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  • dopedserene 1w

    Ignore Me!

    Ignore me dear for the sake of ego
    I know deep inside you are craving for talking to me too
    I like it when you tell me about something
    It's like eyes are yours and I am watching the view
    This is just a bad phase
    that will pass away for sure
    I've faith in you
    We will find some cure
    Apologies, sometimes I get angry with you
    But trust me I also feel painful
    Whenever I talk rudely to you
    You mean a lot to me
    But I don't like to express too much
    I am feeling so shy while writing the next line
    But sometimes I really miss your touch
    I am not sure about the future
    But I want both of us to be together
    And I am always afraid of one thing
    What if you are fooling me rather?
    I neither want promises
    Nor much time
    I just want one thing
    That you will always rise and shine
    "Smile please"

  • action_speaks 2w

    Why am I on earth today?
    To be the daughter of my parents?
    To reach my goals? Where do these goals come from?
    To be someone's partner and to be someone's parents and grandparent?
    Where is the origin of my thoughts and actions?
    Where do I come from?
    Why do I go back?
    Why can't I stay till I need?
    Why am I questioning?
    To whom should all this be asked?

    Yes I can wait for my answers��
    But how long?

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  • action_speaks 2w

    When I saw her for the first time, she looked simple, sweet and cute. She came to me with a bright smile showing her incisors. Destiny made us meet.

    Now I feel nothing on the earth is more dangerous than her smile. Whenever she smiles at me like that, it's the signal for some disaster coming.
    Her cuteness turned to a motherly solicitude.
    Her sweetness covered me with advices and life lessons.
    Those incisors are her strongest weapon��.
    She is the finest friend in the world.
    Yes my friend is special��❤️.
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    I Got Mine


  • action_speaks 2w

    I wish if I had some superpowers to talk and see the ones whose journey on earth came to an end.
    But still I feel and talk to them once in a while through my dreams for which I am thankful to the person whoever decides or directs my dreams.
    There are many scientific definitions for this, but still I like to believe that there is someone who knows my wish and tries to connect me with those people through my dreams.
    With ❤️
    - Dreamer

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  • action_speaks 2w


    Once we stop limiting ourselves,
    No one can limit us!

  • action_speaks 2w

    A solo trip was my all time dream.
    Suddenly phone rang and everything changed all of a sudden and my solo trip was beautifully ruined by my Friend.
    No. It's a solo trip.
    Its Ok! We'll enjoy solo trip together.

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    My friend is someone who doesn't even leave me alone for a solo trip!

  • action_speaks 2w

    Life is all about loving and being loved.
    What if we can't feel all the love poured on us?
    There are situations where we wish for love and enjoy being loved but our heart doesn't accept the love.
    Wish to smile, muscles won't allow.
    Tend to cry, eyes never agree.
    But one day everything is gonna feel normal✨️

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  • action_speaks 2w

    Sometimes we can't open up everything,but crying or screaming can heal us.
    This is not considered as the right way and we choose our ways and try to get better. A good listener is always helpful and talking can be productive. Me being a listener, I can change someone's mood and do have many friends with whom I can easily have a conversation, but sitting alone, crying and screaming is my way of healing. Isn't this the real 'SPACE' we give ourselves?
    How about utilising our space well?
    I think it is better if we can make us better✨️.

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  • maevee 2w

    Empirical Dreamer

    I'm 25 something and I am not someone who has imagined that there's going to be a guy on a white horse who'll come to my rescue and I'll fall in love with my prince charming, I'm neither against love, I'm somewhere in the middle of no where.
    But honestly I've not found love yet, did i try to look for it? Eh! Not really! But whenever I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt I found something that we can call opposite to love.
    Have I been in love? Yes! broke my heart and I think I've given love a cold shoulder since (If anyone can do that, yes, that's me)

    So, eventually I met this 28 something guy, he is smart, handsome and such a gentleman in today's era, very traditional not exploratory though. He is full of love, such a romantic like he's pumped with all the good bollywood kinda love. I would say he's had his share of hurt but he chooses to believe in love anyway. Above all what I think I admire the most is he puts himself out there in search for love again, he loves, he cares, a little afraid of giving it in, too soon, of being hurt, still attached to his past but believes it that it'll be all worth it for that one true soulmate of his who he'll find inevitably.

    And one fine night I send him a quote like usual, which is:
    we're never so defenseless against suffering as when we love - Segmund Freud
    to which he usually shares his insights but not on this day, this day he asks me in return : What is love?

    Such a simple, innocent question and here I am, I just kept looking at the question for minutes altogether, faltering for words. What am I supposed to say to this guy who is the one who believes in love? To this romatic idiot?
    I'm this practical thinker who hasn't known love all my life so what could I possibly say?

    So I find myself telling him, umm more like asking him : Isn't love like air?
    You can't see it, you don't know how it is though it's there and you can feel it.

    It's there in that moment when on a cold winter night the kid asks for an ice cream by making this cute, innocent face. You know the answer is no and that's what your insides are shouting out loud but your mouth ends up saying yes.

    It's the moment when you've the most delicious chocolate cake in the house and your mother takes the smallest piece so that you can have more on your plate.

    You're all pink and red on the face because your sister took your newly bought hoodie but you let it slide away when you see her happy, glowing, gloating face.

    You're pissed at your best friend since the one thing you asked to be kept a secret is known to the entire school by that weekend but a few glaring looks their way and eventually you hug it out.

    You know your mother can't remember everything but she still wants you to tell her all the details which she doesn't remember and you keep repeating the same thing to her anyway.

    And I tell him love is like air..
    it's there in the moment when a flared skirt goes all the way up only to reveal the lovely black thong in the inside.
    So you and I wouldn't know how is love, what is love, you can't see love but at the end of the day there is so much love and you'll always be happy to have some love coming your way.

