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  • rebel94 1d

    Gather some time for yourself because no one would like to see you happy

  • sreerams 12w

    Sail against your life's challenges
    To Unveil who you are...

  • _desaiagraja 12w


    कैसे मेरी खामोशियां भी सूनलेता हैं तू
    रूठे हुवे मूजको मना कैसे लेता हैं तू
    वो हमारी बाते भी याद करती हैं हमें दोस्त
    दुनिया के किसीभी कोने से मुझे समझ केसे लेता है तू

    तू दोस्त हैं, इतने सारे रिश्ते केसे निभा लेता है तू
    हर बार इस दिल को कैसे जीत लेता है यार

    क्या खूब लिखी हैं खुदा ने लकीरें हमारी
    तभी तो हुई तुम जेसे दोस्तो से यारी हमारी

  • sreerams 12w

    She mesmerized me with her charm
    And I didn't find any harm
    In walking with her arm in arm...


  • __mywordsyourfeelings__ 13w

    Guyzz plzz do follow my page on Instagram too! ♥️ @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee #mod #pod

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    Everyone was in search of it but,
    you deserve it so you got it💯

  • __mywordsyourfeelings__ 14w


    Some love it to enjoy with the fam
    And some to hide their
    Tear and Pain....

  • rockson 14w

    #jingle @miraquill @writersnetwork #mod #pod

    Miraquill: Feather your writing !

    This oneliner jingle has a deeper meaning. It is double entendre for "Further your writing". By putting feathers on your writing, you're giving it wings, quills to fly high for all eyes to see; you're launching it high into the sky for all to read. Thanks to this miracle (miraquill) platform for making it possible for us young struggling writers to further our writing

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  • shanthi_yella 15w

    Vathi met Vaathi

     I recalled that precious moment when Shenoy sang for me at Candolim beach, when we all went for a picnic.

     Shenoy's Song-

    I know, who you are?
    I know! I know!

    Com'n Aha... aaaaaaa...

    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    With a Cresent-Moon Canthi,
    You are my Vathi.

    With an ornamental Acanthi,
    You are my Lecythi.
    You are my Vathi!

    You pose like a Primrose,
    In a Polyanthi.
    You are my Vathi.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say, you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You run on the beaches with bare feet,
    Sand says a flower is on the beat.

    You try catching the waves,
    Wave says, an utterly- butterfly moves.

    You move around on the Sea-shore,
    Air says, her hair is fragrant lavender.

    You giggle and do a happy dance,
    Sea says, a happy- peacock's rain dance.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You are my inside-out beautiful wife.
    You are my love!
    You are my wifey for life!
    You are my love.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!


    You are adorable…..


    For any meaning please comment

    A poetic dialogue aka song from my novel vathi met Vaathi @webnovel..

  • rodriquezantonio 16w

    Having trouble committing.
    Although my mind wants to pursue something,
    It can be quite misleading.
    The past taught me.
    Yet, still haunts me.
    Never again putting my heart into things.
    My heart is quite deceiving.
    Afraid of getting too close.
    Reel them in.
    PTSD sets in.
    Then, I let them go.
    Catch and Release,
    But I'm only fishing for the attention.
    No one else is deserving of my best.
    They would only take it for granted.
    Leaving me confused and damaged.
    Then riding off into the sunset.
    I'm having trouble committing.
    Does that mean I have unfinished business?
    Or am I holding onto something for no reason?

  • biancaquinn21 18w

    Screams Cry

    Hear her now her screams cry, yet the lonely Shadows that lie slowly grab at her soul , none can here her screams can anyone hear them aloud ....

  • personic 22w

    When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

  • personic 22w

    Lingerie is not about seducing Men

    It's about embracing womanhood..


  • i_am_girish 24w


    While sitting in train on my seat ...
    people around me were silent but
    every other thing was making a beat..
    Sun was shining more than usual..
    My eyes were seeing many more visuals..
    My mind became so clear ..
    Even the voice of my heart it could hear..
    After hearing all of them I asked
    the driver to put the train into next gear...

