people who crowd the hallway to listen to the janitor, he pleads for the voices to stop,
    'Stop it, please', he yells. 'No more thoughts. I cannot take it anymore.
    'This is what I was about to tell you all. He is possessed by a demon and the only way we can keep from bringing any harm to any of us is to burn him alive lest he calls a thousand legions to come possess us too', the Janitor says suggesting the killing of Williams.
    The Dean of Students, Dr. Thumble Rooseblue appears behind the mob on the stairway as they drag poor Williams to be murdered and buried in a fiery grave. 'What is going on here? Unhand this minute,' Dr. Rooseblue asks a little terrified although he does not show it. Williams is thankful that the dean has shown up just in the nick of time to prevent his murder. He makes to catch some relief from the time they would use to talk to the dean.
    'He is possessed by a demon. We want to burn him before the demon in him conscripts some other legion to come posses the rest of the school', the Janitor says without an iota of remorse.
    The Dean of Students is worried about the spectacle. He wonders if par-adventure he has not shown up when he did, it may have escalated and he would have had a dead roasted student on his hands. He decides to get to the bottom of the matter. But he would later join the rest of the school to have him burnt alive. The Dean orders that Williams be brought to his office immediately.
    'Bring him to my office immediately', he says to the two students, holding him like a common criminal, sternly. Getting to his office, 'Leave us this minute', he says to the two students who had assisted in bringing him in for the meeting with the dean.
    Pacing around for a few minutes, he does not say anything but only paces around wondering what he would do with Williams.
    'Just let me go. I'm innocent', Williams replies to the Dean's thought.
    'What?', the Dean asks for a clarification.
    'You asked what you should do with me. Didn't you, sir?' Williams asks
    'Yes', the Dean replies. 'But how did you know that?'
    'Because you said it'
    Putting the dots together, the Dean realizes that the janitor was actually telling the truth. Williams is really possessed. Handing him over to the janitor, the dean says,
    'He is yours now. You have my full support to burn him alive. We can't have him contaminate our institution with his evil powers'.
    Dragging Williams away into the field, they drench him in gasoline as he pleads to their deafened ears to be spared but they will have none of it as they only pound him with kicks and blows while pouring on as much gasoline as they can lay their hands on and without further ado, they light him up like a candle watching him scream for help as he burns painfully and helplessly to death.


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    Are we doing this again?
    Are you really taking me back to that dark part in my brain?
    I don't mean to complain
    But how could you put me back on the chain
    When the tears I cried from the first is still fresh in the drain?
    Please do kindly explain
    Tell me what do you stand to gain
    Where do you stand to gain by watching me in agony, lain
    Why are you deliberate on causing me pain
    Does it give you some sort of enjoyment to watch my strain
    Because I fail to understand these delays train
    Making my entire existence feel very vain

    Can you let me progress without obstructing me, God
    Is that obstruction too much for you to avoid?


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    Stella chuckles at a joke Andy tells. She seems to be getting really comfortable being around him. She admits to feeling time itself halt anytime they are with each other.
    'I cannot explain why but he just makes me feel quite different, like the kind of human and woman I have never felt like before. I think he is one for me', she would say whenever any of his friends tease her about the strength of the love she shows Andy.
    They both love each other so much or so it seems. Andy, head over heels in love with her, cannot wait to get her to be his wife so they share each other's life and time like a large circle of pizza but not willing to rush things, he decides to take things slow that he may study Stella and understand if indeed she is the one he would want to spend the rest of his life with.
    He spends six months trying to understand how Stella works all round and afterwards he pops the question almost immediately after the six months as though he had been forced to undergo the six months study but only really wanted to get married to her as soon as possible believing that if he wastes any more time, someone else would come whisk her off to the altar before him. He does not want that as he sees her in his own words,
    'She is my moon
    Lighting up my darkest night
    I would be a messed up buffoon
    If I let someone else swoop her away from my sight'

    Getting himself prepared, he gets a ring, a gown and a 3-piece suit. Getting Stella to a fancy candle-lit dinner at his apartment, he is a bit nervous about the whole proposal, asking himself questions like
    'What if she does not agree?
    What if she does not like me that much?
    What if something happens?'

    He goes on questioning himself silently as he watches with a smile on his face as Stella eats, so charmingly, her food. Stella catches him in the stares and pauses from eating her food and with a smile demands to know why he is staring.
    'Uhmmm....Am I missing something?'
    'Nothing much. Except the beauty that is blinding my eyes right this moment', Andy says with a passion that causes him to freeze.
    'Awwnnn....Thank you so much', Stella replies. 'I must say I'm very flattered'
    'Stella', Andy begins again staring straight into her eyes. 'I've known for years now and I am now certain of one thing.....'
    'Hmmm....What might that be?' Stella asks with a smile
    'I love you...and', he quickly goes down on his knees bringing out a miniature glass jewelery box containing a golden ring. '...You are the one...You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So please Stella would you marry me?' He kneels patiently waiting for a response and Stella certainly delays in responding as if hoping that he would get up before the one minute she keeps him waiting knelt on the floor.
    Then with an outburst she yells with a smile grabbing his left palm,
    'Yes, yes. I'll marry you'
    Jumping to his feet joyfully, he grabs Stella in his arms in a tight hug taking a 180° turn before carefully placing her feet on the ground and giving her a kiss on her forehead. As expected, she smiles and places same on his cheek. But later on all of these would capsize.
    A few weeks later, they get married. Everyone believes they are made for each other judging from how beautifully they look together on the altar and how passionately they perform the 'You May Now Kiss' scene. Andy would not believe what he would experience later; he would eventually wish they never met in the first instance. She would turn out to be nothing but a mini-demon tormenting his very existence.
    One month into the marriage, things are still looking up in the marriage with one or two minor disagreements here and there which he makes himself believe to be normal positing that they are two different people sharing a new environment together hence were only scraping out the rough edges in order to adjust to the new environment and before long, they would achieve happily ever after.
    What he soon notices after about four months of trying to 'scrape out the rough edges' is the fact that Stella is not who he imagined she is and does not like him as much as he imagined she did. Coming out of the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon with tears in her eyes, hiding a knife behind her as she, with a smile comes to take a seat beside Andy. Seeing her as she comes over, Andy smiles.
    'Hey love. Come seat.'
    'Don't call me that', she says as tears roll down her cheek.
    'What's going on?', Andy asks confused and attempts to go over to where she is standing.
    'Don't you come near me', Stella screams brandishing the sharp shiny knife she weilds like a warrior ready to kill.
    'Honey, what's wrong?'

