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  • vinaypandey84 7w

    जो दूसरों को दुख देकर खुद हस्ता है।
    तो होनी उसे दुख देकर सौ सौ बार रुलाती है।
    इसलिए दूसरो को दुख देने से पेहले इतना अवश्य सोच लेना चाहिए।
    यदि इसी दुख का वज्र अपने सिर पर गिरे तो क्या होगा।।
    भगवत गीता

  • pallavi4 31w

    Many masters, many lives

    I was born an old soul in the body of a child
    To loving parents in a comfortable home
    And knew as a youngster that this would be
    The last time on this earth that I would roam

    I was born and became a young widowed Indian woman
    With a small baby, a white sari and long raven hair
    I still remember the feel of the cold wind on my cheek
    And always wishing that I could go back there

    I was born and became a fat Chinese priest
    Who was councillor to the then powerful king
    I sold important state papers to the enemy for which
    I was thrown into boiling water on a fire ring

    I was born and grew up to be a teenage French boy
    Who would watch his landowners daughters play
    As they brushed out their hair sitting by the windows
    Hoping to be one of “them” one day

    I was born and went on to be an English boy of five
    An orphan and would beg for food on the streets
    Who died hungry, of malnutrition and starvation
    A small blip on a city’s garbage heap

    I was born and became a Scottish soldier who fought
    Wars in her Majesty’s army to protect her crown
    Die I did on the battlefield nameless and unknown
    My body lay lifeless, crushed on the grassy ground

    I was born and grew up to be a female Egyptian dancer
    In the court of a powerful pharaoh - the king
    And was kidnapped by the enemy and died after being
    Bitten by a snake while wearing lots of bling

    I was born only to one day became one
    With the earth of which I was born
    This time whenever I breathe my last
    It will be last time I see another dawn

    In most cultures across the globe it is believed that each of us are reborn 7 times before being given salvation or “moksha”. Each birth is significant because it may follow a sequence or in some pattern fulfil the roles of - the infant, the learner, the explorer, the lover, the achiever, the giver and the transcendence. Since only the soul takes another form/body it is said that as children we are born with some knowledge of our previous births which gradually fades as we grow older. Some people believe that we are watched over by our ancestors that become our guardian angels/masters , hence the term seven masters, seven lives. In my culture, Hindus understand re-incarnation as a continuous process till the soul attains the qualifications required for Moksha. It is then that the soul moves to another plane, another dimension, free from the cycle of rebirth and hence the burdens and pains of life.


    27th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “Many masters, many lives” taken from a book by the same name by Dr. Brian Weiss

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  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 61w

    It's easy to die

    It's hard to live

    But then
    here are mine soulmates
    who loves me with all their hearts
    and loving whom I feel alive

    For them I need to live

    And here are also my fellow human race,
    the benevolent nature
    and her wonderful creations
    whose lives could get better
    with mine life's existence here

    Moksha for me is selfish
    when my fellow beings
    would continue to suffer
    how could I rest in peace up there ?

    I need to be here for my people
    and for all mine beings,
    for this nature,
    for our planet earth
    by living a humane life
    contributing mine humane works
    and keep continuing it
    in this life,
    next life
    and lives
    and lives
    to go
    and come
    till all the hells of this planet decomposes
    to germinate a new heaven
    being thus built on our planet earth,
    all humane and just.

    Moksha can wait until this !

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    Might be heavens
    are a beautiful place
    for souls to reside

    Might be it feels light floating
    beyond the body there

    Might be death be a beginning
    of a new eternal life there

    Might be it would be the end of
    all the traumas and scars
    this earthly life usually brings with

    Might be to sleep forever is a bliss
    unaware of any levels of consciousness
    to sense anything

    Might be leaving the body after
    it's natural course
    is attaining nirvana

    Might be then nothing would matter
    Religion, gender, caste,
    sexuality, history, geography
    and something more
    or anything less and nothing else

    I choose to be alive here
    for mine soulmates
    and soulgroups

    I choose to be alive here
    for my fellow human race
    along with the floras and faunas
    encircling mine environ

    And after this lifetime ends
    I would still choose
    to be reborn again and again
    for mine soul quads
    and so also for this planet
    and its innumerable souls

    To contribute
    To reform
    To experience
    A better life
    and lives around
    and make this earth
    a better place
    to healthfully survive


  • mahima_sangwan 66w

    You are the reverence.
    I am the ascetic.
    You are the penance.
    I am the miscreant.

  • sugandhswani_ 80w

    Times change!

    20 Year Old Me: Moksha?! What Moksha? Life is so beautiful! I would wanna live it again and again and again!

    Me, 10 years later: I am done with everyone and everything! Kill me and I never wanna come back!

