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  • alok_sharma 1d

    निःशब्द हूँ माँ..

    निःशब्द हूँ क्या लिख दूँ माँ ?
    नदी लिखूँ या सागर लिख दूँ, धरती लिखूँ या अम्बर लिख दूँ
    सब तो आगे हैं शून्य तुम्हारे, पास नही.. कोई शब्द हमारे !
    निःशब्द हूँ क्या लिख दूँ माँ ?
    गुरु लिखूँ या भगवन लिख दूँ , इत्र लिखूँ या उपवन लिख दूँ
    न है दूजा जग में सिवा तुम्हारे, पास नही.कोई शब्द हमारे !
    निःशब्द हूँ क्या लिख दूँ माँ ?
    पूजा लिखूँ या भक्ति लिख दूँ , ब्रह्मा लिखूँ या शक्ति लिख दूँ
    जन नही सकता सिवा तुम्हारे, पास नही . कोई शब्द हमारे !
    निःशब्द हूँ क्या लिख दूँ माँ ?
    माना कि ये लिखावट मुझसे है..
    पर इस क़लम में ताक़त तुझसे है
    स्वीकार करो मेरी ह्रदय भावना
    अंतर्मन से निकली जो खुदसे है !
    छोटा सा टुकड़ा हूँ तेरे ह्रदय का
    और पाया तो ये जीवन तुझसे है
    आदि का पता नही अनन्त प्रेम है तेरा माँ
    हर शब्द तो है तुझसे, क्या शब्द लिखूँ माँ !

  • janvi2901 2d

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    Happy Father's Day

    मां हमें पालती है और
    पिता हमें जिंदगी जीने का तरीका सिखाते हैं।


  • supreetinayak 2d

    Foreigners celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, because you know most of their marriages are contract marriage. And they are separated from their parents after a certain age, so they spend one day from their busy life/seduleas father's day or mother's day. But in our culture and traditions, there is no Father's Day or Mother's Day. We live in the same family, so why bother celebrating one day if you want to celebrate? Then celebrate everyday not only one day. If you love your parents, talk to them every day before it's too late. You have a life ahead but they don't have so don't celebrate one day just to show in social media. Feel them special and give importance to them because now is the time they want our attention. Help them, love them, care for them, and very importantly respect them, So go and celebrate parent's Day everyday.

    Remember one thing can you celebrate your mom and dad's birthday?? Do you know their birthday date?? Are you interested to celebrate a day then please go and just tell them how much you love them. They have brought us into this beautiful world. Is it sufficient to celebrating one day in a whole year. think about it!! And please in some interval of time have a chitchat with them. And lastly one day please tell them how much they are important to you and what are the most special moments of you with them.


  • faerie_fox_poetry 3d


    Take me to kneel
    At mountain monuments
    Towers to the heavens
    Casting their shadows
    On the sinners below

    Take me to rest
    In forests pristine
    Reliquaries for souls
    Who wander dreaming
    Through many bountiful arms

    Take me to purify
    In oceans tumultuous
    Let me cleanse myself
    In the deepest wells
    Primeval founts of life


  • saral32 4d


    मुझको यही एक दर्द जमाने से रहा...
    जो गम आया एक बार,वो जाने से रहा!
    मैं तो नहीं गिनता खुदा को अपनी मां से आगे...
    वो रूठ भी जाए ,तो मैं भी उसे मनाने से रहा।।


  • johnettan 5d

    അമ്മയുടെ ചുംബനം

    കാമുകിയുടെ ചുണ്ടിൻ്റെ രുചിയെക്കാൾ
    എനിക്കിഷ്ടം അമ്മയുടെ ചുംബനത്തിൻ്റെ ചൂടാണ്

  • rosh_christa 5d

    Fading shelter...

