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  • markus_ 2d

    Could you ever fall in love with a monster and if you did why love?

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    A monster

    Can a monster ever fall in love
    Would a raven feel the same as a dove
    Could I be a bad person but still be loved
    Or is it all a matter time till they all separate
    And make you cling onto them, how desperate

    Can a monster ever have a place in society
    A place in peoples heart and not the notoriety
    Could a monster fit in entirely
    Or is it all a waste of effort, why work so tirelessly


  • anshera 3d


    Why these people cause pollution
    Why they add more to river lying with contamination
    No one to say NAY !
    These humans make the world a hell to stay

    Everyone's enjoying the scene as blind
    Everyone's behaving like a child
    They say we care for mother earth
    So why they give green house gases birth

    There is no hope or light in the path
    Everyone is busy making themselves pure by taking bath
    What pranks do these monsters play ?
    I don't have a word to say !
    Anshera Mulani

  • in_fragments 2w

    "How do you destroy a monster
    without becoming one?

    It is easier said than done:
    You must never stoop
    to their level of fear and malice,
    even when the urges for vengeance
    are gnawing, raw, at your bones-
    when enacting your pent up wrath
    upon them
    would feel like ecstasy; it is an illusion,
    temporary exhilaration
    that soon diverts to ponderous guilt
    that you will find you cannot handle
    because you are not the same as them.
    You must remain rational
    and level-headed in the face
    of their insanity, never give them
    the satisfaction of acting rashly
    upon their provocations;
    no matter how many words they sling,
    how many knives they throw
    from their mouths to your back,
    stand your ground and do not
    surrender your boundaries.
    Soon you will be able
    to set your body free, run far away,
    never look behind you again.
    Even if you are still stuck,
    you must not let the resentment
    make you mean.
    Do not restart the cycle,
    taking pain for pain just because you can.
    How many people would see you
    as their monster, and grow around you
    just to flee as soon as they could?
    At what point would you realize
    that you crossed the line into something
    you never wanted to be?

    You can still set your mind free-
    reverse the hard wires,
    the conditionings of your brain.
    Even lifelong monsters
    can always choose to change.
    But you cannot wait for the others
    to make that choice themselves.
    You must learn your worth quickly,
    never barter away your values,
    never trade your self-love for anything.
    In these ways, not only do you
    destroy the monsters that haunt you,
    but you make yourself untouchable
    to any monsters that saunter in
    in the future... You destroy a monster
    with love, compassion, empathy, laughter-
    it cuts like a knife every time,
    remarkably and unapologetically
    proclaiming, "I refuse
    to ever become like you!"

    You know that life
    will never be without them, yet you
    decide to wake up every day
    and spread love, bring joy
    and curiosity to a cold, dark,
    broken world. You work every day
    to stay kind and understanding,
    focusing on the ones
    most receptive to your messages-
    a beacon of enlightenment
    for those souls still trapped in limbo,
    developing the wherewithal to get out.
    You are a warrior of emotional strength,
    you are in control of yourself,
    even if you can never predict
    how people react to your existence.
    What kind of legacy do you want
    to leave for tomorrow's monsters
    and warriors alike?"

    The world is full of monsters. Destroy them with love and happiness.
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    How To Destroy
    a Monster

    How do you destroy a monster
    without becoming one?

    It is easier said than done...

  • wifey_suicide 2w

    The Monster

    The monsters were suppose to stay under the bed.
    I thought hiding underneath the blanket would keep them away, but instead they grabbed the blanket from me and cuddle up next to me.
    I can't see them physically, but I can feel the aura there.
    With sharp teeth and anorexic bodies.
    No fingernails, just pointy fingertips.
    Ugly, but they make me feel like something inside.
    Something that could be awaken inside.
    I smile just a little bit and sit up quick.
    Just darkness, while a few more monsters sit next to me.
    Wanting to touch all over me, I allow them.