    She pushes him to the sofa and drawing closer to him, as if to kiss him, she gives him a cut on the face close to his nose. 'That's for this nonsense you have done to me'. Confused that she could say a thing, he makes to questions her sanity but she takes the knife close to his face again shutting him up. She raises the knife again as if to stab him but stabs the backrest of the sofa they are on before speaking.
    'I never told you I wanted to be married', she begins.
    '....bbbuuut you acc...epted the ring', he replies
    'Because I did not want to hurt your feelings.'
    'What???' Andy asks dumbfounded
    'You heard me. I never loved you. We were supposed to be just friends but you forced yourself on me.'
    'Ok, fine. You don't want this anymore. Just leave but please put the gun away.'
    'Oh this?', she raises the gun to her face as if about to have a long kiss with it. 'Definitely. I just make sure you wouldn't try to stop me from leaving. Anyways. Take care of yourself and I am sorry'
    Rushing to their room, she sits on the bed rethinking the whole thing wondering if she should renege on leaving Andy after many years of being together, first as friends then as couple. How is she to throw it all away,
    'It's been so long. How do I just leave like that?'
    Thinking a little while more, she makes up her mind to leave despite how hard she finds it to do. Walking out into the sitting room where Andy is still seated in shock, she walks up to him and squatting before him says,
    'I'm sorry but this can't work. It shouldn't have been in the first place'
    Andy both terrified and dumbfounded freezes as she speaks. Rising up from before him, seeing that he is probably finally onboard with the decision she has made, Stella walks away to door to take her leave but halting right in front of the door as though she has forgot part of her luggage, she turns towards Andy and uttering another 'sorry' beneath her breath, shoots him dead with a bullet to the back of his head before calling the police to report that someone had been shot while disappears into thin air.


  • mrspectacular 22w


    Joshua hears his phone ring in his bedroom. He has just returned from work heavily spent and craving a warm meal and some premium rest. It has indeed been a long day at work for him. Chatting momentarily and laughing heartily, he enjoys the warm meal prepared by his beautiful wife, Diane but the beautiful moment is interrupted by his phone ringing in the room, he quickly sends William, his son to go fetch it for him. It's a call from his bosom friend, Terrence but William has not brought it in good time hence he has missed the call but he however is unbothered as he decides he would give Terrence a call after the meal but as soon as he drops the phone on the table to continue his meal, a text message comes in interrupted his spoon's journey to his mouth.

    Picking it up somewhat reluctantly, he realizes it is from his friend, Terrence again. Imagine it is urgent, having missed two called from him, Joshua opens the message but is completely bewildered by its content which reads,
    'Don't go into the bathroom, she's waiting'
    Lost, Joshua wonders who Terrence speaks of seeing that his wife is seated right before him,
    'Who?', Joshua replies the text.
    'The Witch Of Clamswick'
    Joshua screams 'Jesus' out loud surprised and terrified at what Terrence has just texted causing Diane to be startled.
    'Is everything okay, sweetheart?', she asks surprised at the sudden change in Joshua's countenance.
    'Please stay here with the kids', he cautions. 'Do not move an inch please.'
    He advances further towards the room and for the bathroom to confirm Terrence's speculation. Getting closer, he can hear some sounds coming from the bathroom. Picking up his bottle of anointing oil, he draws closer to the bathroom while muttering some tongues under his breath in hope that it would probably scare the witch away and he would not have to use the oil but the witch would not budge as she continues her noise. Realizing it is war, he picks up his pace and like a S.W.A.T officer, badges into the bathroom to meet the intruding being.
    It is an underworld being who claims she has arrived to finish him off as required by the queen who had stated his life was tendered as collateral by a friend of his who had previously come to them for riches and it is now so ripe a time for the debt to be paid.
    'Your friend Terrence has tendered your blood as a covenant sacrifice for the wealth we have given him', the Witch Of Clamswick states.
    'Well...I'm not aware of such an agreement. The only agreement I am aware of is that of Jesus Christ whose blood was shed on the cross for me and as far as I can remember he never demanded that any other blood be shed after his so guess what? I would give you to the count of three to get your ugly, despicable self out of my house lest I am forced to release the entire Heaven's armoury on you this very minute'
    'You would have to watch your tongue young man lest you lose it alongside your precious. If you would have asked politely maybe I would have had mercy on you and left you in peace but your loftiness is your downfall today. Now you shall perish like an ant.'
    Irked by such derogatory remark about the power of the Almighty God, Joshua screams,
    'In the name of Jesus that is above every other name and above whom no other power sits, I command you to fall back to the abyss you came from, you uncircumcised demon'
    The house begins to quake as the demon and Joshua battle it out for almost eight minutes. The pride of the spirit behind the demon would not let her give in without a fight. The harder she fights, the weaker she gets and in the seventh minute, with a loud response to tonguing and prayers from Joshua, Heaven responds with a fire that obliterates completely the Witch of Clamswick before Joshua's very eyes. Falling to his knees, he begins to worship the Father Almighty for His unrelenting love that made him win the battle against the Witch of Clamswick. Exhausted and sweating profusely, he staggers towards the dining room to join the rest of the family to finish dinner before taking a cool shower and retiring to bed for the night.


