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  • slaughtered_heart 24w

    "In your closet lies a monster,
    the one that comes out if
    you don't sleep early."

    My mom used to say this to
    me when I was a kid to make
    me sleep early every night.

    Now the monster keeps me
    awake all night, not the one
    from the closet, the one from within.


  • emopoet 25w


    I found my own happiness in the dark
    But all they said was
    "There's a monster in the dark"

  • _surayaaaa 25w

    #9 Them

    Me, yes it is me who blind 
    Using you as a toy to distract my mind
    Most of our time was real back then
    Yet now we just lose our trails I guess

    My ego has overcome us
    I dissipate my wrath towards you
    No longer felt the warmth of devotion 
    Tears running down our skins 
    As I constantly shredding the heart of yours

    Monsters in me have awake
    And I have no control over them
    Am I really have the right to love you?
    For sure, I really am not

    By the time you notice everything 
    I know it is already too late
    You really matter and I am so sorry  

                                               It wasn't me, it's them!
                                                        I'm sorry!


  • tabiya_13 25w

    Why being afraid of monsters underneath the bed when they are just lying beside you.


  • randalthor 26w


    In the end, I just want to tell her, again and again, how much of a monster I am.

  • questioning_life 28w

    A black out period of tech,
    In the dark of what's next,
    Outside of the safety net.

    I find that the decaying of a brain,
    Tends to bring a rollercoaster of pain,
    And a monster to be tamed.

    Twinkling stars don't mean it's nice,
    Stars burn out too sometimes,
    I find it's best to not think twice.


  • vegiisaur 29w

    My monster

    You always want to know why I love you.
    You ask like you don't deserve it.
    Like the demons inside already won.
    You think they did, don't you?
    You think they have you, don't you?
    You think you can't be saved?
    You're wrong.
    You are wrong.
    You're wrong and I'll tell you why.
    I've seen you happy.
    I've felt you being happy.
    It's like that first hit of your favourite drug.
    The best feeling you can remember.
    And when you're happy and you smile?
    That feels even better.
    That feels like being seven.
    Before we knew the world was made to destroy us.
    That's what you hide from yourself.
    And from everyone else too.
    I've seen you sad.
    Right on the edge of tears.
    Walking right on that edge.
    That feels like drowning.
    It feels like the moment death sets in.
    And all you can do is stare.
    And when you let the tears fall?
    It's all I could do to cry too.
    How deep you bury that.
    It feels like swallowing barbed wire.
    And pulling it back up.
    It hurts that deep.
    But you keep that in a box too.
    A box you stay out of.
    And keep away from others.
    I've seen you scared.
    But only once.
    I get the feeling it was the first for you too.
    And I'll be the only one to see it.
    It feels like handing a loaded gun to your enemy.
    Or being burried up to your neck.
    Terrified and panicked.
    I was there when you let that one out.
    And put it away just as quickly.
    Away from me and away from you.
    Today I saw a glimpse of rage.
    It should have scared me.
    But I can't find a place where I'm afraid of you.
    Then you looked into my eyes.
    My god I almost lost it.
    I just wanted to hold you.
    Because it wasn't rage i saw.
    It wasn't rage i felt in you.
    In that moment I leaned something new.
    And a lifetime flashed across my mind.
    You've hidden everything for all these years.
    And nobody ever tried to get past your wall.
    Not seriously anyway.
    My love.
    My dearest love.
    Nobody has ever seen you?
    Nobody has ever felt what's behind the walls?
    Well, I need you to know this then.
    I love you because I have seen you.
    I felt the things you keep all the way locked away.
    I've battled your demons.
    I've calmed your storms.
    I've drowned in the endless sea of your mind.
    And I love you for how well you contain it all.
    I love you for the you that even you can't see.
    And I'll spend every minute of my life on you.
    Until you can see it too.
    I'll always be by your side.
    Because I've seen what's inside.

  • eden_with_eve 30w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • pratz07 30w


    Wonder if I'm a human or a monster?
    Sometimes you need a monster inside you to stir things up. And monsters need humanity to help mend broken things and keep the insanity in check.
    Maybe we complete each other?


