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  • shabadsukoon 13h

    रुको एक दफा,
    यूं भाग रहे हो कहां..??
    पाना है किसी मंज़िल को
    या कोई राह बुनोगे यहां...??
    गुम हो किसी की तलाश में..?
    या हो किसी एहसास में..?
    जो बयां कर नही पा रहे,
    हो ऐसे किसी आभास में..??
    भटक रहे हो शोर लिए,
    फिर भी ख़ामोश हैं जुबां..??
    है कोई इरादा ठेस,
    या यूं ही महज़ बातें बेनिशा..??
    रुको एक दफा,
    यूं भाग रहे हो कहां..????


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    सवाल ??

  • wani_farha 1d

    The people telling the stories of monsters
    Gift u the real experience of their existence
    And appear more horrible
    Than they actually do

  • a_silent_orchestra 1w

    Love extraodinare

    love extraordinaire
    you and your exuberant habit,
    me and my detained personality
    like water to fire, I tried,
    to cancel you every single time.

    your wings I clipped,
    restraining you and your soaring.
    i have my ideologies to loath,
    for not seeing what you were,
    the bird that needed to be set free.

    you told me once, of your father,
    you showed me once, the lashes,
    If i ever met him in the flesh,
    but I only need look in the mirror
    to see the man I have become today.

    in deep remorse even, i snigger
    for I have lost you, and you have found yourself,
    now go on you free bird,
    set fire to the old tradition,
    Oh, love extraodinare.

  • shabadsukoon 2w

    हो खुला आसमान और एक तस्वीर तुम्हारी,
    भला इसके बाद बाकी है क्या कोई तकलीफ़ हमारी...!

  • _jouissance 2w

    The moment you be yourself and start expressing to your fullest you'll see who is your actual freind and who is the parasite.
    This world doesn't work this way, you always have to keep some things to yourself from a majority of people.


  • shabadsukoon 2w

    यूं तो मालूम हमें भी था कि,
    वक्त का दस्तूर है बदलना..!
    मगर आपकी फितरत भी वक्त सी है,
    ये आपने बताया नहीं कभी।

  • _jouissance 3w

    Think before you decide to stay mute even after witnessing the whole situation live.


  • wandererpoet 4w


    I belong to the wilderness
    To the clusters of wanderers,

    Those who choose to seek themselves
    I am fond of those masters,

    As they are the one’s with the divine knowledge
    Carry yourself to them, as they are the menders,

    Their masterliness will ease you constant burdens
    Their edification will prevent you from making blunders..


  • _jouissance 3w

    No head is without headache. So, no need to feel extra special about your complex mind.


  • sadiyaa 6w

    My anxieties, gathering like clouds,
    floating so gleefully,
    around my lacrymal smiles,
    ready to pour down and
    make a way for the
    dozed off juvensecence
    A serene breeze of peace
    kisses my sleeping dreams
    just to awake them from
    the hibernation!!

  • _jouissance 7w

    कुछ ढूंढने के लिए
    कुछ खोने का एहसास
    कुछ ना होने का एहसास जरूरी है।


  • shabadsukoon 7w

    Kabhi-Kabhi Haal-E-Dil Bayan Karne Ko Apna,
    Apne Hi Lafz Kaam Nahi Aate...!!

  • fireflynarratives 8w

    Love and above.

    When you wake up one day and realise,
    The hand that held people and relations together,
    disappear into thin air,
    The way you love will never be the same.
    The heart will be scared to love the way it did.
    Words will fall short,
    You tremble to make any honest small talks
    with the ones, you once did.
    Relationships become a burden and you let go off them for your sanity, very easily.
    Silences fill you up, so much so that you hear your heart beat racing.
    Somehow they seem to be your safe haven.
    The heart that was once ready to see an ocean full of love, will be scared to give even a fist full of it.
    May be then,
    May be then you realise how hard it is to love, than to be loved.
    And then you become the hook that holds all of'em together too.
    Slowly, but surely.


  • usamashaikh 9w

    Unique you

    I don't know how to be perfect in this pseudo perfectionist world I watch the nature and see all around the beauty in imperfections And it seems all the perfect for it's natural What are imperfections infact Could anyone define it for real? The trees are of different heights The birds are of different colours There are different genus and species in the plantia and animalia kingdom All are unique in their own diverse stature Yet none runs for chasing perfections There's no rush for them to exist in perfection They don't proof their perfection too Everytime in the realm of nature everything moves through stillness An ease through all it unfolds The growth, decay, cessation and regrowth There's resilience in the powerful way of how nature works in and around And so all the living spirits inhabiting the nature are in perfect synchrony with all their imperfections Then why the table should turn around for the homo sapiens ? Are we evolving in consciousness Or lowering our vibrations all over while looking for perfections? How imperfect are we becoming in conscience? . . . Open your arms to the nature inside and out Let you re-meet your raw and real self there Come celebrate your uniqueness You are well enough and whole !

  • hiral_kotecha 9w

    Breaking Point

    The times are tough right now,
    Many don't know to survive how!

    The lockdown, the virus, the quarantine days.
    It takes a toll on our mind, in different ways.

    Some seek love, some attention, some care,
    But about a thing or two you need to be aware!

    The thoughts not shared, emotions not expressed,
    There's a high chance that someone you know is depressed.

    Taking care of others, is a difficult thing to do,
    There will be days you'll feel frustrated too!

    And someday there will come a high tide,
    Your breaking point, when you can't hide.

    Remember, just as the brightest day comes after the darkest night
    Just keep walking down the path, and you'll see the light

    Together we'll stand and together we'll fight
    Keep loving all, and everything will be alright!

    The times are really tough right now,
    But together we will survive!

  • dais_yblossom 10w


    Souls gets intouch when wavelength & frequency match one to other. If not then it move to others.


  • dais_yblossom 10w

    " Illusion "

    People act as Fired Rocket
    Propelled you into an orbit
    And accelerate you with constant
    Velocity, unless and until you feel
    The gravity of its own
    Planet of an Illusion.


  • dais_yblossom 10w


    I lit the Light within me
    To shine even in the dark
    When all other lights went out.


  • dais_yblossom 11w


    Inhale and exhale the air I breathe
    Blow it in a way to urge to touch
    The eternal God's feet
    Then comeback to me along with
    Its magical fragrance, blessings and grace
    With curtsy I inhale it for
    My eternal soul and peace.


  • aqua_taurean 11w

    Empty cage...
    A space, always holding memories.
    #cage #wod
    #mirakeewrites #wordporn

    Thank you @miraquill @mirakeeworld
    For showcasing my poem on the Editor's choice.

    Feeling grateful ��

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    I've spent days here
    Treading here and there
    The same lane, the same trail
    But the feels, always different.

    Gazing through the bars
    I wonder who would save me
    Longing for the time
    Let me live, set me free.

    "What's happening here?"
    A sudden quake, or a burst
    The string is weak, let it fall.
    On the ground, I thrust.

    The door is open, is it a dream?
    I'm free, I'm free, my eyes glaze
    As I leave behind I see
    The cage, empty but staring me.

    I'm flying above and down below
    Celebrating my freedom
    I see the balcony where I once was
    I am hesitant and numb

    I come close for a better view
    It left in awe, my eyesight fade
    You wouldn't believe what I saw
    My soul trembling inside the empty cage.