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  • iam_pnkaj 5d


    Enough to be on the dark side
    But it's the life that dosent judge the being
    Don't blame it on others to be on that side
    Frightened to take everything on
    Jumped through the height of life
    Ended up being again on the darker side
    Darker than the one before
    It never gonna end
    Did I did
    Enough to be in the dark side
    But it's the life that dosent judge the being.....

  • fakharsplanet 1w


    Ah yes.
    Another day of waking up from the daily coma,
    Contemplating my life choices,
    Consistently trying to avoid the thoughts of death and loneliness,
    And thinking,"Oh my God, he's driving too fast, Oh my God, I'm going to die" , "wtf, was he trying to get himself killed", while I uber my way to work.

  • wordsoftheetwilight 2w

    I love the darkness that fills my life,
    Although I used to be scared
    Now I have accomodated well in it.
    Understanding the desires of it to be left by everyone
    In search of light,
    And perceived to be a thing that people enjoy for a while for its bad
    And ignore the peace it holds.


  • wordsoftheetwilight 4w

    Sometimes I wish I had good voice ,so that I could sing the melody of the words I pen down!


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    Aankhen royi teri
    Dil sunta nahi
    Jeena mushkil hua Mera,
    Tere bin kahin

    Tu jo haske bhi na hasiya
    Tu jo aasuon ke bich soyeaa
    Karke tanha main apni ye raatan
    Tere haal mein apni wajah dhunta phirta!


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 5w


    Reluctant to inhale the novelty of the world and diffuse its fragrance,
    A newborn bud suffocated within, feared opening up, too timid and shy,
    Overlapped the dried tears, silent roars, calmed anger, the real me vaporised in essence,
    The one whom I once hated the most is the soulmate now, all other bonds glitter with a lustrous die,
    My metallic pen owns a golden heart, rusted humans gilded with goodness corroded my innocence.

    Like the sharp blades of cascade falling from a great height,
    Splitting the chest of stubborn rocks, kissing the depth of poised waves,
    Like the tiniest point getting targeted by the sharp beam of razor light,
    The ink of my pen is such, through thy damp eyes, seeping into heart, it paves,
    The way to the abyss of thy soul, eroding darkness, to unleash thy own light.

    The inky wine it spills on the virgin pages toxicates those who read and preserve,
    It bleaches off the scars of wounded hearts, words turn out to be a healing potion,
    I have risen in love unlike others who stumble upon and fall over the slippery pebbles of love,
    An immortal holds my mortal breaths fighting against the gravity of death's cushion,
    I meditate in the arms of my addiction, gain freedom in it's slavery, nothing better than this heavens could ever serve.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 6w


    Once when I was young,
    I used to get scolded by my parents and teachers,
    As my fingers cease to create magic on blank papers,
    My unfriendly pen's writing appeared like ugly creatures.

    Once when I young,
    I used to draw mirror image of alphabets,
    Letters were my enemy, except O & I, my fingers' pets,
    I could seldom write clean, without any mistakes and regrets.

    Once when I was young,
    I never liked the concept of spelling and dictation,
    I struggled with phono - graphics and diction,
    Memorising peculiarly, my tongue tasted friction.

    Once when I was young,
    I loved the people around me, I cared and trusted,
    To fit In to their Boxes of Perfection, I shrunk and adjusted,
    Stupid me did not know, those smiles were greeced with greed and hugs, lusted.

    Now that I have grown up,
    I noticed my books have put on the cloak to be my dear diary,
    The pen that betrayed me then, still stands aside, my only confidant, my dearie,
    My foes then are my friends forever now, they all blend smoothly to be my poetry.

  • thamna 6w


    You are the imagination of every author's eyes
    With a demanding sunset bading summer byes
    Reminds me of a favourite song on the desk
    I wrote at thirteen in wake of a heartbreak
    Brings in me a curious old school girl rush
    Whose heart waits for festivals and eyes for crush
    Behind the golden candid of your showers
    I hums the endearing songs for your lovers
    Wish I'd narrate people story of your leaves
    To fall and bloom again is the beauty of our lives

  • wordsoftheetwilight 7w

    Manzil ka kabhi socha nhi,
    Bas chalte ja raha hu jahan rasta le jaye
    Talash toh khushi ki hai
    Bas har nukkad par thoda gum sath chal deta hai !


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 7w


    Since my eyes are born, they have seen numerous irridescent dreams,
    Some touched the pinnacles of skies, some burnt under the sunbeams,
    The most precious one, residing in the core of my innocent heart,
    Preserved like a pearl in its shell, so that none breaks it apart.

    Calmness and serenity to be
    the theme of my dream
    All the cool colours merging together to birth a pacific evening,
    Neither any expensive banquet nor any royal palace of some king or queen,
    My wedding to offer some unforgettable memories, to be an affair, submarine.

    Me, in an aquamarine gown, appearing like a mermaid, glorious and elegant,
    He shall spread his charm decked up like a merman, to complement,
    A miniature water fall with a burning diya exactly at the middle,
    Marriage vows to be taken revolving around it by the aquamarine couple.

    Our love shall surround the fire of negativity, never let it surpass, burn our oneness,
    Not only fire but also water shall witness our union, bless us with eternal togetherness,
    The cruise to be decked up like in the vibrant hues of purple, green and blue,
    The petals of Roses and tulip welcoming the guests should belong to the same hue.

