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  • dnswords 2h


    कितनी भी सच्ची मोहाबत हो

    आखीर उपरवाले ने जिसके साथ जुडा ने का ठान लिया

    वही हकदार हो जाता हें, जन्मो का...


  • palaki 2h

    The most expensive thing
    In this world is
    It can take years to earn
    And only a matter of seconds to lose✌

  • dhruvfauji 3h


    चाहे हो झोपड़पट्टी या कच्ची सी बस्ती,
    दिल खिलने चाहिए, ऐसी हो दोस्ती।
    बिन बोले बस आंख मिले और चढ जाएं दोनों एक ही कश्ती , ऐसी हो दोस्ती।
    दो दोस्त बने और भाषा हो, हिंदी या पश्तो,
    पर मदद की आस कम न पड़े दोस्तों,
    चाहे तन पर कुर्ती हो महंगी या सस्ती, पर न भूले अंतिम श्वास तक एक दूजे की हस्ती, ऐसी हो दोस्ती।
    चाहे हो कितनी भी सामाजिक सख्ती ,पर कम न हो दोस्ती।
    जहां दोस्तों में दगे को छांव भी न मिले, और विश्वास कभी दांव पर न लगे,
    चाहे हो दोस्त की हालत कितनी भी खस्ती, पर न हो दिल में उसके लिए भाषा सस्ती, ऐसी हो दोस्ती।
    उपहास में करें भले एक दूजे को नंगा, पर मन में बहनी चाहिए विश्वास की गंगा,
    गर दोस्त बने दो हमराही ,पर न दोनों को मंजिल पाई,ऐसे क्षणों में ध्यान रखनी है वही मस्ती,
    जिससे निर्मित ऐसी दोस्ती।
    चाहे कोई कृष्ण जितना हो व्यस्त,पर मित्रता का सूर्य न होने दे अस्त,
    अंत में यही कहूंगा मेरे यार,
    चाहे न मिले प्यार वाली दोस्ती या दोस्ती वाला प्यार,
    पर विश्वास तो होना ही चाहिए, यही तो है दोस्ती का आधार।

  • psubhaomkupatro 4h


    The actions of men are like the index to a book; they point out what is most remarkable in them.


  • psubhaomkupatro 4h


    Actions speak louder than words.


  • freebirdwriter 4h


    Don’t allow the negative things in your life to discount the positive ones. Don’t let a bad day or month or year make you feel like you have a bad life.

    Instead of focusing on everything that’s going wrong, start holding onto all of the things that are going right.

    You may be struggling, but there is still so much to keep fighting for — there is still so much more to life than this pain. And if you keep picking yourself back up and pushing forward, no matter how difficult things are, you will discover it.

    Maybe not tomorrow or next week or a year from now, but someday soon, things will get better. Someday soon, you will find freedom from this darkness.

    And when you do, you’ll look back on these days and wonder how you could have doubted your resilience. You’ll look back and marvel at how something as small as refusing to give up could transform your life in such a substantial way..!!

    #wod #pod #motivation

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    A Life that one day
    You will look back on and
    Will make You smile.

  • eashadas123 10h

    अरे पागल! प्यार तो वो तुमसे भरपूर करता हैं,
    अगले का नाम तो वो बस नींद में ही लेता हैं !

  • scorpiusyuvraj 12h


    Self doubt leads to worry.
    Self questioning leads to wisdom.


  • scorpiusyuvraj 12h

    Success Quote

    In the end, you will be grateful for the struggle.


  • aakanksha_1331 14h

    How cruel it is!
    The bud which could not even bloom to its fullest,
    Fell off 'cause of ravaging storm,
    All I hope is that one day instead of storm,
    There will be rain;
    Filling the life of bud with hope,
    Letting it bloom to become the most beautiful flower.

