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  • julyscarlett 2w

    I have forgotten............ Unknown worth of the worthy

    Sorry love I have not forgotten actually but instead I have never realised until now that the beautiful colours of my life were actually painted from the tears and hardwork of many people who love me unconditionally. It's because I have it easily available their love and care I have never
    got to realise it's worth. They never showed it how times had been cruel to them just to make me feel better and a little more beautiful So now I understand why the colours fades away with the passing time.............. it's because they have been ignored beyond their worth...©julyscarlett

  • angel_sneha 10w


    मंजिल दूर पर सफर बहुत हैं
    छोटी सी जिंदगी की फ़िकर बहुत हैं
    खा जाती कब की ए दुनियां हमें
    लेकिन माँ की दुआओं का असर बहुत हैं ....... !!


  • kkalpana 21w

    न थमी है घड़ी कि सुइयाँ कभी
    न थमेगी कभी भी।

    परन्तु मानो ठहर सा जाता है ये वक़्त
    जब कभी माँ कि आँखों में अश्रु है दिखते।
    ठहर सा जाता है ये वक़्त
    जब कभी पापा गले से है लगा लेते।


  • akkualku 27w


    Thoda sa waqt maa baap ko v diya kro
    Kya pata kab kya hojaye yaha...
    Aaj sabkch h yaha par waqt hai hi kaha
    Puri zindagi k safar mai bhagte hi firoge
    Sayad kabhi kahi na giroge
    Bass Itna smj lo yaaro...
    Jish din apke pass waqt hoga...
    Ushdin sayad maa baap hi na rahe

    Bass kch zindagi k kch pal....
    Aaj ho ya ho kal...
    Unke namm kariyega...


  • mirsaima 50w

    My love#momdad#life#love your parents

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    My parents

    When everyone left us only our parents stand
    Even on heartbreaks from beloved and friends they hold our hand

  • storyteller_agam_ 53w

    A letter to mom and dad.❤️

    Dear Mom and Dad,
    I know you both have been there for me every day since you first found out about mom's pregnancy. I love you both so so much and am also thankful for so much more. I have no idea if you know or no that how much .I really appreciate everything you have done and so for me. You both are my heroes. Everytime ,I just want to cry all negativity out, I still look up to you and you both don't even realise it.

    You both have been my guides and has made all the tracks for me. Making from the starting and guided me when I took some unsure steps right from an infact no matter how far we are and what separates us but I know you're always there for me. You don't even know that how much. I appreciate your presence whenever I am away from you, your thoughts always keep striking my mind.

    You both are my persons who I always look to whenever I receive a news, doesn't matter good or bad. Whenever, I have a bad day, you are the first one to know about it and whenever anything good happens, you are the one who adds more colours to it. Whenever, I am about to fall, you are the only one who supports me. I don't know how to thank you both for what you have done for me.

    Papa, who gave me all the life lessons from his experience, mumma who always stood by my side, I wouldn't be anything without you my lifelines. You both are the most important people of my life. Without you both, I am nothing. Dear Mom and Dad, I know I get rude at times and shout on you but the later disappointment leaves me to a hate crew. I know I rarely say you 'sorry' and 'thank you' but you won't ever know now much I care for you.

    Dad, you have been so strong and made me too, thank you for always to pushing me out of my comfort zone to do wonders. I know, for months you have also been answering the same question but you never took

    wrong, when I returned from school crying yours was the shoulder to cry on.

    Mom, thankyou for waking up early for me when you slept so late, thankyou for making the best of breakfast and along with tiffin giving me cake.

    Thankyou for being there when I needed you the most and when I just needed to hear your voice. Dad, you always gave me joy by bringing presents for me daily and cheers to all those Sundays when you used to take me to a long drive to have all my favourite chocolates.

    You taught me patience, honesty, kindness, strength and hard work. You taught me how to treat others and how to respect. Thankyou for being the coolest and best ever dad. Never ever forget that no matter how old I grow or when I marry my dear future husband, I will still and always be your little girl. I love you so much dear dad! ❤️

    Mommy, you have been always for me in many ways. You always tolerate drama and hear all my complaints. You keep watching me go on wrong path when I fall you make me raise tell the hard part. Tell me the solution and make me happy being.

    We share a bond so strong and find that no daughter- mother duo I know would never be cross mine.

    You are encourage me everyday and be my saviour during all those nights when I have a harsh work touching heights. You constantly remind me that I am a better writer than I really think. At every game you were there to cheer me up. You always made sure that I always ate when just wanted to finish my work.

