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  • ashamurali 4w

    Today is the day my dear mother in law passed two years ago. I am forever indebted to her for her love, affection, warmth and support that she has given me. I still draw strength from her. I know that wherever she is, she is continuously watching over me and sending her love. She is always in my memories and forever in my heart.
    Asha murali

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    Forever in my heart

    Today is that day in december,
    I just never ever want to remember.
    It has been two long years,
    Since you left me in a pool of tears,
    You taught me every single thing,
    Except how to deal with your passing!
    It totally caught me off guard,
    Life without you has been so hard.
    You live now in my memory,
    You feature in my every story,
    In my life you are most valued,
    I am so filled with gratitude.


  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    Dear, person who... ~

    Dear, person who I need to forgive. I forgive you eventhough you didn't apologize. I hope you forgive me too. As I also make mistakes. I shouldn't disturbed you, your sister and your friend. Plus, I shouldn't sent you the harsh message. I'm sorry. I cannot even forgive myself. Eventhough, I did those because I was so depressed, but, still, they are wrong actions.
    Dear, person who hurt me. I said to you, that you hurt me. But, then, I feel bad about it. I feel like I hurt you, too. I didn't meant to hurt you. Please accept my apology. I hope that we stop hurting each other. It's so hurtful.
    Dear, person who I could never forget. I never regret getting to know you. BTW, the reason why I liked your profile back, on Muzmatch was: one of your pictures look like my estranged biological Dad!
    A few minutes ago, I put my Dad's picture and your picture on PicTriev website. There's a similarity of 52% between you two! Wow!
    While there's only 33% similarity between my Dad & me.
    Before this, I wrote about there's resemblance between your Mom & me.
    Happy birthday to her! Hope she stay healthy & be happy.
    Send my regard.
    A few nights ago, I had a dream that I cried and your Mom hug me.
    Such a weird dream.
    Before I end this letter, I'm telling you,
    I'll go there- Singapore, as soon as possible!
    Please, wait for me. Let's us meet and greet!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear place that I had to leave,

    Oh my beloved whom I had to abandon
    And desolate and lonely roam
    How I miss you terribly even today
    The gateway of my affection - my dear home

    I was forced to let go of you
    My from own haven I was thrown
    I expected nothing more from Him
    Other than to be left rejected and alone

    I remember the wildflowers near your gates
    And the antique lamps in which you shone
    You were comfortable, secure and peaceful
    There was a time you were just my own

    I hope you are looked after well now
    Kindness and gratefulness are shown
    You will forever remain that piece
    That from my heart was brutally torn



    16th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Hobbiton, New Zealand (2018)

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  • _barbie__ 9w

    Thanks @writersnetwork❤️

    Dear person,

    I need to forgive
    Yes you were rude sometimes
    At times you went wrong as well
    Your tongue acted like a sword on someone's heart,and you didn't even realize
    Yes darling,at times your mood wasn't on the right path
    Intolerable anxiety,bad words and many more such things,
    But don't you know your soul was in need of a soothing hug
    A cuddle of freedom and self love
    As you need to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did in past
    As it has passed miles away,it's necessary for you too to leave it as well
    Accept it,
    beINg a human everyone of us have some guilty regrets and some haunting secrets as well
    But it's fine sweetheart,
    Be kind to yourself ,
    Your soul needs you the most


    Forgive yourself and remember not to repeat it, because mistakes are just for once not
    more than that❤️

    Tag the people you think are in need of these words��

    @writersbay #movingonc #hopenotes

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    Dear person

  • bellemoon99 9w


    Dear attacker,

    The wounds you inflicted upon my soul are still fresh, still pulsing, still as open as the eyes of a child exploring the world.

    Your voice haunts me, and all of your insults creep up on me at midnight. They tighten around my neck like a noose. Is there something left to lose?

    A zombie wandering life aimlessly. A lost bullet ready to puncture someone's heart. Remember I used to be filled with innocence? Remember I didn't need to force my smile?

    The world is spinning around me. Flashing lights of a past that still echoes in the halls of my heart. Am I standing on a boat ? Or has the floor turned to cruel waves?

    Yes, my wakelife is a nightmare, and my dreams are Hell. You left me a broken doll no one would ever play with again. Why did you?

    Truth is? I must move on. I have decided to forgive you. I'll nurse my wounds, and cuddle myself at night. I'll watch over myself, and remember my flickering light.

