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  • nikkimira90 5w

    We shouldn’t waste our time crying over the time we lost cause it’ll only get in the way of the time we have. So just be free, do you and keep moving forward.

  • pbwrites101 10w

    It is not going to change what you have done to me .It is my constant reminder of pain.You left because of your wish i literally begged you to comeback ,you left me vulnerable for a long time. You know my close one used to think that you are the best thing happened to me but how you became the worst thing to me is phenomenal.
    #agony #love #healing #moving on

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    Words unsaid ...When you left...

  • kevinosullivan 14w


    Injuring myself physically while being injured by my own emotions.
    Fraternal interactions among two cynical peers.
    Surging like jockeys in a petty race of trivial superiority.
    Abandoned by each others inability to ever be made humane after sobriety.

  • kauthar 14w

    Know your worth!

    Keep searching for your worth through every bit
    Just like how the money keeps on moving from one pocket to the other!

  • comfy_lumps 15w

    Sometimes I wish saying the word goodbye terminates the existence of a thing, then it'd be easier letting go of this baggage.....such irony

  • _shaurya 17w


    Language of the eyes, louder than the words. Quicker than the thoughts. Dangerous than a sword. And subtler than a falling feather.

    © Shaurya

  • khumkhuma 23w

    Life goes on !
    Moving forward in life, is the only way to have lived this life.

  • palaki 24w

    Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you ♥️

  • ions0206 25w


    "If you keep holding
    Things and don't let
    It go you may never find
    And feel real happiness
    Because all we have to
    Do is keep moving forward.. "

  • hk55555 25w

    Dark Space

    I am standing on the marsh
    Walking toward my dream world
    But instead of moving forward
    I am slowly sinking in the dark gloomy place
    Now I am seeing myself in downfalling
    Every hope swiftly slide me into grey place
    This gloomy place now seem to more comfortable in whole space
    Now I have no hope to go anywhere
    No strength to move forward
    No power to change the way of wind
    I let the wind to take me to his desired place
    Now no more fight & quarrel over anything
    If this even mean to die alone in dark deserted place
    Now no pain, regret or joy can take me out of this
    As I lose hope on hard work, magic or any mirical thing
    I fall in deep hell burning all way to come out of this

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  • ananias 29w


    I don't need to imagine, I am able to remember. Leaving house after house, each stay no longer than seeing two Decembers. Always leaving a part of me behind, that I won't need to recall; leaving friends, family, toys and dreams, really I have left them all. Time and time again, as a kid and as a teen. I left everything I knew and had to relearn all the things I have seen. Who likes who? What road gets you where you're going? Is it worth making friends again when I will just move again or blow it? It feels like it is your fault when nobody likes you, even though they don't know much it's like their worst ideas about you might be true. So when I think of moving, I don't think about which house was a home. I think about losing everything and again having to be alone.


  • restless_nib 29w

    In losing my life partner I lost not only my husband, but my best friend, my soul mate, my co parent and my champion.
    It isn’t easy to let go and for months and even now more than 5 years since he passed, I feel his presence. This poem written a few months after he passed was my way of coping by expressing how I felt.
    #grief #loss #mourning #moving-forward #love #coping

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    My Phantom Husband

    I see the word ‘Widowed’ on a form
    Doesn't seem to apply to me though
    Am I still not your wife?

    I know I am sane
    For I work, I parent, I meet friends
    But that feeling you're still with me

    Is it madness
    Is it my version of grief
    Like a severed limb you linger on

    They may call me mad
    If I tell them I still feel you
    On the other side of our bed

    I wonder if I am mad
    When my projection of you
    Talks to my own mind voice

    I reach out for your lycra-clad being
    Walking across my bed as I wake up
    How was your ride today?

