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  • charveekoyada 8w

    That Guy

    The guy that brings me more anger.
    The guy in my life. Let me tell you a story.

    Recently my new coaching has been started
    I was regularly seating on my second bench
    And three boys were seating just in front of me. Regularly the breakfast time, I think it was 9 am.
    One of the guy seating in front of me his Book
    and pen were follen down and he was not there,
    so I helped him picking up for him. Then suddenly
    The guy came in so I gave him his pen but
    he ignored me I thought he didn't heard me
    so again I shouted at him that your
    pen but he sawed at me for 5seconds and
    and he ignored me and gone...
    I can't tell u guys how much I was filled with anger
    OMG it was just boom I wanna kill him
    I every day each an every day I curse him.
    I hate him so much..