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  • the_boy_who_overthinks 1w

    Wander Beyond

    The Fences of your comfort zone are beautifully decorated
    By the Plants of Excuses you nurture during your life.


  • moonyblues 6w

    These are the things we don't know what to feel

    These are the things you don't know what to feel
    The demons and things and no one is real
    The leeches and breathing the wonder surreal
    Leaving you bleeding you wander for real
    Even when sinking you plunder for real
    Blunder and shudder the thunder you will
    Under and under it cometh to steal
    These are the things you don't know what to feel
    Teeth with the things you don't know what to kill
    Freeze into things you don't know what to chill
    Scream into things you know what you heal
    These are the things you don't know what to feel
    Leaves in the breeze the wind in the mill
    Eat in the meat the feasting of meals
    Sweet in the drink, leaving me swilled
    Poison i think leaving me ill
    The feelings inside leaving me killed
    These are the things you don't know what to feel


  • moonyblues 6w

    Blood Forest

    Come to me gentle, this way towards us

    Step lightly on the ground, avoid the bugs, the locusts

    Strange these strange leaves that fall red scream in horror break your focus

    Red drips softly from fruits that hang in this blood soaked forest

    Watch every turn, what lurks behind trees is danger

    Tread slow in this place, filled with chaos, with anger

    Gaze yet behind you for where you don't look death awaits

    Demons hang red from these trees filled with hate

    And drip from the sky red drips far above us

    Enter not enter not, with red leaves the blood forest

    With dead rising from dirt and fear spreading about

    With lives lost as you wander in this land of no life with no way out

    With dreams lost, buried six feet deeper than you are

    With hope falling, twinkling in the darkness, bright like the stars 

    With everything I hear with red words and all that told us

    I walk red through red leaves, in this blood soaked forest 

    And crumble away to nothing, fallen grey to dust

    Blown by dry air spread across a land as such

    Torn asunder by dry leaves, leaves that break to touch

    With blood in this land blood filled there is no blood here too much

    In this land here blood covered blood soaked with blood leaves that blow, blood drips from the sky full of blood lust

    So heed me and enter not, this blood filled, blood spilled, blood soaked forest


  • fcukpoems 9w

    I loved you in the
    darkest night,
    you promised to be
    my moon forever,
    now I am walking
    my path alone,
    lost in the
    twilight however


  • devdevil 13w

    Chaos are always around,it's a part of your life.It's you who should decide whether to stuck in it or strive through it.It's all about finding peace and staying joyous in the midst of it.Don't wait for things to be normal, because normal is only an illusion.

  • independent_writer1 14w

    Valentine day special short stories: Oyo

    Aajkal sab badal sa gaya hai, mano sahara jahan ro pada hai. Ishq ko logo ne or badnaam kiya hai, sacha pyar bol ke band kamre mein nanga naach kiya hai.
    Subha ka waqt hota hai, jo kabhi subha 10 bj utha karta tha. Aaj wo subha 6bj utha hai, subha jaldi uthne ki vajah bas itni si hai 14 feb aa gya hai.. Uthna to padega na kyunki baad mein latna hi hai.
    Ajay Tiwari subha-subha uth kar breakfast karke, ready ho kar baitha hai. Bahar aate hai Tiwari ji ke dost bike pe sawa ABHISHEK VERMA APNI BULLET PAR. dono nikal jate hai yahi dusri tarf vishal or mota deepak tiwari ka intazaar karte Hai
    ek or jagah ek chapri nibbi Akansha taiyar ho kar, tiwari ka wait kar rahi hoti hai.
    tiwari or abhishek aa chuke hai, vishal or mota deepak car ko nikalte hai or chalte hai.
    Wahi Akansha intezaar karti hai or kuch samey baad tiwari aa jata hai.
    Wahi tiwari apne pyar ko saabit kar deta hai , kuch ghanton mein sb pta chal jata hai.

    Written by:- Karan Singh

  • _black__heart_ 15w

    Soch kitna rutha hoga mann..tujhse baat to karni hai.., magar baat hi ni karni hai...


  • hobbyofwriting 19w

    Bond of friendship

    Har din teri aur badhti chali ja rhi hu
    Har kadam pe tere sath chalti ja rhi hu
    Teri hasi mein
    Meri khushi hai
    Par yeh ishq nhi
    Sirf dosti hai

  • independent_writer1 25w

    Mysterious story
    Part 3 : the letter

    Laila kafi preshan thi, or soch rahi thi usne kya aisa kya kiya hai...
    Chalo laila ke baare mein kuch baate jante hai, laila 23 year old girl jo call center mein job karne wali simple ladki hai vaise to Aligarh up se par wo Delhi rehti hai.. is hi ke saath apne boyfriend ke saath live in relationship mein noida rehte hai.. laila ka relationship 6month se jada ni chla or uska breakup ho gya, uska breakup huye 2month ho gya hai par wo us hi flat mein rehti hai jo uske boyfriend ne use gift diya tha or flat Dwarka mein tha..
    Subha ke 7bj gaye the or laila ka phone bjta hai par laila so rahi hoti or phone cut ho jata hai.. kuch ghanton ke baad Karin subha ke 10bj non-stop door bell ring hoti or bell ki awaj sunn kar laila uth jati hai or door ke tarf jati hai or open krti hai dekhte hai ki koi nhi hai , jaise vo door band karne ja rahi hoti uski nazar niche padti hai or niche ek letter hota hai us letter ko vo leti hai or door ko band kar deti hai..
    Letter ko open karti hai, usme 4 photo or 1 letter hota hai un 4 photo mein dead body hoti hai jo pure blood mein hoti hai or letter mein likha hota hai -
    (Dear laila,
    Tumne mera saath acha nhi kiya, main maar dunga jaanse.. dekh lena badla loonga..)
    Ye letter pdne ke bada boht jada panic ho jati hai or behosh ho jati hai.. 2ghante baad use hosh aata hai or uske phone mein text msg aata hai or usme likhan hota hai- you're finished..
    Laila ko smjh nhi aata usne kya kiya or wo jada dard jati or smjh nhi aata kiya kya hai?
    To be continued...
    Written by: karan Singh

