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  • porcupine 4d


    He never wanted you to leave
    But you chose to deceive

    And what made things worse
    That time wasn't your first

    He knew something wasn't right
    Those times you left for the night

    The morning he seen your neck
    That was more than just a peck

    Your reply when he asked about it
    Was no and that he shouldn't doubt it

    But that mark was his confirmation
    He said goodbye with no hesitation

    The first time he had forgiven you
    But the second that was his cue

    The saying is three strikes you're out
    But he did not want to take that route

    And now it's over twenty years later
    He still thinks there was nobody greater

    All this time he still has your picture
    He looks and thinks " I'm glad I picked her"

    Although you have lost all his trust
    Would you be here if he hadn't fussed

    The best wishes to where you've gone
    He hopes you've been happy for this long

    Maybe one day you can talk for awhile
    He will always dream of when you reconcile

  • porcupine 2w


    For every moment you've been gone
    The feeling of loneliness has intensified
    Each second that I've been all alone
    Each one are like they have multiplied

    Time has dragged to a complete stop
    My mind frozen like a movie on pause
    The memories are replayed quite alot
    Unquestionably loving you is the cause

  • porcupine 2w

    Lost ( edit)

    Years ago I said
    Never will I stray
    I had no desire
    To go another way

    But when you left
    I completely died
    It was just like theft
    Taking all I had inside

    And then I cried
    I had lost my way
    I wanted a bride
    To love everyday

    When we parted
    I felt betrayed
    But I have vowed
    To never let you fade

    Many years passed
    And still to this day
    I never felt so lucky
    Having had you as a mate

    I hope you are happy
    I want that for you
    My only wish was I
    Had married you too

  • porcupine 2w

    Someday , I pray

    I see you , when I close my eyes
    When I open them , I look
    But sadly you're not there

    I think of you , it is no surprise
    My sanity is what you took
    Without you I only stare

    I write of you , it makes me sigh
    Words like a babbling brook
    My eyes tear , my heart tears

    I wish for you , to give another try
    Past intentions , may have been mistook
    Let's start over , forget our present cares

  • porcupine 3w


    Every minute you've been away
    I have had no one to love
    And inside it's driving me crazy
    I never knew it would be this tough

    Dreaming of when we can walk
    Through the park together
    Laughing and smiling for hours
    I've been thinking about it forever

    Maybe if I would have been bolder
    You wouldn't have left at that time
    We would be a happy couple
    Partners with souls intertwined

    I will keep one eye open for that day
    Just like my dream you appear
    It happens exactly how I have wished
    That moment I will be happy with tears

  • porcupine 4w

    We belong together (collaboration with Poetic Beauty)

    I lift my pen
    And start again
    the story of you,
    will forever be in my mind
    Marking away the bad and leaving out the worse
    And all is left
    How much I love you
    Don't you feel it
    I love you
    Please understand
    My love is true
    I only love you
    Let that set in
    I chose you
    Nobody else
    I love you
    And only you
    Stop trying to block me out
    You said you loved me
    Now look at me as if you
    Dont know me
    I love you
    Talk to me
    Don't block me out
    Don't you get it I Love You??

    Please don't you see
    I need you
    There's nothing
    That we cannot
    We belong together
    If you can
    Give us
    Another chance
    We will rise
    Above it all
    Forget the past
    Plan our future
    You are my oxygen
    My life support
    I am slowly fading
    The only thing
    That can save me now
    Would be a "yes"
    From you

  • porcupine 4w


    I do care for you
    I do miss you
    I do need you
    I do want you
    I do trust you
    I do believe in you
    I do adore you
    I do worship you

    I do wish you would come back
    I do dream you will return again
    I do hope we can begin all over
    I do love you , cherish you , infinitely

    Random word I tried again

  • porcupine 4w

    My back was turned

    Before I realized
    Before I knew
    You were gone
    Tell me this , why so soon?

    My back was turned
    And then you left
    I couldn't speak
    My thoughts were so messed

    My head looked away
    For only a second
    You disappeared
    Perhaps this was my lesson?