    I must forgive you. I can't continue on like this. Every morning as my gaze falls on yours I smile at the mirror.

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    One day

    One day yes, I won't hate myself.

  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear place that changed me,

    I was a broken and shattered mirror
    Refusing all attempts to be made whole
    Irrevocably bruised was my heart
    Unforgiving and tortured my soul

    You were the elixir that brought me back to life
    My haven, my safe house, my home
    You were there when I was abandoned and lost
    Lonely with no one to call my own

    You stood quietly, firm and strong
    Slowly nudging your way under my skin
    Confidently, gently waiting for me to
    Find the strength to reset and begin

    You were the lighthouse my rocky boat looked to
    To find safe passage towards the shore
    You showed me compassion and unconditional love
    When I was hurt, you held me close and loved me more

    I’d always found friendship and good company with you
    But in your heart I found the balm for my pain
    If today I’m able to stand tall in the face of danger
    It is because you taught me to love myself again



    15th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • miss_silentlyweird 9w

    After a long break and losing spark , I tried my best to keep my pen moving again.
    Goodnight! ;)

    #movingonc #myth #wod
    #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill
    Ps; Not yet edited,

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    "If this is the last breath I can take”

    ~Snow is myth for her as she's trapped in dark of fall~

    Dear person I needed to forgive

    In time I walking in jungle of yours
    I tumble with the poisonous lure
    I'm really on the ropes until this time
    Yet forgiveness is what I've been trying to chime

    I am too busy choking
    Forcing to push things in ending
    I don't wanted to be numb in pain circulating
    So I decided to cut what's holding

    It might leave a scars that will mark
    But maybe it can still be a flower pot and depart
    All the roots of these mad muddy bark
    Lingers likes a dagger in my heart

    Dear person I could never forget
    and place that changed me

    I wrote this letter for you
    Including those things you do
    For you to knew that around you I live and grew
    Although I'm shaded with tinted black — I glow

    In this chaotic world I didn't think I'd find peace
    A home who helps me catched my breath and pieces
    It is too hard to say it out loud but now I wanted to express
    Because of you I'm thankful that my heart beats in my chest

    Through skin and bones you're beautiful
    You're the butterfly I can't stop admiring to the full
    I'm sorry If I failed you till then or soon enough
    I hope we meet in star again I love you may this luff

    Dear place I had to leave.

    I lost my sight to find bright
    I'm trying to be better
    But it felt like I'm under thunder
    So If I leave this place decided to flight

    It might not be to find light,
    Erase all of my fright and be alright
    Atleast I can show that I desire to be alive
    It's not your fault I wanted me to archive

    And when I'm slowly disappear
    Please don't hold a memory
    Just take me as ghost in atmosphere
    You deserve better than me


  • fellowtraveller 9w

    Note : Felt like penning down something after many days.. And this will be a mess.. Pls ignore if its not making any sense..might delete it later.

    Thankyou for reading��

    Dear person i could never forget,

    Its been six years without your warmth in this earth.. Six sunny summers, smothering Springs, analogical Autumns and Whispery Winters without your sighs here. Sun still claims the dawn which we once shared and Moon still rules the night which we once neared..

    The promises we made to each other were frosted in the first Winter you left me here. I still visit the soil which held the ashes of your dreams six years before.. And will you believe me, if i say, the ashes still burnt my fingers today when i felt them? You know, they say, the dead ones have it easier but the one who remains cradles the crumbs of memoirs we knitted together..

    Your last artwork was a shelled butterfly.. The woman who birthed you still treasures the art in her bedside table. You remind me of a betrayed butterfly.. One which was too bright and colourful for this dim world.. Your wings were teared even before you tried to spread them. When moon devours the sky breeding twillight, i imagine you flying among the lost stars like you always wanted to do.. I wish i was there to witness it...

    You want me to smile and am trying each day.. Will you come back just once to tell me, am doing good?. Is it okay to scream aloud to the world outside that am falling apart and i have no hands to hold me? Humans are strange di.. I don't know how should i act around them. I still get blinded by few affections and find myself seeking validation.. Reminding me the human in me is still there..

    Nights like this, when am all alone with our memories you adorned once, Will i be vulnerable if i admit am missing you..?Will you still wrap me in your blankets and keep me safe from the world? Will you wake me up from this nightmare and tell me it was a bad dream? Will you keep your promises this time, for all the dawns and dusks to come?

