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  • sauvik_acharjee 179w

    Let Me Go Away

    It's hard for me to say,
    But I cannot bear it anymore within my heart.
    There's something which has changed between us,
    Everything seems so different these days.
    Time keeps getting in the way,
    Whenever we try, every plan somehow
    Gets destroyed.
    I don't want to lose what we have,
    But in the process, I've lost us.
    It's hard to put everything behind,
    But I don't want false hopes to get high.
    All the promises you make,
    Gets my hopes high,
    And I cannot see them fall and break again.
    Rainbow has turned grey with time,
    And it's really hard to see and feel them fade away.
    It's time to let go of us.
    If we're meant to be,
    We might meet and find a place for us,
    In the world someday.
    At least for now,
    Let me go away.

  • _shubhisaxena_ 181w

    Need ...

    You were never my need ..
    You were the one whom I ever wanted ..
    But you were never my greed ...
    I always wanted to love you ..
    But you thought I always craved for you..
    I always loved your lips ..
    But you always kissed them like a lusty geek ...
    Loving you was my choice by heart ..
    But for you I was a material which you always wanted to harm ..
    Your deeds were enough for me to walk away from you ... and by this you will never realise what I was for you ...

  • neisha 223w

    M not going to another planet. Just another place on your own. We shall share the same sun , sky and same moon. And that's how we would make ourselves fool.

    Goodbyes aren't easy !!

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    When we will have to part
    And know we won't see each other any soon
    Stay comforted.
    For then we will fall asleep looking at the same moon


  • nevelynwrites 229w

    Broken bond

    I know we haven't talked as much
    Hours of talking becoming a one-worded reply
    If I could turn back time I would
    But I hope you'd forgive me before saying goodbye

    A friendship that had soon been neglected
    I apologize for the months I've spent with no words to say
    But just know, if you could
    I'd really hope you'd stay

    But no, you're planning on leaving
    Which is why I'm writing this for you
    I hope these words had meant something to you
    Because they mean more than the world to me

    I know that I don't have the right
    To let you know of my sorrows
    But truly, I dread the fact you're gonna disappear
    Before I get the chance to restore order

    A friend, you were the first
    Remember back in seventh grade?
    You sat infront of me on the first day
    And saw me draw in my sketchbook before the time came to put it away

    I know you probably hate me
    I know you might do so forever
    Just know, I truly treasure every moment I had spent with you
    So I'm leaving you with this letter

    Dear, Anica
    I'm sorry
    For neglecting you
    For not talking to you
    Ignoring you...
    But just know you mean the world to me
    And that I'm always gonna be here if you need someone to talk to

    I know you might not trust me
    I know you're probably still hurt
    But know that I care about you
    So let me keep this short

    I'm sorry, I truly am. Can we start over again?

  • reebz_5 261w

    Countdown for pakistan

    Life got miserable
    Never felt that way
    Life got emotional
    day by day
    Made a list of things to do before we go
    "Pray for me so we could stay"
    Life got emotional
    My cat died the other day
    Why us?
    Packing night and day
    Life got emotional
    The other day
    Two more months
    Never felt that way
    Life got emotional
    Gonna miss them all everyday