  • alok_sharma 16h

    Learning is an art

    What is learning? Today we will talk on this subject and learn what learning is really for a human being. First of all, let us remember that we do not know everything, that is, if there is a feeling in my inner self that I know everything, I know everything, then obviously we do not need to learn anything new. So first we have to get out of this doubt, then only we can learn something otherwise.

    Learning is an art that either develops itself automatically through continuous learning, or learns from itself in some cases after entering the physical world.
    This is a process in which we can learn to do any new work by joining. Everyone's learning and approach is different, if one learns quickly, then it takes time to learn, it is based on one's own understanding and intelligence. After birth, man keeps on learning continuously, which is preserved for him in the form of experience and on the basis of these experiences, he keeps adjusting himself in external and internal environment and gets benefits.
    Learning in psychology is the process that is continuous and important throughout life, from which a person cannot get out even if he stops learning while he is aware, but his subconscious mind keeps learning imperceptible.
    The power of learning inside which lives more than others develops its life. Therefore, the art of learning should be developed.

    In fact one cannot learn anything new until one gets out of this inner feeling. So it would be better first that we have to break the imaginary trap in which we are stuck which tells us that we have learned everything, now there is no need to learn.

    Learning is a continuous process of life that every human being has to go through. We cannot get out of this process. At every stage of life, we continue to learn unknowingly whatever form it may be.

    By getting involved in this process of learning, we get acquainted with the new facts which are written on our mind. In this process both parts of our brain, one conscious mind and the other subconscious mind work. And these facts are useful in our life as information. Any person presents himself in this human society on the basis of facts learned by himself in any field.
    The early life of any person is spent in acquiring and learning the primary information, and when we have learned the primary information, then we can choose some of the many options based on that primary information in one or two. Learn deeply, which is helpful in advancing our life financially, socially, worldly and family.
    The experiences we get during this time also learn for us, using which we can also teach others.
    In this material world, when we are first acquainted with something new, art, subject, education, person, etc., then we get primary information about it through someone else so that we can know about it or any new subject. To learn the art of knowing.
    The medium can be anyone, so for the first time you will have to take help of some medium to get information about someone, even if it is dropped later. Knowing every new art, subject, subject, thing etc. is also an art which human learns slowly.
    Human has been learning from its early stages. Today, the art of learning has brought humans to such modern development and it will continue in the future.

    If our mind believes that what we have learned so far is enough, then obviously we will not be able to learn further, on the contrary, there will always be a desire to learn in us which will inspire us to learn something new.

    Learning to go through the entire process of doing that work for the first time by yourself or with the help of someone else. And after knowing the whole process, doing that work better shows that you have learned it honestly while using time during your learning.

    To know about every new task that he does not know to do, then to do it experimentally and keep doing it until he masters it, he will be involved in the process of learning. And once he learns he can be ready to learn it to others.

    From birth to death, you have to learn to keep trying to make life effortless and self-friendly.

    During the work, learning is to make the task better than before.

    Once you develop your art, learn to adopt more creative ways in it.

    Learning is an art that must be developed so that we can learn better than better.

    Thanks .

    Alok Sharma

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  • words_worth_life 17h

    time shows true intentions.


  • words_worth_life 17h

    If they need a reason to stay,
    let them go.


  • words_worth_life 19h

    What matters is who stayed.

  • wings_happiness 19h

    The one who fails can only tell where not to make mistakes ✨


  • madhavheda 20h

    Plan to say something postive

    God has given His children a new nature, and we are taught to renew our mind and attitude daily. Having a positive outlook on life and speaking positive words based on God's Word is one of the most wholesome things we can do.

    If we want to be healthy in our soul and spirit, we should also choose to take in words that will build us up and increase our peace and joy.

    What Happens When We Speak??????

    The words that come out of our mouth go into our own ears as well as other people's, and then they drop down into our soul where they give us either joy or sadness, peace or restlessness, depending on the type of words we have spoken.

    "When we understand the power of words and realize that we can choose what we think and speak, our lives can be transformed."