  • writer_sea 81w

    From - 7 Secrets of Shiva by Devdutt Pattnaik.
    We imagine what happens after death, we imagine a world without death, we imagine a world without us and wonder what is the point of life. Unable to make sense of things, we try to control life.
    Shiva gives us Moksha - A wisdom to outgrow fear!

    #fear #life #death #imagination #lordshiva #7secretsofshiva #devduttpattnaik #moksha #wisdom

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    Our fear is greater
    because we can imagine.


  • nirav_prajapati 101w

    फिर से उफान पर चढता हुआ यह सर्द दिसंबर और उसमें ये मेरे मकान कि बाल्कनी, बाल्कनी कि विन्डो पर छाया यह कोहरा मानो किसी कैनवास पेपर के माफिक मालूम पड रहा हैं। कड़ाके कि ठंड मे ठिठुरने से मानो मेरी उँगलियाँ पेन्ट ब्रश हो गई है और उसी कैनवास बनी विन्डो पर मैं अपनी उँगलियों से सिर्फ तुम्हारी तस्वीर बनाना चाहता हूँ। कोहरे मे छिपी बारीक बुंदों को मैं सतरंगी इन्द्रधनुष सा महसूस कर रहा हूँ।उसीके दरमियाँ म्यूजिक सिस्टम मे धीमे वोल्युम मे बजता हुआ तुम्हारा वो पसंदीदा गाना! हाँ वो ही, 'छूँ कर मेरे मन को' जो कभी मेरा भी हुआ करता था और उसके अल्फाजों से,छाया हुआ यह कोहराम और भी घना होता जा रहा हैं। मेज़ पर रखी चाँय की गर्म भाँप भी अब इस कोहरे मे घुलने लगी है और सारा फसाना भी मौजूदा स्थिति को बयां करने से परे हो गया है। मानो वक्त तक कन्फ्यूज हो उठा हो कि ये कैसा वक्त हो चला हैं। रात कि चरमसीमा सर्दी कि तीव्रता को भी बढाने लगी हैं ओर कोहरे की भी! कि जैसे ही तुम्हारी तस्वीर उसके अंतिम पडाव तक पहुचती है कि तुरंत पानी बन बह जाती है! दिसंबर कभी इतना भी सर्द नही लगा कि सब कुछ धुँधला दिखने लगे..सब कुछ!!

    ©Nirav Prajapati_23

  • baalika_alisha 106w

    Ye raahein le chali kahan

    जाने ये राहें ले चली कहाँ
    जाने ये राहें ले चली कहाँ
    घूम सी घुमसुम सी
    ले चली कहाँ?
    बस यूँ लगता है जैसे चलते जाना है-२
    मंज़िल का ना कहीं पता
    बेख़बर, जानें ये राहें ले चली कहां
    हमसफ़र साथ हो तो कुछ कह सकें,
    हमसफ़र का साथ हो तो कुछ कह सकें
    चुपचाप सी
    जाने ये राहें ले चली कहाँ
    लगता है कुछ कहेँगे तो खुद को ही सुन सकेंगे-२
    सन्नाटे से भरी
    गुमसुम सी
    जानें ये राहें ले चली कहाँ…..
    मन्ज़िलें भी दिखती नहीं..
    मँज़िलें भी दिखती नहीं..

  • yosemite 112w

    My quest

    Will my quest for peace ever end?
    Will these wounds never heal?
    My life's canteen lost its last drop of hope,
    All my broken soul feels is the merciless sun.
    Will I never receive the gift of sleep?
    I pray the curtains of life fall,
    My soul shall finally fall into Oblivion,
    These mere worldly pains shall fade.
    My quest for peace shall finally end,
    When these ashes of mine find comfort in the lap of nature.
    With no light at the end of the tunnel,
    With no more fortune than misfortune!
    For dust thou art,to dust returnest,

  • shivatado 130w

    Neither I read her face
    nor her mind.
    I engaged to her smile,
    I thought the best I find.
    I am not so superstitious,
    But her magic is what I felt,
    I was all rock solid,
    But I found myself melt.
    Spellbound her beauty,
    killing the patience in me,
    I pleaded for a treaty.
    My feelings weren't so silent,
    she arranged peace too swiftly.
    Touched my inner so deeply,
    I sold my dreams on her keenly.
    She is the definition
    my imagination seeked,
    love is what, her alluring 
    soul preached. 
    Ah! I am the Shambhu
    She is my moksha.

