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  • wind_in_the_hairs 20m

    Be you, do you.
    Turn your face towards the sunshine and march ahead gracefully.

    Let those left behind follow your shadows, for you yourself are deserved elsewhere, where the light shines.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

    #movingon #selfworth #loveyourself #shineon

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    Do you really think
    You are that forgettable?
    That you keep wondering
    If they still think of you?


  • wind_in_the_hairs 2d

    It's okay if I don't find a place in your poems like you do in mine. I'll rest in peace knowing my love was purer than yours.

    #love #loss #peace #life #movingon #lettinggo #birthdays

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    No, I won't wish you on your birthday.
    No, I won't go down that lane.

    I know better now,
    And I'm going to rise above.

    I wish you all the love,
    And to this I release my peace dove.

    For peace is what's most important to me today,
    And tomorrow, and everyday starting today.


  • jez_unpublished 2d

    For anyone who needs to hear it, things get easier. You just need to take time and give it a chance. #heartbreak #healing #movingon #pod #love #sad #happy

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    Today was a little easier.
    I didn’t miss you like I did yesterday.
    Things are getting better I think.
    I still see you wherever I look, but it doesn’t hurt like it did before.

    I thought I could never heal from you.
    I believed I was a lost cause.
    I figured no one could love a broken soul like me.
    But I was so wrong.

    You were just a step in my path.
    You taught me a lesson on how to love myself.
    And despite all our problems, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that.


  • _jiji_g 4d

    For the sake of what was
    I go back
    Not to stay
    It’s a way of moving forward and looking ahead

    There are days when I pick up the phone
    Believe me it took hours of contemplating whether or not to call
    My mind becomes a pendulum
    I finally stop myself from thinking and start dialing
    I take a deep breath in close my eyes and press the call button
    I want to know how you’re doing
    To make sure you are fine
    To make sure you have found happiness

    Understand we might not be as we were
    Still I will always care in my own way
    For the sake of what was

  • a_world_of_her_words 5d

    Self realisation of not holding the grudges and guilt of all the mistakes makes you more powerful and mind more acceptable.

  • the_moon_kid 1w

    • A tinge of hurt •

    The most hurtful moment in life is when your mouth speaks something but your heart yells something else. And talking about 'moving on' from someone is just like this. It's easy, it's really easy to say that "I'll move on, don't worry !" But you know, your heart knows what kind of a pain you've to go through while doing this. You want to walk forward but a force pulls you backward. You want to forget something good, bad whatever but you'll feel like the whole universe is against this thought of yours. You would fake a smile eventually but you'll always feel a tinge of pain touching your whole body while doing so.
    You would make yourself understand that it's okay, you'll make it but you know it really well that what you spoke earlier is in a war with what your heart is saying now.
    Heart gives you a hope. Mind and conscience shows you the pros and cons of that hope. But isn't it necessary for all of us to get over something which hurts us more than hurting ourselves for once to end this particular horrible phase ? Easy to say, tough to do.

    So. Either choose the tough part, fight and move on. Or live with the past and keep facing difficulties throughout.


  • jewels2 1w


    By persisent devotion
    her love was awakened
    She didn't 'fall in', but she chose
    To love, in spite of unscalable walls
    Built by those who did oppose
    Love arrived a little too early
    Her heart still in incubation
    The warnings she had seen before
    Filled her heart with consternation
    And as she saw them rise again
    Up came her reservations
    but foilbles, chaos and drama
    Should never obscure ones eyes
    When a heart is loving, kind and true
    And words are loving and wise
    But how does one reconcile such anger
    As raged within the heart
    From whence unselfish love did flow?
    The mystery, she could not solve
    Until the time had past
    And love moved on
    to pastures supposedly greener
    And she was left, heart wide open
    For vultures feast
    Still he who loved before her birth
    Did clean up all the mess
    And put her back together
    To survive another test.
    At times she wonders why
    Love was allowed, then taken
    Why, when he said 'forever'
    Was he so VERY mistaken.
    Some things we will never know
    So we choose to let them go
    Thankful to have been loved
    For a short space in time
    And thankful for the Fathers love
    That does forever shine

  • expressionist33 1w


    As long as the sun rises
    As long as you breathe
    You can take that step forward
    It is hard to let go the thoughts
    It is harder to hold on
    I loved it and
    It hurts but i know it will be okay
    I know I won't be loved
    I still want to see you
    I know we don't talk
    I still want your voice to heal me
    When we cross paths we don't look into the eyes
    Still I want you to look inside my heart and
    I still feel this way but I am going to keep on moving
    I haven't slept for nights but still there is a new day to look forward to
    After a long night is that we discover the light within
    We can't go back
    Things are moving, changing, ending
    But all I need to focus on is the new beginning.