    God desires that our spirit be light and free so it can function properly, not heavy and oppressed. We can learn to choose our thoughts, to resist wrong ones and think on good, healthy, and right ones.

    When we understand the power of words and realize that we can choose what we think and speak, our lives can be transformed.


  • alok_sharma 21h

    अपने मस्तिष्क से सोंचना यानी अपने मस्तिष्क को बेहतर बनाए रखने का एक अच्छा साधन है । बस कभी चिंता न करे बल्कि चिंतन करे वो भी सकारात्मक पहलुवों पर । और यह भी आवश्यक हो कि प्रत्येक समय न सोंचा जाए क्योंकि मस्तिष्क को आराम की भी आवश्यकता होती है । जहाँ तक हो सके हमे वर्तमान में रहकर सजग रहते सोंच की प्रक्रिया में होना चाहिए भूत काल सोंच की स्थिर लाइब्रेरी की तरह है और भविष्य सोंच की अस्थिर आभासी पुर्वानुमान है। परन्तु वर्तमान प्रकट रूप में है।
    भले आपको इसका एहसास हो या न हो। लेकिन जब आपकी सोंच सटीक हो जाती है सकरात्मक दिशा में सोंचती है तो परिणाम बेहतर ही होते है ।

    #लाइफ #life #motivation #thinking #alok5star #aloksharma #article #mirakke

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    सोंचना एक आदत -1

    हम हमेशा क्यों सोंचते हैं सोंचना एक अच्छी आदत है ।

    जरूरी नही की आप हर समय क्या सोंचते रहते है बल्कि जरूरी ये है कि आप जो सोंच में डूबे रहते है हर वक्त उसमे ऐसा क्या है जो आपको हर समय सोंचते रहने में मजबूर करता है ।
        सोंच में भी कई प्रकार है जितने लोग उतने प्रकार की सोंच तभी तो बहुत कम ऐसा देखने को मिला है कि दो लोग एक तरह की सोंच रखते हों या एक समय पर दो लोग एक ही भाग पर एक ही प्रकार से सोंच रहे हो,कुल मिलाकर सोंचना एक ऐसी प्रक्रिया है जो इंसानो का मूलतत्व है और ये मूलतत्व सभी का अलग अलग होता है । कभी कभी ऐसा भी होता है कि कई लोग मिलकर एक पहलू पर सोंचते है लेकिन फिर भी उनके सोंचने का तरीका भिन्न ही होगा क्योंकि एक समय मे एक जैसा सोंचना सभी का नामुमकिन है । 
       यदा कदा कभी कभार ऐसा हो जाता है कि सामने वाला जो सोंच रहा है वो हम भी । लेकिन ऐसा कभी कभार होता है । दूसरा पहलू ये भी ही कि आप हर समय यदि सोंचते है तो वो सकारात्मक है या नकारात्मक है ये आपके ऊपर निर्भर है आपको भी पता है सकारत्मक सोंच आपको एक बहेतर ज़िन्दगी के रास्ते पर ले जाती है और नकारात्मक सोंच हमेशा ज़िन्दगी में पीछे ले जाती है । 
       फैसला आपको करना है । आप सोंचिए हर वक्त सोंचिए बस ये ध्यान रहे आपके सोंचने का नज़रिया आपकी सकारत्मक मंजिल ही होनी चाहिए । जब भी मौका मिले तब सोंचिए ,खुल कर सोंचिए मैं तो कहता हूँ सोंचने के लिए समय निर्धारित करिये और अपने आप को सोंचने के लिए प्रेरित करते रहे ताकि उसमे औए गहराई आ सके|

  • writer_parvadha 21h


    If the whole world Rejects You, just own the world✓


  • alok_sharma 21h

    Teacher vs Student

    Every teacher student, but every student does not teacher

    प्रत्येक शिक्षक छात्र है, लेकिन प्रत्येक छात्र शिक्षक नहीं है

  • dikshaaaaaa 1d

    Every morning is a new beginning toward life ambition and happiness