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    Daffodil my culture
    Jonquil, half tradition
    I am still not over expectations
    piled in my artery
    Neighbour to my lungs
    Gasping heavy sighs( dark scares me now)
    vowing before your door
    Even it's shut or purposely closed
    worrying it will break me apart
    which I overlook as
    I am the trumpet machine
    rejoicing missed parts
    holding hope until
    You agree to be my
    Beginning. Middle. End

    #afterlife #motivationc #bflowerc
    Last line from
    "beginning. Middle. End " Song ~ Leah Nobel

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    Lost Daffodil in
    Field of weeds
    sedate grave
    to breathe afterlife
    with hidden albums
    scripted with love
    I will not pass over
    Even if it's the end


  • theorphicmind 46w

    #writersbay #motivationc
    Travel, tasks, time-constraints
    Typical teen troubles
    I really want to write...so Imma go ahead and do it

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    "Stay the way
    You are
    Embrace every joy
    and every scar
    Remember, you may wander
    however far
    Yet, shall find your way back
    for you're, a star..."

  • _writer_at_heart_ 46w

    Lend me your ears

    Life offers us with so many days- good and bad.
    At good times,i ask that moment to remain for a long duration.
    At bad times,i ask it to be a little kind.

    Hey life, lend me your ears when, i say, "be a little kind"...
    But it just keeps straying like an unceasing flow of river.
    Again i say,
    "Hey life, lend me your ears,
    I know I don't have control over your imminent plans,
    but at least be a little kind !"

    But life just keeps straying like an unceasing flow of river,
    as if it was useless for me to cry in wilderness.
    Then,there came a thought in my mind;
    Why am i expecting life to listen me, Why can't i make myself listen to life!

    When life give me good days,
    i want more and more,
    when life give me bad ones,
    i want it to be kind,
    but the question is why can't i make me set free from the fear that exist inside me!
    Accept the fact,
    no one can have control over life.
    So lend me your ears, dear soul of mine,
    This time i am talking to the soul within me;
    Life will keep going but no one can limit its flow,
    it most of the time depend on what we make it..

    So,Hey Soul of mine,
    lend me your ears
    listen when I say,
    "Be strong at bad times without losing hope and be humble at good times without losing self control."

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    Commitment is not just meant for relationships. The biggest commitment is something that we make to ourselves. Whatever the hurdles are, continuing to be consistent to our dreams is something that defines commitment. No matter what, Learn, Grow, Move.


  • wilmaneels1 46w

    You gotta discern what to take to heart
    And what you should discard
    Not all the voices you hear
    Might be sincere

  • bellemoon99 46w

    #motivationc #motivational #writersbay

    Remember we're always here for you!

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    Turbid thoughts contaminate our minds, we feel hopeless, lost, and alone.

    However, look up! Curve those lips into a smile. The organoleptic experience we were gifted is full of magic.

    We fall, we make mistakes, we rise, we learn, we give it all and that's all it takes!

    Dance, sing, open your heart. Write, ink, allow your soul to bleed art.

  • thoughtsprocess 46w

    Someway or the other
    Everybody is struggling,
    fighting their own battles
    A difference between
    you and them is that
    they are good actors


  • bonitasarahbabu 46w

    Rise to the challenge,
    If you cannot meet it,
    You still have accomplished more than you expected to.

  • we_elude 46w

    Hello Einstein !!

    There's beauty in knowing.........
    Science and art are solving mysteries together so congratulations !!! And human brain is still the most beautiful and complex creation.....

    But Grand Unified Theory is still a puzzle ....!!!
    Maybe one day we will prove it ...

    It's strange how we are taught of the "truth"
    without given a slightest hint of uncertainty in that "truth" and later on we realise how that orthodox truth does not apply to very fundamentals of creation.(seems a lot like our life too) And that was a lot realization when I heard of your proven theory 'light itself is a particle' and later 'time is an illusion'.....and then my reality started playing and looking for relativity.

    You were little isolated from classics (mechanics)
    and I am a little isolated from your books ..or any books .... also little bad at finishing reading any book ....Still I chose to write to you ....as it's 2021 and your original words are still travelling in mine and billion other's micro-cosmos through binary digits across radio waves ......how far we came ....!!!

    But the 3-Dimensional reality of the world is still having a lot of preachers trying to teach "a fish to climb tree"........hoping children to consume facts and teaching them common crime of diminishing their curiosity .....Then how we will solve the beautiful mysteries of this universe

    But they can't stop evolution (little Darwinism)
    No one can....

    You are the original genius ....still are....of your childlike purity and profound creativity too.....trying to combine art and science with unknown but universal theory ........combining entire humankind ..And that slight edge of stubborness that always makes you more like all of us ....

    Indeed time is relative!!!

    Not a fan, you ain't an author either
    (This too is relative....)
    Still.....you are a spectacular and humane physicist
    In this curve of space-time.

    From : Human of our galaxy

    #fanletter #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee #motivationc @writersbay #ceesreposts

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    Believing may give us safety and comfort
    But knowing and seeking is something else .........
    That utter angst, constant rambling making life chaotic....still is contagious .......And then that moment when you perceive it.........the mystery of that moment ....that moment .....is like no other

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  • go_win_the_hearts 46w

    Kick the Problem out
    and wait a while,
    awaiting all solutions to in for you!