  • mrspectacular 24w


    David and Vera sit at a club on a wonderful Friday night drinking in the atmosphere while sipping on drinks as their other friends party hard. In the ire of the moment, they begin to talk about a whole lot of things bombarding each other with new developments in the clique and other news. Suddenly they run out of things to talk about coupled with the fact that David has had too much booze, he asks that they share each other's secret.
    'How about this?.... Let's talk about secrets', he says with a belch
    Surprised at the suggestion; she posits that the information is called 'secret' for a reason meaning it is not meant to be divulged but pressuring her to play his game of secrets and scandals, she gives in.
    'Okay...okay', she begins. 'But you have to go first y'know.... It's only right since you came up with the idea'
    'Alright... Alright', he begins drunkingly. 'So you want to hear my secret?'
    'Yeah...I mean it's your idea', she says with a chuckle in her voice.
    He leads into the valley of secrets buried by time asking Vera to brace up for what he is about to drop on her. He seems so happy to reveal the secret or maybe it is the alcohol of which his breath reeks of. He steadies himself in his chair and taking a look into the sky as if embarrassed by the secret he says,
    'I have never had sex in my entire life so far'. Immediately after revealing his secret, as if it is what is keeping him from falling asleep from the excess booze he has so far drunk, he falls to the table in a deep sleep to Vera's astonishment.
    'Hmm... That's nice', she says as she strategizes for whatever reason to capitalize on the divulged information. Finishing up her drink and his, she beckons to Tim, one of the friends shared by David and herself to assist her in carrying him to the car so she could take him home seeing that he is drunk.
    A few minutes later, she arrives her house with David still asleep in the car and is enthralled with the fact that her plan would pull through smoothly. She has everything carefully planned and taken care of, having her bath, waxing herself, protecting both themselves. All of these brought on by a little secret game, she feels a bit horrible that she is about to violate the pure young man but has the epiphanic thought that he will enjoy the moment just as much as she would or even more considering the fact that he is the man believing he has probably been fantasizing about this moment.
    She has her way with him for a full hour undisturbed. While still in the ecstasy of the moment, he begins to wake up unknown to her as she rides him with closed eyes revelling the experience. It seems scary to David watching Vera ravish him like a plate of food because to him, they were both on board with the chastity thing.
    Vexed by the situation, he pushes Vera off of him wondering what could have been the reason for such a callous act as raping him. Picking his clothes off the floor, he runs out of the room and into the sitting room. Putting on his clothes and shoes, he storms out of the house weeping like a child as he jumps behind the steering wheel of his car which Vera had driven him in and zooms off to his house.
    Although still very mad at Vera, a few minutes after he gets home and takes a shower, he calls her up apologizing for getting so furious with her,
    'Hello Vera', he says with a calm voice.
    'Hello David darling', she says coyly. 'I'm guessing you enjoyed it and are calling to fix a date for some more. I....'
    'Come off it, Vera', he screams disappointed in her words. 'I did not. For God sakes, I was a virgin and now you have ruined me'
    'C'mon... Don't be such a child', she yells over the phone. 'You are acting like a wussy....'
    '....You know what, Vera? I can't deal with you right now', he says sounding really surprised at her character. 'In fact, I never want to see you anywhere around me again, okay? Goodbye'
    Unbothered, believing David is blowing the matter out of proportion and acting erratically, she lets go.
    David seems satisfied that he has let Vera off lest she re-enacts the awful stunt but is vexed that he has lost the chastity he had nurtured for twenty-nine years to something other than his wife, he believes he is yet to meet.
    He finally decides to move on with his life after two years of mourning his precious virginity. Vera crawls out from her hiding place into his sight while he is at the bank for a little transaction. One he could have done from the comfort of his office right on his IOS phone but probably by the working of fate, he decides to come to the bank to do the transaction. He comes upon Vera right there at the teller desk to his right.
    'Vera', he calls out on noticing her.
    'Yes can I...' she looks up from her phone and realizing it is David. She yells his name before suddenly remembering she is in the bank after one of the security guards gives her a warning stare.
    Vera feels so happy to have stumbled on David,
    'Wow, we have a lot of catching up to do', Vera says looking into David's eyes so happily. 'I'm so excited. Here's my card. Call me so we can meet up for lunch, dinner or something'.
    David feeling almost very contemptuous takes a look at the card and remembering what had happened two years back returns the card to her,
    'No-no...No-no', he objects. 'I can't have you do that to me again'
    'What are you talking about?' she queries.
    'The rape', he whispers. His voice shaking a bit as he recalls the horror. They are engrossed in the topic when the security man comes over again to tell them their lines are moving.
    'Don't be silly Dave. This is a new Vera you are talking to', she says as they move along in their lines to their cashiers.

    He ignores her words which he perceives to be lies and moves along to meet the cashier to execute his transaction leaving her dumbfounded for about a minute realizing she may have made an error approaching him in the first place.
    Parting ways again, they go on to complete their transactions and leave the bank together before going their separate ways to their cars. They both stare at each other for a short while before jumping into their cars and pulling out of the bank premises to their various destinations. Getting home, thinking about the episode that happened at the bank earlier and recalling the fact that Vera had practically raped him some years back, he has an erection thinking about his encounter with her at the bank.
    'Maybe life's telling me something. Maybe she is my wife because I had made a promise to myself to keep myself for my wife and my wife alone and I am not dead so it must mean something. Maybe she is my wife. I mean she has been coming unto me for a long time now. Maybe she is my wife hence the reason she was first and yet I am not dead'
    He ruminates a little longer before deciding he would hit it up with her the next time they cross paths. The following months, their paths unfortunately do not cross again. It seems as though fate decides to punish David for not grabbing the opportunity when it did present itself the first time. They are both miserable until on the thirteenth day of the third month after the episode at the bank, they cross paths again while both in Russia for a summit.
    At the summit, they can hardly concentrate as they steal glances at each other distractedly. Somehow they seem to have tuned out every other person and thing in the hall. It becomes a break in their stay in the summit when they are noticed,
    'Excuse me, Mr. David and Miss Vera', Professor Tamaran Gogh, the convener of the Summit calls out as he bangs on the podium to get David's and Vera's attention. 'Do you both need a break or something?'
    'Oh, me....', David asks unsure he is the one being spoken to by Professor Tamaran Gogh
    'Yes.... Yourself and Miss Vera over there', Professor Tamaran Gogh says adjusting his glasses. 'You look like you both are getting bored with the session and need to be excused to be some place else'.
    'Not really, Prof', Vera explains.
    'You know what?', Professor Tamaran Gogh suggests. 'I think we all do need a break. We have been sitting and listening for the past hour. A lunch break would not kill anyone. Let's take thirty minutes to relax and ruminate on what we have discussed so far.'
    Happy about this, David hurries over to meet Vera who is on her way out of the summit venue for a refreshing walk around the venue.
    Taking a deep breath he begins,
    'I have been acting like a kid who does not know what he wants exactly but over the past few days, I have realized that there is nothing I would want more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Going down on his knees, he pulls out a ring. 'This should have come sooner and I am terribly sorry for the delay but Vera Emerald Rudfeller, would you do me the pleasure of spending the rest of your life with me?'
    Vera pauses a bit smiling heartily as if about to play a fast one and turn down his proposal before saying,
    'Nothing would make me happier right now than to keep you as mine forever so....Yes, yes my darling David Forster, I will marry you'
    Stretching her hands out to David, she pulls him up and in for a passionate hug and kiss as a mixture of tears and smile overrun her face.


