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  • sheez_happiee 5w

    When I step into the cold room, I'm hit by a wave of nausea. It's 4.34 am in the morning and I could see the sun's rays peeking out the window screen. This room has been Linda's for 20 years and it has and will have her memories both dark and colourful. But the girl is no more. My EYES travel around the room. She's there sprawled across the floor with blood dripping from the vein she cut. Her hands hold the weapon of her cowardness. Cowardness? Was she afraid to live? Why? Even after death her face holds beauty behind her masked past. I lean down and TOUCH her. Her body is cold and rigid. Why did she have to do this to her? I walk around to get a clear look of the posters in her shelf. They SMELL a scent of pure love and vanilla. Somehow it reminds me of my mom. I FEEL an ache in my chestbat the thought of her and quickly refocus my mind. I HEAR pages turn, and take a look. A diary. I read it. There. This girl was in love. The first page says "Love always hurts". So then why? She was in love, not with a random guy.. but with her MOM. And then I knew what would've been in the other pages that still carry her life yet she's there dead. Linda lost her mom and the world lost Linda on the early morning of cold November. I TASTE something salty, and then I realise I've been crying. How long? I feel my senses all at once racing through me as I calm myself and let my thoughts wander to how numb my senses have been until now. It wasn't a suicide but a murder of love when love died.
    #senses #wod #momslove #isitworthdyingorlivingbetter?

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    I could see on her lifeless face the pain
    I could taste in her place the lingering sorrow
    I could smell in her last breath the fear of tomorrow
    I could feel the shards of her broken heart
    I could hear her silent cry tearing apart
    I knew it wasn't a suicide
    But a murder of love when love died.


  • star_angel 7w

    You'll feel REST when you sleep on bed and you will fell BEST when you sleep on your mom's nap..!!

  • yours_fortune 9w

    Drop a heart if you agree ❤️
    Mom's are the best healer
    Dad are the best protector
    Sister are the guide
    Brother's are the heartbeat ��
    Family is the best healer
    Trust your family
    Speak out to your people
    Reach out to them if they need you
    Because no one else can understand you better than your family.
    Hug often
    Eat together
    Talk regularly
    Love unconditionally
    #family #mom #maa #aai #amma #mumma #mother #motherlove #momthebesthealer #momslove #blessing #caring #protection #speakup #lapstory

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    Laughing 5minutes with your Maa
    Is like all your problems are magically gone

  • gon_girl 11w

    Death is exhale

    If my last breath make you inhale your first, I will let that happen.

  • masoom_bachchi 12w

    Meri zannat-e-jahan

    गर तेरी मन्नत-ए-क़बूल हूँ मैं
    तो मेरी जन्नत-ए-जहां है तू,
    गर तेरी नन्ही-सी-कली हूँ मैं
    तो मेरी महकती हुई बगिया है तू,

    गर तेरी आँखों की मोती हूँ मैं
    तो मेरी आँखों की ज्योति है तू,
    गर तेरी भविष्य की सहारा हूँ मैं
    तो मेरे जीवन का उजियारा है तू,

    हाँ, तेरी हीं साया हूँ मैं
    मेरी हर मर्ज़ की दवा है तू,
    हाँ, तूने हीं मुझको तपना सिखाया
    मेरी थकान में शीतल छाया भी तू,

    तू कहती है, तुझे कुदरत से मिली उपहार हूँ मैं,
    ये सच है माँ, मुझे क़िस्मत से मिली Iसन्सार है तू!

  • gazisalim 15w


    جنت۔ کو میں۔ نے ۔ آج پیرو تلے دبا۔ لیا
    میں نے ماں کے۔ پير سے اپنا پیر۔ لگا۔ لیا

    تم کیا جانوں کیا عظمت ہوتی ہے ماں کے پیار میں
    میں نے ماں کے بد دعاؤوں میں بھی دعا کو دوند لیا


  • cutegirl02 17w

    #mummagirl #momslove
    The one who never give up on you..the one whose love is beyond all the boundaries...the one whose action speaks more than the words..the one who never leaves you alone in every condition..✨��

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    "Maa pyaar hai, Maa himaat hai
    Maa dost hai, Maa doctor hai
    Maa Sukoon hai✨

  • silent_smiling_face 18w


    बचपन में मै जब भी स्कूल से वापस आता था तो सबसे पहले माँ को ढुढता था।
    काम कुछ नहीं होता था, बस एक बार उनको देख लेता था तो सारी थकान दूर हो जाती थी।।

  • vinothkumarvelu 23w


    சுமையாய் வந்த என்னை
    சுகமாய் ஏற்றாய் தாயே

    உன்னை உருக்கி என்னையே
    வடித்த சிற்பி நியே

    எனக்கு ஆயிரம் முத்தமிட்டு
    அரங்கேற்றம் செய்தாயே

    எனக்காக மட்டும் வாழும்
    என் அன்பு தாய் நீயே

    இனி எத்தனை பிறவி
    எடுத்தாலும் என் அன்னை நீயே

  • srinjay 23w

    To Mom, With Love

    I know you will never say it,
    But you love me the most.
    Your hug makes me feel like a lost ship,
    Returning to the safety of its coast.

    How easily your love overcomes tiredness,
    Cooking me food I asked for.
    Despite working dusk to dawn,
    Without proper sleep the day before.

