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    To the girl in my mother

    Thank you for giving us all
    the unlimited amount of love
    and care since day one of
    your motherhood.
    For all these sacrifices you made
    in your unfulfilled wishes and
    dreams for your child's greater good.
    What if God sees your struggle and
    grant you one wish of your choice
    as his goodwill gesture.
    Will you wish to go back to be a girl?
    or still, will you choose your child
    over your wishes and dreams?

  • saral32 5w


    एक ओर कहीं जग में, खुशियों ने बादल घेरे हैं।
    एक ओर उसी जग में व्याप्त विकराल अंधेरे हैं।

    एक ओर कहीं जग में, नदियां भी तो बहती हैं!
    एक ओर उसी जग में, प्यासी भी जनता रहती है।

    एक ओर कहीं जग में, खाना भी फेंका जाता है!
    एक ओर उसी जग में, कोई भूखा ही सो जाता है।

    एक ओर कहीं जग में, इन्सानों का मेला है!
    एक ओर उसी जग में, कोई पड़ ही गया अकेला है।

    एक ओर कहीं जग में, कोई मां को बोझ समझता है!
    एक ओर उसी जग में, कोई मां के लिए तरसता है।।


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    If you..butterflies are heaven's messenger

    Tell her that those hugs and goodnight kisses are still afresh in my mind and they help me to fall asleep in the arms of dreams lucid !
    Tell her I miss her touch, her soft fingers, her plumpy arms and her potbelly with surgical scars.
    Tell her that I have learnt to wait with patience for I know we will meet again in the eternal bliss of heaven.
    Tell her that I have learnt to live a life that can heal wounds even after I cease to exist. For she has instilled in me "Death has no existence till the remnants continue to nurture life "

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    Mother Is Only One Who Carries You 9 Months In Her Belly, 3 Years In Her Arms And & Forever In Her Heart ❤️

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    Dear Mommy,

    Now I know,
    The struggles, the moments
    Which was harder for you to take up
    It might have been sohard for you.

    Without any support, a man to protect
    The pain of giving life ,
    Bringing up a child
    Without a father, nobody to gaurd
    It might have been so hard;
    So hard for you.

    Now I know ,
    How much you love me ?
    How much you care for me ?
    Whenever , you said " being a mother is so my child "
    What did I knew?
    Never thought this would be a real feeling
    When I saw your grandchild's eyes
    I felt it .
    I felt all what you have gone through.

    I am sorry for not being able to understand you
    At times being stubborn,
    You did all these for me ,
    Today I promised myself to be a good mother for my kids.
    Like you did.
    You are the real sunshine of my life.
    I will face my life like you did.
    From now on ,
    you will have another one to take care of you
    Your grand son ,
    Will call him "Nayan" after you
    Like your own shadow;
    He will be with me ,
    To take care of you : his mamma

    I love you Mommy

    All rights reserved
    Rashmi Roshini Gunarathne

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    It Is You ♥️

    For as long as I can remember,
    it was your embrace that veiled all my blunder.
    When pills failed to decrease the pain,
    It was your hand caressing my forehead,
    worked the best to relieve my stubborn migraine.
    My love for coffee may lessen overtime,
    but it is still the smell of your 'chai',
    forever afresh in my mind.
    When as a kid in dreams I got terrified,
    it was you, I found beside me,
    making me feel fortified.
    Little are these instances,
    I wonder how far I'd go if I begin
    to trace your influences.
    Your divine 'anchal' protected me, always
    from every evil eye,
    It is you, Maa, in a poem,
    I fail to describe.


  • manjunath_s_murthy 6w

    Only God

    Mother (n):

    Only God without religion.


  • ishant_615 6w

    When God Created Her

    When God was done creating the world,
    While looking at his best creation, humans,
    He saw something that caught his eye,
    And had a feeling that wasn't so nice.

