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  • sulagna2019 6w

    Good Morning

    Sun was too hot,
    I needed some rain.
    Life was too boring
    I needed some pain.

    Pains are opportunities ,
    They force you to gain.
    The experiences which,
    No teacher can train.

    Nothing we learn ,
    Goes in vain.
    Keep learning from your mistakes,
    Again and again.

  • yugenthe_power 16w

    sometimes you suffers in life
    not because you are bad,
    but because you didn't realize ,
    when and where to stop being good.
    And being a good person everytime
    Doesn't get you loved....
    it gets you used

  • neccessary_evil 21w


    I guess I need medicine,
    Is it really going to work
    without you...

  • __unleasher__ 27w

    *A short conversation between Pride and Human*

    - Knock! Knock!

    - Yes who's there?

    - Hey! This is me your pride.

    - Oh! Welcome, come in.

    - Thank you.

    - So, tell me how are you.

    - I'm good, but disappointed.

    - Disappointed! Why?

    - See I'm yours, I mean it's because of you I exist. But, you never had me. I've heard your parents saying we proud of our son, your teachers saying we are proud of or students and also everyone around you is proud to have you around them, and I never heard you saying you're proud of yourself where as my existence is because of you.

    The man gets convinced:

    - I never thought this way. Actually you're right if I own you I should have you too. I'm sorry I owe you an apology.

    - It's ok and thanks for owning me a lot of them disowned me now I trust you.

    Just when the man was proud of himself, his parents, the teachers and the society stopped being proud of him.

    He just went past that thin line where pride turns into ego.

    The knock on the door was from ego disguised in Pride...

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  • __unleasher__ 27w

    Your or mine,
    A tryst is a tryst,
    Trust with myself,
    Tryst with future,
    And more precisely,
    With the moment,
    To heal the world,
    Grow good ness,
    Cultivate happiness,
    Generate love,
    Blend harmony,
    Generate compassion,
    Foster empathy,
    Forge friendship,
    Ignite inner light,
    Spirtualise heart,
    Emote minds,
    Make the world,
    A magnificent paradise...

    #tryst #may it be #goals #may be it #agreement but for sure it will #enlighten the #world #miraque #motivation #inspiration #positivity #positivevibes #love #dream #couplegoals

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  • awara_shayer 76w


    वो दरवाजे पर खड़ी थी,,,
    मैं खिड़की के पास खड़ा था..
    फासले कम थे खिड़की _दरवाजे के,,
    मगर दिल भी अपनी ज़िद अरा था...


    निगाहें मिल रही थी दोनों कि,,,
    दिलों के मिलने में फासला बड़ा था...
    फिर हुआ यूं कुछ के,वक़्त गुजरता गया,
    फासला बढ़ता गया...
    वो दरवाजे पर खड़ी रही, मैं खिड़की पर खड़ा रहा...

    बात पहले कौन करें,
    यही सोचकर खड़ा रहा....
    वो शर्माती रही , मै डरता रहा,,
    वो दरवाजे पर खड़ी रही , मै खिड़की पर खड़ा रहा.....

    मै इज़हार करने से डरता रहा,
    वो भी इकरार से डरती रही....
    मुहब्बत ऑर भी बढ़ती रही,,
    वो दरवाजे पर खड़ी रही , मै खिड़की पर खड़ा रहा....

    दिलों में उनके खुमार बढ़ता रहा,
    दरमियान उनके इंतजार बढ़ता रहा....
    सिलसिला यूंही चलता रहा,,,
    वो दरवाजे पर खड़ी रही, मै खिड़की पर खड़ा रहा....