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  • wolfion 3d

    To Kanchan

    I could have have messaged you on linked in or Mail I know I could but why, when you have decided to go away what does it matter where would I message. I don't want my feelings to carry on desperatness, I want my partner's to meet me at half.

  • ikrampoetry 1w

    To be alone and to be lonely
    Surrounded by crowds
    But the crowd doesn't understand me
    How do I fill a hole
    With happiness
    When all that's experienced is sadness
    I look at the stars and wonder
    Is there life beyond our hungry hearts
    So much to discover
    Maybe in another world things wouldn't fall heavy
    Maybe everything would be easy
    I live to see tomorrow
    I need to worry more about today
    Always filling my head with brain bombs
    And my thoughts singing the same song
    What have I missed what did I do wrong
    For my nights to end up silent and my days so dark

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  • feelflyfree 1w

    The Rain is Falling

    Every thing is quiet
    As clear as atmosphere
    The sound of rains
    Make a peace in a room
    While sitting lonely
    Just feel the atmosphere
    Just found some peace✌️

    Mamta Rana

  • lioness_sakshigupta_ 1w



  • thamna 3w

    After a night of snow I walked past
    The back seat of a forgotten motorbus
    Staring into the nothingness it holds
    With flooded sentiments of harsh Autumn
    Dusty journal with silly bonafide
    Old albums and brushed off people
    Memories half alive yet so cold

  • chrisvarghese_ 5w

    Life is a way with many curves which we can't see clearly what's next....

  • tears48 6w


    Breathe my darling, 

    for I am absorbed by you

    breathe so I can breathe

    you and you me and us.

    I follow your inhale only

    to be consumed by your


    Breathe so we can be forever,

    breathe that we are in sync…

    Breathe that our last is always never


  • thamna 9w

    This city, as a perpetual alarm
    Drag itself stir on my electrifying mind
    Reminds me of the first confront here
    A street of buildings and business
    Is now a chip chattered store with mates
    Unknown vendors and their booming noises
    Is warmth of a long lost caring family
    As if I belong to an old lady
    Sometimes upsetting me reminding
    Of that tea we never shared after
    And sometimes basking in glorious nights
    Under flare lights we walked temptly ever

  • rising_writer 10w


    तुम्ही का? अशा लोकांना जवळ करता... माहीत असून सुद्धा की जे तुमचे कधीच होणार नाहीत.

  • ashkhan22 11w


    Tu darta hi nahi tha..
    Mujhe khone se..
    To ab kyu preshaan..
    Hai mere na hone se.

  • purpletints 12w

    That aching whispers which come out of heart at night :(

    #quotes #miraquill #writersnetwork #miraquee

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  • purpletints 13w

    There's a place called nirvana. Though it can be a feeling, achievement or any thing else but I would call it a place.Yes ,that place where we walk daily hand in hand. Where we visit our one dream and other else parallely.
    Though this distance makes us insecure ,but makes us feel most secure. Staying far makes us to believe the farthest. They say Long distance relationship are myths.Yes , it may have been for others. For us,we make it our truth . While we miss each other and hope to hug the feeling of being loved at last. We can stay apart only to make the bond stronger to strongest.
    Dear soulmate,
    We will meet through this nirvana over each fleeting moment .This love will never end and never bend to the beyond of continuations.


    @miraquill #miraquee @writersnetwork

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    Nirvana -
    fleeting in distance


  • avivek 14w


    Was she the one, 

    who kept making fun of me on my silly mistakes?
    : Yes

    Was she the one,
    who listened to me, when no one did

    Was she the one,
    who was close to me 
    who cared and cured me

    Was she the one, who 
    never judged and forever loved me?

    But...was i the one?


  • thesilentbystander_ 14w

    तुम्हारी आंखों में..