    Feeding off my flesh and bones, as they begin to enter inside me.
    The warm fuzzy feeling, with a few butterflies in the stomach.
    Like welcoming new friends over for the first time.
    Please enjoy, my friends.
    Licking all the way up my spine, to being touched around the stomach, as one reaches for my heart.
    My heart drops, as one more monster climbs from underneath my bed and climbs right on top of me.
    This is it.
    The monster I've needed.

    As it climbed down my body, right down to my legs, touching every inch of my body, I thought to myself that this is what I need.
    Hiding underneath the blankets was nothing but anxiety.
    As the monster spreads my legs, the monster start to slowly go inside.
    I can feel the monster inside.
    Deep, warm, thick.
    The monster continues to go deeper inside me, as I can't do anything.
    I am paralyzed from the legs up. The only movement I have is the monster digging it's way to my brain.
    Their fingers reaching further up, as their legs kick my stomach, trying to reach higher.
    I couldn't help myself, but cry in laughter.
    The monster is hurting me, hurting so much that I enjoy it.
    Every little pain becomes a relief of sadness.
    Many would moan to this type of pain, but not me.
    The monster can have it's way with me, but it's my body. I have to......

    The monster plants itself in fetal position in my brain, and claws it's fingers in many places, causing me to lose balance and fall off the bed.
    I can't move, I can't speak.
    This body is no longer mine.

  • pallavi4 5w

    Wars inside me

    There's an alien in my head
    But it's not me
    Every time I conjure plans to run
    I'm unable to break free

    So caught up in my brain is
    The monster that lives inside
    Making me act like someone
    Whose feelings inside have died

    Akin to a lunatic, my head
    Makes deceptive, devious plans
    The damage is far greater
    Than physically hurting another man

    The craziness that resides deep
    Hidden and sometimes locked away
    Leaves me not in control at times
    Of the foul words that I say

    Unable to recognise that alien
    That stares back at me in the reflection
    I keep waging a war that I often lose
    And fall prey to my own deception

    Isolated by everyone who cannot see
    A semblance of restrain
    There's someone inside my head
    That over my senses reigns


    20th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • thetramp 6w

    Messiest Fall From Grace

    My words carry poison,
    I'll watch my words slowly deform you.
    What happened to your personality?
    Where has it gone?

    You think you have power-
    You think you are tall-
    The higher the object-
    The messier the fall.

    It may be sick,
    But I must ask,
    May I watch your fall from grace?
    I want to watch until the messy end.

    Nightmares are caused by our unconscious mind-
    You made me into a walking one.
    Don't be scared of me-
    I am the monster created by your own hand.

    As Frankenstein hunted for his abomination-
    I must live with whatever pieces you gave me.
    As Frankenstein hated his abomination-
    I will never hide the monstrosity I have become.

  • starrynight_advi 6w

    Today I looked myself in the mirror,
    And failed to recognize what was looking back,
    I had transformed into a stranger,
    And a monster looked back at me,
    With eyes that were pitch black.

    I looked at my body,
    It was shrivelled and filled with scars,
    I was bleeding,
    My body looked like a painting,
    Made with only red and black.

    My lips were chapped,
    And my throat felt like a desert,
    And when I tried to speak,
    I only heard a menacing growl.

    Realization hit me,
    Like a huge wave,
    And I drowned it it.
    After all,
    After listening to everyone call me a monster,
    I too,
    Had started to believe it.

    But I didn't want to,
    So, I looked into my black eyes,
    And still saw oceans of melancholy in them.

    My scars,
    Were proof of the wars,the conflicts,
    Between my heart and my brain.
    They were reminders,
    of the great victories,
    And the huge losses.

    My blood,
    The beautiful red liquid,
    Was warm and a stream of healing,
    Whose roots were buried deeply,
    within my family and I.

    The growl from my throat,
    Now didn't sound menacing,
    It sounded desperate,
    A cry for help.

