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  • dreamersneverlearn 17w

    I believe in empathy

    I don't believe in organized religion
    Things that require faith over facts
    A holy book that demeans women ,gays and promotes slavery
    I don't follow any leaders
    Actors playing their role
    We cling on their words and choose a side
    Politics and religion will always be our divide

    I do believe in thinking for each self
    I believe in living your own life,
    And allowing others to do the same
    Love is Real . Kindness can heal
    Though we may differ from our beliefs
    If united ,we're impossible to beat
    I don't believe that day will come

  • julyhues 45w

    Dark dungeons of dolls
    holy heaven at dawn
    Ripe fruits hanging low
    This world is hollowing slow
    Gratitude a seldom alms
    Tattered clothes are fashion qualms
    Treachery runs deep within
    In conventions of modern fit-in's
    Here water turns grey and black
    And the sky above in azure lacks
    Love is a question beyond
    Body and shapes are magic wands
    Lilac here is purple thirsty
    Relationship skip the warm chemistry
    Screams and beams are music of glow
    Lift one foot at a time
    Don't trip on the floor
    This mania would soon end
    when dolls would get real than pretend

  • annabelle81 49w

    faithful is dead in the name of boring relationship. Instead of solve the problems we choose to looking another entertainment. But we are forget, its all temporary.
    Because the art of life is how you dancing in the rain and see the flower grows after the rain.
    we are being spoilt with instant moment and less patience for the process.
    we used to rush and run instead of slowdown sometimes.
    we are forget. we are all forget.
    In the name of modern lifestyle, we throw all the values as human being and become inhuman to ourselves and also to others.
    How sad it is...


  • alphav 64w

    If I wear less makeup, but I'm still brown, will you stop rejecting me?
    If I dress fully covered without giving a hint of my skin, will you stop harassing me?
    If I reduce my weight, will you carry me on your shoulders for a trip to explore the world?
    If I gain weight, will you place that 'miss universe' crown on my head?
    But, if I do all that i wanted,
    They would call me a slut,
    To whom should I live for?
    Society? Or myself?
    It's time to teach young girls that
    Waxing, clothing, and makeup is their decision,
    Skinny or fat, it is their body,
    A body that's not specifically nourished for their boyfriend nor husband,
    Her body, her choice,
    But her body alone is not her definition ,
    I will wear what I've wanted to,
    I will do what I've wanted to,
    Call me a slut, a bitch?
    Good name from bad people is a sin,
    Shaving is fine, hair on her skin is also fine,
    Lipstick is fine, short dresses are fine,
    Too much, too less, shut them all,
    Everything that she does is fine!
    Framed by:- Sharu Latha
    Id:- @sha_ru_latha
    #feminism #girllife #alphavictor #mychoice #girl #modern #feminist #girly #modernlife #ourchoice #society #social #pain #girls #painoflife #painful #freedom #independence #independent

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    Just because I'm a girl?

    Too much makeup
    Too less clothing,
    Too fat, too skinny,
    Don't wear that,
    Don't do that,
    Don't go there,
    Why? Just because I'm a girl?

  • dreamersneverlearn 69w

    Oh, Baltimore

    There are riots in the streets of Baltimore
    Ignorance is spreading like wildfire
    False news breeds even more hate
    The ones on top
    Far off, in their mansion
    Who will Never experience
    The poverty
    Never feel the pain,
    Spread the lies for all they will gain
    Keep us distracted
    Keep us divivded
    But theres people starving in Baltimore
    Of all races stuck in a hole with no way out . No money for rent nor for food
    You claim it's our own fault
    As if we're all lazy fools...
    But keep in mind
    We have No rich parents to pay for our schools
    We can not help into what family we are born
    Schools with no walls,
    Parks have no trees,
    Only Empathy can kill this hate
    But with your lack of compassion, i fear its too late
    A ten year old was killed by police for skateboarding ..but it wasnt on the news
    that wasnt your child so you have nothing to lose
    There are people in the streets of Baltimore
    knowing no-one cares
    with tears in their eyes
    Rioting the streets and you still wonder why

  • raindropsoncacti 88w

    Night Space, My Place...

    Late to bed, late to study, late to relax.
    Late night is only when I'm allowed.
    Last moments of day wait for me.

    Ordinarily nights are mine...
    Ordinarily I don't mind.
    Only I'm bothered when they're stolen.

    Very rarely do I feel at peace.
    Very seldom am I not rushing.
    Vacant streets bring me solace.

    Everyone needs me by day.
    Everyone depends on me.
    Everything would be a mess if I stopped.

    Fast pace is draining as hell.
    Fast cars, fast talk, fast money.
    Frankly I'd love it to all go away.

    Occasionally I dream of leaving it all.
    Occasionally I imagine getting away.
    Only I'm brought back to reality by midday.

    Racing to school, racing to shops
    Racing to appointments, racing doesn't stop.
    Reprieve comes only at sundown.

    Time to do this, to do that.
    Time to feed the dog, put out the cat.
    The day to day, sure, but exhausting.

    Help doesn't come when you need it.
    Help is what I'm called upon for, not granted.
    How I manage the days without it I'm unsure.

    Endless loads of dishes, half-filled coffee cups.
    Endless mountains of laundry piling up.
    Extra on weekends, of course.

    Nothing is ever good enough, some days.
    Nothing pleases everyone, always!
    Nobody notices how much of my day is theirs.

    Independent women are supposed to "roar".
    Independent and strong, they apparently ally.
    I personally can't stand much of most of it.

