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    The sparks of my madness serve to ignite a forest on fire, illuminating the earth.

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    A Recall To My Childhood......

    The vision of those day are still visible to my eyes,
    When we unfolded hand and pretended as flying,
    Run madly at night to catch some fireflies,
    Racing of paper boats in monsoon ,
    Smile, after getting a helium balloon ,
    Craziness for candies, love for ice-cream,
    Sometimes became a cause of our beatings ,
    Drenching in rains, splashing water on siblings
    Our heart seeked pleasure even in petty things,
    Cycling in garden ,jumping on trees ,
    Dancing in rain ,craving for mom's maggie ,
    Those fear vibes after watching a horror movie ,
    Our idiocy which made us believed in fantasies ,
    My face is smiling while recalling those phases,
    When my pain got vanished with mom's soothing blow,
    With father, we were always ready to go ,
    It's an age we had only priority that is play ,
    We never got tanned while playing in sunny rays,
    In those days we were careless and free ,
    Fought with friends but never called them enemy ,
    Thousand plans we had create just to bunk school ,
    Oh should I call myself innocent , ignorant or a fool
    Who trusted an old woman stays on that shiny moon.


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