    I read a political headline
    I ask you did you see this
    You answer, not here but in my head

    When she does something, our little girl,
    I look to where you should be standing
    And I know you're smiling that smile

    When I do something stupid
    It is your voice that chides me
    Asking me questions I can’t answer

    I sit at a function and I swear
    I know what you're wearing as you sit next to me
    Your chuckle, your shouts to friends, I hear you

    Over13 years, I gave you a piece of me
    And a part of you seems fused in my brain
    Removing the physical you, doesn't change that

    Someone asks, are you able to move on
    How do I answer honestly
    I am moving forward yes, but moving on?

    They who comfort me
    Only know you are dead
    Not that you linger for me

    Denial or coping? This sense of you
    Forced to leave, you somehow remain
    Forever with me, my phantom husband


  • boy_nxt_door 31w


    "actually am busy loving those that loves me" I gat no time for haters

  • marianotsaint 32w

    Cheer Up

    Boo!! He is a dumbass.
    He is never gonna realize what he lost.
    He is never gonna wake up to your beautiful smile.
    Or fall asleep listening to your melodious voice.
    He has lost a soul that only knows just to love and love alone.
    You deserve someone with that realization.

  • complicated_prsn 33w

    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne..

    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne jab tak
    Tumne uske liye dua na mangi ho..
    Aur firr ussey bhulane ke liye dua naa mangi ho..
    Matt kehna ki Mohabbat ki hai tumne kabhi..

  • ajin_aj 39w

    #Moving on is not linear, you will fail miserably, regrets will be your constant companion, get up every time you fall, that feeling; call it pain call it anger ,give it every name it hurts but not hers/his. Beyond that curve spring awaits, just keep moving, limb, crawl if you have to, just keep on moving.

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    Ominous clouds hovered over the meadow, a foretaste of a storm fast descending to unleash chaos.

    Cold bitter wind struck me from behind.
    Bewildered, yet dogged, I turned and leaned against it.

    Frozen grass pierced my skin as I fell on my knees,Yet it felt numb shivering in my nakedness.

    Darkness echoed around and within as my hands grazed through the drenched sod.

    Fingers withered against those rugged stones met below the facet; humming the bitter dreams of a razed soul, I dug.

    It was tiring, shallowing breath, bleeding fingers dragging down the pace, Yet I couldn't stop, helpless I persevered, to render a heart that was too weak to be brave.

    A hole sprunged caved towards my left, to lay down a treasured thought; a founded dream it was! A sigh silenced.

    I buried hastily as thunder shook the ground.
    Vacuous I stood, agony sinking from all around, I left a stone unmarked just to remember.

    It felt heavy as I moved limping with a broken wit, skin cracked shedding layers of regrets.

    Silence was thick when the winds dropped; a breathed thought struck me, why did I left a stone, it screamed.

    Just to remember; I muttered, as I fell on my face; with a vigorous need to reweigh I crawled, inching towards the stone that lay cold.

    Impetuous hands with a fanatic mind of it's own: darted into the broken mud, a vicious search for unknown hope.


  • jadeivy 40w


    Pain heavy in the eyes.
    Swelling deep inside the head.
    Throbbing against the skull, brain about to explode.
    All the noises of the world ringing around.
    Every scent stinging straight into the soul.
    Light coming in so bright,
    Even the slightest could burn a hole.

    Now this everyday,
    The pain won't go away.
    Not matter how patiently you wait.


  • kalp_cloud 40w

    However I move on
    You will always be missed
    In those cold breeze
    I can still feel your breath
    Wrapped in those memories
    Eyes still get wet
    Still there's so much
    Left unsaid
    Your arms across my body
    I imagined as my world
    Coated with love although
    It was a nightmare
    "Hold on", I asked you
    When you left me desolate
    Some questions unanswered
    And sinking was the faith
    Promises all broken
    And shattered were the dreams
    Your voice in my ears
    Is still whispering
    Faded all those caresses
    Heart and mind felt
    Searching for thy love
    My soul is wandering.


  • wmbanje 40w

    Moving pieces
    When life moves
    you move
    When life DOESN'T move
    You keep on moving
    -wes mbanje