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  • mariateresa 1w

    These West coast vibes really suit me well. I love seeing the majestic mountains all the time reminding me of my own inner strength. The weather is gorgeous and sunny, severe clear skies. My heart is so happy and the peace I feel makes me immensely grateful for all of the wreckage these last 3 months. When the Universe takes everything away, it's for our highest good and healing. I've ended 5 very poignant and challenging relationships. One is with my only living parent, the other was my partner of 8 years. Life feels effortless and flowing full of abundance today. Waking up to a serenity I've never known in all of my 43 years.

    Grateful ❤
    Thank you all my fellow friends and writers on here that support and love me as I share pieces of my soul as poems on this journey called life.

    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

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    Standing still near sunflowers on a hill
    Sun moves slowly towards the horizon ending the day
    Sudden change once warm in my body, now grows chill

    This journey has taken many paths
    Newness is bubbling with wonder in the aftermath
    Waiting patiently, having the chance to reinvent myself
    I've pushed the reset button, rejuvenation turning full circle
    All the pieces of me coming together now in a hue of deep purple

    Each one the strongest and best version of soul
    Fullest expression, loud and colorful, I cast an intentional spell
    Ready to embark upon roads not yet traveled
    Mystery is my companion and faith is my guide

    Continuing to walk and dance to the beat of my own drum
    Never dull or boring, it's a full spectrum life I've begun
    Not for the faint of heart or ones who don't understand its intensity
    My heart is enormous as it shines light as a beacon of hope
    And awaits its wildest destiny


  • boundless_stories 1w

    पहाड़ो को,

    बचा के रखो इन खुबसूरत पहाड़ो को,
    इन नदियो को,इन बहारो को,
    इनको इन्सानो की गन्दी नज़र बहुत जल्दी लगती हैं।

  • shantanoo_ 3w

    A wind named amnesia....

    A wind named amnesia,
    Whispered in my ears,
    Forget your anxiety,
    Forget your fears..

    Forget that you messed up,
    Forget your mistakes,
    Life is a one way journey,
    Just don't forget what's at stake..

    Forget this city that you love,
    Forget those places you call home,
    Spend nights with strangers,
    Book a room in rome..

    Go sailing in thunderous oceans,
    Take a leap of faith from unfathomable skies,
    Climb those unsurmountable mountain cliffs,
    Wander in wilderness so much that there's only wonder left in your eyes....


  • madinah_writes 4w

    Take a moment, stare at the rain.
    Pupil on target, on what to gain.
    Sky above our roofs, in isopleth.
    Cold and white doves, following in fourth and fifth.
    In lows and highs, in nature's umpteenth.
    Cave in miles, ice shaped in eyeteeth.
    Discovery of centuries, in grey dogteeth.
    Umbrella roofed in silver-white, drops like sawteeth.
    What nature feel, we feel.
    When nature heal, we heal.
    But we hardly talk about it.

  • malaikaa 4w

    If you are in Love

    You remind me of colors,
    All the bright, vibrant colors
    of life and love and the reasons
    I am happy
    You remind me of sunrise,
    Of the mountains and the seashores
    Every sight of you from head to toe
    I have travelled around the world and
    Met no one like you because you
    Are all the things I keep coming back to.

  • eva_17 8w


    And in the end
    The mountain kisses the sky
    And the sea meets the shore....

    But as always,
    The sea secretly wished
    The sky to be the shore
    And the horizon of love
    To be Real

  • pragyaverma 10w

    Ode to a summer day spent in himalayas some years ago.