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    Do not let yourself be made a fool.
    Yes they currently think you are cool;
    Oh how much they do, at your image, drool
    But have you got something for the reality ghoul
    Because if not the same ladies, after the ghoul's work, would term you a hool
    Leaving your ego in its own blood pool.

    Granted! Your face is as dreamy as can be
    Seeing it, the girls find max glee
    But what happens when you are stung by the real bee.
    Would you be able to give the cuvee
    Or would you have lost your lady-magneto degree?

    Pretty boy, work on your economic face
    Lest you face disgrace.
    Looks are nothing in the real world.


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    A fountain sits in the middle of the park with little fountains surrounding it. The flourescent in its pool makes the water seem glittery. It shines like little crystals have been lodged in it.

    The park bubbles with life, holding an assembly of fun-lovers and tourists. In this myriad of characters is a man with worries too much, he cannot even smile in a place as bubbly as this beautiful and enjoyably saturated area. A man, Donald Wesley, with a salary that cannot pay half of the bills to his name. His hope dwindling like a pendulum. His children wearing clothes so cheap but for which he has to pay an arm and a leg for. His little vehicle, an aged overused sedan whose life appears to be hanging by a thread. The vehicle seems to wish for death. It would go off it on its own accord even right in the middle of the road and would require a lot of time touching a whole lot of connections in its bonnet to get it up and running. Sometimes, he would have to pay to have it towed home while at other times, he would be so unfortunate he would have to push it all the way home himself.

    The fountain flowing with warm water seems too obvious to him, it almost seems it is calling out to him to come over for a drink. For a moment, time stands still and it feels as though the other park visitors have deserted the park all of a sudden and it is just himself and the fountain.

    Rushing at the fountain, he makes to take a plunge in it. The security guards at the park, dressed in white uniforms, grab him just as he is about touchdown in the fountain. They take a stern look at him and seeing a look of desperation in his countenance as he tries to force his way out of their grips, they conclude he is a lunatic and ban him from the park premises. Holding him by the arm as he begs for reasoning, they throw him out of the park.
    He sits there for a while and about a minute later, picks himself up off the tarred ground, wobbles up to where he had parked his car and places himself behind the steering tiringly. He tries to start the car, it stalls for about five minutes but finally starts up and he drives himself home.

    Donald seems unwilling to sleep when he arrives home. He does not want to be stressed either but the episode that occured earlier seems too embarrassing. Sleep seems pretty unimportant to him at the moment, it is not as important as a drink from that fountain he believes would transform his life. In his opinion, such an opportunity may never present itself again so he will have to do all it takes to utilize this one to the fullest.

    He tells no member of his family about the episode, not even his wife but keeps it to himself. All he thinks of is the benefit of drinking of the fountain would do for him and his family, they would be happy again he believes.

    Realizing he has been banned from the park and therefore would not have legal access to the park to earn him a drink from the fountain, he decides to storm the park after it has closed at night. Walking gently and stealthily out of his bedroom by 12:20am in order not to wake his wife up, he picks up his car key. He drives off towards the park speedily.

    Donald, noticing the park is quiet and locked, drives his car a little further away from the park and treks back to the park.

    Getting there he climbs the fence into the park. He hopes no one catches him in the act, surprised at his own desperation. When he is finally inside the park, he takes a deep breath and looks at the fence again, imagining the fact that he would have to climb it again after he is done with his mission-drinking from the fountain.

    'I hope this transforms my life for the better', Donald says just as he is about to stoop for a drink at the fountain. He feels negative and positive at the same time about the act. He begins to drink as much as he can, imagining all the changes he will be expecting from this drink. There the changes begin, he could feel much better about his life.
    Laying on the floor beside the fountain, having filled himself with water, he falls asleep. The sleep seems much better than he has ever had before.
    'Excuse me, sir. Excuse me sir. How did you get here?' the worried voice of a staff of the park rings in Donald's head. 'We are not open for another two hours'
    Donald keeps mute still trying to regain his consciousness of his environment being he is still in sleep mode.
    'What are you doing here sir and why are you wet?', Dr. Triston, the park's manager queries.
    The staff who had been there first explains to the manager that Donald had taken a drink from the fountain.
    The manager, disgruntled, knowing that the park had banned Donald before now orders him kicked out again.
    'I hope this works out just the way I want because this embarrassment is rather too much', he hopes as he picks himself off the ground to his car and drives him. For the first time the car does not stall but he does not notice as he is terribly worried about the wish coming through.
    In joyful realisation of what is happening in his life, he flings the door to his house open, only to see his wife in tears. Confused, he moves towards her to find out the issue but she only weeps more painfully pointing towards the children's bedroom. Eager to understand the reason for her tears, Donald hurries over to the children's bedroom to see his three children lain on the bed.
    In confusion, he turns to go meet his wife again,
    'I'm yet lost', he begins as he removes his clothes. 'Our children are asleep and you are crying. You do know they need enough rest to be strong for us, right?'
    'They are not sleeping....They are dead, Donald.', she screams in painful tears. 'Dead'

    Donald goes back to confirm. Screaming in agony to the high heavens, he holds the cold body of the youngest in his arms. Into his phone enters a message while he is yet weeping, a message from his bank with a credit alert of Six billion dollars staring him in the face. The alert is good news but his children have just been spewed out of life's mouth into death's cold hand. He sees agony standing right beside his joy. He knows not whether to weep or rejoice.
    Pulling his wife close he tries to pacify her,
    'It is okay dear', he begins warmly. 'We will be fine'.