    But most of all,
    Monsters don't feel pain,
    They are devoid of any emotion,
    except rage,
    They are voids filled with nothingness,
    But inside me,
    I felt pain,
    So much pain,
    I felt a broken heart,
    A broken soul,
    And a broken spirit.

    And I transformed,
    Like a phoenix rising from its ashes,
    I changed,
    Like the different phases of the moon,
    And I underwent metamorphosis,
    Like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly,

    And when I looked into the mirror again,
    I didn't see what people wanted me to see,
    I saw myself,
    In the rawest form,
    Unhealed and exposed,
    Completely free of,
    The expectations,
    The insecurities,
    And the fears,
    I saw it for what it was,
    Plain and clear,
    I was human.


    Tried writing something dark for the first time but filled with emotion. idk.
    #transform #writersnetwork #mirakee #dark #monster #reflection @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    There is no perfection, only beautiful versions of brokenness.

  • conflicted_ 7w

    Have you ever in a day tried to see your actions from any other perspective other than "thou higher and acta for greater good" perspective? The lies you say yourself to cover your cold, care free and ruthless behaviour.
    #hate #Scorpio #vent #rant #hurt #pain #vain #angry

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    You did not yield a sword,
    you hold a pen,
    a pen covered in the crimson
    of all the people you hurt in the past,
    you write in black,
    you hurt yourself,
    you cut and pierce yourself
    and write with all the sludge
    that your inners transformed
    for everything's that done
    and you're doing.
    You are no warrior,
    you're just like every other
    knight you hated and turned into,
    due course of choices not events.
    You turned into the ugly monsters you
    hated and hunted once,
    hiding behind silver,
    above the fortress of memories,
    debris of the dead,
    Bled out and wept,
    with every choice that
    you didn't or thought
    was adept.

  • slaughtered_heart 8w

    "In your closet lies a monster,
    the one that comes out if
    you don't sleep early."

    My mom used to say this to
    me when I was a kid to make
    me sleep early every night.

    Now the monster keeps me
    awake all night, not the one
    from the closet, the one from within.


  • emopoet 8w


    I found my own happiness in the dark
    But all they said was
    "There's a monster in the dark"

  • _surayaaaa 8w

    #9 Them

    Me, yes it is me who blind 
    Using you as a toy to distract my mind
    Most of our time was real back then
    Yet now we just lose our trails I guess

    My ego has overcome us
    I dissipate my wrath towards you
    No longer felt the warmth of devotion 
    Tears running down our skins 
    As I constantly shredding the heart of yours

    Monsters in me have awake
    And I have no control over them
    Am I really have the right to love you?
    For sure, I really am not

    By the time you notice everything 
    I know it is already too late
    You really matter and I am so sorry  

                                               It wasn't me, it's them!
                                                        I'm sorry!


  • tabiya_13 9w

    Why being afraid of monsters underneath the bed when they are just lying beside you.


  • randalthor 10w


    In the end, I just want to tell her, again and again, how much of a monster I am.

  • questioning_life 11w

    A black out period of tech,
    In the dark of what's next,
    Outside of the safety net.

    I find that the decaying of a brain,
    Tends to bring a rollercoaster of pain,
    And a monster to be tamed.

    Twinkling stars don't mean it's nice,
    Stars burn out too sometimes,
    I find it's best to not think twice.


