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  • meenalochani 35w

    #miraquillwrapped #wod @raghavendran @miraquill @writersnetwork I know it is late but please read for pleasure.

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    At times life takes such a twist,
    Where in everything stand still,
    When a storm struck my heart,
    I quietly accepted my own destiny,
    But, Every wound will heal with time,
    I decided only antidote for life is to use time wisely,

    I started reading books,
    Once writing poems was my hobby,
    Now, it is my passion,
    My heartfelt words became a meaningless poems ,
    After writing few poems, I felt melancholy,

    I wanted someone to read and appreciate,
    Oh! Miracle did happen, one good Samaritan suggested,
    Miraquill as a best place to showcase my literary talents,

    I stepped into this miraquill garden of Parnassus,
    Here soil was enriched with archaic words,
    Vivid flowers were knotted together as posy poesie,

    I buried myself on soft bed of soil,
    And waited for months together to sprout,
    I was like personified seed,
    Wrapped and caressed by beautiful poems around me,
    Helping me grow slowly,

    Finally, I am also a small vibrant flowering plant in this garden,
    Sixty pretty poesy flowers bloomed as poems and withered,
    One hundred and thirty variety of butterflies flutter around me,
    One hundred and twenty one poets are admiring my poems,
    Feeling idyllic to stay here and write forever.

  • aishwaryasatpute_ 35w


    Living in the digital world
    Don't forget our
    Natural world

  • puchka 35w

    For the love of writing

    I stayed upbeat right through the year
    Writing, editing, discarding, rewriting, till I got it all
    wrapped up in a book MINDS UNPLUGGED
    Lockdown Stories and Rhymes
    for children and young adults
    With no expectations whatsoever

  • wilmaneels1 35w

    It started on @wilmaneels only to have a force restart on @wilmaneels1
    Felt frustrated to do it all over again
    When I lost access to my original profile
    But here I am closing off another year of dabbling in my hobby
    Reading some interesting views on subjects and things
    Heartbreak to laughter
    I found it all here
    Our escape from reality
    Or maybe not

    Sometimes we are more honest when we scribble then when we verbalize

  • _astitva_ 35w

    Thank you so much for making my this journey memorable ��

    A sowy owl with fractured feathers flew to the forest fragranted with wisterias of warmth, cherryblossoms of care and captivating couplets in its 25th winter.
    When the whole darkness was dribbled in the dusks it opened its eyes in exclamation of the Magical moon solacing the souls with light of life provoking to hug the hope to heal its broken beak and bleeding bosom.
    Starlit sky showered sweetness of 32 seraphs with a thread of tenderness to its patchy paw.

    It saw a witch wonderfully flying on breathtaking broom when welcoming whispers of love were echoing in samsara of sonnets with a charm of Zealous zoe spellbinding the mountains of miraquill betwixt the hyacinths of heartsease and Gulmohar garth of Ghazal Queen (Rani) still the aura was aromatizing by the moon and the sun's light on the copper clavicle of an autumn leaf feeling it to be an antaraal of life asserting the existence of the truth that the world is unknown and musings of maturity were inked phillosophically in ink of illumination.

    The blessed bird tried to fly coveting the confidence with cosmic charisma of poetic petrichor but it gnawed by the bosom's breakdown as if the pauses of playlist which almighty was shuffling with sentimental storms but soon the creator's compassionate carvaan played the song of solicitude at an angel's arrival and the wings started healing like the waxing phases of moon.

    The fly was on feeble till the Komorebi of kindness fallen on its silvery feathers carving the credence that dusk till dawn is not its limit but dusky dawns are the captain's clue to scribble colloquially its Shrey of soulful songs on the skies of similitude strive.


    #wod #miraquillwrapped @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I strolled on the streets of sentiments
    to ferret the felicities of forever while
    sipping the syrups of sonnets, biting
    bewitching ballads in plate of petrichoric paradoxes craving for the chuckles and compassion on clavicles adorned with
    alliterative autumnal anagrams but all
    rustles relinquished when the hopeful
    Himalayan hyacinth blossomed as
    peace in panorama of poesy.


  • clyde_bryce 35w


    I spent thousands and thousands of hours,
    Stayed wide awake in sleepless nights,
    Just to write something that doesn’t satisfy
    The desire burning inside.

    I wrote about love, hate, war, identity.
    About time, dream, family, myself.
    Yet the words keep flowing out of my mind.
    A never-ending cycle of trying to open up my shell.

    The hearts that came and the words that returned,
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s for the views,
    Most of the times I silently scream in delight.
    It was as if I connected with someone that never exist in my life.