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    Collins Drite strolls into the Ministry Of Finance to see his friend, Stephen Franz on a rather casual visit. They have been friends for years and share virtually everything except Franz's involvement with a major black deal worth over six billion dollars.
    He stumbles upon a file while sitting in wait for Franz in his office as they had earlier planned to have a meeting in his office on some official matters. Sitting quietly, studying the file, he notices some irregularities in the numbers in the file. Franz walks in suddenly, laughing heartily at a joke a colleague of his just told him. Dropping the file hastily, Drite screams,
    'Finally you are here'
    'Yes...I am. Is everything okay?', he asks rather suspiciously. 'You seem tensed'.
    'Of course everything is fine... Everything is fine', Drite says quickly. 'You just startled me. That's all'.
    'Hmm...How did this get out?', he rhetorically questions, scrutinizing it for any tamperings. The atmosphere suddenly becomes rather awkward for Drite as he suddenly becomes very uncomfortable in the chair he sits in. He takes a look at his watch as if he is late for an event. He would usually pulled that stunt whenever he wanted to get out of an unfavorable situation but no one ever sees through it as indeed he is a hard-working man.
    'I have to take my leave now. I have a lot to do today in my office. We are very busy this week. I just thought I should drop in and say hello before getting to my office.' Drite says trying to discharge himself.
    'Alright,' Franz replies. He stretches out his hand and gives Drite a handshake, a bright smile that suggests 'Thank you for visiting, friend. I really appreciate it' stretches from cheek to cheek.
    Drite fakes a smile. 'It's a pleasure and I am quite sorry I could not stay so long. It's just I have a whole lot to do today in my office'. Franz offers to see Drite out but Drite turns him down causing Franz to return to his chair behind his desk while Drite finds his way out of the office still very tensed and shocked that Franz could be involved in such an impure deal. He wishes he could do more than just sit around and watch Franz and his cohorts milk the ministry and indeed the entire government of billions of dollars.
    Later at night, he returns from work, quickly has his shower, has his dinner with his family of six before climbing into bed for some rest. Despite trying so hard to catch some sleep, the thought of his bosom friend's involvement in the mega-fraud deal would not let him have the peace of mind that is required for sleep to take place.
    'Do you know it is very wrong to see something like this and keep quiet about it. Posterity would judge you for it and you know it always comes down heavy in this case......Young man, you do not know the full story so keep out of it; you have no business there', he banters with himself inside tossing and turning on the bed like a fish outside water. 'Something must be done and fast.' He turns again and shuts his eyes to force himself on sleep.
    The next morning, he wakes up looking very disgruntled as though he has just fought with someone right there in his bed. Taking a look in the bathroom mirror,
    'You are the one to shut this down. They cannot continue to make a mockery of hardwork...'
    He is still talking to himself when his wife, Theresa Drite walks into the bathroom. 'Is everything okay, Love?'
    Theresa works with an Intelligence Agency. There is something about Drite's disposition since the previous night that seems off.
    'Yes honey. I'm fine. It's just that....', he reneges on ratting his friend out. 'Never mind'
    Theresa has a way of working the information out of Collins. It was part of the reason he had married her in the first place, that ability to see through a person's deception and detect a hidden truth. 'Come on, you know you can talk to me', Theresa pauses and stares straight into Drite's eyes as if the information she searches for is hidden somewhere in there.
    'Alright, Alright', he breaks into a smile. 'You caught me. It is my friend'
    'Collins...You know you have a lot of friends, right? Some of which I do not even know', she says with a playful smile and a kiss to his forehead. 'So you may have to be pretty more specific than this.'
    'Well, I guess after this episode, I may be one short'
    'What do you mean?' She asks really concerned. 'Is any of them ill or dying?'
    'None of that, dear.' He wishes he did not have to tell on Stephen Franz but with the circumstances, his hands appear tied. 'It's Franz'
    'Okay.... Franz I know but I am not sure why you are so worried about a man as successful as he is. I mean he seems to be doing pretty well for himself the same way you are, so pardon m if I don't see the problem'
    'He is not who you think he is. There is more to him than meets the eye', Drite says.
    'Hmm...Now this is interesting. More like what?', Theresa Drite asks as she sets aside her brush and leads Collins out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.
    'So I am not quite sure', Collins begins. 'I think Franz is involved in a big fraud situation'.
    'How do you know this?' Theresa prods further in order to attain information enough to get Franz and his cohorts arrested for Fraud.
    'Well, I visited his office today and while waiting for him, I stumbled on a file that had some really suspicious content in it'.
    'Like what?'
    'Bank transactions running into billions which seem unaccounted for.'
    'Ok, we are talking about a senior staff in the Ministry Of Finance here you know. Those transactions you saw, for all we know, could have been authorized for a government project'
    'Listen, baby', Collins begins softly. 'I am no Forensic Accountant but something did not feel right in those files so I beg you to use your good office in the CIA to investigate the matter for the sake of this nation's economy'
    'Fine', Theresa backs down with a smile. 'We will look into it. I have to get ready and run'.
    Collins Drite while in his office received a call from the CIA summoning him for questioning at the Headquarters. The voice over the phone sounds rather authoritative as though they have concluded he is one of the criminal involved in the fraud. He follows the instructions and reports at the CIA headquarters for questioning. He has never been to the CIA headquarters regardless of the fact that his wife is a senior staff there but it turns out to be exactly how he imagined it would be. He is welcomed by agents in all black that he begins to imagine the CIA did probably lose someone the previous day or something, as he is escorted to a room, he mutters the word 'sorry' to virtually every agent he comes by, imagining they have taken the 'death of the personnel(s)' too personally that virtually the entire office is dressed in black.

