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  • ragulprakash_11 6w

    It's important that at some point in our journey, we learn to enjoy the different Shades of Life.


  • menukarai 22w

    To be honest..
    I never intended on doing that.
    Even up until the moment I was telling him how I felt.
    But your reaction was too.. hmm..
    I know I should keep my distance from him but i m having such a good time.
    That it just slips my mind.
    Once an emotion has been acknowledged, it becomes a passionate fire in it's own.
    It feels warm one moment, but burns hot in the next..
    And the things I thought were complicated are more clear than ever.

  • prnv61 24w

    रातें बीतती रही तुम्हें कागज़ पर उतारते
    अंजाने ही तुम, दिल मे उतरते रहे


  • crystalsparkyducky 31w


    Life doesn't give you what you deserve, it gives you what you believe you deserve

  • scribbly_secret 36w

    It only seems natural
    To run away from things
    When everything in life
    Feels heavy and hard to bear,
    But sometimes all you have
    To do is to still and just take
    It one at a time......

  • sakkshi 42w

    When you miss me

    When you miss me to Infinite
    Search me in the silence of night
    Remember our fight
    Smile the way you did when we unite
    Glance over the memories and you will feel light
    Recall what I used to write and then recite
    Feel my presence and enjoy it's bite
    And everything will be alright
    Rapatch all what you can and don't be pale and white
    Hold down a sec learn and let your life again ignite


  • saif5alam 52w

    Love story?

    I was with this girl in 7 years long relationship. We loved, laughed,fought and cried together. It was awesome ,we were really into each other and it felt as if we were soulmates. There was not a single night when we went to sleep without wishing goodnight to each other for constant 7 years. It was a kind of record, of which we were proud of and wanted to keep it life long. Even if I was in late night hang outs with my friends she would kept her self awake to wish me good night.

    When ever we fought(and we fought a lot), to end a fight I would always say I am breaking up,she starts crying,I say sorry and its over. She knew I would never leave her.

    We were of same religion and only thing which I didn't had was a job. Her father was in .... . I As soon as a saw result, first thing I did was called her and assured her that last stone from our way is gone.

    And then we started dreaming our life together, where we will go for honey moon, menu of our marriage, how would we spend weekends together and what not.

    Now starts the twist in the story, when her family started seeing guys for her. I had already pursued my parents for her and my mom went crazy after seeing her, she gladly excepted her and started treating her as if she was her daughter.

    Then we told at her home. It was a straight no from them.She tried to convince her parents for 6 months, she was going weak unable to handle pressure, I motivated her to be strong, gave example of my friends love marriages and their struggle.But everything, her effort, my effort went in vain. her father and mother didn't liked me .

    I was sure that this is not going to end well.We didn't wanted to hurt our parents,by running away and doing court marriage. Its India, family respect,people's talks all comes into play. Fuck that.

    I called one last time And they said no. Then we decided to part our ways. She's happy now she's change her surname without getting married.(it's nt compulsory to changing surname)but she did on hand she said she loves me and another hand she's ready toh change her name for somebody else.

    I was shattered and I can't even think of her condition.
    The day when I was going to meet her for the last time.I saw a girl with mehndi in her hand she was very very happy and her parents were holding clothes and jewelry etc. They all seemed happy. Then a thought came to my mind that would she be this much happy? If she marries me against her parents wish. That thought changed my mind to let her go and I prayed whatever happens let her be this much happy for her wedding. I pray she forgets me,sees her happy parents on her wedding and gets a partner much better than me.(this paragraph is based on imagination right now)

    We were happy and when you have to leave each other for parents it hurts a lot. There was no reason for her parents to reject me. Same religion, good looks, nice family and moreover we loved each other that's why it hurts more but am not settle may be that's why her parents nd she's. It chokes me. But this is life people are meant to leave you accept it. May be in next birth. If we remain in contact we would never forget each other hence no call no msgs. It feels bad I regret this but nothing can be done.