    #mountains #nature #life

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @miraquill

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost ����

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    From behind the hills came a gloden morn
    Ambrosial winds bring a splendor newly born
    Crimson to orange, glimmers the virgin snow
    The prayer bells ring and birds croon low
    And on the brae, the pine tress free
    Sing the ancient lore of sky and sea
    Flowers strewn along the tasseled glen
    Smile and say, lo! Its a new day again

    And now the sun shines, above the lofty hills
    Brightly glows the narrow silver rill
    Dances with it the limpid air
    In the wooded dell, lovely and fair
    Trees sway to the brook tunes
    Welcoming yet another noon
    With a zeal unbounded and free
    Growing fast from a plant to tree

    A dapple of colors, sunset, they greet
    Earth and sun again meet
    Crimson and gold gives way to gray
    Bids farewell the last sun ray
    Into the night, we must all go
    Eager for dawn, is the way, we grow
    With hope and courage in our hearts
    Tomorrow we will again start.

  • zaarun 11w

    Unche pahadon ko fatah karne ki ek aas le ke
    Bhaite hue hai ik kinaare hamare khvaab !


  • slaughtered_heart 14w

    The Sun was already waiting for me, waiting behind the mountains to surprise me, but even those high mountains failed to hide all his light. As I ran towards the top of the hill to take a glance at the sun, he slowly rose to give me the warmth of his smile. To see him in the early morning hours is not just a soothing to the eyes but the energizer for the soul. You see, he's not that aggressive after all, he just has a bigger world to light up that's all.


  • stellaire_mystique 15w

    Yes I once Lived In A Paradise
    Where entering through gate was just all about your changing fate...
    Where settling down felt like everything is about to drown...
    Where meeting people was just my bucket list crown...
    Where eating food were just not the part of our appetite goals...
    Where changing moments were just the part of driving through roles...
    Where sleep cycle was never on its chains...
    Where 3 AM felt like 3 PM..&..3 PM like 3 AM...
    Where time was never the part of our moody desires...
    Where changing clothes was never the only attire...
    Where peaks of the mountains never let me felt like all alone...
    Where frienemis were all about those bombing drones...
    Where walking through crowd felt like the telepathy of eons...
    Where wishing about something was like package of crayons...
    Where being judged by your round witnesses were always about pros and cons...
    Where part of me was never okay around those morons...
    Where being understood by someone was as simple as a structure of photons...
    Where waking up every day was as similar as felt like roses with throns...
    Where surviving through days felt like a tons of scorn...
    Where being nice always comes with a price of dice...
    Yes I once lived in a paradise...
    Where I still wished to be belong just Upright...!!!


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    *Yes!! | Ønce Lived In A ₱aradise...*
    'Read the caption'

  • poesybird 15w

    What happens when we find serendipity in someone?
    We smile a bit wider,
    The Sun shines extra bright,
    The rain falls for a bit more time,
    The coffee tastes a little more tastier,
    Heart fills completely with love.

    Finding serendipity in someone is rare
    But does that mean they are special?
    I don't know the answer
    Maybe, she or he is walking on the straight line God created for them
    But that doesn't mean we won't find it never
    We're buffering on the crooked line
    Just about to step on the straight path.

    I found serendipity in the mountains
    Far away from the common crowd
    Just the high peaks and myself
    My mind at peace dances with the wind
    Along the curved highways
    Do I belong there in the mountains?
    Probably yes, for belonging to an eternal place of peace is a lifetime achievement.

    Tried to find a relation between serendipity and my love for mountains. I have always felt an enormous love for mountains and I wish to be there as soon as possible.
    #mountains #peace #serendipity
    @mirakee @mirakee_assistant @writersnetwork
    PC: originally mine

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    Serendipity and mountains

  • saurabh_malviya 17w


    Main nadi sa behta jata hoon,
    Voh pahado si disha dikhati hai

    Uski sohbat mai,
    Meri mithaas badhti jaati hai


  • sanyukta 18w

    Beneath the blue skies , those floating clouds and marvelously sparkling stars
    Above the gentle ground
    Along the preety lilies
    We will all bloom !

    Beneath the floating clouds
    Above the rich soil
    Along the drizzling rains
    We will all bloom !

    Beneath the sparkling stars
    Above the crystal clear seas
    Along the calm winds
    We will all bloom !