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    Dennis has a big dream of being president of his country. He has had the dream since he was a four year old kid. At age 8, he told everyone to address him as President Dennis Sacrav because he believed he would be a president in the nearest future.
    Dennis has just got back from his college as a graduate of Political Science. He has been brought home by his parents' driver, Roose Fernando in their Classique Contour SUV. He loves the feel of being home after a long stint at the mercy of lecturers, books and school. Received with a hug from both parents, he is overjoyed by the concept of seeing his parents again and his royal styled abode. His parents, Chief & Lady Crenshaw are both parliamentarians and have houses in different parts of the world, he had stayed in one of the others while on his educational sojourn abroad, fully equipped with manservants and maidservants at his beck and call. He is now back home to that 'always winter' atmosphere brought on by the cooling systems that are never shut off for any reason, save maintenance. The house, a 14 room mansion is one of the best in town but everyone looks different, at least to 26-year old Dennis who had left the country when he was only seventeen to pursue his B.Sc in Political Science. It seems to have changed a bit, looking rather smaller than when he had left the country. He would not voice his reservations to them however for want of spoiling the joy of his return to the house.
    'Wow, it's been like ages here', he voiced out trying to clear the awkward silence that had spoken when they had finished with the greeting and pleasantries.
    'Yes son. We have missed your presence a lot in this house', Chief Crenshaw remarked.
    Later that night, after a well prepared and pampered dinner, the Crenshaws retire for the night. The next day and a few more would be a rollercoaster ride for the entire family.
    Dennis is asleep when he begins to dream about himself as the President of the country, standing on the podium where he is gaurded by secret service agents while giving a speech, for the first time as president, having won the election.
    Suddenly, he grabs his chest having been hit by a sniper's bullet, his orderlies all disperse in search of the sniper while one makes attempts to save his life. Jerking up, he finds his dad sitting right beside him with his hands on his shoulders having attempted to wake him up.
    'Son, what's the matter?', asked Chief Crenshaw. 'You groaned then held your chest. Are you okay?'
    He pauses for a moment then looking into his father's eyes he says,
    'Dad, I am no longer interested in pursuing politics'
    'What do you mean? How can you quit when you have not even started?', his father asks. 'I know I raised you better than that'.
    'Dad, it's not a matter of home training', Dennis says. 'My life is at stake here'
    The atmosphere becomes tense causing Sir Crenshaw to scream with a mixture of anger, fear and disappointment,
    'Don't be a coward, son', he says to Dennis. 'Your mother and I have been parliamentarians for years now. Do we look like dead people? I mean yes, we have been attacked a lot of times but are we dead? No. We pulled and are still pulling through'
    'But', Dennis tries to get a chance to strengthen his argument but is cut off.
    'But nothing Dennis', Chief Crenshaw screams. 'I don't want to hear of this again for any reason whatsoever.'
    'If that is what you want, fine!'
    'Yes... That's what I want, son', Chief Crenshaw says. 'Later this afternoon, I will be taking you on a familiarization tour. Is that clear?'
    'Yes sir'

    He wears fear almost the whole day. Minute to minute, he keeps remembering what he had seen in the dream and how it can actually happen anytime from now.
    Voicing out his concerns to both parents as he seems to be getting all the more upset by the dream, they both dismiss it as a normal feeling of cold feet which would eventually wear off after a little while but little did they know.
    'How doomed I am', he thinks to himself as he gets dressed to leave with his father for the familiarization tour. The sky at the moment seems clear but the cloud ahead is dark as can be, with blood all splattered over it.

    Arriving the venue of familiarization which is infact a campaign occasion by Chief Crenshaw's party, he is taken around. At a particular spot on the ground had been planted a large mine underground out of sight, activated and ready to be triggered with a trampling. It would taste so sweet for the opposition to see their bodies splattered all over the place. They would have a celebration afterwards having usurped the power in an easy but gravely cruelsome manner.
    The happiness from the opposition would be heard across nations as soon as someone amongst them accidentally steps on the mine.
    On the familiarization tour, proceeding to receive a handshake from one of the party member, Dennis steps on the bomb and immediately with a deafening bang, the venue goes sky high with body parts flying up into the air like the hats of graduands at their graduation. There is a quiet in the arena for a few minutes.

    The quietude is interrupted five minutes later by paramedics who rush in to evacuate the roasted bodies. Lady Crenshaw who had earlier declined being at the occasion on the grounds of ill-health is informed about the incident and invited to come over for identification of the bodies.
    Getting there, she sees them, just black, charred and crusty remains. She bursts out into tears,
    'If we had only listened to you, Dennis. I am sorry'