  • breadcrumbs 2w

    Not sad any longer

    I owe Maryline a more meaningful goodbye
    How do I let her know that am not sad any longer?
    That I no longer ask why God does the things he does
    That I no longer think about why she left, or even how
    I just like to remember the good times, and pray she's in true peace
    She used to tell me I don't need her permission to live and find love another time
    I should at least have her know that I understand

  • thewet_lotus 2w


    The moment you realize that you'll never be " That girl" is the moment you'll wonder why you ever wanted to be.

  • coyotesays_ 4w

    it is what it is.

    #life #movingOn #boring #karma #God #Downfall #ego #negativity #struggle #lost #Introspection

    Trying to be honest to myself. I have been lying to everyone a lot and I forgot what is true. What is true? I stopped telling the truth even to myself and that is true! I can't say the difference between a lie and a truth I tell myself anymore. What is worse is, I never tried to improve and became a joke!

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    Being honest

    I failed. I fell/went so low.

  • mypinknotes 4w

    So, I had a heartbreak.

    But i survived.

    Every morning, I'd get out of bed and walked out like everything is alright.

    Every morning, I gave myself that chance.
    To heal. To look at the brighter side of things in my life.
    Every day, that chance I gave myself slowly took away my sorrow. Bit by bit.
    Every night, I felt a little less heartache.
    Every witching hour, my soul slowly assembled in peace.
    And one day soon, It didn't hurt me anymore.
    And one day, I didn't remember what it felt like to be heartbroken.
    And one day, I moved on.


  • wakandu 4w

    But hey I wish you all the best and maybe someday we might even meet again

  • ishankumar 5w

    Follow me on Your quote as Ish-k.

    #movingon #love #pain #expectation #mirakee #scribble

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    Moving on

    There's nothing left
    b/w you and me
    Just a blurry face
    Some faded memory
    Iam fine , doing well
    No problem , no worry
    I shed them all together
    Like an autumn tree

    Heard you still care
    Think about me
    there's nothing left
    B/w you and me
    There would be no problems
    If solution would be sorry
    I have moved on
    Iam sorry ...

  • lovekadisky 5w

    Another Love from Pieces

    Another would love so strong and my heart will be whole again
    Will glitter like gold
    The pieces you have left behind
    Will be brighter before you
    But i wont forget you.

  • issywrites_ 7w

    My stomach still flips when I see your name,not in a good way. You flare up my anxiety.


  • harlynnoelle 7w


    I have married to the unknown
    Knowing that if I waited long enough,
    I'll find the answer to my broken heart

  • deepflowsoul 8w

    Goodbye Mirakee

    It's time for me to move on to the next stage as a writer. I'm going to start preparing to publish whenever that's possible! Thank you everyone for your support and love! I'm going to miss you. Maybe one day we will meet again if you happen to trip across a book of mine. Please take care of yourselves and remember you are worthy of the best ❤❤

  • masterdquotes 9w

    Sometimes when you lose an Angel, it can be a blessing in disguise!
    #sirens #toxiclove #breakups #movingOn

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    You are a siren song, stuck in my head, torturing me!

    I'm glad for the restraint of Odysseus to be able to pass on!


  • j_sathyan 9w

    Always !

    neither the cold white mornings,
    nor the drizzling night rain
    could console the broken heart.
    memories bleed like fresh wounds,
    and dreams are dead and buried deep,
    yet, coming back to haunt as dreaded nightmares.
    But there is nothing as insufferable,
    as the word we have often spoken-
    to each other, and cherished.

    But yes its true, the times have changed,
    and so have we.and when it passes again
    so will the pain that lingers inside,
    and the gloomy loneliness too, i hope.

    i'm standing my ground and bidding you, adieu
    let the stab wound bleed and dry out.
    let it scar. and let me be fearless.
    if you were my great winter,
    i can't wait for my spring.

    may the face illuminate, from the
    glorious light of new dreams and hopes-
    as i utter it one more time,
    for old time's sake,
    with a hint of sarcasm.