    One of this disciples came close and said, "Oh Lord,
    What is it that you are so worried about."
    "Oh, there is something missing, I sense."
    Replied God, ever so tense.

    "What is it Lord ?", asked the disciple,
    And God's answer was pretty simple.

    Someone who could possess a heart full of love,
    so unconditional,
    Someone who could be so caring and so very gentle.

    Someone who could protect her child from all the dangers out there,
    Someone who would never let them sink into despair.

    There, while saying so, God created his masterpiece,
    What was just an imagination seconds ago, was now mankind's dearest need.

    "Oh Lord, what a beauty." said the disciple admiring God's creation,
    But what is her name, was his question.

    "The mortals shall give her a name they like,
    But 'mother' she'll be called around the world alike."

    And so we got our beloved mothers,
    Who always had love in spare.
    Always thankful to you mom
    For your love, support and care.

    Ishant Arora


  • priyank_ag 6w


    I always want to live near my mom,
    Because she is so cute, description beyond.
    How she understands my each and every gestures,
    She knows me from my every action.
    She holds me genuinely,
    When I feel alone.
    She pours motherly love,
    With her happiness comes along.
    She shows me right path,
    When I am going to way of wrong.
    Under her clam shades of love,
    I hear lullaby songs.
    I always want to live near my mom,
    Because she is so cute, description beyond❤️❤️


  • madinah_writes 6w

    I wrote this in highschool. Then, I used to imagine what it feels like between a mother and a lover's love and affection. What are the differences and similarities. Maybe someday, I'll be able to share this with her.

    #Sadpoems #mother #mirakee #writersnetwork #writer #pod #qod #inspirational #love #Madinah_Writes #African #lifestyle #motherslove #Society #thoughts #Marriage #family #culture #africanculture

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    Away From My Mother

    My horizon is lightened,
    My life is Brightened with you, mother.
    When I was too shy to ask, and stole your money.
    You still offer me advises, and asked me not to worry.
    You pet me as I fold my tiny self like a guilty pussy,
    You pat my soft body.

    With my colorful adored attire,
    You place on my waistline a dozen of colorful beads.
    The beads you made for me with so much love.
    A chain of your love and adoration towards me,
    A crown, I'll always wear.
    I walk proudly among my mates, showing off my slim waistline and sets of crystal beads.

    You train my body and soul,
    To that of our religion.
    Yet, my heart concurs,
    With the demands of religion.
    You know that I am excessively sentimental.
    Just yesterday,
    I told you about my new love.
    I probably left you astonished,
    By my disclosures.

    What is this madness, heartlessness, weakness or should I say… Irresistible love?
    What inner confusion made me tell you about my biggest sin,
    I wanted to hide from you.
    Better still,
    You kissed my forehead and advised me to overcome my silent bitterness.
    You accepted my new relationship while I can still hear the rumors in town against me and him.

    They say school turned me into a prostitute,
    A devil who lure men of wisdom and wealth from the righteous path.
    But to me,
    Marriage is a personal thing of joy,
    Just like family.
    I reported to anyone who cared to listen.
    I don't know why,
    I feel bad, I feel guilty.
    I feel I'm cheating on your love, mother.

    I feel I'm cheating on your love,
    I dared committed such an act of disapproval adultery.
    Forgive me mother,
    For only you can instinctively feel where my happiness lies.
    Even though others labelled me she-devil,
    Many wanted to possession me.
    Yet, you were there for me.
    You'll always be my first love and mother,
    And he'll be my lover and partner.
    You're love will always win over he's,
    I promise.
    Even though I'm away from you,
    My mother.

  • manjunath_s_murthy 6w


    You are the
    vision in my eyes,
    you are the
    sound of my voice,
    you are the
    music I hear,
    you are the
    courage to my fear,
    you are the
    only woman I loved
    and to the
    only person, I bowed.

    It's you,


  • m_dhanju 6w


    For all she does
    She does with love
    She is so special
    A gift from above
    Nobody equals to her
    Even the world lacks
    In front of her.