  • noushaa 53w


    Always be a bright star

  • ions0206 55w

    Bad mood

    "No matter how bad your day is just a single text from a right person can light up your mood.. "

  • drawyourlife 56w

    How can I be sure to live happily ever after?
    When that tone was no longer the same.
    Everything is gone with hope.
    I just want to make peace.
    Let's stop all this fighting.

    I'm exhausted.

    Did you not feel it?


  • _snapsdiaries_ 57w


    Racism is everywhere. Your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. judge you indirectly sometimes in their talks and feel no offense like they said nothing. This sick mentality needs to be consulted otherwise racism will prevail for a long long time.


  • inked_by_megha_sethi 57w

    Emotions are the state of mind.

    Pic credit : google image
    #writersnetwork #writershub #emotions#state ofmind #mind #pendown #writersclub #feelings
    #rage #agony

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    Emotions are the state of mind;
    reactions to our stimuli.

    Emotions are a roller coaster ride;
    which dwells with our happy mind.

    Fear, agony, love, and rage ;
    each emotion has a role to play.

    Someone has said it wisely,
    emotions are the state of mind.


  • roheet 60w


    वो चैन से सो रहे हैं शहर बेचकर,
    कोई सुहाग बचा रहा है जेवर बेचकर,
    बाप ने उमर बिता दी घरोंदे बनाने में,
    बेटा उसकी सांसें खरीद रहा हैं घर बेचकर,
    बर्बाद हों गए कई घर दवा खरीदने में,
    कुछ लोगों की तिज़ोरी भर गई ज़हर बेचकर।

  • connecting_stories 60w

    तुम संभालो अस्तित्व अपना
    यूंही नीलाम न कर देना

    हैं रातें बदनाम बढ़ी
    तुम लूटा न खुद को देना

    तुम जो यूं मुस्कुराओ जब जब
    कमज़ोर न उनको लगने देना

    इनकार तुम्हारा हो स्वाभिमानी
    जो वो न समझें तो महाभारत
    द्रोपदी सी रच देना

    तुम संभालो अस्तित्व अपना
    यूंही नीलाम न इसको कर देना।


  • sameersawant_07 60w

    ज्यांना ज्यांना लहान मुली असतील त्यांनी या वयापासूनच तिच्या मनगटात रग निर्माण करा.मुलगी दहा वर्षाची होईपर्यंत तीस वर्षाच्या माणसाला लोळवेळ इतका प्रचंड आत्मविश्वास तिच्यामध्ये उत्पन्न करा . मुलीला ताकदीची जाणीव करून द्या. नाजूक बिजूक हे असले प्रकार सोडा.डोळ्यात आग दिसली पाहिजे.

    भीती वाटते असं सतत म्हणण्यापेक्षा मुलींना समाजात भिडायचं कसं ते शिकवा.

    ब्युटीपार्लर ,फॅशन डिझाईन मेहंदी असले कोर्स करण्यापेक्षा
    लाठीकाठी,तलवारबाजी,कराटे,कुंफू,कुस्ती असे दर्जेदार आणि भविषनिर्वाह-भविष्यात उपयोगी पडणाऱ्या कला अवगत करण्यात वेळ खर्ची केला गेला पाहिजे...
    बास झाले आता रडत बसणे.. न्याय मागणे... आता लढायला शिकवू....

    *डीपी बदलण्या पेक्षा विचार बदला*
    जय जिजाऊ
    जय शिवराय
    जय शंभुराजे

  • anshubharti 60w


    She kept cursing me to death

    I kept blessing and praying for their togetherness

  • anshubharti 61w

    A little kid full of fire, desires and wonder

    Robin sharma


  • brazealmuche 62w

    I cancel plans to spend time with me

  • beingkashyap 63w

    आज दुनिया में हरेक चीज महंगी होते जा रही है।
    लेकिन माचिस आज भी एक रूपए की ही मिलती है।
    क्योंकी आग लगाने वाले की किमत कभी नहीं बढ़ती।


  • sayurisingh 65w

    You're like a new book with crisp new cover,
    Where the opening feels bewildering and the ending leaves you awestruck...