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  • shashi6 10w


    I miss you so much dad i cant say how much but i was badly missing your presence i want to see you atleast once dad pls comeback


  • ambi_16 16w

    Miss you

    How much I miss your loving hug
    Hug that filled my heart with joy
    Joy to feel blessed for having you
    You quietly flew far without a goodbye
    But bye for now, not for ever
    Ever and again we shall meet
    Meet to hold your hand
    Hand in hand, tightest as I can
    Can never let you leave again
    Again together, even in the dream 
    We would remain a team


  • charanprit 81w

    One's Father

    Things were being said
    The day I born
    U convinced me as blissful child
    Each day served as Angel
    Like every Dad does to his GIRL.
    But y'r being peculiar
    Shleping on your shoulders
    From morning awoke to slumbering a night
    From flinging to snickering a daylight
    From bickering to concurring his might
    Was all your ways to get me better.
    Discerned your earnest constant
    Without cribbing about anything
    which were needed for yourself
    Never had a "NO" from you
    As kindful and lovable Dad is you
    Still words are less to expound you
    As affectaionate person is you
    To all your people whom you loved
    Is reminiscent by your good deed
    Expressed in your heed
    "Thanks" is such a miniscule
    But the least can be done for you

  • ___poo___ 83w


    Ghar pe sab apna
    Pyar dikhate he
    Par koi Bina dikhaye
    Pyar kiye jara tha
    Vo the mere papa!

  • verub_ 83w


    U leaved me alone, when i was very young
    That time i did'nt know what to do
    You were the only one i trusted
    You were the only one i loved
    Why did you leave me alone in this cruel world
    Tell me why dad
    You taught me to be strong
    But sorry i am letting u down
    I can never be strong enough
    To accept the fact that
    You are not here with me in this world
    Why did you leave me alone in this cruel world
    Tell me why dad
    If I could ever visit heaven
    Even for a day
    I would put my arms around you
    And wisper words so true
    That living without you
    Is the hardest thing to do
    Why did you leave me alone in this cruel world
    Tell me why dad

  • _jesmin0610 100w

    Dad ❤

    The world is unfair, to the men out there;
    Where moms are celebrated but dads under rated!
    A father is the one who toils and sweats,
    to keep his children happy,
    despite all those debts.

    He gives his best without any rest,
    gathering pennies and saving them in crests.
    A king for his daughter, a role model for his son; is there any form of him left to be outdone?

    The strongest, the kindest,:
    and always full of zest,
    a dad can be so flawless;
    the remark of success!


  • chandana_kuchana 118w


    "Missing you just not means missing your presence, your body, feel and touch".But,

    "Missing seeing your lovely smiling face when I woke up"..

    "Missing seeing Mom and you being together"..

    "Missing you , holding my hands in your arms and taking me to the bus stop"..

    "Missing you, sharing about the things of my day"..

    "Missing bike trips with you"..

    "Missing you, seeing in our lovely joint family"..

    "Missing you, to ask you to buy and get me anything"..

    "Missing you, catching my hands and walking along the streets during late nights"..

    "Missing your warm hug during going to the sleep"..

    Missing you is "missing my happiness", because your the great means for my smile and happiness..

    I Miss you Dad , but you always reamain "IMMORTAL IN MY HEART"..


  • anamikamittal 120w


    I barely remember how you used to wake me up early,
    I barely remember how you always used to say don't be so lazy, i remember how we were getting close each and every moment, how we used to share our problems, how you were supposed to help me, i barely remember how we used to spend time, i don't know why but just one bad moment has taken away all your good memories. Is it I'm thinking so much or is it just a reality that all your good memories are getting fade away just like you faded away.

  • japsjk 122w

    I feel so forlorn
    like a child lost in woods
    Trapped in a mesh
    of falsehood
    I am tired
    of ostensible promises
    Of warnings
    dark and ominous
    I am done with dealing
    with manifold hurdles
    Wanna sit again
    on my father's shoulders
    I want to listen
    to that voice so soothing
    Which would allay all my fears
    no matter how terrifying
    I crave for that strength
    that warm smile
    Miss you so much Dad
    can't you come back one more time

  • anamikamittal 123w

    Eulogy to my Father

    Dear dad just saw you yesterday
    You were lying on the floor Silently, I asked you twice and thrice why were you there,But got no response from your side,Your eyes were closed,your body was so pale

    I touched you it felt so cold ,Was so numb and sweaty, As i couldn't accept the truth, Got so frighten and scared a screamed woke me up at quarter pass two

    All it was a dream so painful,Dream that makes me realise,That I shall never have you, Now you are up in the blue, just wanna Scream upto you, Your baby girl always misses you

  • purplehaired_girl 151w

    Iss Zindagi ko jeena itna mushkil hoga....
    Yeh kbhi socha bhi na tha.....
    Apka jaana itna bhi dard dega yeh kbhi socha na tha.......