    प्यार देखा है मैने,
    गैरों वाली परवाह नहीं,
    आज तुम दूर ज़रूर हो,
    तुम्हारा वो प्यार नहीं।

    सफ़र भर के लिऐ,
    जो हाथ थामा था,
    माना जरा कसकर थामा,
    छूटे ना, दिल गुस्ताख था,
    छोड़ा क्यों वो हाथ मगर,
    दिन-रात के ऐ हमसफर।

    मोहब्बत यूं नहीं होती,
    जो शब्दों से टूट जाए,
    जंगल सी इस दुनिया में,
    हम काश कभी काम आएं।

    ये यादें ये तस्वीरे,
    मीठा दर्द सी देती हैं अब,
    बिन तुम्हारे, तुम्हारी बातों के,
    कुछ छंद सी कहती हैं अब।

    न चाहा था किसी को,
    चाह पाएंगे नहीं,
    तुम दूर ज़रूर हो,
    तुम्हारा वो प्यार नहीं।

    गुस्ताख़ी माफ़ ��
    #love #memories #miraquee #poetry

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    ये यादें ये तस्वीरे,
    मीठा दर्द सी देती हैं अब,
    बिन तुम्हारे, तुम्हारी बातों के,
    कुछ छंद सी कहती हैं अब।


  • avivek 14w


    ।।हमे दर्द में जलता देखकर..
    लोगों ने आंखे सेक ली।।

    ।।साथ दिया ना एक ने...
    सलाहें भले अनेक दी।।️

    और राख हुए ना हम भी,
    कभी ऐसे ज़ख्मों से..

    ।।फिर भी सबको प्यार दिया❤️
    भले नीयत सबकी देख ली।।

  • nik___ 14w


    ये बताती हैं, कि
    आप प्रयास कर रहे हैं|

  • kavikishore_ 17w

    आहिस्ता आहिस्ता सबने सबको एक ही जगह पाया है।
    कोई साकी से मांगता तो किसी ने खुद के लिए बनाया है।
    ज़ोर से कोई मेरा नाम लेकर मुझे रोकने आता क्यों नहीं है।
    अरे हां, अब तक तो मैंने किसी को हाथों से पिलाया कहां है।
    © पीयूष झा

  • kadhal_kannamma 17w

    தேடும் கண்கள்
    தோற்குமென தெரிந்தும்
    தேனீக்களை மிஞ்சியெடுக்கும்
    வேகங்கொள்வது ஏனோ..!?
    shuttering into a dark room'
    there is no door'
    no windows'
    nd it's too late for light..!
    the air coming around her
    decorates her soul with her man's thoughts
    that intoxicity
    drives her insane..!!
    பித்துப்பிடித்த மனமும்
    மாயப் புகையும்
    மயக்கும் நினைவும்
    அவன் மூச்சை கடத்தி
    அவள் கைகளில் கொடுக்க..
    பத்தியம் முறிக்கும்
    பாதை தெரிந்தும்
    பாசாங்கு செய்யும்
    பாவை போல் ஆனாளோ..!!

  • kadhal_kannamma 17w

    Hey you lockdown..!!
    yes,you are a disaster,of course
    but the other side of you
    it's a beautiful disaster, i named it ..!!
    where my hurry burry hostel baths
    turned into a long showers chirping on me..
    yes it is , where my 24 hours
    turned into a vacation every second of a day
    realising that cucumber makes every summer simple..!!
    steaming chaii is the firecamp of every rainy days..!!
    falling leaves in autumn made me taste the essence of renaissance..!!
    these are the days made me realise
    that some things don't change at all, it's constant
    and that constant is you,what you are really..!!
    and these are the days too
    made me realise that some things will change often..
    either you or I, nobody can stop it from changing,
    we have to accept it ..!!
    yes,it is a beautiful disaster..!!
    it deeply inscribed in my soul
    that all you see around you
    are made of a beautiful one,
    will make you a beautiful one..!!
    hey you!! yes, you..the one who is reading this, you know one,
    i realised, i accepted, i started living,
    yes, I'm beautiful and you all too..!!
    Now, i've changed some more beautiful..
    what about you...?!

  • flakky 17w

    I guess there's people like me
    Who are pathetic yet true
    I mean I told you in the beginning
    But you were fucking adamant
    Now you're painting me as a bad guy