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  • _iexist 15w

    Sitting under a blanket,
    Hands quivering in the snub winter
    I used to admire it most before it docks
    on the grassy fields of areas
    tracked down above sea level
    where Zephyr warmly comes backs and forth
    Like your odor urging the blood of me
    to stream down the whole system
    Enduring the memento
    of love with untamed scars
    rather than known Universe
    beholden when clashed

    empty pages no more
    envy the resolutions
    Of froze out vows
    and thawed ink
    engaged in the war
    Between turn on
    exploring the world
    and solely love
    seeking identity
    simply fits
    the corpse
    like mistletoe
    the Christmas tree.

    subtle fragments
    pretends as a
    hidden veil
    wrapping up
    metaphorical notions
    when bodily ink
    crave it most
    enfold within icicles
    frozen to minus Celsius
    plaguing the letters
    eager to get
    posted and surpass
    her mailbox

    #subtle #universe #iciclec #fragments
    #mistletoec #nyrc @writersbay

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    Eager to get posted
    and surpass her mailbox

  • 300roses 15w

    Bliss is having you by my side,
    with Mistletoe, our sweet tabby cat alongside,
    Delighting as snowflakes fall around us
    like fluffs of white cotton candy.

    Bliss is having you to spend Christmas with,
    You make every moment worthwhile,
    You warm my heart with your smile,
    My Christmas is special because of you.

    Bliss is having you with me as we embark
    on a new journey in the New Year,
    I'm blessed to have you by my side,
    My life would be unimaginable without you.

    Bliss is having you.


    #picturec #snowflakec #mistletoec

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    Bliss is having you.

  • mann_se_ 15w

    Phantom rendezvous with you in Silent Night
    Under Mistletoe in your embrace so tight


  • kompletekaos 16w


    As I stand in the doorway
    Underneath the mistletoe,
    My eyes are closed,
    And cheeks are a glow.
    Patiently waiting for the one
    To make my wish come true.
    For the spark that will only come
    From his kiss I will succumb.à

    I peek through my slanted eye
    Searching for the one I yearn.
    My breath is caught at once
    From the horror I now learn.
    It's not I that my love sees
    But instead my youngest sister.
    Holding all of my composure
    I quietly walk past her and mister.

    Sadness begins to take ahold
    And tears begin to form.
    My heart is heavy from the
    Newly impending storm.
    But as quickly as it started
    It came to an abrupt halt.
    For under the mistletoe I now see
    Someone new for my love's assault.


  • love_whispererr 16w

    Dusk in me

    I was busy with wrapping up your love on my heart so I couldn't realise that, on the spine of my love, you were growing as a mistletoe of heartbreak and I was blooming like a graceful poetry.

    I was busy with enjoying the sunshine and the yellow hues of morn so I couldn't realise that my shadow was leading me towards the darkness and I was about to fall inside that.

    I was busy with writing some verses with the ink of limpid raindrops but I couldn't realise that those drops were belonged to the summer rain and the rented clouds might vanish after some seconds.

    //I was busy with finding my identity in the universe and I couldn't realise that my small town was waiting for me from a long time//

    b i d y a

  • bonitasarahbabu 16w

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    The mistletoe above the door,
    It was done in days past.
    It was a joke at work to have that there,
    As we walked through, we would have to kiss the skeleton.
    There came a time,
    When you would sneak a kiss on my cheek.
    You would joke and say
    That I looked like the skeleton we had to kiss.
    Today, we don't do that,
    For you are not there.
    I am not there anymore,
    But I remember these precious memories.
    Everytime I see a mistletoe,
    I remember you and our silliness.

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  • zohiii 16w

    I'm sorry but would
    you allow me to
    narrate the tragedies
    of the Norse
    gods before kissing
    you under the
    on a snowy
    Christmas eve,
    because you look
    lovelier when you
    whine like an
    impatient little girl.

