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  • i_shukriya 15h

    We write a story everyday,
    but mention him in my each note.
    Today I gonna write the new story,
    in which the things will be mine only.
    Why to dawdles for him,
    who not even bother while switching his world.
    Why only my writings were coupled with him,
    Whereas 'm playing the minor role is his note.
    Why to wandering on those way,
    whom they did not look back even once.
    Grow up dear, this is the real world,
    Stop making castles in the air,
    The reality is here, where all will simply move on
    That real love is not found here.
    Grow up dear....

    #beyourown #loveyourself
    #miraquillpost #poetrytime.
    Hope you like it....

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  • i_shukriya 1d

    Less words but lot of talks....


  • aayat_jaff 3w

    Aye khuda koi toh aesa shakhs yun mile,
    ke woh mile toh sukoon mile✨

  • i_shukriya 4w


    #miraquillpost| thanku miraquill for such interesting challenge.

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    Here the time sunset come's,
    as like my motivation ruined up.

    The books were heavy, how to tackle
    the sunset were drowning, all my perception.

    The night came, and here 'm with my one page,
    don't know how, should I complete my tale.

    Feeling to abode from this race,
    the sunset come's and, here I am with the same case.

    The run are tough,bulk are participating
    and here the sunset & I 'm with not atleast one done.

    But still trying,waiting for dawn,
    dawn in my life too after the sunset.

    Will rush far,may be slowly, the sunset is a go & will run consecutively...


  • i_shukriya 4w

    You once told me...

    You once told me...!!
    your eyes are the part of my life,
    all your pains are the story of my tale.

    You once told me...!!
    your presence are the rhythm of my song,
    lyrics no matters it's sad, but the beat are all mines.

    You once told me...!!
    your smile are the buds of my garden,
    it may shed, but the aroma still remains inside oneself.

    You once told me ...!!
    the heart goes beat and it feeds,
    all in your means.

    You once told me...!!
    'm not the writer,
    but my writing is all meant for you.

    You once told me...!!
    'll be always with you,
    whenever you need me.

    You once told me...!!
    you are the shine of my dark,
    and the flower of my yard.

    you once told me...!!
    I 'm your in your every start,
    in your up's or down's.

    You once told me...!!
    the poem of your life,
    believing me as your love.

    you once told me.....
    Now, here I need you
    please give me lap.

    I want to be wrong,
    if the question is about your faith,
    and the option are all against your wave.

    Yes I need you please met me in my dreams
    give me that cozyness and here,
    'm free with my pains..


  • i_shukriya 4w

    It's pity that,
    here the one you considers the most..
    will hurt you the most...


  • i_shukriya 5w

    Beauty is upon you like a child playing with splash of water....
    Beauty is upon you like a baby with smiling face having no teeth....
    Beauty is upon you like when you have your favourite chocolate in your hands...
    Beauty is upon you like when you receive gift in your birthday.....
    Beauty is upon you like when raindrops falling on your face......
    Beauty is upon you like when you do something for needy...
    Beauty is upon you like when because of you all the members cheered.....

    Beauty is eternal, and we are here to present it...


  • i_shukriya 6w

    Is there an answer in those blank pages,
    which I left unturned
    as if it containing the myths of my desires, aims & hobbies, left those syllabus untouched when I found the crowd run's behind the successful life......


  • i_shukriya 6w

    I wrote a fairytale
    to wipe my fears and my pains
    to pat on the back and
    consol me that everything go fine

    I wrote a fairytale
    to push me towards my next
    to pretend that I 'm not the negligance

    I wrote a fairytale
    to hold me on every step
    to hug me on every dilemma
    to keep me warm from every stroke of go

    I wrote a fairytale
    to sense me on my act
    & unbaised me

    I wrote a fairytale
    that be the gin
    of my tale
    when rubbed than appear
    as in that play......