    Along the bushy mountains
    And those flowing rivers
    We will regain the steadiness
    We will bloom again !


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  • wind_in_the_hairs 18w

    Does the mountain know how majestic it looks from a distance?

    Or does it look at itself and frown at all the rocks and wilderness?


  • julie__ 19w

    Walking towards a wishful dream,
    By your side a crooked stream,
    Above, the clouds are fluffy cream,
    No longer do you want to scream.

    The air, it smells so sweet.
    The birds go, twitter tweet.
    Soft grass to place your feet.
    You groove with nature's beat.

    Out here, there are no cars.
    Out here, there are no bars.
    Nighttime brings you Venus, Mars,
    Uncountable amounts of stars.

    Take it all in friendly stride,
    Don't ever feel you have to hide.
    This is where you reach inside,
    And spread your wings; feel them glide.

    Your life is yours, not theirs to take.
    Light a fire by the lake.
    Always love, with whom you wake,
    Never let your friendships break.

    Always live without regret.
    Don't give up, not now, not yet.
    Know the future isn't set.
    Appreciate what love you get.

    I know that nature's trees are tall,
    There's some you cannot climb at all-
    Full in Spring 'til Autumn's Fall,
    Covered in a winter shawl.

    And as the seasons come and go,
    You'll see the stream begin to grow.
    Filled by your whole life you know,
    Carried in the winds that blow.

    Listen to the song it sings-
    Love and peace is what it brings.
    Sharing all the little things,
    Smoothing over dents and dings.

    That what living's all about.
    Never fill it up with doubt.
    Look real close to find this out-
    Always seek the kinder route.

    And you will see, my oldest friend,
    This dreamy life, it has no end.
    There's always more beyond the bend,
    Nature's hand, a limb, to lend.

    Written by- Julie.
    All rights reserved.

    #wod #nature #mothernature #naturehand #naturelove #lovefornature #natureembrace #sea #mountains #trees #forests #windandocean #music #soothingnature #mirakee #writersnetwork


    @rahul_govindan @revathychandrasekhar @the_muted_voice

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    The clouds break forth the streams of light, to dance upon the earth,
    And cradled in the sands of time, comes a newborn baby's birth.

  • lrthompson 22w

    High Places

    Through struggle
    We find ourselves breathless
    Stranded atop boulder strewn trails
    That fade into the clouds as we are hoisted
    By natures mighty giants
    Whose very fingers offer promontory
    To the miniscule world below
    Where every waking moment beckons worry
    Or fear for loosing a race that was never intended to be a sprint
    Yet a long marathon of ups and downs
    Winding on narrow switchbacks
    Bearing the weight of souls yearning and searching for freedom
    In those high places
    Where the air is rarefied and pure from the maladies
    Brought on by a corrupting modernity
    With its ease of life that has wasted away the value of hard work
    Flattening the mountains that challenge our spirits and our hearts
    From developing into the main character in our own novels
    Instead being recast as a background extra
    Predestined to live and die in a forgotten obscurity
    Faded like those clouds that conceal the summit
    Where struggle has left us breathless but alive

    Stand tall you mighty sentinels
    May your summit never be easy

  • amatullahsabir 22w

    Under the Stars

    I love you,
    I declare it loud and clear,
    For everything you've held my hand through,
    I am yours as glimmer belongs to a chandelier.
    This one place is where I want to reside,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    The sun shines bright yet soothes my core,
    The spots on the moon never seemed more beautiful,
    Every ground is now a dance floor,
    All sounds and noises now musical,
    It's now news far and wide,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    I am yours as star belong to the sky,
    I am yours as rain belongs to the clouds,
    I am yours as freedom is to fly,
    I am yours as chaos belongs to crowds.
    I am yours like to moon belongs the high tide,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    I love you for who I am with you,
    For the part of me you unfold,
    From deep valleys, high mountains you bring me to,
    From copper you turn my heart to gold.
    Every second that passes the feelings are amplified,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    My heart is tied to your heartbeat,
    My lungs work according to your breaths,
    All my worries you make them obsolete,
    Now I don't even fear deaths.
    You've bewitched my soul I declare with pride,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

  • amatullahsabir 22w

    Is it a letter to someone else or herself??