    I could never pursue the first dream I had.
    At least not in this lifetime.
    Yet I took the chance to do it for fun.
    In a way, I’m alright with this one.

    Sometimes, you have to let go.
    Sometimes, you have to forget.
    Sometimes, you need to fight through.
    Sometimes... you don’t have to think.


  • shabbz_felix 35w

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ��
    Thank you so much for EC . I feel so bless @miraquill ❤️�� #wod#miraquillwrapped

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    Poetry wrapped

    I am not bright
    But daily I write with pure delight
    I am not smart
    I try to produce creative art
    Pass one hundred plus
    But it's just really, not really a big fuss
    I Hope one day I'd reach my goal
    And satisfy my soul
    It's a sacrifical struggle .
    I explore my options on Google
    Daily I would do my best to digest as much arts.
    As I aim to stomach them at heart
    I try to keep a happy smile
    Cause it takes me a while
    To fully digest .
    Whilst I lay to rest

  • seaofdespond 35w


    I'm an empty can, impacted in the mud of some desolate patch of Earth. The rain eroding me, the sun bleaching my design; an empty vessel that the parasitic bugs of the underdark call home.

  • tuiethetweety 35w

    "Wrapped Up Writings"

    From the very beginning of my
    journey to become a writer,one
    specific genre that i had chosen
    was the thriller,horror,supernatural
    such mystery depiction genre.
    As always I'm a huge fan of such
    topics,hence i chose this stream.
    But when later i joined mirakee,
    this amazing platform sparked
    my mind into creative quotes
    or poem write ups which i eventually
    started trying to follow by writing
    things i never thought i would.
    poetry or such deep meaningful
    creativity works were never my cup
    of tea,yet i tried writing some of them.
    all the poems,poetry,quote or saying,
    that i had written was only here,and
    I've een here for the last few years and
    enjoying writing.i have so far written
    nearly 379 posts,it was not easy to get
    out of the comfort zone and trying
    something different out of the box.
    I really have no idea as to how well
    i had done this,but all i know is that
    i absolutely love this platform along
    with writing creative posts about life,
    love,feelings,attachments, emotions.
    Now i can claim myself as the writer,
    who no longer is limited to just one
    specific type of genre in literature and
    reaching out to the other various genre.
    I am constantly trying to pen down more
    of the creative works,however this is the
    tale of my journey on this very platform
    i have wrapped everything up for now.
    nonetheless,have longer way to go though!

  • strangestranger 35w

    Sorrow sows life in your heart ,
    and pushes your ink to dance ,
    on the white sheets,
    staining them with untold stories .

    staining you....
    with colours of life !

    Filling your eyes with blue ,
    blurring the hazy world ,
    focusing on your own being ,
    making you notice
    yourself !

    She wrote throughout the year,
    not because she could ,
    She wrote,
    because she had to !


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  • themystiqueglitz 35w

    So I hitched a ride
    Saying a good good bye
    To the year that sucked

    I got in, hoping for a better year
    Little did I know
    That I was in for a bumpy ride

    Down the lane we went
    While turning into a hum drum
    And everything paused, like an hiatus

    Shoot the outside J!
    My head voices screamed out loud
    And like that, we went hanky panky

    Taking a right turn,
    And a detour to the left
    We took a trip down the year 2021

    In that ride, I almost crashed
    But when we perused hard on the year
    My voices, they told me
    Okay, maybe the year didn't suck that much
    _The Mystique Glitz

  • autumn_fairy 35w


    wasnt feeling good much
    so decided to write one eventho im late
    THNKS FOR EC (9)

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    Wrapped in the arms of your world

    A (miracled +quill) was created

    I stepped out from the lullabic heavens
    Inside a maze of floating inkings
    Rubbing my threads of silky hair
    Which wrapped my thighs of delicacy
    In utmost desires
    As my curves rubbed against the quills
    Of magnificient words
    Singing out and whispering
    Ideas into my gardened threads of rhymes

    As my quill
    Was dipped in the potions of miracle
    As the Miraquill inked
    Words of my
    "Heartfelt love" at first
    Followed by my 'Tree of life'
    Covering mountains of
    A 'moon faced girl'
    Within lullabic miseries
    As another of
    'Beauty and the beast"
    With 'Quills of inkings'
    And 'Poetic dusks of love, hopes and miseries'
    Were inked with gushing templates
    As' malignant bays'
    And syncing of life with mistakes
    Were plated in gold
    On my daffodiled threads
    Crowning layers of silver dusts
    With chewing red lips