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    Immediately she leaves his office, Henderson is woken up into reality by Henrietta, his Gilford Holdings colleague. He gets up furious almost attacking her. He restrains himself wondering why she has decided to obstruct his pleasant experience.
    'What do you want?', the chairman is around and would like to see you immediately', she says a bit troubled on his behalf.
    Quickly rushing out, he heads for Sir Bentley Conwart's office. Knocking on the door, he is asked to come in and offered a seat before Sir Bentley Conwart.
    'You don't look good, Henderson. Are you okay?', Sir Bentley Conwart asks concerned.
    'I'm okay sir', he says feigning there is nothing bothering him. 'Why wouldn't I be?'
    'You tell me', Sir Bentley Conwart asks reclining in his chair. 'I mean while I was away in Tunisia, a little bird told me you are not happy with your job here'.
    'Nothing of such sir', Henderson replies. 'I love my job here. I mean yes, I would love to grow and get new jobs or even start my own company but I do love my job here. I mean a bird in hand is better than ten thousand......'
    'Here', Sir Conwart hands him an envelope. 'There is your severance pay along with a 50% addition for your commitment so far. We would not want to force you to be miserable all your life working with us. Please turn in your resignation before the close of business tomorrow. We indeed wish you the best ahead'.
    Henderson does not know whether to thank Sir Conwart or plead with him for an explanation so he quietly leaves Sir Conwart's office to go clear his desk. It is the hardest he has ever done walking through the office with his things in the glare of his fellow employees.
    Getting home while the rest of the family are still out, he just lays on his bed confused and distraught. He sleeps for a while until again it is interrupted by his wife who calls to remind him to pick up the kids from school and later on come over for her.
    Quickly, he rushes out to the car and driving out, heads for the Dayspring College, where his children school. Picking them up, he drives them over to the house in an awkward silence. They can all tell something is wrong but they decide to keep quiet about it till their mother returns then they will probably talk about it as family.
    Few hours later, Henderson rushes out again to go pick his wife, Sandra from her office to the house. He drives pretty distractedly and almost rams into a street light pole in the process.
    Successfully arriving her office in one piece despite his absent-mindedness in piloting his car, he waits for her a little while after giving her a call to notify her of his presence at the parking lot of her office.
    Waiting a few minutes and noticing her approaching the parking lot, he starts his vehicle and drives over to meet her midway. 'So how did your day go? Hope not too hectic?', he asks as she enters into the vehicle and they drive off discussing the issues at hand. When they pull into the driveway of the house, he puts the car in park and just as Sandra is about to get down from the car to go into the house and meet the children, Henderson breaks the news,
    'I lost my job today'
    Sandra hesitates a bit unsure if she heard correctly while still smiling from the jokes they had told each other on the way home,
    'You said what?'
    'I lost my job today', he reiterates
    Sandra, lost on how to act, simply pulls him in for a tight hug saying,
    'We'll be alright, my love', she says assuringly. 'We will be alright. This may even be a good opportunity to start that company you have always been dreaming of.'
    After a little while of holding each other in their arms, Henderson says staring straight into Sandra's eyes,
    'How lucky am I to have you in my life?'
    'Very lucky I tell you', she says with a smile. 'Very lucky. Now can we go inside. I'm so tired'
    'Don't worry', Henderson smiles. 'You just go freshen up. Dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes'
    Sandra slips into her room unwilling to attract the attention of the kids before she freshens up, ably distracted by Henderson who asks the kids to come join him in the kitchen to prepare dinner for everyone,
    'Hey kids', Henderson screams happily. 'Come join me. Let's prepare dinner for your mum. She is on her way and you know she will be too tired to do anything of such'.
    Excited by the idea, they all join him in the kitchen and in ten minutes, dinner is ready. Then Gabriel screams, 'Welcome, mum'.
    Everyone's eyes move in Gabriel's direction. Right there standing is mother, wife and able accountant, Sandra dressed in a nice red silk gown. The kids run towards her and dragging her to the table, they begin to dish out their creations into her plate with smiles all over their faces.


  • mrspectacular 26w


    Henderson wakes up in a world that seems unusual. He cannot understand a thing. He can not remember anything aside having fallen asleep some hours ago.
    'What the hell is going on here?', he queries his person unaware of how and why he is where he is at the particular point in time. This place would, in a little while, become his only reality. He would remember nothing of the real world as the real world, not his wife nor his six kids, not even his nerve racking job. All of those would be something surreal to him.
    Picking himself up from where he had landed after the short transit from the real world to the dream world, he goes for an exploration of the arena. A few kilometers later in this beautiful, awesome and flawless life he is now living, he notices himself growing weaker and weaker with each step he takes in the dream land. The building he sees brings to mind all he has always wanted to achieve, chains of investments in his name and money that made the world seem like everything is actually free. His legs give up on carrying him like twigs saddled with the responsibility of carrying an entire forty tonne equipment. Collapsing into the wet earth, he can feel himself sinking into the ground.
    Sandra, his wife is startled when she hears him scream out of his sleep as he jerks back into reality, sweating and dead-faced.
    'Another one of your fantastic dreams?', she asks a bit terrified. Henderson nods. 'You need to see a therapist because I am getting fed up with all of these honestly. I have not been sleeping fine for the past couple of days. I mean you make feel like I am not good enough for you and this family is not okay or something. I'm just tired. Please you need to check yourself up.'
    'C'mon honey', Henderson begins. 'They are just dreams. Everyone has them and have I ever complained to you that I do not like the fact that we are together. If anything, you are my goodluck charm. I just wish I could give you more than these. That's just it'.
    'My love, we will be fine. You are doing just enough, okay?, she says trying to inject some positive energy into his bones. 'Now, get up and get ready for work. You know Sir Bentley Conwart does not like slothfulness at work. Meanwhile I will go get the children up and get them ready so that we can all go out for our daily pursuits together'
    Sandra knocks on the door to the children's room. Gabriel, the third of their six kids jerks up out of his sleep, while the others remain trying to sleep some more, to go find out who is at the door. He opens the door to see his mother standing in her night garment still sleepy-eyed. She sees the other kids still very fast asleep. Each one of them so peaceful and calm. Unwilling to get crazy so early in the morning, she passes the responsibility of reminding the others what day of the week it is to Gabriel before leaving to go get prepared herself for the day's work.
    'Wake up please. It's 6am on a Tuesday', Gabriel says with a quiet and calm voice as she goes around the rectangular room waking each duo on each double decker bed reminding them of the day they are to have ahead.
    Gabriel has gotten accustomed to the culture of waking up his siblings both older and younger by way of choice. Each day he would come by their bed chanting his wake-up signals and they would always give him the look that suggests, 'Go away. We don't need your reminder. We can wake ourselves up'.