    After you had made
    That sudden move
    My life crumbled
    It was terrible devastating news

    I learned to cope
    Without you near
    The worst part is
    Your lovely voice I can still hear

    I got this idea from the song Good Thing
    By Fine young cannibals

  • porcupine 4w


    Thinking of you
    Thinking of your hair
    Thinking of your eyes
    How much I cared

    Recalling you
    Recalling your voice
    Recalling your scent
    How I was your choice

    Remembering us
    Remembering us walking
    Remembering us talking
    For you my heart was calling

    Flashbacks now
    Flashbacks now haunt me
    Flashbacks now hunt me
    Those memories taunt me

    Fantasizing now
    Fantasizing now hurts
    Fantasizing now burns
    Since you left I'm just dirt

  • porcupine 9w


    I've been trapped within a storm
    Inside my mind since you left

    And my heart has been eroding slowly from
    that storm that has me surrounded

  • raman_writes 9w


    हर बार चूकते थे दूर से निशाना लगाते थे जब ।

    इस बार नज़दीक गए तो ही दिल हार बैठे रमन ।।


  • porcupine 15w

    A dog named Bo

    My sisters dog named Bo
    A nice dog that I know
    He's a rottweiler and it shows
    He runs like he has turbo
    You wouldn't want him as a foe
    Such a beauty that I took his photo
    Intimidating but friendly though
    But one day he ran away from home
    I will really miss this great fellow

  • porcupine 16w

    When I miss you

    Do you ever get that feeling
    That deep down feeling
    Inside is where it hurts
    This is what I mean
    When I say

    I miss you
    I miss you
    I feel all alone
    I can't go on
    Without you
    What can I do
    When I miss you

    Why do they do it to us
    Throw their hook
    And we always bite
    Reel us in and then throw us back
    Do they ever realize
    When we say

    I miss you
    I miss you
    All by myself
    No one around
    Wishing you were here
    To hear me say

    I miss you

  • porcupine 16w


    I will always remember you
    I will indeed

    I will never forget you
    As long as I live

    You will always have my heart
    So I can still be with you

    You will never leave my mind
    You're not easy to forget

    I have loved you for years
    Since the day I met you

    I have never stopped loving you
    And I never ever will

    You bring a smile to my face
    Everytime I think of you

    If I could only turn back time
    If I were able I would

    You are like a beam of sunshine
    Radiating from far away

    If I had only one wish to make
    I'd wish to see you again

    I would


  • porcupine 17w

    Too young too soon

    We spent alot of our time
    Hanging out with each other
    Since you were a small child

    And I would often babysit
    You and your two sisters
    Neither of you threw a fit

    Many times we had played
    Some video games together
    Those memories will never fade

    When I heard you had passed
    Immediately my heart numbed
    It was so sudden and so fast

    Very young and far too soon
    You will be remembered
    Every time I look at the moon

    Up with the stars you now shine
    Looking down on us you can see
    A better place you now reside

    This is for my cousin who took his life almost a week ago
    You will be deeply missed.
    I hope you have found peace...

  • porcupine 18w

    Something missing

    I was only at fifty percent
    Before I grew
    Then one hundred fifty percent
    After I met you
    I dropped to ten percent
    Because I knew
    That the day you left
    You took part of me too

  • porcupine 19w


    Blankets still on me
    Nobody took them from me
    I woke up alone

  • porcupine 19w

    Zelda my pet rat (repost)

    Some say you are a pest
    But I thought you were the best

    You sure enjoyed being petted
    And you really loved your lettuce

    But boy did you get a bit chubby
    But you still remained bubbly

    Friends that once thought ew
    Changed after they knew you

    You didn't have much time here
    A pet like you only live a few years

    I wish I had more pictures of you
    But I am happy that I have a few

    I wish you peace wherever you are
    All I do is think and you're not that far

    A few people still despise you
    Others took time until they knew

    You never seemed to like the cat
    Maybe it's because cats eat rats

  • porcupine 20w

    Where are you? (Haiku)

    Ferrero Rocher
    A full jar of Nutella
    But where did YOU go?

  • udavee_dissanayake 23w


    Change is scary!
    Still that's the key grow in a way.