    Be it choosing the stream I wanted,
    Or spending hours on the field.
    You've supported every wish of mine,
    Your presence is synonymous to a shield.

    Protecting me from countless doubts,
    Supporting me through ebbs and flows.
    Never have you let go of my hand,
    When failure has seemed to be close.

    You've put in so many sacrifices,
    It's impossible to keep their trace.
    Just to give wings to my dreams,
    And see a smile on my face.

    You had sleepless nights,
    When worries and exams kept me up till late.
    You continuously prayed for me,
    When I had left it all upto fate.

    You have backed every decision of mine,
    With unimaginable faith and trust.
    Your lap has been my happy place,
    Whenever luck has been unjust.

    I don't like my day starting,
    Without your morning tea.
    How you silently express your love,
    By leaving the last slice of pizza for me.

    Your hug makes me feel like a lost ship,
    Returning to the safety of its coast.
    I know you will never say it,
    But you love me the most.


  • akshaya25 35w

    Happy Birthday Mummy

    The voice which motivates me
    When I am down
    The hand that wipes my tears
    When I am crying
    The extra hand for me to raise
    When I am in the ground
    The light which ignites
    When I travel in a dark tunnel

    She hears my hidden thoughts
    She answers my unasked questions
    She acts on my unspoken ideas
    She knows me better than I know myself

    Love you mummy


  • srjwriting 46w


    Someone Came into Life and Destroyed Everything.
    But when I Lost Everything She Came Again In My Life To Rebuild It.
    That Is My Mom❤️

  • smartty 46w

    Lifeline ~♥~
    Maa ♥......
    Child's first love...
    Child's first teacher...
    Child's first friend...
    Child's first sight love ��...
    My first enemy ����...
    Always child's first priority...
    I just love arguing with my mom... ��
    Hope you all too... ��:-)
    She is the only person who just shout on you for your smallest-to your biggest mistake :-)

    She is a special women for her kids....who just find out all the hidden secrets inside the smiling face ��
    The only person who likes all vegetables ��
    *The only person for whom every big wond is small
    *the only person who have leave his own life comfort zone for her.... Husband and children....

    So...just respect her.... Help her.... ������
    Good night.... ������
    #momslove #mother

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  • mehakbagri 55w

    Daughters Are Precious Gift By God!!
    Almighty God.......
    Words are not enough
    To express the unconditional love
    That existis between
    They may truly part
    May in distance but not in
    -neelam bagri(mom)

  • soft_y 56w

    घुटनों पर रेंगने वाली ,
    आज खुद के पैरो पर खड़ी हैं !
    माँ देख तेरी वो बेटी ,
    आज कितनी बड़ी हैं !
    अपने अधिकारों के लिए ,
    हर मुश्क़िल में लड़ी हैं !
    लाख तुफानो के सामने ,
    आज डट कर खड़ी है !

  • ba___la 60w


    No Matter , how am old.

    I could feel the child in me

    Whenever I lie on my

    Mom's Lap.


  • chagan_arshiya 61w

    #cinquane #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersread #writersbay #pod #thought #poetry #english
    #mom #momslove

    @ann_07 @mittal_saab @standbyme @mr_mystery @writersbay

    American Cinquane: This write-up has 5 lines in total with 2,4,6,8,2 syllables in each line. I have tried a bit. Have a look.

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    Mom's Love

    She can
    Cut the lemons
    Squeeze it full
    For you, even her finger
    Is cut.


  • ba___la 61w

    Use it before it Expires!❤️
    #momslove #selflove
    #life #love #mirakee

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    Never hesitate to

    utilise the worth of

    Mom's Love


    Self Love ❤️


  • preethiscot 61w


    Years may go! promises may break!
    The World can change into handwork to full streamed machine!
    People can shift their life styles to Mars!
    The sun may rise in the West!
    The girls may get freedom in this world
    To walk freely in the streets at night!

    Everything can change quickly EXCEPT her love, She's loving me since I was in her Womb;
    She taught me to talk and walk flawlessly,
    she actually tolerant my all blather and dejection,
    The one and only soul's love is selfless
    and remains last ever,
    And her benevolence protection, enduring love and so forthcoming words still Mystical,
    Her lap is my best place to sleep and tear down my perturbation,

    I still run to get her forehead kisses & cuddles
    And for her bereavement counsel and love,
    I usually adjure my whole miserable to her;
    She's my prescribed whelve in this lives,
    Wherever I satisfy my famish, her handful of foods are always toothsome,
    She's my rightful harbinger to lead my life;
    At finally she coded my SMILE into perpetual Love MILES!!!


    Ten months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime! ��
    - Anonymous.

    The best soul who is never to know hate me and the best therapy to calmdown my all situations in nanoseconds! Her kisses and cuddles are too blessed stuffs in this world!������ Tons and tons I was blessed to live this life with my mom! H-U-R-R-A-Y!! Thankss goddd!��❤️

    #momslove #lovingsoul #happysoul #blessed #mirakee #writerscommunity #writingcommunity
    #mirakeepoem #soullove #endlesslove

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @preethiscot


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  • ba___la 61w

    Hey there!

    Just remember ,

    don't beg for

    someone's kindness

    while you are

    Millionaire for your Mom!!!