    Walls to be flaunting coral reefs and rocks, to give that aquatic feel,
    Mild music to dulcify the zephyr, ignite the flames of love, a romantic appeal,
    Guests to sprinkle stars upon us, silver breeze tranquilizing the scene,
    To capture those pearly moments, while we'd embrace, cameras be keen.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 7w



    Universe is all set to bid a good bye to the month of August,
    Flip flap flop, tap and clap the fluttering pages of my calender,
    Landscapes to be inscribed with the shades and tints of golden,
    Earth shall be emblazoned, gilded with the pious sweat of mighty Sun.

    Wind chimes shall dangle humming the mellifluous nocturnes,
    Starry guests shall stay longer to cuddle with the Moon and Earth,
    Serene zephyr shall blow off the chest of exhausted seas and oceans,
    Autumn fall shall be in it's full glory paving the way for novice birth.

    With the leafy jewels, Earth shall be adorned in the ombre shades of gold,
    For its Autumn when declining leaves appear prettier than floral birth,
    And once again, a lesson of life, the falling leaves shall hold,
    'Fall and failure' are the clouds when burst, success showers in mirth.

    The precedent of October shall knock the doors of Calender,
    Cosy hugs and cuddles, hot coffee and romantic dates, treats of September,
    Let the thorns of disease fall once and for all, get oblivious the phase of glum,
    Bring in the florets of growth and rejuvenation, O first born to the womb of Autumn.


    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*

  • jubikasharma 8w

    कभी कभी जवाब सवाल के इर्द गिर्द ही होता है,
    पर बस हम यह मान कर चलते है कि जवाब हमे मिलेगा ही नहीं तो बस फिर उसे देख पाते ही नहीं।


  • wordsoftheetwilight 9w

    I can travel on the paper
    And be stationed in various hearts.

    The words trailing whereabouts of my thoughts,

    The ink denying to be withered and fall.


  • wordsoftheetwilight 10w


    In the labour that was nearly a month early,
    My fate alighted me to this world.
    The complications accompanied my little fate with a restricted timeline as
    All the doctors said 5 years maximum.

    My parents didn't give up
    They knew the born child was survivor.
    To make it survive they gave up their lives and happiness and wandered all the hospitals with best treatment facilities.

    I crossed 5 year mark and my parents and lived ones were now extra careful and loved me more.
    I was always an overprotective baby,I never realised why
    I knew hospitals were like second Home for me,they didn't scare me off.

    10 years later ,my eyes could hardly open,they were so swollen that I got scared when I looked up in the mirror.
    It was the end I claimed,my parents were strong they said it's nothing.
    Finishing my 12 standard I decided to drop off cause I knew my body wasn't ready for stress.

    Lots of issues lots of pain and then I was on machine,for cleaning my blood
    It was painful but I always had that happy face.
    I knew I was a survivor ,that instinct told me there's more that I have to see in this world.

    Exactly after 2 years five months my dad was ready,
    To bring me out of my pain and suffering.
    He donated his part at age of 62 to make my 21 more special.

    I opened my eyes on 21 September 2016
    That was my new birth.
    I realised the timeline that seemed hampered at the time of labour ,got back the fate 21 years later .
    The date of delivery given was accomplished 21 years later for the birth of this survivor.
    Yes ,I was a born survivor!

    P S
    I have already presented it before for #BIRTH word!
    Felt like sharing again

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    Lots of issues lots of pain and then I was on machine,for cleaning my blood.
    It was painful but I always had that happy face.
    I knew I was a survivor ,that instinct told me there's more that I have to see in this world


  • wordsoftheetwilight 10w



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    The colour that holds a negative belief but is also a sense of strong desire.

    The color that reflects ones personality and beholds a characteristic appearance.

    The pitch dark color or the lightest shade ,
    Every one loves it than being colourful in anyway!

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 11w


    Being in love, she saw none but her boy,
    Less did she knew, she wasn't more than a silicon toy,
    When every inch of her body he tasted,
    With nectar of her dignity when he got saturated,
    While she preserved the memories, each fibre of that broken thread,
    He set a price for each moment she spent on his bed.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*


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  • honeybunch14 11w

    missing you is my favourite hobby..
    when I do,
    you melt me with your love
    this thing
    is enough for what I'm missing for;
    I don't even know
    words have these much power to make me calm..
    I realised it when it comes from you!
    So, I'm missing you more and more to have saturate in your love completely;
    Ahh! How sweet it is?


  • wordsoftheetwilight 11w


    Be grateful for the blessings around you,
    The lord has showered his grace indeed!
    The grace that is unconditional for humans.

    Yet, We bend towards Cruel & Cowardice,
    We,The utterly shameful and unfilial beings!

    The eyes and heart ,mirrors of Good
    Dwelled and reflected on evilness Instead!


  • poetryexpress 12w

    Cucumber flowers butterfly hearts

  • tny_agr_wal 12w


    Talash us baadal ki jo Barsega sirf hmare aangan m .......
    Wrna moosladhar baarish m bh aksar ye aangan sookha hi rh Jaya krta h.....

  • _swathi_ 13w

    It's okay

    It's okay if you thought you were over it
    but it hits you all over again.
    It's okay to fall apart even after you thought
    you had it under control.
    You aren't weak,
    Healing is messy.