    I'm sorry but would
    you allow me to
    sing silent night or
    jingle bells in the
    most terrible
    of voices because
    when you laugh
    like there are no
    strings attached,
    no regrets,
    no expectations,
    it's more soothing
    than any
    Christmas carol.

    I'm sorry but would
    you let me sleep
    before December
    collapses into the
    so that I could
    wake up to your face
    as my Christmas
    I know you'd laugh
    at me for waiting
    on Santa Clause,
    but I don't want
    to leave any stone
    that's why I'll pray,
    that with
    fresh snow, happy
    festival lights, and
    myriads of presents,
    you come too,
    because my tree is
    still missing
    the star,
    and my heart is
    missing you.


    Christmas is coming. :"D


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  • pathways_of_words 16w


    What's the feeling that fills the air under that mistletoe tonight?
    A kiss from your beloved as you hold them very tight?
    Or, maybe, something more wild as fires of desire burns inside.
    Will you brag of adventurous rendezvous to friends or did you do something that you wish to hide?

    What happens under the mistletoe in that place that you call your home?
    Nice and romantic or an escape hatch for naughtiness to roam?
    Remember that Santa will see everything that you do.
    Will coal in the stocking be waiting for you?

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    What Happens Under The Mistletoe


  • eve_writes_ 16w


    Let's live a beautiful life
    Fresh like a mistletoe
    Let's be the hope for everything
    Always like a mistletoe
    Let's love and stick together
    Sweet like a mistletoe
    Let's begin the journey
    Forever like a mistletoe
    Let's be with each other
    To the extent like a mistletoe
    Let's breathe our existence
    Being merely like a mistletoe
    Let's comfort each other
    Friendly like a mistletoe
    Let's remain in the world
    Withstanding like a mistletoe

  • brahmleen_ 16w

    ~~Invisible mistletoes

    Those invisible leaves of love
    carved on the sculptures of heart
    shaped tree died a long ago
    whence hanging mistletoes of
    Cicada poesies glint
    above the golden
    shore of west


  • anshika_winks 16w

    Like a mistletoe is our love
    Parasitic and mystic
    What others see is just warmth and tenderness
    But what I feel is just invisible constrictions
    You grab on me
    Like a mistletoe on the oak
    You enhance my beauty with your presence
    But you hollow me from inside
    You extract all you want and fell off
    On another victim of love
    Leaving behind only a void me
    That has lost both beauty and strength
    And people there celebrate your presence
    And mourn my demise

    #mistletoec #invisible #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #AnWinter #AnShe

    Editor's choice... Thank you Mirakee ����

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  • nivyaangelin 16w


    I am meant to be
    the spring in autumn,
    the bud in drys,
    the wing in prison,
    the air in vaccum,

    I'm meant to be
    the mistletoe of hope
    and love, no more
    broken, no more sick.

  • inkofalaktaka 16w

    #mistletoec #writersbay #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

    When Your kisses are more sweeter
    like mistletoe.
    Mistletoe is not necessary always but
    Such kisses are.
    Best kisses taste like mistletoe.
    Kisses like mistletoe
    are sweet and orgasmic in themselves.
    Whether he kiss me like mistletoe
    are magical and even more erotic
    when it bears white berries
    in chill winter.
    Lets make our kiss be special like first kiss
    which is sweeter than mistletoe.
    © inkofalaktaka

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  • lifenotes_saloni 16w

    #mistletoec #writersbay #todayword

    The trees with flowers white, grew on my backyard...
    I thought those were mistletoes��
    I never noticed them in past,
    But it wasn't that hard...
    The trees were marked by
    a rose��
    Something came upon my mind , about my similar life...
    I also have some mistletoes
    around my life daily��
    Those whom I never noticed
    but they stayed by my side...
    I do have some cons n pros
    which they handled as Ailey.

    "Merry Christmas" �� in advance ❣️

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    Those people are like mistletoes
    Bind with them and respect those


  • writersbay 16w

    Word of the day: Mistletoe

    Tag and share with #mistletoec

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