  • di_v_ya 161w

    In loving memory

    For someone who meant so much
    And loved by all he knew
    Who left behind a trail of tears
    And precious memories, too

    We loved the sunshine in his smile
    And kindness in his heart
    But heaven saw that he was tired
    Which meant he had to part

    And now that it's his special day
    Dear angels, hear our prayers
    Please guard him with your gentle wings
    And tend him with great care

    For he was someone wonderful
    And words just can't convey
    How much we wish that he was here
    Once more, with us today

  • purplehaired_girl 166w


    Aap humse door na jate....
    Hum thoda or smbhal jate.....
    Vo waqt hi na aata....
    Yeh sb kaash such ho jate...

  • mahalakshmi7 174w

    Papa and Me

    Me And My Dad

    He was a very tall, thin and unique personality. I used to call him "Bappa". His birthday was on 28th September 1947. He was short tempered person (like me) but he had eagerly waited for my birth. I was blessed to have him as My Dad.
    He used to care me alot. Whenever he was free, he used to spend time with me. I still remember he used to make me sleep in afternoons (I don't sleep in afternoons, unnecessarily) Mom used to make separate food for me (I never had much spicy food) and he used to feed me. He used to give bath to me (Till I celebrated (?) my first birthday. I used to sleep with Bappa during Mom's mensus. The funny part is he used to tie my one leg in his working area as I always disturbed my mom (Bachhi thi choti). He used to bring me so many things. He used to apply Vicks over my back and neck whenever I suffered from cold and I used to sleep over his lap.
    Whenever Mom beated me, he used to support me. He used to take me to Anganwadi. I was hurt once as my ankle got trapped between the tire (It was bicycle). He loved me like no one did.
    And I really had a bad habit. Once he had food, I used to eat remainings from his plate (once he enters washroom to wash his hand) He knew that But he never bothered and never commented.
    Then suddenly on 21st July 2004 I lost him. I had gone to school (was in 3rd Standard) and Mom came to school. She told me that my grandma is very ill (she was 91). So I went to native place. Then I came to know he had left me alone for the rest of my Life. After few hours his body was brought. It was covered by plastic (They had done post-morteum) Only his face was visible. It was calm. There wasn't any sign of sufferings. As Pandit asked us to follow the Rituals, I put few drops of Tulsi water. But it just rolled down from his mouth.
    Then he was taken by my brothers and cousins. It's the last time I saw him. I miss him alot.
    Day before his death, he had lunch, dinner with me and mom. He taught me the meaning of each proverb (I had a book called "Learn English in 30 days) I think he just completed his responsibility as he was asked to do by God.
    If he was alive, I could have never gone through these sufferings. I know he would never bothered to send me far away from him.
    I miss him all the time. I just try to recall his face which always remains blur.
    I search him everywhere (You can call anyone Mom but it's not that easy to call one as papa.) I think I won't find one.

    © Pora

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  • katyayani 190w

    I still remember that beautiful starry night when the lights were off and the moon gave us its grace right beside u boring u with my crazy questions and alternating answers and u just smiled and listened.
    I still remember that day when u taught me the purpose of everything i see around
    And now that u re gone i m loosing me
    You emptied my life and left me all alone
    i wished i could have u back
    Memories now are haunting
    And still i cannot cry
    Cause i am now just breathing I m not alive

  • papa_ki_pari 196w

    "Its a girl" said the doctor.

    The father rejoiced.


  • papa_ki_pari 196w


    Someday.. I just wish you open up your arms and.. I run into them...



  • mysteriously_effective 213w

    Transformed ,not completely yet !

    Transformed ,not completely yet !

    Once I was a tree full of fruits and flowers glossed,
    But now dried leaves which shed one by one and I am lost .

    Once I was an alluring hoopoe ,
    But somebody took my quill and I am mope .
    Transformed, not completely yet !

    Once I was an amicable briny deep,
    But now just an ineffectual salt heap .

    Once I was laughing queen ,
    But now just a grinning machine ..
    Transformed ,not completely yet !

    Once I was marvellous painting with love of yours ,
    But now just a bleached stroke on
    woeful shores.

    Once I was mischievous princess of you dad ,
    But now just a doll for world with fake glad !
    Transformed, not completely yet !