  • asmita_chakraborty 46w

    Dear Sir,
    (Shri Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumder)

    When I was a little kid of two years old, I would see "Thakumar Jhuli"(Grandmother's tales) on a daily basis. Those princes and princesses,flowers and fountains,take up most of my memory lane along with the moral values you taught with your fairytales would forever remain embedded, learning was never so much fun as it was when I read your tales.

    I'll forever have you in my heart and never forget
    "Thakumar jhuli,eibar khulbe,sono sono thakuma golpo bolbe".

    Yours truly,
    Asmita Chakraborty


    Dear Sirs,
    (The Brothers Grimm)

    "Only preserve the love of God in thy heart, and all will go well with thee."
    ~ Brothers Grimm
    Then I was admitted to a school, there were only books and books and I never paid attention to them until I got one by you.
    Oh,great it was,I was all full of wonders and astonishment.It was the famous classic fairytale Cinderella.My mother had brought two books of yours I still have them,another was of Rumpelstiltskin.
    Amazement started to increase and I started reading ! Thank you so much for showering me with the habit.

    Yours truly,
    Asmita Chakraborty


    Dear Sir,
    (Roald Dahl)

    ‘But there was one other thing that the grown-ups also knew, and it was this: that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance is there. The chance had to be there.’ – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    ~Roald Dahl
    Then in mid school I was when suddenly while having dinner, chanced to see a boy floating in a chocolate pool but my father changed it.
    I was intrigued, chocolate is my favourite and I had to know, I talked with my friends no one knew, I asked my teachers,one of them handed me the classic by you, " Charlie and the chocolate factory" and one I started--"oh boy,oh boy" there was no turning back. Completed all my school's library had.
    Left watching television as you said it was a "ghastly junk" I thank you for those extreme experiences I had while imagining,may it be about earth, underground, or outer space every thing felt great.

    Yours truly,
    Asmita Chakraborty


    Dear Sir,
    (Sydney Sheldon)

    "Life is like a novel. It's filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page."
    ~Sydney Sheldon
    Now I am in high school,and you're now my favourite. I am quite a simple soul with nothing much to do. I'm quite and peaceful. But the introverted my forever needed a chance to experience the thrill missing from my life and by happenstance I got "Tell me your dreams" in our school library. The quite chills it gave, made me tremble more than a horror film and I finally tasted that periphery of life which I thought will remain unknown to me.
    Reading is my habit for long but you complete me, before this I never knew I have such interest in crime mistries. I thank you for the pack of shrills and chills and numbness and excitement you make me feel.( Currently on the eleventh novel of yours)

    Yours truly,
    Asmita Chakraborty


    //I know these would never reach you,none of you indeed but if you're witnessing me write this please know I'm being very genuine and am cherishing on whatever you left behind for me.//

    Yours truly,

    There is no one author who's favourite,there are many but out of all of them I love the one's I have mentioned below more.
    It's a timeline, as I grew up my taste in literature changed, but these authors will forever have there boonful impact on me.
    Thank you ❤️

    #fanletter #timeline #wod
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee
    #motivationc they motivate me��

    Picture credits to the rightful owners ��

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  • _writer_at_heart_ 46w


    Focus on living purposeful life not fullfilled life.


  • sproutedseeds 46w


    Every human is born unique with
    Exclusive talents
    Explore it
    Experience it
    Exhibit it
    Existing within you
    Excel in it.

  • myscribbles79 46w

    Self motivation is much needed nowadays to live each day,to the fullest, and push yourselves to new destinations and ventures,you have never been before!


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    Be the believer

    Be the light in the darkness,so that others can follow your path,
    Be the warrior in all adversities,never stepping back like a coward,
    Be the patience in the storms of life,and they will surely pass one day,
    Be the flower of colours and freshness,spreading the fragrance of love for all,
    Be the believer in you,to reach the peak of the mountain of dreams.


  • _writer_at_heart_ 46w


    Life is beautiful for a gratified heart,
    Life is abundant when one is self content and praises even the flaws.
    Life is pedagogue with every stages and phase,
    Life is bequest with one time offer,
    Wisdom says not to let it go in vain!


  • _writer_at_heart_ 46w


    No one is your own,
    You yourself is your aide.
    #Be self-sufficient.


  • writer_namz 46w

    We all are mere sailors of the sea called life. We often get troubled by the sound of roaring waves symbolising our troubles.
    The poet assures the readers that though the waves roar high, the destination is nearer than it seems.


    Edit: My last post guys. Thank you so much for all your love. Will be back soon.

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    Just One Step More!

    Just one step more ,
    And you will reach that shore.
    The destination is not far my dear,
    Its only the waves that roar.

    - 03/03/2021

  • antarraal 46w

    #motivationc #wod @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee @poetrydelivery @reneewolfcrowdenunez

    Be there for yourself
    when the scorching summer
    burns your feet and dries your throat,
    sip a glass of cold confidence.

    Be there for yourself
    when the pregnant clouds
    flood away dreams with monstrous brutality
    stand under the umbrella of your faith.

    Be there for yourself
    when the ruthless winter
    freezes your very existence & laughs at your helplessness
    make hope the source of warmth to fight on.

    Be there for yourself
    when no one and nothing works for you
    look in the mirror and smile
    and say I love you.

    BG: Calligraphy done by me

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    Be there for yourself
    (Its in the caption)


  • alicejune 46w

    Euphoric Esteem

    "Exercising, wearing makeup & looking nice, eating whole foods that taste good, gives me this huggable, euphoric, self esteem boost. Kind of like a mental health/self esteem orgasm rather than a sexual one."