    Cheers to all the dusk and dawns we shared
    For all the waves we conquered together
    I wish i said this enough sister..
    I felt safe with you..

    #movingonc @writersbay

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    The betrayed butterfly

    She reminded me of a betrayed butterfly
    One which was too colorful for colorblind eyes
    Whose wings were ripped apart even before
    She tried to spread them weaving a horizon.


  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear person I couldn’t forget ,

    Some evenings when the light dawns upon the dusk
    And the sky gets flooded with golden specks
    Just to feel the wind swirling around me
    I stand with my arms outstretched

    I close my eyes, hugging and holding me close
    I imagine your arms instead
    Even though it’s been eons since we last met
    But you I could never forget —

    It kills me when I think about how we ran out
    Of things we could say to each other,
    And how all the while we were still in love
    We became strangers to one another

    I don’t think it’s you I miss most though —
    I miss the person I was when you were around
    I miss the happiness that would fill my soul ,
    The love for life I would feel abound

    When I think of those days now lost to the sands of time
    I still smile and remember you
    If anything I’m grateful for the time we had
    And that I was able to feel things known to very few



    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Queenstown, New Zealand (2018)

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  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear you who hurt me,

    I’ve spent an eternity willing for you to suffer,
    Be in constant pain like I was for a very long time
    All the while pretending my heart was not broken
    That inspite of all the anguish you caused, I was fine

    Through it all I might have appeared composed which
    Couldn’t be further from a well cultivated lie
    I’ve spend a considerable amount of time hurting you
    In my mind while watching the world pass me by

    I don’t harbour any ill feeling towards you now
    Like a dead river, it has become dry
    With the passage of seasons you’ve become inconsequential
    And my anguished heart like a cloudless clear blue sky

    But I do hope at least once in this lifetime
    Someone comes along to teach you wrong from right
    Someone who teaches you what it means to be wounded
    And have no one around to help you in your plight



    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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    @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • wilmaneels1 9w

    Dear person, I need to forgive

    There is a little nostalgia here
    Memories; like a camera reel
    Some good, some not so good
    But there is growth in that too
    We are here, at a crossroad where in order for me to move on
    I need to forgive
    I need to let go of things and people
    It's been a long and tedious thing to face
    Life is like that though
    If you begrudge, you will slowly kill parts of you that should be alive with possibility

    Aint no way anyone should have that much power over us
    So with each step, I will try to let go
    Try and forgive, remind myself it's about me and no one else

    There will be places and things that might pop up from time to time
    Maybe I will slip up, but I will still try
    It is called work in progress

    In order to move on, I need to forgive myself too
    I am starting today

  • thelonesurvivor 9w

    Dear person I could never forget
    I wish you knew I can never get you out of my head
    All your memories are still alive
    I just wish all this to be a lie
    I know you are gone and never be with me
    But I still wish to be yours and you to be mine
    I wish I had met you sooner
    Maybe then I could be a little sad
    But we met so late and for little time
    Just these memories, all I have.


  • kamikazemind 9w

    Dear place that changed me,

    You are not just a concrete house of bricks. I never considered you as a lifeless object. For me, you are more than a home ( even though thats not my real home.), and has always been my safe haven. Living in a hostel, away from your family, is sometimes, quite difficult , especially when you feel lonely. I never liked to watch you blank so i painted you, and thus i believe, i made you more alive. You heard my scream, my silent tears, my laughter, my busy days. And living with you, has been a great experience for me. I learned to, survive. And that's a huge thing for me. Thank you so much. Your existence means a lot to me.


  • forestborn 9w

    ������������ ������������ ����
    �������� ������������ �� ���������� ���������� ������������,

    ������ �������� ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ������ ���������������� ���� ������������. But it didn’t took long for the two of us to turn into two entirely different paintings by Van Gogh and Monet on the same canvas of love. The authentic feelings interfere with the silence when the light emanating from the colors cannot coexist forever with the shadows. Whilst a lot of unrelenting images creeps towards mind through the disorted colour palettes as the blurred paint brushes baptize in besieged memoirs.