    #sea #ocean #moon #love #sun #snow #mountains #Wonderland #trees #flowers #nature

    Instagram: @amatullahsabir

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    I'll show my faults, then, love me more.

    I tell you I hate grey clouds,
    Can you make them storm?
    I love the freedom of flying,
    Would you cage those birds?
    I hate the trees' secret whispering,
    Will you feed them more secrets?

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    I fear the walls with ears,
    Bare them and pull out their tongues.
    Look at the mountains so high,
    Hammer them to levels below the sea.
    I see a sky so bright and blue,
    Paint it black and let me gaze forever.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    I paint pictures with colours and strokes,
    Paint me one with words and breaths.
    I swim with river,
    Freeze it, for I want to walk.
    See the stars beside the moon,
    Brighten them for I love them more.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    Run to the caves behind the waterfall,
    Seize the water and reveal them to the world.
    I see your eyes fall upon everything,
    Blindfold me and show me the world through them.
    Travel the whole world with me,
    Promising to be mine till the end of it all.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

  • amatullahsabir 22w

    Halcyon Land

    I am off to the place of my dreams,
    A place of overwhelming extremes.
    I gain more speed,
    As my destination's closeness is guaranteed.
    I cannot see it yet, but I do hear,
    And nothing in my heart is unclear.
    The beautiful sounds so prominent,
    On my conscience only happiness is dominant.
    Sounds of freedom as birds flapped their wings,
    With undeniable melody in my ear it rings.
    Sounds of happiness as rain touches the ground
    I could feel the magic, that was so renowned.
    Sounds of love as waves caresses the land,
    In awe, to hear I halt and stand.
    So entranced by the preview,
    I run fast to a terrain I heard of, but never knew.
    I run, run, run, and run,
    Until to a missed breath I complete the journey I had begun.
    I stood in a land of bright nights,
    A place where days had dimmed lights.
    In summer, on bare branches the sun shone,
    And snow fell on green leaves and grass known.
    Tsunami barely touched the land dry,
    While waves covered the lands, and the air it would mystify.
    Grey clouds so soft and scarce,
    While thunder created by white clouds so fierce.
    The habitants here walk on oceans,
    While to swim the lands they have chosen.
    Trees here are covered by infinite flowers,
    And scarce leaves that can be counted in few hours.
    More wondrous than a dreamy wonderland,
    Such is the beauty of Halcyon Land.

  • amatullahsabir 22w

    A love story between the sea and the moon is sung rarely, but is of the utmost beauty.
    #sea #ocean #moon #love #sun #snow #mountains #forbidden #selenophile

    Instagram: @amatullahsabir

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    Yes I'm a selenophile,
    With no bounds.
    And I have been one for a while,
    All my senses, your love surrounds.

    Day seems to never end,
    A barrier between us forever,
    All my strength and I, on you we depend,
    Nights I don't see you, are nights filled with terror.

    I rise so high,
    That people kneel,
    When in the black of the night,
    Thyself, thou reveal.

    Only so much I can raise though,
    For I'm tied by earthly restraints,
    Him so high in the sky, me so below,
    Staying so far away, a beautiful story we still maintain.

    I ask the passing clouds,
    The ships that sail past,
    The birds that fly in crowds
    To take my messages to him fast.

    I see many others,
    Writing poems in his praise,
    Singing songs of his many wonders,
    Beauty so much, one can enumerate for days.

    However they don't know,
    Our love is higher than mountains,
    More picturesque that terrain covered in sheets of snow,
    More refreshing than hot springs and fountains.

    For I am the sea,
    And he is my moon,
    He makes me feel all, anger sadness and glee,
    And we'll be each other's till world meets it's doom.