  • vegiisaur 13w

    My monster

    You always want to know why I love you.
    You ask like you don't deserve it.
    Like the demons inside already won.
    You think they did, don't you?
    You think they have you, don't you?
    You think you can't be saved?
    You're wrong.
    You are wrong.
    You're wrong and I'll tell you why.
    I've seen you happy.
    I've felt you being happy.
    It's like that first hit of your favourite drug.
    The best feeling you can remember.
    And when you're happy and you smile?
    That feels even better.
    That feels like being seven.
    Before we knew the world was made to destroy us.
    That's what you hide from yourself.
    And from everyone else too.
    I've seen you sad.
    Right on the edge of tears.
    Walking right on that edge.
    That feels like drowning.
    It feels like the moment death sets in.
    And all you can do is stare.
    And when you let the tears fall?
    It's all I could do to cry too.
    How deep you bury that.
    It feels like swallowing barbed wire.
    And pulling it back up.
    It hurts that deep.
    But you keep that in a box too.
    A box you stay out of.
    And keep away from others.
    I've seen you scared.
    But only once.
    I get the feeling it was the first for you too.
    And I'll be the only one to see it.
    It feels like handing a loaded gun to your enemy.
    Or being burried up to your neck.
    Terrified and panicked.
    I was there when you let that one out.
    And put it away just as quickly.
    Away from me and away from you.
    Today I saw a glimpse of rage.
    It should have scared me.
    But I can't find a place where I'm afraid of you.
    Then you looked into my eyes.
    My god I almost lost it.
    I just wanted to hold you.
    Because it wasn't rage i saw.
    It wasn't rage i felt in you.
    In that moment I leaned something new.
    And a lifetime flashed across my mind.
    You've hidden everything for all these years.
    And nobody ever tried to get past your wall.
    Not seriously anyway.
    My love.
    My dearest love.
    Nobody has ever seen you?
    Nobody has ever felt what's behind the walls?
    Well, I need you to know this then.
    I love you because I have seen you.
    I felt the things you keep all the way locked away.
    I've battled your demons.
    I've calmed your storms.
    I've drowned in the endless sea of your mind.
    And I love you for how well you contain it all.
    I love you for the you that even you can't see.
    And I'll spend every minute of my life on you.
    Until you can see it too.
    I'll always be by your side.
    Because I've seen what's inside.

  • eden_with_eve 13w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • pratz07 13w


    Wonder if I'm a human or a monster?
    Sometimes you need a monster inside you to stir things up. And monsters need humanity to help mend broken things and keep the insanity in check.
    Maybe we complete each other?


  • taytay_nicole424 15w

    6 a.m. Thoughts

    Why can't I slay this monsterous misery clawing at my heart
    Ripping to shreds my thoughts like it was nothing more than mere paper flying about in this vast darkness called my mind
    Bringing about nothing but memories and hurt
    Setting ablaze whatever joyful butterfly dares to flutter about
    Leaving me shattered and scattered about
    When will this pain float away

  • pizzalissa 15w

    No heart, No soul

    I have no heart nor no soul
    I only have a mind that is so damaged that it's become cruel
    I want to be normal and make freinds
    But how much longer could a monster like me pretend?
    I feel no regret nor sorrow
    The path I chose is very narrow
    It pierces my heart every step I take just like an arrow
    I kill for fun, that's why I hide in the slums
    It's not my fault, I don't want to be alone
    But what can I do? For a creature like me has no heart nor a soul

  • mik_gunn 17w


    I am breathing in the space,
    Until i can turn to human,
    I am covered with the frost,
    Of guilt, grief ,
    Oh god i am so lost,
    I know i am going to hell,
    To be burned in the blaze.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    Through the cold nights,
    Warm breeze blew,
    Turn the lights of hell on,
    My sins are not very few,
    It was all my fault,
    And i don't know god,
    Why i was cursing you,
    Why Bursted the good me,
    And a Monster made a debut,
    I feel like monster,
    And no one can be in my shoe.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.

    I will take the charge ,
    Of whatever i have done,
    I regret i raised the bars,
    Of doing bad,and made me burn,
    I regret,from the mistakes i never learned,
    I tried capturing the stars,
    And again got myself burned.

    I couldn't see it,
    I can't be it,
    There was a lesson beneath it,
    I spit the fire ,
    But now i can't breathe it.

    My mind is full of craze,
    You can call me a monster,
    All the dirty things embraced,
    You can call me a monster,
    I am riding through the hell,
    With demons on roller coster,
    And i don't find, no praise,
    You can call me a monster.