  • _achu_05 28w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee Sometimes we think that it's our fault to be done that to them.
    Sometimes we think that it's the best decision for us to move upon for them.
    The absolute feeling is when you realize that all you had done for them is actually a zero balance for them.
    Without them knowing, without their knowledge, talking, sharing time, etc.. Giving more than a hundred feelings hopes laavs..beyond my breathe that I breathe in a day.. It's my imagination and expectations about them- BEYOND MY BREATHE(INHALE AND EXHALE).. ����
    In each and every single inhaling and exhaling there is something noticable in me
    The moment which iam passing with.. Whether it's a good or bad mood, my breathing cycle also has a rhythm to it!
    Always waiting for a single response or something that's you can't express but you're forever held long like a wish turning into reality. ❤
    But why can't we regret all those things like awaking after ignoring all those stuffs and homeworks in your head? ��‍♀️��‍♀️����
    And the answer is you can't until you get a second chance to regret all these poor wishes like the same homeworks you always forget to done and after the scolding of teachers or when your vision turn into reality, you would have the courage to change the impossible things whom you can never leave into possibilities! ���� and that's " LIFE " :SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE TO EXPLORE AND YET THERE'S TIME FOR YOU TO EXPLORE PEEPS:) ������
    #mirakee #mirakeans #laav #explore #achusquad #moody #hopes #expectations

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    It's what it is.

    (Read the caption)

  • marianotsaint 28w

    You are the curious to my curiousity
    The fury of my storm
    Look up the sky tonight
    It's full moon
    I am the sky and you are my golden orb!
    You have a long way to go I know
    Do you perhaps have space for me in your backpack.
    Life is a journey, you are my destiny.

  • veesthoughts 33w

    I'm unraveling
    Faster than the last time
    Faster than the worst time


  • virta_wagde 37w

    Just some thoughts!

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    Lootakar baithe he jahan apna..
    Kusurwar sirf tum hi nahi ..Hum bhi the...

    Tere ek khayal se hi bhar aaye jo aankhe..
    Wo teri ek jhalak pane ki tammanna aaj bhi rakhte hai...

    Tujhe kho chuke hai hum ...ya khudko paa chuke he hum..
    Un-ban dilo dimakh me ab bhi jaari hai..

    Koi ishara kr do ab tum hi...ulajhan ye badi penchinda si lagti hai....

    Kuch khayal humare Masoom dil ka bhi karlo..
    Tumse ruthkar tumhi ko manane ki aadat ise nahi hai....

  • lioness_sakshigupta_ 38w

    Jitna dusro ko tarashne me
    Wakt barbaad karte ho...
    Utna agar khud ko tarashoge
    To shyad kuch baann jaoge....


  • sarfira_ 38w

    Everytime I look at the mirror and see
    My fate runs away from me
    Hope is also bloated


  • panda_69 40w


    I curse, it would be as delightful
    and pleasing as a heavenly dessert.
    You know the moment when you dip the finger in the honey jar,
    it's so warm and sticky
    or when you're enjoying a fuffy juicy cake,
    You feel fading like an ice cube on summer sun.
    Then I am like going to the cupcake
    and play with those perfect cheerios.

    Oh yeah!
    The grand finale when you top it off
    With champagne...

  • luckiestevil 42w

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    She was very moody
    He was handling it very patiently,
    Which made her to fall for him again and again ❤️

    If a guy handles your mood swings
    Never let him go.....
    None can do it for you,
    Only the one who seek for your love
    Will calm u and be with you....
    Never loose such person in minutes of anger, may be on them or for their mistakes....

    All u need to believe in one sentence....
    "Forgive your person, forget their mistakes"
    Keep Loving ��

    #mirakee #love #moodswings #moody #patience

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    Mood swings

    Her mood swings
    Made him learn patience,
    Just to stay calm
    And crave for her myriad love.


  • srikys 42w

    Read the Caption ❤️
    She was very moody
    He was handling it very patiently,
    Which made her to fall for him again and again ❤️

    If a guy handles your mood swings never let him go.....
    None can do it for you, only the one who seek for your love will calm u and be with you....
    Never loose such person in a minutes of angry, may be on them or for their mistakes....

    All u need to believe in one sentence....
    "Forgive your person, forget their mistakes"
    Keep Loving ��

    #mirakee #love #moodswings #moody #patience

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    Her Mood swings made Him to learn patience,
    just to calm & crave for her myriad love....!


  • lioness_sakshigupta_ 44w


    Zindagi me itne bhi kya
    Vyast ho jana ki
    Apne partner ko hi
    Bhool jana
    ye kha Ka rule hai....
    Khud ki zindagi me khud
    Ko hi bhool jana time na de pana
    Ye kaha ka rule hai....


  • virta_wagde 66w

    Just some thoughts!

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    Middle ground

    There has to be a place soothing and comforting..
    named better than love and hate!
    Where I will be me you be you..
    Everything else in the world will stand in the queue!
    There won't be fake layers of obligation..
    Just warmth, respect and dedication!