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  • a_world_of_her_words 6w

    Your vision is blur
    Due to fear and tears
    But with a bit of courage
    It all will be clear
    These clouds and storms are go away
    Just be strong my friend
    Take a deep breathe and stay.


  • a_world_of_her_words 23w

    The golden heart has so much to say,
    They give all the love to whoever comes their way,
    Their eyes are brightfull who see all the wonders,
    The magic in their charm can give you a new life like a founder,
    So much greatness they have they wipe out tears,
    Even after carrying darkness inside they give sparkles to others,
    They make you feel and see the life so differently,
    The world seems to be a beautiful place,
    Having them with you is so heavenly.

  • a_world_of_her_words 24w

    I know how it feels when you try hard to get something but at the end all you have is emptiness
    When you give yourself but no one cares about it
    When you have fallen for thousands of times but you find no one to hold on
    When you trying to keep that faith on yourself because no one did that for you
    When everyone everything is forcing you to rush but you choose to patience with yourself
    When you see what's going on around you but have to keep your heart safe
    When everything falls down you have to keep head mind up
    I feel if you do so than you are alone warrior
    Who have came alone all by yourself
    Fighting for yourself.

  • a_world_of_her_words 25w

    I thought its so hard to live in pain
    Until I met you and power which was lost I gained
    I shined like never before
    Now I wish to fly high above the sea shore
    The more I came to know who you are
    You became so precious to me
    Like we were never far.

  • a_world_of_her_words 26w

    Reality is another dimension for you
    Seems like you want to ignore but thats true
    The gutsy act I have done lefting you behind
    The pain you have given me I have kept it all away I am fine
    Most of the time I look at myself
    I remember how I scream and cry
    Fears surrounded in chaos
    Dark nights makes this dead soul alive
    But now it has changed completely
    I can't believe how I am keeping myself calm and collectively
    The vibe has changed so am I
    How can you expect to be the same
    Don't be in rush to define
    Fakes ones are the lessons
    Real ones are treasure
    They see my pure heart not like you
    Who define my worth and measure
    All the wars I have fought alone
    Broken shattered but standing still like a big stone
    Peace was lost but not the faith
    I had to win for myself and peace I lost want to regain.

  • a_world_of_her_words 33w

    The devil's knock

    The devil's knocking the door Of my mind
    When ever I fail
    I kissed out the scares like a I am not gonna die
    The anger goes on I started to fall
    I paid for what I have caused
    I look at myself in the mirror and gave a pause
    It was me just me going through was not fine
    Saying look what shit you have done
    And still devil knocking on the door of my mind
    I slamed up
    I shouted I can I will collapse
    My inner goddess bonk me out
    Saying it a bit harsh and hard
    Stop being delicate
    You are the one who is just being hesitate
    Be the conqueror over the dark night
    Because this is the end
    And this is your fight.