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  • wings_happiness 3d

    • ^26 July 2021^��

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    ❤️//Everyone have their own priceless moments and memories that they never want to forget \❤️

    #life #memories #happy #moments #learn

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    We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives.
    Some lessons are painful, some are painless... But all are priceless


  • writers_desk_ 4d

    The moments you lived is the success you earned for the last.....


  • thebhavnasaxena 5d


    Her parting gaze,
    I remember, I saw
    A flash of some emotion
    I didn't recognize,
    The tear that slid down
    Her cheek, and got lost
    In the grass beneath her
    Feet, today a rose blooms
    In the spot where she turned
    Away, saying everything sweet
    But not a goodbye, I caress the
    Rose absent mindedly each morning,
    And the dew drops make me wonder,
    What would she have done, if I had
    Sought to capture her falling tear
    Upon my lips, if I had held her hand
    And told her I burn in a fire I don't
    Understand, if only, I had not
    Let her go so easy, if only,
    If only.

  • divoohere 1w

    How amazing naa!!

    Means some people come in our life like
    "A Shooting Star" and makes our dustiest and darkest world a lighten, and spending every moment with them feels like we are in a shining part of our life.

    But sometimes an unexpected incident happens that makes us to go apart from that moment...and that's hurt!!!
    But...take a minute!!
    We have to thank them for being a part of our life .❣️( Ending tak saath nhi h to kya hua, life ki story m to h naa)

  • bhagyaiudamishi 1w

    Memories brings a smile,
    Memories brings a tear,
    Memories brings silence,
    Memories brings confidence,
    Memories were the super power
    to lead future...

  • uttkarsh_15 1w

    Movie Moments

    Just watching Child's Play on T.V. , Hoping for some Inspiration For My Upcoming Horror series (The Doll,The Teddy,The Thing And The Night Wanderer)

  • uttkarsh_15 2w


    My cousin Having Num Locks On Phone , Camera , Gallery,Whatsapp, Youtube,Free fire Game
    Me to my cousin: Bhai Itni Privacy Toh Logon Ko Zindagi mein ni milti.

  • thebhavnasaxena 2w


    Rain rages outside my window
    And the breeze caresses my flesh
    As I lay bare, every fibre of my being
    Exposed to the elements, I feel it
    Humming a slow rhythm somewhere
    Deep inside, my eyes glaze over, as
    An enigma takes hold of me, I have
    Had more than my fill of love, look,
    It drips down my chin, my chest bears
    A stain so glorious where my heart has
    Spilled over, like a chalice too full, for, what
    Other use is a chalice, if not to overflow
    With the rarest of the nectars that can be
    Concocted in any realm earthly or divine?

    Oh, true love, it whispers to me, and I am
    Its slave for eons to come, it commands
    Me, so I write, not thinking for a moment,
    I write as if my fingers have a will of their
    Own, I write, a woman possessed, and
    Glad to be haunted again and again,
    I write till my fingers bleed, because
    Love had whispered to me, when cast
    In my blood, it becomes magic, and
    When mingled with my blood it soaks
    Through the paper, it becomes eternal
    All over again.

  • bluepetal_girl 2w

    1. Coming across an old school uniform filled with illegible signature scribbles.

    You are shifting cities, changing jobs, moving on.. constantly. And inside one of the boxes is this precious relic from a long forgotten era. But one glance at it is all it takes for the memories to flood back and you are transported to another life changing day, the laughter, tears, hugs, promises all come rushing back, as you read one name on the uniform. Your phone beeps and the same one pops up, "Packing done?"

    2. Watching someone fall in Love

    We are all always in constant search of love, the elusive stranger everyone wants to meet. But have you ever listened to your best friend rambling on for hours, silly stories about someone, all the while watching a tiny glow light up their eyes and a laugh permanently stuck on their lips? The laughter is almost infectious as you feel a grin spreading across your face, their happiness might as well be yours.