    Grieving isn't said, it screams from one's eyes.
    Grieving can't be obvious! Hide that you cried!
    Going out can be harder than people think.

    Home is what I strive for, despite the effort.
    Home is different entirely than "house".
    How oft forgotten pains me; I refuse to" keep a house".

    Tonight I managed to get it all done.
    Tonight I can safely say that I've won.
    The reward for that? I get my night...


  • sanchai 93w

    खुद में खुदा को ढूँढने की कोशिश मत करो तुम,
    दूसरों के पीछे मत मरो तुम,
    दिखावे की दुनिया छोड़कर ,
    अपने अस्तित्व का पालन करो तुम।❇️

  • bellemoon99 95w

    Modern Love

    Some people still expect quixotic acts from their partners so they can prove their love.
    Hey! Romance is something you work for, not something that falls from above.
    True love is in tender everyday acts, not in fancy letters tied to a white dove!

  • skyblaster 95w


    I sat by the river that stared n steered in infinite greens
    Damn i felt i m looking outside of me
    After the urban life runnin day n night
    There was blankness of mind
    With nothin goin inside ,just a blankspace
    As i kept staring in the wild

  • s_aluu 96w

    Untold truth

    We are a sad generation
    with happy pictures

  • scratch_in_head 104w


    इश्क़ की चादर ऐसी थी
    न ओडी गयी
    न बिछायी गयी

    आशिक़ मेरा अपने अहम् में यु
    मगरूर हुआ
    न वो मेरे पास आये
    न मुझे आपने पास बुलाये

    तोहफा मिला है
    पिछले रविवार उनसे

    अब रिश्ते का मोड़ ऐसा है
    न अपना लिया जाये
    न छोड़ दिया जाए

    आधे में अटका सौदा
    (इश्क़ का सौदा
    आखिर कुछ लोगो के लिए
    रिश्ते एक transaction है)
    आधे में अटका सौदा
    ज़हन में अटकी थी बात
    न बतायी जाए
    न जताई जाए

  • rithu_saji 105w

    I really just wanna go back to being a kid again with no worries and just fun all the time. Kids don't have a file in their minds called "what will other people think " or " what next" . Its really cute to see the friendship of kids because it's just so pure and I witnessed such a pair of kids today it really just blew my mind and reminded me how to be happy for the little things in life.


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    Most of that which happens in your life is just a matter of your perception. You can either look at it from the bright side or the dark side.Nothing in this world is gonna let you down if you have good friends. A friend is someone who helps you up when you are in that inevitable downward spiral in your life that we all have to face at some point in our lives and if they can't they just lay down beside you and listen....

  • rithu_saji 105w

    In that cliche phase
    of life that we all
    come across
    In our twenties.....
    of finding oneself.. ..
    But sometimes cliches
    are inevitable..
    So you've gotta accept that..


  • rithu_saji 107w

    Be a non conformist weirdo.

    Own your weird
    Never just fit in
    Refuse to conform
    Coz hey it's your life!
    For years we have been like a herd of sheep
    Guided by what other people think
    Fearing to step out into the paths less taken.
    But now it's time ..
    To unsubscribe from those fears
    And beat the prescribed societal algorithms.

    In the age of clickbait and flashy
    In a world of consumerism
    Have less, not more.
    Want less, not more.
    Own your self and let nothing own you.


  • reshmamerani 112w


    Loneliness is a disease. It isn't a phase, nor a feeling. Not even a state of mind. It's a parasite that leeches onto you, and sucks at your nerves. It robs you of your peace of mind and leaves you feeling bereft, drained.

    Never depend on anyone else to make you happy, they say.
    True. That is true, indeed.

    But you know what else is true,
    It's the fact that there's nothing scarier than dreading your own company.


  • its_me_sayare 117w

    Koi raste pe diye bechkar,
    Apne ghar roshni le aata hai,
    Ye uski bhi diwali hai.
    Koi kisi gharse bhangar ki chize uthakr,
    Apna ghar sajata hai,
    Ye uski bhi diwali hai.
    Koi ghar se dur rehkar,
    Gharwalo ki uploads dekhkr khush hai,
    Ye uski bhi diwali hai.
    Koi border pe rehkar,
    Bachpan ki yado me gum hojata hai,
    Ye uski bhi diwali hai.
    Koi pariwar saal bhar dur rehkar,
    Bas diwali sath manata hai,
    Ye uski bhi diwali hai.
    Dukh to sabke hote hai,
    Par jo unme khushiya dhund leta hai,
    Ye un sabki diwali hai. . . .

  • selfdefine 136w

    Grandparents arrived from village
    Many years passed since they met
    Little you was back then, they said
    Hugged her with all their love they had
    Her face showers with their kisses
    They told her about the moments they misses
    Soon she awake by the pop up message
    Her grandma beside her asleep by then
    She got busy with her cellphone like always
    Her grandma want to go outside
    Want to spend time with her in countryside
    Little did they knew that things are changed
    People and their minds are now caged
    Virtual world is where they survive
    They packed their things and go back
    To the world which is so called old model

  • purpleenigma 137w


    What if
    Even the keyboard
    Learned to bleed
    The way that only
    A pen does?


  • chase_meridian_ 158w

    Our modern lifestyles are not conducive to the millennial concept of marriage !!


  • amit13saini 159w

    Ek Ghar mein teen log,
    Alag alag sheharon mein karte hai job,
    Yaad mein rehte hai uski,
    Jo ghar kabhi tha hi nahi,