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    ए जीना भी क्या जीना, उसके बिना जीना
    जिसके जीने कि वजह है, हमास जीना l


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    आज के दिन उनके नाम,
    जिनसे हमारे दिन है l


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    मेरे मैं होने में इन्होंने जितना कुछ भी दिया है
    मेरी मां मेरे ऊपर तेरा बहुत कर्म है
    मुझे तोड़ देंगे कुछ बातों से ही लोग
    ये उन लोगों के मन का भ्रम है
    हां, ये मेरे ऊपर तेरी दुआओं का असर है
    खुदा ने तराश दिया था ये जहां यूं तो
    और तराश कर फिर वो भूल भी गया
    जिसके ऊपर है कायम ये दुनिया आज तलक
    मां, तेरा ही वो रहम-ओ-कर्म है
    एक बाप के बिना फिर भी जिंदगी बसर हो जाती है बच्चों की
    पर मां के बिना ये ज़िंदगी जहनुम है...!!!
    #happymothersday #mothersday #motherslove #mother

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    मेरे मैं होने में इन्होंने जितना कुछ भी दिया है
    मेरी मां मेरे ऊपर तेरा बहुत कर्म है
    मुझे तोड़ देंगे कुछ बातों से ही लोग
    ये उन लोगों के मन का भ्रम है
    हां, ये मेरे ऊपर तेरी दुआओं का असर है
    खुदा ने तराश दिया था ये जहां यूं तो
    और तराश कर फिर वो भूल भी गया
    जिसके ऊपर है कायम ये दुनिया आज तलक
    मां, तेरा ही वो रहम-ओ-कर्म है
    एक बाप के बिना फिर भी जिंदगी बसर हो जाती है बच्चों की
    पर मां के बिना ये ज़िंदगी जहनुम है...!!!

  • writer_namz 6w

    The sacrifices mom makes to ensure we stay happy every moment!
    We are so busy in enjoying our luxuries that we fail to realise and thank the sacrificers (our moms)!
    - realized this on a talk with @inked_selenophile��


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    Nausea made her joyous.
    She was happy the moment she got to know
    That she has to suffer pain for the next 9 months.
    She ate healthy food, so that the baby in her womb could grow healthy, though it didn't taste good.
    She shed tears of joy when she was suffering the most difficult labour pain.
    She was content when she remained awake
    Many nights just to put her crying baby to sleep.

    She became excited when she got to know
    That she had to wake up early every day
    To get her kids ready and send them to school.
    She thanked God for making her lose her job
    So that she could take better care of her kids.

    She was satisfied when she slept hungry,
    So that her children may eat till satiety.
    She smiled when her eyes were sleepy,
    Because she sat up late with her kids for their studies.
    She was worriless when she mortgaged her only Jewellery to fund the higher education of her kids.

    She enjoyed every moment of pain with the hope of her kids getting a better lifestyle.
    All her pain and struggle will vanish from her memory the day her kids will become successful.

    Even though your goal seems tough to achieve,
    Do it for your Mum.
    She has made all sacrifices,
    Just for You.


  • akmirzapuri 6w


    अनुयायी आधुनिकता के जाग जाओ हे इंसान,
    मातृशक्ति के बिना नहीं कोई तेरी पहचान;
    तड़प उठे तुम्हारे स्नेह को वो मातृ-ममता चिर महान,
    ख़ाक में मिल जाए तुम्हारे अधुनिकता की पहचान!!

  • shalini_jain_pipada 6w

    Mother's day

    जो माँ कभी तारीख नहीं देखती अपनी ममता लुटाने को
    उसी माँ को कुछ लोगो ने एक तारीख का मोहताज़ बना दिया ।।

  • bhartiiii 6w

    जन्नत ❤

    ना भगवान को देखा ना जहां को देखा
    जब आंख खोली तो सबसे पहले मैंने माँ को देखा।