    3. Tumbling across a social media post reminiscing the "Good old days"

    A friend posts it in the group chat and what follows is a long thread of "Remember when's" and walks down memory lane finally ending in a video call where you are left wondering what would you do without these amazing souls by your side.

    4. Being mesmerized by a Sunset

    Whether it is from atop mountains or by the sea shore with waves lapping at your feet or just your usual spot up on the terrace of your house, the evening Sun never fails to surprise you with a magnificent departure, splashing a unique combination of colours each day across the canvas of the sky.

    5. Just a single person finding solace in your art

    Art usually flows from innermost corners of the heart. It's a baring of the soul. And that moment when someone tells you that they could connect with it, find themselves on your canvas or between the lines of your poetry, it is a moment of happiness that cannot be explained, a belonging and joy that cannot be put in words.

    Sreedevi K

    #littlethings #moments @writersnetwork @writerstolli @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Little Things, which are not so little.

    Dreaming about the big things in life, waiting for the big moments to happen, we sometimes tend to forget, some of the actual moments of true happiness we have, are in fact from the little ones.


  • fireflynarratives 2w

    A listicle of sweet nothings, Ft. Terrace.

    Two childhood friends have the most random banters at the same spot.
    A mother trying to feed her child, promising him the moon.
    A father doing his evening walk, and silently looking after his baby girl play.
    Grandmother telling the same story to her grandkids.
    One of the many love at first sights.
    A group of friends, having an impromptu meeting, that was promised a long time ago.
    Watching the world slip down your feet, while standing still.
    Watching the stars and the clouds align the way you like, or arrange them the way you like.
    Sending out messages to the sky, silently, to the ones you loved, no matter where ever they are.
    Listening to the play-lists that you made a long time ago.
    Having million conversations in your head.
    Or having none at all.

    Each time you come across any of these things,
    Though you forget the details,
    Hope you remember exactly how you felt, while watching someone relive your memories.
    Hope you have something of your sweet nothings too.

  • uttkarsh_15 2w


    When I downloaded the Paranormal Activity 1 ,It was midnight and all were asleep except me.
    Then I checked My phone charging after the download ,It was 66%
    (And some the horror lovers can tell you,6 is the no of the devil )
    After I screencasted my phone to TV,It started acting silly as i have no controls on the video player .....
    After some time I tried to switch to other app ,
    Then it automatically played the same movie itself .
    When I was going to call my sister for the movie,The screencast just got cancelled Itself.
    And the most weird Part is
    When the movie was running around 5 minutes time, There was a sudden black out at our house , Even though we have a good inverter, And when we checked the inverter
    It was switched off

  • indigo_ink 3w

    Her Mom's Last Moments.

    What can I compare to your eerie eyes,
    A grotesque graveyard? A manic monster?
    These things last lifetimes, killing, collecting.

    A graveyard eats the evil and the good,
    A monster wastes men and women alike,
    And they stand tall through the ages, ageing.

    But you find rest, you find peace, you find death,
    Rest from the rubbish, peace when you perish,
    And death the deep longing of the livid.

  • my____feelings 3w

    Ab mujhe kaun hara sakta hai,
    Wo mere dil ka aakhri darr tha !!!

  • shubhi__vishwakarma 3w


    Mai aata hun teri gali mein,
    Rozana yeh soch ke,
    Ke kl agar beetein to kuch malal na reh jaye !

