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  • ashyels 1d

    "When It Fades Away" —Ashyels
    Monday, June 14, 2021

    @ashyels @mirakee
    #mom #death #mother #ashyels

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    When It Fades Away

    When it fades away.
    This heart starts trembling.
    These eyes stop observing.
    And things seem to be disappearing.

    When it fades away.
    These feet can't step forward.
    Though I'm able to run faster.
    This body is just too fragile to move.

    When the moon fades away.
    I promise to get everything done.
    As much and perfect as I can.
    Before I ask to be faded away.

    Monday, June 14, 2021

  • silent_smiling_face 1d


    बचपन में मै जब भी स्कूल से वापस आता था तो सबसे पहले माँ को ढुढता था।
    काम कुछ नहीं होता था, बस एक बार उनको देख लेता था तो सारी थकान दूर हो जाती थी।।

  • miriel_oye 2d

    Dry Eyed

    The sky has a secret message for those who believe in phases. One day you can be full of black clouds that bring you rain and other days, you will be clear and blue.
    Sometimes the sun will sprinkle some orange hue on you, other times it glares a pale yellow of disapproval in your face.
    Mama learnt this the hard way. That life worked in stages. While sometimes it gave reasons to soar wings across the blue expanse, It also sends lightning across grey clouds that burn the wings and remind mere mortals of their place.
    It seemed, from what I recall, that the sky always wept when Mama was alive. When they placed her into calloused hands that only knew how to draw heaps and harvest yams. When she writhed in agony and pushed out a replica of her- dark eyes and matted brown hair. When the hands that caressed her turned and kissed her face with slaps.
    Sometimes, just sometimes, the sun would peek through the darkness and the oranges in our garden would brighten up, but then roaring clouds roll in and choke out thriving seeds of joy and satisfaction.
    Ironic. That the moment Mama faded like stars in broad daylight, the sky watched dry eyed and the sun stayed for longer.

  • athulya_nair 2d

    Sunny Seas or Stormy Skies..
    When none cares enough to bother..
    She stays through truths and lies..
    She is my very beloved Mother!

    Unconditional is the name of her care..
    The one to stick through thick and thins..
    The ones that hurt me, of her beware!
    In the game of love, she always wins.

    Delish is only the food that she feeds..
    Selfless is the only act she knows..
    Unhesitant to put mine over her needs..
    Still, she loves more than she shows.

    For my success, she's the one that strives..
    For my joy, she's ready to take all the pain.
    Mom, I don't care if I get so many lives..
    If I be reborn, I need you to be my mom again!



  • bewildered_lyricist 3d


    You write few chapters knowing they are perfect‍❤️‍
    Yet, you let them hide behind the darkness of uncertainty,
    You leave it to the hands of time to refind them⏱️
    But with an intense wish for your dreams to come true❤️


  • rasheederh 5d

    Blessed human
    With blessed offspring
    The odds never made
    You neglect compassion

    Your heart filled with
    Cozy warmth, humanity
    Patience and love
    Enduring in strives, gentleness

    Bearing little souls
    In hardship and contractions
    Feeble and weak in a stance
    But your love watered my evolution

    Growing admist your nurture
    and bliss,a step and a step
    Your guidance inflicts courage,
    Ancient modesty binds your words.

    Your guidance a verity of wisdom
    Thy path of light bestows in your eyes.
    That even in your absence death never
    Disperse your myth, for your meekness echos abiding.

    There have been nothing better than been
    One of your own, How better your nurture
    Inspires my soul,with your blessed tears and
    Silent prayers ,I found a warmth my heart held
    Tenderly,I shall dwell in the light of your love .

    In your tale I found the lessons of the world
    A matching breed of honest, gratitude ,and virtue.

    This is very heartbreaking �� for me she left us when we
    couldn't show back the love and affection she showed to us.
    May your soul be at peace wherever you might be.

    May your gentle and enduring soul Rest in the Lord's Abode... Ameen ��


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    There have been nothing better than
    Been one of your own,how better your
    Nurture inspires my soul,in your blessed tears
    And silent prayers I found a warmth my heart
    Held tenderly,I shall dwell in the light of your love.

    In your tale I found the lessons of the world
    A matching breed of honesty, gratitude and virtue.

    © Rasheederh

  • wild_babe 5d

    The Last time,
    I slept most peacefully
    was when I slept on
    my mom's hands.

    She is the first, that last forever.

  • orotund 1w

    June 9 '21
    Random but yeah not gon' delete later.

    @morsel #mom #masterpiece #ol_bp #ohdarling

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    Oh darling, there is no point of you talking behind my back.
    I don't care whatchu gonna think of me cause that doesn't even matter.
    My mom often says she's proud of being a mother of a MASTERPIECE.
    Maybe that's actually true, I mean, just look at ME!

    ©orotund | Bhargavi aka Dolly

  • vikashpandey_ 1w

    मम्मी कहती है , पक्का यें काम करेगा!
    बताओ ना जल्दी , कब यें बाल बढे़गा!!
    आईना में जब रूप उतारूँ , देखकर मुझकों चाद कहेगा!
    केश हिलाकर झुमका चुमे , धीरे-धीरे बयार बहेगा!!
    धूप की किरणें पडे़गी जब मुझपर, देख के दूरी हाथ मलेगा!
    होगी स्वयंबर एक दिन मेरी , सहजादों की कतार लगेगा!!
    आंखों में काजल होठों पर लाली, पैरों में पायल झनकार बजेगा!
    आसमानी सितारे बनाएंगे महफ़िल, चांदनी गले का हार लगेगा!!
    छोटी गुड़िया की प्यारी बातें, मम्मी मेरी ये ख्वाब रहेगा!
    कोई तो हल बताओ न मम्मा, कब ये मेरा बाल बढे़गा!!