    As seven , eight weeks of
    Jae poems and pinked berry gushed stories
    Followed by sparkles and chinnie minnie's delicacy
    With floating delights of shadowofthought's supremacy
    Hiding depths of the miraquill within
    A witch's pen of gorgeousness
    And an adamantquilled sweetness
    With an Anjali daydreaming in her clouds of floating feathers
    And a newly met extremey's fondness
    but the existence of sophia love still missing in this magical world
    As daffodils and pearls were raised in clouds of floating miracles
    Gushing the winds of poetic waves
    Into my rippling heart
    As I floated in thin airs
    of haunting nights inked with duality

    To usher my grateful vows
    To the Miracle Quilled fontings
    Embracing me with love
    And confidence
    Dancing on the dusks and dawns of moons
    Breathing out
    Sonnets ballads monostitches
    Epigrams and dives of odes
    Floating in sheer pleasure
    Within my fragile veils
    As always

  • the_faye_adams 35w

    The things that healed me.

    There was something in poetry
    that made me try again
    that made me breathe deeply
    that made me wanted to live
    more importantly live a happy life.

  • the_faye_adams 35w


    I found love
    within myself
    I found beauty
    all around me
    in hidden places.

  • the_faye_adams 35w

    The year is coming to an end

    From heart break
    to self healing.
    Losing someone
    and in return finding myself.
    Discovering worth in the
    things that seem so little.
    Depressive state, intrusive thoughts
    crying myself to sleep at night
    self isolating from people I feel
    I have burdened, and finally
    beginning to appreciate myself
    and everyone around me.
    Most importantly
    learning to love myself.


  • miss_phoenix 35w


    The phenomenon of
    Untold mysteries, breakable pain,
    Folded into moulding wordsworth,
    Showering Endurance love,
    Giving way to lighting,
    Rustling silence talks,
    Exhaling expressive sounds,
    Everything into pen's language.
    Enhancing favourite activities,
    And Filling in emptyness,
    Because every situation has a
    Story to tell through, By
    Present moments to ,
    Future memories by poetry.

  • gaurangig 35w

    Since a year
    I am here
    Penning down my thoughts
    Without any fear

    I write and I read
    Without judgement or guile
    Different authors and poets
    With their distinct styles

    The readers uplift
    Spirits that are bent
    Lots of likes and love
    To the poet, they send

    It's a lovely community
    Binding like minds
    Everyday a new prompt
    To write, I find

    I am still a novice
    And yet I feel confident
    Because on @miraquill
    Everyone is a friend

    Posts I have written
    A hundred and seventy eight
    Some are complicated
    And others are simple straight

    I hope I find some more
    Words in my heart
    I wish I continue
    To do my part!


    #wod #miraquillwrapped #writersnetwork #miraquill

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the repost...you just made my day

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    Miraquill Wrapped

  • muskaanbhatt_ 35w

    A Day In Mountains With Him❤ (Gurez)

    It was the time when my heart found an another home
    Allayed my burdens and allowed my body to roam

    Peace invaded and conquered my soul
    Collapsed my busy life like a burning coal

    Enhanced our delightful moments even more
    Turned the work stress into ashes to the heart's core

    A lustrous glimmer reflected from my face
    While my heart taking deep breaths which were insurmountable to chase

    Flames of love burnt my entire blood
    As he was beguilingly describing the woods

    I forgot my whole life within few moments
    Except you, those mountains, and our commitments


  • muskaanbhatt_ 35w

    I mean these things are so expensive nowadays, only few can afford, many have already sold their selves, may Lord show them a good path, ameen����❤

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #social #miraquillwrapped @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    A social lesson

    "Self respect,shyness, modesty,shame, good mindsets, are expensive things which only rich people of heart and character can afford,it's is not affordable by cheap second copy buyers,false show-offers and those who lack these things and try to show a good image to people by covering their real bad faces"


  • daffodilpearlzz 35w

    #miraquillwrapped I kept it simple :)
    Thank you for the like and repost WN ♡

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    Just at the end another december
    Of an year ago, afar
    I decided to come back to my home, miraquill
    Surrendering to the hireath in me.
    My first pod, times of getting out of box,
    Writersbay's week of verses,
    My series, the verses of lonesome poesy
    And what not; as life didn't seem absurd at all
    In here atleast, I thrived, survived and lived
    Gratitude is all what I can give,
    which in itself might seem less than needed
    Still, I am that small bird learning to fly
    In the skies in here; and of every other writer.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 14 Dec 2021