    ���������� ���� ������������ �������� ���������� �������������� ���� ������ �������������� ������������������ ������ �������� �������������������� ����������. A spinal reflex, and you sneeze out pollen poetries when nectar dripping pages was caressed by the dusty butterflies of the book flowers. The heart paused for milliseconds while the letters wide opened like ubiquitous feathers in the hypnotic cwtch of an unremitting snowfall. Was it just a dream?

    ��he quicksilver sweat beads collided with the offering of tears in the throbbing nosepins of exuberant breeze. The late artefact of spring sprouting from the garish moonlight penetrates the branches of loneliness while the setting sun said sayanora on the boulevards of autumn. ������ ������ ������ ������������ �������� ���� ������ ������ ���������� ������������ �������� ���� �������� �������� ������ �������� �������� ������ �������������������������� �������� ���� ������������ �������������� ���������� ������������ ����������?

    ��ome transform into sigmoid tides that reckon the shore like vagrant folk tales as a reminder that eloquent silence can never come back when sacred promises are lost. Your painted face still flows like a perpetual fountain in the murals of the moon, but the color of love rippling on the edges of the waves has stolen the inherent blackness of this night. The barren and pale clouds of the sky linger in endless oblivion at the end of a desperate wait from the secret chambers of the broken heart.

    ���� ������ �������������� ���������������� ���� ������������������ ���� �������� ���������� �������� ������ ������������������ ���� ������ ����������, ������ ���������� �������������������� ������ ���� ������������������ ����������������. Let me know when you meet someone who spreads the scent of fresh soil. There are no more mirrors of the past woven in the rain threads to connect the memories and go back to the time we met. We must be reborn as love, at least in the magical foams of this scattering waterfalls bestowed by the moon.

    ���������� ��������������: ���� �������� ������(��������) ����
    ������������: 7.7 ��������


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    Angels in heaven gathered to carry the coffin of the summer sun.
    Turbulent winter roamed in the night sky to preserve the death of dawn.
    Circle of poetry melts everyday for love guarding the lustrous stars of athena.
    One last soft kiss, a lotus widow resurrected from the graveyard of tenacious mud.
    Solitary cactus waited for the dew drops to burn some hope in sahara.
    Migration as a beacon of light to cry along with saline waves.
    Eyelids tend to be solitary as long as you are million miles away
    One more night to hum for darkness from the deepest roots of unwritten poems
    Oh moon, Are you a waning metaphor a muse can't buy when shadows cruise through pain?

  • crystal_snow 9w

    #love #movingonc # wod
    I don't really write on love, so I kinda feel insecure about this one :)
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN (27)


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    Dear love who hurt me,

    When you engraved your name in my heart. I didn't know myself.Just the words L-O-V-E mixed with Sunshine were flowing through my veins. Butterflies sat on the tip of my nose. And it left pink marks. Flowers bloomed from my braid. I plucked it smelled them. And they smelled like poetry. On that note, I took dilapidated paper and wrote poetry about how it felt when you looked into my eyes, filled with silence that whispers love. My handwriting was illegible, but the love that decorated it kissed the stars.

    //My love for (love) can hug the moon and remove all its scars//

    But, I realised
    Your brown eyes were not staring into my silent ones.
    You never loved me.
    All the butterflies lost it colours.
    The pink marks turned grey.
    The flowers became weeds, tangled to my hair.
    They smelled like betrayal.
    And poetry forgot itself.

    But dear,

    //My love for you still hugs the moon and removes all its scars//

    ~Lovesick me


  • biha_soundarya 9w

    DEAR ME,
    Isn't it weird what we went through.
    We made it at some point!
    Look at us! I'm so proud of US.
    We Know that hurt, that abuse, that trauma, that spiralling emotions we go through daily was such a handful.
    WE KNOW many days we refuses to wake up!
    But guess what?! We did wake up!!
    We did it!
    We KNOW that endless time at night when we sleep,
    when our body jolts in pain, way too many times.
    Where our body keep reminding our subconscious pain
    over and over again.
    We KNOW many times we wanted to dissappear.
    We KNOW we wanted to just END it.
    Near the balcony, on the open road, at the sea,that sharp knife slashing our wrists...,
    We just wanted to let go. Because its just too tiring.
    We were angry, infact we still are!
    We were dissapointed!
    We just wanted to vanish in thin air!
    But DEAR ME,
    We will be OK
    We will continue to grow gracefully
    We will continue to be kind to US
    We will continue to face the world and fight
    We will change the world
    We will get better
    We will fight together
    We will end this year with a blast
    We will hold our hands together and walk into 2022
    We have US
    We WILL

    **She will be ok, She will and will walk out of 2021 with grace and walk in 2022 with high hopes and faith**

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  • daffodilpearlzz 9w

    Thank you for the like WN ����
    Two likes in one day ����

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    When memories hold a part of us

    Dear friend (/stranger),

    Once while racing behind my dreams one by one I met you alongside whilst you were on another race. It was for just one day that we were together but you have become one of the most beautiful memories I safekeep in my dairy. I forget your name everytime I try to recollect it because that was all for how much you came in my journey of life; one day.