  • taytay_nicole424 32w

    6 a.m. Thoughts

    Why can't I slay this monsterous misery clawing at my heart
    Ripping to shreds my thoughts like it was nothing more than mere paper flying about in this vast darkness called my mind
    Bringing about nothing but memories and hurt
    Setting ablaze whatever joyful butterfly dares to flutter about
    Leaving me shattered and scattered about
    When will this pain float away

  • pizzalissa 32w

    No heart, No soul

    I have no heart nor no soul
    I only have a mind that is so damaged that it's become cruel
    I want to be normal and make freinds
    But how much longer could a monster like me pretend?
    I feel no regret nor sorrow
    The path I chose is very narrow
    It pierces my heart every step I take just like an arrow
    I kill for fun, that's why I hide in the slums
    It's not my fault, I don't want to be alone
    But what can I do? For a creature like me has no heart nor a soul

  • mik_gunn 34w


    I am breathing in the space,
    Until i can turn to human,
    I am covered with the frost,
    Of guilt, grief ,
    Oh god i am so lost,
    I know i am going to hell,
    To be burned in the blaze.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    Through the cold nights,
    Warm breeze blew,
    Turn the lights of hell on,
    My sins are not very few,
    It was all my fault,
    And i don't know god,
    Why i was cursing you,
    Why Bursted the good me,
    And a Monster made a debut,
    I feel like monster,
    And no one can be in my shoe.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    I will take the charge ,
    Of whatever i have done,
    I regret i raised the bars,
    Of doing bad,and made me burn,
    I regret,from the mistakes i never learned,
    I tried capturing the stars,
    And again got myself burned.

    I couldn't see it,
    I can't be it,
    There was a lesson beneath it,
    I spit the fire ,
    But now i can't breathe it.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

  • beensn 35w


    Is power such a great thing?
    For which people are ready to do anything.
    They don't mind selling even the self respect,
    Take pride in building bunglows on other's graves without regret.
    Power enjoy respect when it is hard earned,
    But majority of the times it is just conquered.
    It can transform humans into animals,
    Makes us forget even the relation threads.
    When power start ruling us, leads to disaster,
    Let us try to limit the extent and not allow it to become a monster.

  • eclairer_thoughts 35w

    Sun setting is the most beautiful scene in our mother nature,
    But what happens after this is major,
    Why things never turns in my favour?
    Ever pain is like, my skin has slit with razor.

    Ever night it makes me paler,
    Every time I see it, it just looks bigger,
    Is there no way to end it or at least make it calmer?
    Look! I'm sorry for becoming a failure, look my hands having blisters,
    It's just hard and tiring okay..!! To fight with your own monster.

  • deepflowsoul 37w

    I deemed myself a monster
    For having feelings and being hurt.
    Like a typical human I caged the monster,
    Shun it, hate it, kill it.
    I almost succeeded,
    Until my compassion came for me.
    They said: never make yourself bleed!
    I said: I thought I deserved to bleed...
    They said: you need love only love
    I said: but then I'd have to give myself a shove
    They said: everyone needs it climb above.

    Kicking your open wounds only makes you die faster. Please accept when you need help, and help yourself.

    #monster #notamonster #pain #scars #wounds #hurt #feelings #cage #shun #hate #kill #love #compassion #bleed #love #unconditionallove#deserve #shove #above #fight #climb

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    Not a Monster


  • alexi_silver 37w

    The greatest enemy of my life,
    The nemesis to my story,
    The only unbeaten saboteur I've encountered,
    Lives right inside my head,
    And how do you beat a monster that understands you?


  • little_sad 38w

    Not every monster looks dangerous, some looks so damn angelic.


  • deepflowsoul 41w

    Cycle monster

    Everyday I release more of you,
    Sometimes the glue releases old fumes.
    I'm left once again with gouged wounds,
    The acid squelching into my emptied rooms.
    Suffocating, I flail for lone holes dripping light,
    I catch a whiff, and breathe in center by night.
    Again and I again encounter this monster,
    Until we become friends in my downstairs.

  • bumble 42w

    When the voices in my head get too loud
    I bury them one by one in my pillow
    Some resurrect the next night
    shrieking louder than before
    My axe and hammer
    Keep slitting their throats
    i cut one
    And they become four
    So i wait for the morning light
    Maybe these monsters
    thrive only in darkness
    Alas! How do i forget
    The darkness they feed upon
    Lurks inside me
    No sunshine can kill them
    Unless i want to
    And how do you kill your own children?


  • sarahrachelea 36w

    For you, Mr. Killer, are a zombie's sweetheart
    Messy kisser, thriller lover

    Surrender in her serene
    Cause every night with her
    Feels like a Halloween

    Cuddling with your lover as a monster
    Be her muffin, you lay with her in the coffin
    Offering a warm crime and creamy
    Placing kiss of the death without a wrath

    For the only one rotten flower
    A heart stealer and soul hacker
    Monster Muffin Mafia Mumma
    You want to decay with her, forever