    #mom #daughter #love #hair #thoughts #hindi
    #writers #hindiwriters #mirakee

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    मम्मी कहतीं है

    मम्मी कहती है , पक्का यें काम करेगा!
    बताओ ना जल्दी , कब यें बाल बढे़गा!!

  • ms_dimple__ 1w

    Remember that ....

    Never hurt someone who loves you
    Because some mistakes
    Can never be amended ...
    Once you have made them .

  • wild_babe 1w

    Anyone like me out here? #mom #indianmom @mirakee


    Me : Mom, My leg fractured
    Mom: All because of that phone, I'm gonna break it one day.

    Me: Mom, can I go out
    Mom: when I'm at your age...( same story 100th time )

    Me: Mom, I'm hungry
    Mom: Now only you ate... Go and come after 10 hours

    Me: Mom, he is my best friend
    Mom: Boys are frauds, don't believe anyone

    Me: Mom, I'm going to my friend home
    Mom: don't drink anything.. they may mix poison in juice

    Me: Mom, Can we go to shopping?
    Mom: money is not hanging at trees like fruits

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    " When I'm at your age" are the most repeated sentences from mom, same story nth time

  • jameerahmn 1w

    My mom is my crown
    Her innocency is my morn,
    She pretends like nothing happen
    But i always makes her fun,
    If she becomes silence
    I search her absence

  • hansikasr 1w


    Sometimes when everything falls apart,
    All we need is a tight hug, soothing heart beat,
    And a promising pair of eyes, that said,
    The world is still not too bad!
    And mom is an expert!

  • aprilspring 1w


    MOM...only few words for u
    There was a time I felt your warmth
    I was all protected and spoonfed and kept in secrecy from the world
    U lost your charm, shape and beauty
    Took care of me, 'cause it was your duty.
    Then finally it was time, that warmth was no more intact
    The cold world was with whom I came in contact.
    But no, you were still there, smiling from a distance
    Waiting for me to come crawling, walking and running towards you.
    You held my hand and taught me to stand
    Made me strong, taught me what's right and wrong.
    You never expected anything in return,
    But you were in deep concern.
    You were ready to face the new "teen" me.
    I never understood you and you never understood me
    It was all a mess planned by the destiny.
    Suddenly we felt a wall in between us
    There was no warmth but only coldness like that on Uranus.
    We fought our lives on our own
    Formed a cist around
    It was all a messy merry go round
    We planned to do what we were supposed to
    "Calm Down"
    You had the long life experience of having patience
    Told me to calm down, held my hands to fight this
    We fought together, surprisingly became the best of friends ever
    Now, I get the same warmth again,
    Nothing changed, it's just that we are no more mother-daughter.
    In fact we are best friends forever
    Love u mumma


  • tanishkaramola 2w


    मां है जीवन देने वाली,
    मां है जीवन जननी,
    भार है जिस पर घर का,
    वह है हमारे घर की ग्रहणी,
    बिना बोले सब कुछ समझ लेती,
    किसका क्या काम है वह नहीं भूलती,
    अपनी शौक भूलकर,
    हमारे भविष्य का सोचती,
    चाहे उस पर कष्ट हो,
    फिर भी वह हमारे दुख हर लेती,
    जब भी हमें डर लगता है,
    हम मां के उस आंचल में छुप जाते हैं,
    जिस आंचल में कभी प्यार की कमी नहीं होती,
    हमारे लिए तो दुनिया से लड़ लेती,
    चाहे हम सही हो या गलत,
    मगर उतना ही बाद में डांटती,
    मां हमारा वह हर काम आसान कर देती,
    जिस काम से हमें तकलीफ होती,
    हमारे हर इच्छा पूरी कर देती,
    जिस बात से हमारी खुशियां है जुड़ती।

  • _champak_laal_ 2w

    #mom's love
    #incomplete sleep

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    late to sleep(my will )
    early to wake (mom's will )

  • abi009 2w


    Tiny steps to a stranger's world;
    Dumb-fonded by the incident and cried out louder.
    You fetched me under your arms and gave a kiss,
    And the minute droplets were freeze within a min.

    When time arrived to see the world;
    I was scared to be rejected and fell all alone.
    But you recollected me,arranged me to be in a order;
    Gathered the power in me to represent myself upon the stage of my own character.

    Betrayed by the generation,
    Use and thrown by the mates.
    But you stood as you were,
    Protesting every misdeed and fault to not hamper my way.

  • just_happysoul 2w

    My Soldier

    Mothers too become a soldier
    Their biggest battle will be
    on their home front.

  • frederico 2w

    Lullabies Memory

    I remember how my mom
    used to sing me lullabies,
    though I don't remember
    most of the wordings.

    I used to sing along,
    though often missed out on some lines,
    yet fell asleep
    till the break of dawn.

    The lullabies became less
    as time slowly seem to pass
    and as I try to remember them now,
    none seem to have last.

    30 May 2021

    #LullabiesMemory #lullabies #thoughts #memories #mom #inspiration

    Image credit to the rightful owner

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