  • beliebet 30w

    You painted your love in my heart fresco,
    Penetrating through my heart, deep into my soul

  • tessapoetessa 35w

    Red Mist

    Red mist covers the eyes
    The anger again is on the raise
    Clouded mind impulsive rant
    Try to control but just can’t

    Lost in anger blood pressure pulses
    Trying not to act on bad impulses
    Rage takes over my senses hot
    Remembering why and fearing not

    Consequences don’t mean a damn
    No longer care what’s in my hands
    No longer worried about a future
    No longer care people are vultures

    Why does it feel as if I’m attacked
    Constantly ridiculed can’t go back
    Thoughts of death fill my mind
    Wondering if I’ll ever find

    The peace and tranquility desired by all
    Walking, then running, try not to fall
    Running to you with open arms
    Running away from what causes harm

    Love is better left unspoken
    But truth in love is that we are awoken
    Better to love than never had
    But lost love causes us to be sad

    Don’t lose your forever love
    Communicate and listen from above
    Respect your partner by listening quietly
    Do this and live wildly

  • summiya_daires 38w

    #questionku poem
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Just a try .. corrections are always welcomed
    Pls do comment

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    No true bond of love
    All you do is hold a fake smile
    Is this the true meaning of life??

  • itshaffy 38w

    Talking to strangers about the deepest of feelings is really some elite stuff... i could rant here all day lol

    #mod #past #empty #mirakee

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    To my unknown lover

    To the person who loved me
    I'm sorry i made you stop
    To the person who saw me as a best friend
    I'm sorry i wasn't the best
    To my unknown lover
    I'm sorry i couldn't love
    To the person who wanted me to feel something
    I'm sorry I'm still numb
    To the person who gave me all
    Sorry i wasted it.
    Sorry i haven't changed
    Sorry y'all didn't fix it
    Its was not really broken
    It just wasn't top notch
    Sorry i did it again
    I'm sorry i let it fall


  • yangkitdoma_foning 38w

    If your needle Broke, don't put in the a box, if you have a song, don't keep it in your heart, broken is the kite's tail, flew away, past the swamp, broken my heart, while I look at the island, the island is over there, that doesn't want me, if you sail up the river, look for me flowers of mesta mimosa, if you die first between us, from heaven wait for me at the door,

  • summiya_daires 39w

    #Happy republic day
    Even a thousand warriors standing still on the borders of coast ...
    But a few are among us helping people with needs
    A salute to all the warrior's who doesn't wear a uniform but is pride of nation from postmen, security officer,teacher to our covid frontline warriors

    Not every warrior wears a uniform
    She was not a soldier
    But her patriotism was high
    He was not a solider
    But his duty of identity was his pride

    He was not a solider
    But the safety of country men was his life...
    He was not a solider
    But the health of people mattered the most..
    He was not a soldier
    But was always on his duty
    He was not a soldier
    But country's cleanse gave him pride
    She was not a soldier
    But served with dedication for the needy
    She was not a soldier
    But thought the patriotism and love for country.
    He was not a Soldier
    But his delivery of messages was most awaited
    She was not a soldier
    But was mom and wife with heavy heart of a martyr
    He/she was not a soldier
    But a pride , responsible citizen of India

    @ summiya_diaries
    #mirakee #mod

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    A warrior is born again

    Not every warrior has a uniform

  • summiya_daires 40w

    Starting from him to returning towards him....
    The unexpected journey of the expected things turning into blue moon of light....
    Few learning from ,few teaching to other's...
    The vibrant colours of life ...few shining bright at happy and few dim at sad ...
    Afterall controlling self to be safe and be peace at mind and soul....
    Life is to be live its fullest by enjoying every moment .. some by cheering..
    Some by helping.....
    Few moments as sweet but a few as sour.... Yet enjoying the each.....
    Relive the good and forget the bad...
    Re -caputure the best and live life altogether the best of best......