  • uttkarsh_15 3w

    *Just yesterday*
    It was a midnight situation,I was feeling so insomniac that i can't sleep .
    There were many reasons behind this first was the bloody Overthinking and second was the awesome wala weather,Garmi ke mausam me poora pahadon wala feel aa raha tha by god ❄️����.
    I'm just a night person and i love nightwalks, Whether it's outside or At my terrace,
    So i Climbed up my stairs and notice the area around me which later turned out to be nothing usual,
    .....(The lights were gone)
    It was a total blackout wherever i was looking,
    It was at that moment my vibe changed ����,
    And it was feeling like I'm in a horror movie where i don't know where i am and all the houses,Grass areas and streets were covered in darkness and there was just a slight moonlight , After a while,The wind speed which was very calm turned out to be very disastrous and scary��️,
    Then i returned back and I was welcomed by strange sounds both huge and minor ones(The strange sounds are my worst nightmares, It scares me as hell as i feel like I'm havin phonophobia)
    ...Firstly the door which was opened with the doorstopper, Closed all of a sudden with a loud sound , And then there was a slight sound Which seems like someone is whispering a scary melody��.
    I sleep in a different room all alone as I hate AC(Yeh wali kahani kisi aur din ....),So I opened the door of the room where my parents and sister sleep, And i noticed nothing strange as all were asleep.
    Just after a few seconds mom got up and told me to adjust with them, as the electricity was out and the ac was also not supported by inverter (agar pichli story padhi hogi toh you'll know a little ��)....
    She told me to do so because in that situation The load will be on one fan and the inverter will last long
    ....(Just a Common thing)
    And then i felt asleep there, IDK know why i was feeling that my head got really heavy it wasn't headache just an ajeeb feeling when i woke up at 9 , Even after that i slept from 11 am to 4 pm in afternoon
    Maybe it all happened in my hallucinations which ate up my sleep ,Or seriously Some dark forces were playing around me ........!
    #story #suspense #thriller #horror #dark #deep #kisse #justyesterday #life #night #sleep #darkness #moments

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    The Dark Night

  • uttkarsh_15 4w

    *Just yesterday*
    We spend nearly the whole day with no electricity,
    I'll tell you from the beginning...
    At midnight around 12:30 am i was standing in front of the mirror ,
    Not practicing some witchcraft just washing my hands in front of sink ������,
    Then all of a sudden ,There was a loud strange sound and there was a sudden blackout(it was a transformer fault) .The lights were gone. We somehow slept till 6 comfortablly then the inverter was down,(because we have inverter problems��).
    The morning was hot as hell,We were just feeling ourselves in desert ��.We somehow got ourselves bathed and we were all sitting in the verandah with 2 folding beds.
    And it resulted in Total chillax ��
    We played carom boards a many times,I remember i got the queen in one shot as i scored 2 pieces at one. And at first match i just scored 30 points and won the overall match with 230 points (Being pro ��).
    I also listened too many south indian songs as I'm obsessed with the south Indian Movie and music industry.I listened to Vaathi coming ,Vaathi raid,Kolaveri di ,Kutti stori,Ramuloo Ramulaa ,maari thara and a lot of hits .Even my cousin who was sitting next to me even become a fan of south songs ��. Then i switched to 90s songs like do dil mil rahe hai ,Dil bhi kitna paagal hai , Kitna haseen chehra;
    And an interesting conversation started between me ,my mom and my uncle, Mom said Mamaji is such a big fan of dilwale movie that no one can beat his record of seeing a movie many times ��,I talked about the movie teri meherbaniyan and it was really a fab. Moment for me(We were talking ,laughing and enjoying a lot ��)
    Just after a while i went to my nani house which is just a little distance away, And i felt like heaven there ��,As it was cooler than my own home , And i talked to my other siblings a lot and we were just laughing and sharing our stories ������,Somehow this day ended with the lights out but i consider it the day where we were having the shine in
    PS- I'll never wish a lights out at my home, But agar ho toh kaash aisa hi ho ������
    #story #life #thougts #anecdotes #tales #moments #fun #kisse
    Ohhh i realise now this is my 150th post arre koi to wish kardo ������

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    Lights Out

    My version

  • lost_horcrux 4w

    ​Memories are life's special moments
    Borrowed from the passing of time.
    Ghosts and shadows from bygone days,
    Etched and stored inside our mind.

    Our minds are a memory album
    Where the past and present meet,
    Memories we lovingly cling to
    That make the heart skip a beat.

    Some we would like to forget.
    Some we love to treasure.
    Some memories become precious gifts
    That live on forever and ever.

    Yes, memories are precious moments,
    And I have quite a few,
    The memories I treasure the most
    Are those I made with the important persons in my life.