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    Empirical Dreamer


  • my_words_for_u_ 4w

    Proverbs at 24 hits different

    At 14,
    The school threw at us a question paper asking us to write the meaning of the following proverbs or to translate them

    An empty mind is a devil's workshop
    Where there is a will, there is a way
    Self-help is the best help
    Empty vessels make much noise
    Make a hay while the sun shines

    At 24,
    The life is throwing at us the same question paper again and asking us to understand the meaning of those proverbs this time.


  • kamikazemind 6w

    Hello mirakeans.
    First of all thank you mirakee for giivngyme such an opportunity.❤ I love iconography a lot and iam a huge fan of impressionism��. I love to feel the depth of a work��, perhaps a poetry, painting, building, whatever it maybe.
    I was planning to go for a Van gogh or Claude Monet.
    But I chose the Mexican surrealist artist, Frida kahlo's 'two fridas' as my iconography theme. My heart beats faster whenever i see her paintings or read articles about Frida kahlo.
    Her depiction about herself and the things she relates herself to, has always enchanted me.

    ✨The most beautiful aspect of her paintings are how she portrays the concrete (her life issues) into an abstract form and also bringing to life about her culture. Her works mainly outspoke the pain, suffering and the tragedies, largely emphasizing death.

    "'Two Fridas' depicts the loneliness of her reality, also implying that she is the only one who can understand herself.*

    Elements�� :

    1. The painting has a stormy background which means her turbulent life. She has come across tragedies after tragedies.

    a) She was affected with polio.

    b) She wanted to be a doctor but couldn't go to medschool due to a bus accident in which she not only lost her dreams and ambitions but also the hope for almost everything.

    c) Then she found solace in her husband, diego riviera, later turning into a huge divorce, due to her inability to conceive and also claiming that he was cheating on her with several women.

    ��" there has been two tragedies in my life: the first one is the accident and the second is diego" �� ~Frida Kahlo

    2.One of the frida is wearing a European dress were as the other one is wearing the typical Mexican dress, cleverly described by the ethnicity of the colour and design of the clothes. The European frida is the modern one whereas the traditional frida is core believer of her traditions.

    3. The sadness in her eyes and the hands holding onto each other has a profound meaning. It loudly speaks that 'you are your own companion'.

    4. The one in which she is cutting her veins through the scissor shows her lack of hope, no more willingness for her survival, and that she's not afraid of death.


    She was the woman who broke all the female stereotypical barriors about art. I love her with all of my heart.


    �� : Perhaps i might have missed two or more details.


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    In the hours of turbulence, only we understand the true nature of our strength. Trapped in our own sorrows, the bravest will keep on finding ways to redeem oneself.

  • kamikazemind 6w

    She thundered. She cried. She rained.
    and understood life, like the art of forming a rainbow .

  • duelwritings 7w


    Thorn will poke you
    Insects will bite you

    But that doesnt mean
    Your a damaged strew

    People will stab you behind
    But be steady your,life will be perfectly alligned .

    Many fake promises and secrets aside
    There will be only few to abide

    Color or religion is not in the soul
    Being happy is the no 1 goal

    Think it twice think it twice
    ur life goes so nice

    Being fallen and failed
    Your life will be perfectly sailed

    From nothing to rich
    You shouldnt always hitch

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  • duelwritings 8w


    The days were bright ,
    When i had a person to hold me tight

    Changed my world for her
    Thinking we would be together forever

    We kept on speaking frequently
    Pondering We were going happily

    When it was told it was not gonna work out
    I didn't know what she was talking about

    Remembering the good old times in a hard mind
    I got to be refined

    i was just hurled ,
    I couldnt find a place in this world

  • duelwritings 8w

    Sister love

    The only shoulder i can rely
    Untill im alive

    Life has so many bugs
    It goes away with your sweet hugs.

    When I think of happy times
    I think of me and you

    When I think of troubled times
    I think of you coming to my rescue

    You have always been the winner
    Of all my admiration
    With all my respect and appreciation

    Than my bar of candy
    You are the one who care me like a glove

    More than everybody
    Shower with love.

  • duelwritings 8w

    Believed it's true

    When we met for first time ;

    Everyday saying hi and bye
    made me go high

    But when the love was built
    It was told its a lie

    When i just thought she is everything i want
    There was emotions that could haunt

    They told me my feelings would surely fade.
    Still i believed it could be made

    The love was said to be fallen easy
    But ended very hard

    Many made me inspired
    But endless tired

    Once there were lies ,
    But when we spoke my heart just flies

    Time just flew ..
    I made myself to pursue

    It was true ,
    But the love was just you ...

    Being honest was just made me fool
    Wasnt there any happy tool

    I just think love isnt in the air
    Where im not able to bear

    Cried and cried in grief
    she wasnt there to explain why she didnt like me in brief

    Lastly moved on ....
    Just with my guitar and song

  • duelwritings 8w


    You are someone who has walked in my ways
    Who knows everything i need.

    The times when i see you cry,
    My heart just bleed .

    Sharing a lot of happiness
    And sometime sharing tears

    Always leaning on each other
    Together through years .

    Everyone should have a love
    Just the way i do

    Highly blessed is what i am
    To have a person like you

    And no matter what life goes on

    its true
    It is being a joy to travel
    Till the end of my life with you .


  • duelwritings 8w


    We speak day and night ,and
    When happiness comes we hold tight

    Together we dream ,
    When we are excited,we scream

    When it thunders the sky is so black
    But when i got a problem they got my back

    When our fun and enjoyment is done
    We tell good bye to the sun .

    She would advice you,you care to hear
    When there is a sister why should i fear

    One happy moment will give us more
    Sister's love is like seashore

    My sister comes and prays
    Where i give my smile to her like sun rays