    You always held my hand tight and just because you I was able to touch really higher heights. You are a blessing in disguise. You poured yourself into nurturing me and raising me to be a good human being. I will forever be grateful for all that you have done for me . Thank you Mumma for always being there. I love you to the universe and back my mom!❤️

    Mom and Dad, you both created me and transformed me a person I am today. I couldn't have done that if you weren't there for me. You introduced me to Lord from a very young age but never pressured me and only guided me. I cannot imagine my world without you .Thank you for giving me the greatest gift which many parents ignore and some don't because of the lack of money. That is, 'EDUCATION'. Thank you for educating me. You pushed me to be the next version of myself. You always encouraged me to aim high and dream big and always work hard to achieve it. Both of you are the best parents, I could have ever asked for and I am and I will always be grateful that I call you both my mum and dad. You are my God! I love you both so so so much! ❤️

    Forever yours and only yours favourite daughter,

  • mansi_rawat 54w

    Life seems to be so easy everytime when mom and dad tells me that we will be always beside you no matter what the hell you are going through

  • _deepanshu 54w

    Maa papa ❤️

    हाल चाल तो कोई भी पूछ लेगा ,
    ख्याल तो बस मां -बाप ही रखेंगे

  • swapnil2001 56w

    Tyaag jivan ki sundarta aur mann ki shanti prapt karne me sahayak banta hai ...
    #tyag #mirakee #yqbaba #yqdidi #love #truth #inspiration #trueworld #fact #quoteonfact #life #momdad

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    त्याग यह शब्द ही खुद से हटकर दूसरों के बारे में सोचने का है । त्याग जीवन की वह कड़ी है जब हम अपनी खुशियों और इच्छाओं को दूसरों पर निछ़ावर कर देते हैं।इसकी साक्षात प्रतिमा माता-पिता हैं , जिन्होंने अपना सम्पूर्ण जीवन हमारे लिए त्याग दिया । हमारी खुशियों में अपनी खुशियाँ खोजी, हमारा पेट भरा भले खुद भूखे रहे, हमारे सपनों के लिए अपने सपने छोड़ दिए। माता-पिता के स्नेह को कोटि-कोटि नमन ।

  • feel4rmheart_atulkhater 60w

    माता पिता


  • hemant_07 61w

    My parents married young
    Became mummy and daddy so soon
    Loving them is realising They had dreams like me
    Doubts and hardships too My dad became softer
    My mum harsher
    Yet I know that love hasn't changed
    Grey hair
    Selflessness of a saint Staples of my father
    Brown eyes Worn hands
    Biting words
    Care in every thought She holds our world up on her strong shoulders I love them
    I know them
    Full of dreams and human to the bone.


  • roheet 63w

    मां, बाप

    वक़्त नहीं इंसान बदलते है
    दिल नहीं, जज़्बात बदलते है
    बदलते है रिश्ते सारे बस
    मां, बाप नहीं बदलते हैं।

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  • shagufta_sikki09 67w

    Letter to Mummy & Papa

    My Dear Mummy & Papa,
    Abhi bolo,
    "Agar padhai nahi karega, toh hum WiFi hi bandh kar denge. Bolo bolo ."
    by ©alfaaz_e_zindagi12

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  • inked_feeling 74w

    मां बाप

    पाना है अगर नाम तो एक काम कीजिए
    अपने मां बाप का सम्मान कीजिए।
    जीवन की कड़ी धूप में जो बनते है ठंडी छांव,
    ऐसे मां बाप का ना अपमान कीजिए।।
    जिसने सहे हैं दुःख हज़ारों आपके लिए,
    उनकी आखों में आंसू को ना आने दीजिए।
    उंगली पकड़ कर जिसने चलना सिखाया,
    कांपते हाथों को उनके थाम लीजिए।।
    पाना है .....…...


  • shroh__ 74w

    बचपन मे ना कोई समज थी दुनिया की ,
    ना थी कोई दुनियादारी |
    अब माँ बाप मे बसती है दुनिया ,
    और वही मेरी दुनियादारी |

    Shravani Kadam

  • raj_dahima 74w


    Aap dono ki jodi kabhi na tute
    khuda kare kabhi aap ek dusre se na ruthe
    yunhi ek hokar zindagi bitayen
    aap dono se khushiyaan
    ek pal k liye bhi dur na hoye..


  • preetpanchal 75w

    The Real Creator

    They existed before you were born
    Trying to create a wonderful world for you.
    Yes, they are your parents
    The Real Creator of your life!


  • agyaatladka 77w


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    माता पिता

    सूरज की कड़कती धूप में उनका आंचल छांव सा है,
    वो आंचल किसी और का नहीं मेरी मां का हैं,

    सूरज की कड़कती धूप में चलते अपनी राह में मंज़िल की तरफ एक कन्धा सहारा सा है,
    वो कन्धा किसी और का नहीं मेरे पिता का हैं!