    #memories #missing #moments #wod

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  • __ek_wada__ 4w

    ������ �������� ����������������������jiske paas tum sirf ek ho☝️
    Dost ek ehsas ek aisa rishta jiske bina adhura sa lagta hai. A strong bond a pure love �� for eachother.Will miss always in good and bad times.

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    Yakeenan tujhe bahot dost mil jaayegi,
    Par mujh jaisi kamini dost kabhi nai milegi.

    Jo khudse kia hai

  • sugandh_ankahi 5w


    Words that were never said
    Things that were never done
    Yet what haunt the most are
    moments that could be
    But are none ...

  • uttkarsh_15 31w

    Context Of The STORY -------
    It was the day when I was home alone ......
    My parents were gone for an visit for a few days,
    Also I had a prep thing going on,
    As my Dec. Exams were going to happen,
    I was preparing 3 chapters a day that I started 10 days before the Economics Exams ,
    Also the day my parents left the home I have to prepare 3 huge chapters ....
    #winter #dark #deep #journal #story #horror #nightmare #depressed #horrific @writerstolli @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #thriller @shaliya #feelings #nature #diary @writerstolli #day #feelings #emotion #story #thriller #kisse #moments #anecdotes

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    A Day That Wasn't Real

    The story starts from the previous day itself,
    As I was home alone I was free to do anything and everything,
    But also I have to complete my chapters ,
    So I opened a video of study music in my LED TV,
    Which was for 4 straight hours ,
    So I was also taking some breaks in between ,
    It think it's time to start the unreal day story,
    After 12:30 I was exhausted and took a break,
    I prepared myself a coffee and I switched from study music on YouTube to horror short films on YouTube,
    But luckily or unluckily I watched only 3 short films,
    And that too of people being home alone,
    In one there was a kid in the woods alone with the threat of zombies,
    In another there was a girl who had an intruder outside her house ,
    So after a while I got back to study and completed my chapter ,
    Afterwards at 4am
    I Watched Ludo On Nextflix for straight 2-3hours,
    Also I consumed a lot of Cold drink and soup during late movie,
    After watching the Movie I slept at 6:30 am for only 1 hour,
    As I had to go for accounts class also ,
    So after I woke up I just steadily got ready and locked up my house properly and attended my class,
    Afterwards I came home feeling too much drowsy and sleepy,
    As I look outside It was all goofy atmosphere with greyish sky,
    So I turned on YouTube on TV and listened to old classic bollywood songs,
    It was because somehow I was craving for it ,
    I listened to o babuji,Johnny walker songs and chalti ka Naam gaadi songs while I washed dishes and prepare myself an omelette to eat with an bread,
    After eating it I Was so sleepy that at 10am ,
    I slept for like 6-7 hours straight,
    I woke up at 5 pm and that too not by my own but by my cousin sister's call,
    As she asked me to teach her accounts as I am one year senior to her,
    So I rushed to my Nani house which was just a street away,
    And I planned that I will reach home at 6 or 7 pm,
    *But as I started teaching her the time flew away as fast as the cheetah,
    It was like 8:30 pm and my mom had reached home,
    She called me to inform me about dinner,
    Than i told her I'm teaching charu so I'll come at 9 pm,
    But when I reached home I was welcomed by a loud voiced scolding,
    (As she told me to turn on the lights at evening whenever I was home alone,
    But I expected myself home before the evening ,which was surely a failed Idea because *refer up),
    So I told her that I had nothing for the day except an omellete that she didn't believe,
    However I was lucky enough to get a proper meal with chapati and vegetable,with a bliss of some rice,
    That night I slept for even too long....

    (This was a nighmarish experience for me as I expected to plan my day more excitedly as I have prepared for all my chapters,
    But it turned out to be a doomsday for me which stole almost a whole day from me and I was left with just few hours ,
    A whole day just vanished for me like thanos had left the half world empty,
    It was a day that was the shortest day of my life also a very dark and depressing one ....)