  • mrspectacular 27w


    Everything looks perfect than the usual migrainous atmosphere Hilary is used to. He walks through the street naked unknown. Something feels rather off. It is meant to be a Monday, he expects that his boss would calling his phone now wondering where he is and why he is taking so long to get to the office but that is not happening. Confused and distraught, he yearns for someone to explain what is going on but they will not even approach him but only stare at him with a mixture of disgust and pity.

    After walking aimlessly for close to fifteen minutes, he comes upon a young lady,Miriana who looks like she is in her late 20s standing by the door of a building that looked rather too sophisticated unlike the others he had come by which look rather ancient structured. He wonders why hers was quite different from the other houses he had come across behind him but he sure did like what he was seeing. Both the lady and her building seemed to fascinate him. He prays within him that someway she would not be like the others he had met before.

    To his greatest surprise, she beckons at him frantically seeing that he is naked, waving her hands in the air to attract him to her, seeing that he is naked so she could help him with something to cover up himself and probably ascertain the reason for his demeanor as he does not have the look of a lunatic. Drawing closer to her, he can help himself as he smiles so heartily having been beckoned by the girl of his dream. Taking him into the house, a well furnished edifice with everything one could ask for, six air-conditioning units, four sitting rooms, two dinning rooms and one very large bedroom, he is astonished as to how this young lady could have come about this wonderful space.
    Asked to sit while she goes to get something for him to wear, he takes his seat however wondering why exactly he would need something else to wear as he is not aware he is naked. Seated comfortably, he can not stop admiring the sophistication of the house. Fascinated by a miniature sculpture he sees resting on one of the cupboards in the house, he moves over to admire it some more. Lost in the details of perfection he finds in the sculpture, he does not realize when Miriana re-enters the room.
    'You must love art?'
    Startled, he drops the sculpture to the ground, shattering it instantly.
    'I am sorry.... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry. Please I did not mean to do that', he apologizes frantically while trying to pick the pieces back up and put them together again in order not to get Mariana any angrier than he wrongly perceives she already is.
    Mariana looks at him and smiles at how scared at how scared she is, she has never seen a man that courteous and scared in her entire life.
    'C'mon...It is okay', she says. 'I know you did not mean it. I will remake it. I have been looking for something to do actually. This would be a good opportunity'
    'You mean you sculpted all these?' he asks shocked. 'I am mindblown to say the least'
    'Thank you my goodman', she says with an accent as she genuflects.
    'You're welcome milady', Hilary bows with a smile on his face.
    'Alright. Here are some clothes', Miriana says as she hands him the clothes to go put on. 'Please go put them on.'
    'But I already have my clothes on. Can't you see?', he argues taking a 360° turn for her to see the clothes he has on.
    Unwilling to pursue any further argument, she quickly leads him to the dresser in the bedroom to prove to him that he is naked.
    Standing before the mirror, he is shocked to see he is really naked with his penis erect. Embarrassed, he quickly snatches the clothes from Miriana. 'You mean I've been walking for the past one hour naked?', he questioned rhetorically. 'Why didn't anyone of those other people that saw me say something.'
    'They probably thought you were mad or they just really liked what they were seeing', she says giving her lower lip a gentle bite.
    'I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life', Hillary remarks jamming his head against the wall repeatedly. 'I feel so stupid'.
    'Calm down, my dear', Miriana says as she puts her right hand on his shoulder. 'That is how I felt when I first got here but eventually you get used to it.'
    'What do you mean when you first got here?', he questions almost vexed imagining Miriana is mocking him.
    Pulling him along, she leads to one of the sitting rooms so they could sit comfortably and discuss what is happening to them both.
    'Please take a seat', Miriana courteously asks and when Hillary does, she continues. 'I've been here for three weeks altogether...'
    'What????', Hilary screams. 'You mean there is no escape from this hellish nightmare?'
    'Relax...' Miriana pacifies. 'I did not say three weeks stretch. It happens once in a while. You dream about a perfect world and you are brought to this place for a week and after a week in the regular world calendar you are returned to reality so once it is 12:01am here, you will be returned back to the real time which would have been a week already there.'
    'I will be asleep for a week in the real world?', Hilary asks with a rather devious smile
    'Exactly...', Miriana remarks. 'Crazy right?'
    'No.... Awesome' Hillary objects. 'I work too hard. I deserve this break'. He looked around the building wondering what exactly he would do with the one week break he has been given by whatever it was that was going on right then. 'So tell me. What do you guys do for fun here?'
    'My dear, this is a place of limitless possibility. There is practically nothing impossible here. Do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it. Just enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to a fun time.'
    Hillary leaves Miriana to go treat himself to a fun time with this new world. He goes into a bank and demand for fifty billion pounds and on the spot, the money is issued to him, no questions asked. He buys a fleet of cars, builds a very massive mansion, a fully automated, expensively furnished house equipped with every electronic gadget and appliances that could make life feel like heaven.
    He is so pleased with himself but unknown to him, the week at the reality side of life is about to end so he would be returning home soon. Now he could not imagine what a perfect life would be like but he is living it. Taking a whiff of the cigarette he has bought on the grounds that cancer of the lungs nor kidney has any power over him here, he puffs into the air so happily. After about seven large sticks of cigarettes, he falls asleep which wakes him up to real world where he is surrounded by his wife and kids alongside some doctors who were actually battling to save his life imagining he had gone into some sort of comatose.
    Confused, he questions, 'What's going on here?'


  • mrspectacular 35w


    I know you are God of Mercy and Hope
    Always there to help me, with life, cope
    And ensure that in the end, it is dope
    But as a flawed human, the enemy did, with my piety, elope
    And in the enveloping darkness, I blindly did grope
    Therefore causing, in our relationship, an interlope
    I have realized my errors and in a shameful shock, I now mope
    Surprised at how I could not, to the enemy, utter a nope
    Instead I let him drag me down with a rope.

    My weakness and unculturedness I do acknowledge
    Please have mercy on my soul and restore the fire-hedge
    Because without you, I'm so easy a target for the enemy to again throw off the ledge
    And achieve his aim of driving between us a wedge.

    Please have mercy on my soul and restore me to that special home in your heart, Father of Love.