    At that last moment I left that place I turned back several times and paused several times. I could've left my contact with someone there but I didn't know what to do. To leave something behind in your journey of life and stay connected throughout or just be a memory that you might even not remember.

    I still don't know what you're as a person. What you love or what you hate. What you like or dislike. I've even forgotten how you look like. All I remember is a vibrant smile and a mellow voice which came to my ears as I was reading my book alone. I had felt too disconnected but why did you come to me when your team was there with you in that last bench? I would've sat alone till evening and never ever thought of that day again in my life, unless it is about the achievement I made.

    But now each time I recollect that day, I feel so excited to know that I have left traces of a beautiful friendship to someone afar, to someone whom I didn't meet everafter and broke it right there; yes it was inevitable to break it. A bond for a day. We were strangers and we're. We have always been, except that one day which the Almighty picked from each of our lives and gave it to each other. Wherever you're, I still remember you. Let us meet again or not, but the past was beautiful and I am always thankful for that day.

    Dear school,

    I left you last year after fourteen years of a beautiful bond which I think no other place in this world might give me again; I wish though if one could. I will look for you wherever I go. Whatever I see will connect it to you through me. Whatever I hear will be transcribed in my head to the language in which you spoke to me. Whatever I speak will have your voice.

    This year I will go to a new place. Just like you, it is a home to many. But I doubt I will look for you there as well when I am supposed to find new colors. May be one day something else will come in place of yours but I know that my life has been rooted so much in you and I will keep transforming whatever that comes to my life into a version of yours. You gave me wings, I will fly. But everytime I return to the ground I know that my eyes will search for you.

    From the color of the uniforms I wore to the leaves and flowers of your trees, it seems like everything belongs to you and no one else. Every memory good or bad becomes sweet and cherishable at your laps.


    Sat 13 Nov 2021

  • nandini_5 9w

    @writersbay @writersnetwork #movingonc

    Writersnetwork ( ❤️ ) 5

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    Dear person who hurt me :)

    It was November 2019 ,
    We started to talk slowly .
    you were stranger but
    You were kind.
    Slowly and slowly we got attached
    Like apple and pie : )
    We kept sharing our thoughts .
    But suddenly a big Strom strike .
    And we broke apart.
    24 knives in my back .
    Alive but I'm dead .
    Fine but I'm not .
    Tragedy song , sipping my emotions .
    Got depressed , everything becomes black .
    The sky crys , my pillow is wet .
    Got Dumb and become numb .
    It's not even 24/365 ..
    But my emotion was real .
    Finding my happy moment everywhere .
    But I found it nowhere .
    Your memories killing me inside .
    Become too sensitive to handle anything .
    Moved on with a broken heart .
    Searching and healing myself .
    Where the real me gone ?


  • writersbay 9w

    Happy weekend to y'all!

    2021 is ending soon and it feels like only yesterday was it 2019.

    We have gone through way too many rough roads and are so full of everything. People and places that we had to leave, somehow stayed with us.

    So as a weekend prompt, Write a letter on one of the following topics.

    1-Dear person (I need to forgive,/who hurt me,)

    2-Dear person I could never forget,

    3-Dear place that changed me,

    4-Dear place I had to leave,

    You don't have to use these exact words, but try to revolve your letters around these. You may write one or more letters.

    Tag and share with #movingonc

    Let's prepare ourselves for new beginnings. Take care ��

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    Furthering my distance from you
    Realistically I can't leave now
    But I'm okay as long as you
    Keep me from going crazy
    Keep me from going crazy, girl

    Time changed, we're different
    But my mind still says redundant things
    Can I not think?
    Will you love this part of me?
    My lover is a day I can't forget

    Lover is a day- Cuco