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  • rochand 8w

    These days all I feel is pain
    Feels like my heart doesn't beat the same
    I wanna give up and but I'm stuck in rain
    In a life that I know I can not change
    I'm really lonely and feel drained
    But still keep on hurting myself for other sake,
    These things keep making me insane,
    I keep making the same mistake.

    I just sit and dwell in my trauma
    My life's full a problems
    I wish I could get a break from drama
    Tried to move on but I just can't
    I break down after break down and some days,
    I wish I could escape and run away
    And feel at ease even if it means one day
    I keep waiting for that day.

    Where did my life go wrong
    I was a happy child now I'm a teen,
    Who had been strong for so long,
    No one tell I'm drowning in my thoughts
    I'm still lost trying to find purpose
    After all of these years I'm still searching
    That my soul and body is getting dispose,
    Self love is something that I'm still learning

    Lately, I feel so depressed
    Tried to get help but I'm still a mess
    I don't ever rest, I guess, I'm stressed
    Got my head down, hands gripping my neck
    Did I take my last breath
    Did I walked my last step
    I'm alive but inside I am dead
    The world has cut me deep.

    I lie when I tell you I'm fine
    Cuz no body knows I'm struggling inside
    No one can tell what going on in my mind,
    I wish you could have given some good to remember,
    When I close my eyes and look in past
    All I see is bad memories
    Those lies, fake kindness and harassed
    And all I hear is please and I'm sorry.

    All I wanted from you that,
    you'd stand next to me,
    But you stab my back, and that
    Hurt me bad mentally
    It definitely changed me, but I forgive you
    I understand now that you had your own issues,
    That you weren't enough, for the love I would give you
    I tried, but I broke myself trying to fix you.

  • harsh77 31w

    People keep buzy in checking on her feed
    But I'm leaving her message mark as a read