    Mother earth has always shown her compassion and affection towards mankind timelessly. But in turn, it's us who bruise her with our greed and gluttony. As we mature and grow we begin to do wrong things. So there is an innate need to inculcate the idea of sustainability within the young generation. They do have a powerful role in maintaining the ecological balance, which is the need of the hour. We can join the environmental community groups which work against environmental degradation and hence protecting our fresh green forest. We should practice and foster the principle of three R's in environmental protection - Reduce, Reuse and recycle which aids in keeping our environment cleaner. We all are now living in a virtual era where everything could be communicated through media. So, the youth have a vital role to spread the urge of the environment and wildlife protection through social media which inspires and rectify a lot. We all should join our hands together and celebrate World Environment Day, commemorated on June fifth and at least plant a sapling which in future lent us air to breathe and shelter to rest. There are many conventions and rules made by the government to ensure the sustainability of nature, but the fact is it lacks proper implementation. As the youth turn the next generation, they should focus more on the rules and should co-operate with the government for the sake of natural resources. Finally, enjoy the beauty of nature, and sure you will not have the courage anymore to exterminate its serene.
    when thoughts aspire words

  • agavehawthorn 1w

    Mother Earth

    The rays fetch colours

    Falling on the flowers!

    Dews are dues to the divine

    For nectar in the showers!

    The heaven have the  hue

    With a sigh of her pain,

    And the world see with heads high

    Ahh! inability to abstain!

    The woods are not wild,O child!

    Go closer and have care!

    Betrayal behind her is unkind,

    Let's come defend n dare!

    The same earth, we share!

    The same earth, we share!


  • pinkfloyduwu 1w

    ( mother why you lied)

    On the surface level of the sea—I saw a raft empty,

    And a vortex taking shape; now enormous than any vessel.

    Its hollow and unknown depths — an unknown light shone through — and an unknown cry followed by,

    A child emerges from its depth; witnessing this grand spectacle," Pegasus!" exclaimed the band of man.

    His mother promised in her final breath," go live my child freely on the land".

    Its twinkling emerald blue eyes, Lilly lips of tips, and hair like diamond lace,

    Alone in its promise land; A beau idéal Or A peasant, A Messiah or A illusion.

    Solitude is the dreamer land, and a blizzard awaits,

    On the polar nights — a devil anticipates a hero — and humanity a prophet or World be in damned.

    Lost God in its paradise; in his illusory kingdom a ruler condemned itself,

    The titles mean nothing to its lonely and wailing soul,

    Like An old soul tucked in suffering, been in its last breath may saw a forgotten dream— the dream of an open field, and

    colourful waterfall of tulips, Magenta sky of the falling dusk, and cold gale give spasm on the pale cheek of a child,

    This place which reminds of — a promised which becomes a lie and freedom which becomes subjugation,

    a tear rolled down from his sullen eyes — a deep breath — and one last preach utter from its mouth: oh, mother why you lied.

  • ashwininargundkm 1w

    ಜೀವನದಲ್ಲಿ ಇವರಿಬ್ಬರೆ ಅನಸುತ್ತೆ;

    ಕುಟುಂಬದ ಒಳಿತಿಗಾಗಿ ಖರ್ಚು ಮಾಡುತ್ತ ತನ್ನ ಜೀವನದ ಸಂತಸವನ್ನು ಮರೆತವನು.
    ಕುಟುಂಬದ ಹಸಿವನ್ನು ನೀಗಿಸಲು ತನ್ನ ಹಸುವಿನ ಹೊಟ್ಟೆಯನ್ನು ಮರೆತವಳು.

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    #ಅಜ್ಜ #ಅಪ್ಪ #ಅವ್ವ

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    ಅಪ್ಪ ♡ ಅವ್ವ

    life, life is your blessing!

  • deep_thinker_ej 1w

    Mother's love

    The decision I had to make was hard
    was it going to be me or my half ?
    I looked into his eyes and cried
    unknowing the destiny , it would be hard .
    For the first time I felt my baby's kick
    now everything looked so much clear.
    The decision was no longer hard
    I preferred the tiny feet over my heart.
    Now I see him holding her
    smiling, looking at my picture .

    #miraquill #mother #love

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    Her love is always unconditional . Dedicated to all the loving mothers .


  • poesybird 1w

    Mothers are superwoman!!����
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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant
    P.s. : Quote is by Rupi Kaur

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    Upon my birth
    my mother said
    there is God in you
    can you feel her dancing?

  • ashyels 1w

    "When It Fades Away" —Ashyels
    Monday, June 14, 2021

    @ashyels @mirakee
    #mom #death #mother #ashyels

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    When It Fades Away

    When it fades away.
    This heart starts trembling.
    These eyes stop observing.
    And things seem to be disappearing.