  • avadhuta 131w

    Thus I found you

    O my ocean let me drawn
    I have found him in you
    Assuming you as my enemy
    For ages I was far from you
    Sun like all days used to rise
    Moon like all days spread light
    This earth wandered around the sun
    And I lost me in my run
    Light departed the smog
    Oh my me thus I found you today
    That now though I wander way long
    But in all directions I wander in you
    Though still I talk to strangers I meet
    But in all those faces I talk to you
    And thus my me I have found you.

  • avadhuta 131w

    मन मेरे

    मन ए मेरे तू ठहर
    नगरी विशाल, यू न सेहेर
    घूम घूम थक जाएगा
    पर कहीं ठहर नहीं पाएगा
    बन पंछी न दूर तू जाना
    अभी भी बहुत दूर तलक
    है अपना ठिकाना
    प्यास ह तो पास ही जाना
    भटक गया तो प्यासा ही रेह जाना
    मन मेरे दूर ना जाना

  • vasubandhu 133w


    शिक्षा-सजगता, संघर्ष-स्वनिर्मिती,
    कलम व जिसकी वाणी थी।
    उसपर न्योछावर हो बैठे,
    तर्क की जिसकी शिक्षा थी।

    देह नही विचार को समझो,
    जिसकी ऐसी कथनी थी।
    कहासुनी को मान लिया तथ्य,
    हमने ऐसी करनी की।

    नित सोचा उद्धार का जीसने,
    क्या सोच का सही विस्तार किया?
    उसकी मुरत को पूजने लगे,
    पत्थर पुजन जीसने टोका था।

  • lordfiredragon 137w


    As the Devil is lost in dark corners, God is focused on the stages light.
    As the Devil is bound to destruction and consume creation, God strives to build and release your soul.
    Both are necessary for the system to be functional, without either the whole creation will crumble.
    What if God and Devil created this world for us to see, that good and bad forces can stay together in balance to create the perfect world.
    People love God that makes him stronger
    People hate Devil that makes him stronger
    What if they were two sides of the same coin
    An Supreme entity leading us to moksha.
    That the true path to every soul.

  • amandajane_12000 139w

    To see the whole, you have to become nothing.

  • avadhuta 142w

    तू ही तू

    हां कि अब ऐसा ही है
    कि फिरता नहीं मैं लेकर कासा
    बनती बुझती आशा निराशा
    बैठ गया हूं खुद में जाकर
    फिरता नहीं मैं घर घर द्वार पर
    की जान गया हूं मैं
    हो नहीं तुम इस संसार मैं
    ओ मेरे प्रीत गीत मनमीत
    हां अब मैं तुमसे बातें करता हूं
    तेरे लिए आंखें भरता हूं
    हूं मैं कि अब सिर्फ तू ही तू है
    अब इतना भी होश कहां है
    अब कुछ भी है ही कहां

  • ashwinn 161w


    Each day when my mind receives a thousand cuts, by the merciless swords of agony
    A shiver engulfs my body
    Shaking desperately expecting someone to provide the blanket of security, trust.
    A fear runs through my veins, terrorising my limbs and even killing my confidence.
    Anger though calmly it resides laying somewhere in the corners of the shattered self
    Wakes up to dance in my head
    Crushes my compassion, love and peace.
    My body freezes , eyes still and numb
    I fall down by the sudden gush of depressive wind
    Only to break the frozen soul
    There are moments of emptiness
    That emptiness which is devoid of space
    Old memories keep on piercing their spearheads into the innocent heart.
    This torture slowly starts plunging me into the unconscious state
    The eye light becomes dim
    Veins stop flowing leaving a cold body

    My friends., please lay to me to rest in the grave.
    Dont pray for my after life for i want to sleep silently in the creator's lap
    Put some fragrant flowers of happiness
    Sprinkle some dust of courage on my grave
    I sleep now.

  • _iankitsingh___ 166w


    I read an Instagram post,
    I thought of

    Considering that
    Am I at


    Stuck in a repetitive


    Yeah, but really,
    Did I


    © Ankit Singh

  • youthocrat 172w


    If what we see around us is the reflection of the light falling on that object then the moment we see a star twinkling in the sky that star is already many light years old. Imagine if aliens living thousand light years from us developed a telescope that can see you and me .The time they see us we are already dead and thosand of years has already passed by

    We all live forever..just change the perspective

  • iamjustsomebody 181w


    मन ये बनारसी हो चला है
    ये एहसास कुछ यूँ हुआ है

    के जब इक पूरी ज़िन्दगी जी ली होगी
    और कहीं भी न होंगे हम

    तब भी खुद को पता होगा
    के मणिकर्णिका होंगे हम ।