  • i_shukriya 6w

    The blow of wind....

    the blow of wind touched my surface,
    it was cozy, cozy above all the touch....

    the blow wind taste,
    its not about the meal
    its about the hunger of peace...

    the blow wind irk with my eyes
    eyes to blink after confronting it...

    the blow of wind smells,
    smells not so delicious,
    but yes to capture pleasant aroma of nature....

    the blow of wind murmuring in my ears,
    the sounds making me feel,
    feel the conversation of nature...


  • _teal_ 7w

    Dear Depression,

    You may be wondering why I am writing to you considering I never claim you as my tenant, but times have changed and I would like you to depart from the premises. You may wonder why such a rush? But you have become an inconvenience, consider this your eviction notice.

    Let me give you context, when you decided to become my tenant you didn't even ask me my opinion, now I just have this constant feeling of drowning and I just want to die, to make matters worse you bitch brought friends too. Because of you I almost lost the girl of my dreams, in fact I might have lost her I'm still working on it.

    You, came with lack of motivation, blowing people off, panic attacks and self-loathing. You see you are a lot and I really need my house back. I have plans for it. I can't actually quite call you tenant because you and your friends are becoming termites and y'all need to be terminated. I started by cleaning the house but I think I should take extreme measures.

    So as you can see you are no longer welcome and if at least you could give me two days starting this day and let me breath and be productive we can work things out. You are still getting evicted but this time the right way.

    #wod #miraquill #postcard #writersnetwork #pod #mirakeeworld #miraquillpost

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    Dear Depression,

    You are the tenant every landlord hates, yet you seem to be the one that sticks. But this time you have got to go.


  • i_shukriya 8w

    Trek....(student words).

    Everywhither of go of notion is strenuour,
    time travel it's hard to walk.
    it's a hazy dreams,
    vale of tears.
    trek just want victory,
    the efforts not matter's.
    hope this fog overt,
    trying to reside every crave.
    'm calm now but not silent.
    wanna snatch the time,
    to rise above the sky.
    right now I'm stupid,
    maybe 'm in my childhood too.
    but still 'm quiet because
    here 'm blank.
    what's the meaning of screaming..??
    there will be noise!
    when the time is mine,
    the silence itself will break
    when the new begining arise......


  • _teal_ 9w

    Poetry is an art from the mind
    Generated to appease a soul.
    I want to give you a detailed
    Recipe for future delights.
    First with the wet ingredients,
    Three cups of ink
    To write from the soul
    You don't want to stand up
    While writing.
    Four slices of tears
    Falling down your face
    To leave a mark on the pages,
    Those will be bittersweet
    Memories for later.
    And if you are feeling risky
    A pinch of blood of
    Your antagonist,
    Haha, just kidding
    Am I?
    Now hit the mixer
    Blend it together and move
    To the dry ingredients.
    Three quills for each cup
    Of ink for the dramatic.
    One strong heart
    That can only accept to
    Be vulnerable for a certain
    Amount of time.
    One mind that is ready to compose
    Every word that will rhyme
    And make a soul cry
    Or be filled with humor.
    And the last ingredient
    The secret ingredient
    Remembering that art is subjective
    It doesn't have to be everyone's
    Now mix all the ingredients
    And put it in the oven
    You will be having the perfect
    Concoction for the flawless
    Poetry cake.

    #recipe #miraquill #wod #writersnetwork #miraquillpost #pod

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    A Recipe for Poetry

    Poetry is the sweet savor of love, life and hate mixed all together it's a mind blowing cocktail.


  • i_shukriya 10w


    I kept my step forward,
    leaving the scolding behind,
    taken risk to catch the versatile,
    all instructions were placed aside,
    choosen the way that other's deny
    choosen the lane in which I m alone
    taken the risk, to prove me that I m not wrong
    hope this time I will cross the bridge
    it is risky but hoping to do the different that I wish
    this time I be able to show them out
    making them shut & the risk stand me out..

  • deepti_prabha 39w

    "Wo Jo Aaj Aagye Bbadh Rahe Haina?
    Unhone Kal Pichey Mud Kar Bhot ,
    Dekha Hoga!"

  • deepti_prabha 65w

    Chaardiwariyon Ne Sikhaya,
    Dayere Me Rehna Kitna Kamaal
    Hota Hai !!