    When it fades away.
    These feet can't step forward.
    Though I'm able to run faster.
    This body is just too fragile to move.

    When the moon fades away.
    I promise to get everything done.
    As much and perfect as I can.
    Before I ask to be faded away.

    Monday, June 14, 2021

  • missmiley 1w


    In the whole world whom I given most pain
    Is the womenWho gave me birth in pain
    In thi sweet summer
    My mother is my lover
    And my pain bearer
    She sees everything as simple
    And handle everything
    With a cute dimple.
    She does not show
    Everyone her tears
    But I can see her fears
    We persons are two
    But heart is one
    Which can't be stolen by no one
    She is the world's most
    Beautiful thing
    And simply loves everything
    Just as a nectar without flower
    And shower without water
    Like this my life without my mother
    Will be very sour
    I request god to offer everyone a sweet mother.

  • silent_smiling_face 1w


    बचपन में मै जब भी स्कूल से वापस आता था तो सबसे पहले माँ को ढुढता था।
    काम कुछ नहीं होता था, बस एक बार उनको देख लेता था तो सारी थकान दूर हो जाती थी।।

  • khan_tanzeela 1w

    If Poetry was a person


    If poetry was a person,
    She would be a mother.
    Who always gives us peace
    And lessen our heartaches.
    Like Her, poetry is a Concoction
    Of love, care and much more.
    She is a magic touch
    That heals our scars.
    Whenever we feel sleepless,
    Her calming lullabies are enough.
    She feels our fear n sufferings
    Even without a word from us
    Definitely poetry is more like a mother,
    Reducing our pain and keeping us sane.

  • athulya_nair 1w

    Sunny Seas or Stormy Skies..
    When none cares enough to bother..
    She stays through truths and lies..
    She is my very beloved Mother!

    Unconditional is the name of her care..
    The one to stick through thick and thins..
    The ones that hurt me, of her beware!
    In the game of love, she always wins.

    Delish is only the food that she feeds..
    Selfless is the only act she knows..
    Unhesitant to put mine over her needs..
    Still, she loves more than she shows.

    For my success, she's the one that strives..
    For my joy, she's ready to take all the pain.
    Mom, I don't care if I get so many lives..
    If I be reborn, I need you to be my mom again!



  • navya_writes 1w

    The blessing in our life.
    We fall short on words to describe what you mean to us and the value you hold in life.
    Can't imagine my life without you.



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    The giver of birth and life.
    The angel in our life.
    The one who deals with our tantrums and mellow drama.
    The most forbearing person in our life.
    The teacher of morals and values in life.
    The communicator of our feelings and messages.
    The searcher of our misplaced stuff.
    The defender of our mistakes.
    The keeper of our secrets and lies.
    The healer to our pain and sorrows.
    The blessing and gift we all received.

  • bewildered_lyricist 1w


    You write few chapters knowing they are perfect‍❤️‍
    Yet, you let them hide behind the darkness of uncertainty,
    You leave it to the hands of time to refind them⏱️
    But with an intense wish for your dreams to come true❤️


  • lilco444 2w

    Abandoned House

    Boarded up windows,
    Overgrown and cluttered,
    Abandoned long ago,
    For something Divine.

    Broken glass with dirty smudges,
    Long grass, long neglected,
    Worn foundations, sore and tired,
    Attic a hoarders palace.

    Yellowed walls with vivid peels,
    This house not what it was.

    Look closely,
    And listen intently,
    You'll find something there,
    That wasn't before.

    Look beyond the closed shutters,
    Through the overburdened walls,
    Towards the quiet yard,
    You'll find a special place.

    Effervescent giggles,
    Bubbles tethered to the wind,
    Smiles for every star,
    Love in glorious daylight,
    Bedtime cuddles with a kiss,
    A true place of bliss.

    This house long abandoned,
    Only for a promise,
    A love not of passion,
    Yet a love so true,
    Universes built from it's light.

    Look past the worn exterior,
    You'll be sure to see,
    A yard filled with children well-loved,
    Sheltered in security,
    Warm in its tired embrace.

    For this home,
    A mother's grace.