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  • dais_yblossom 1w


    I don't know what to show, what to hide, I be original. No matter what others think, Not even let myself to give a second chance to overthink. I just simply don't mind that's how I'll start to be alright.


  • virkat 3w


    भूल ही गया था उस वक्त वो गुलाब था
    वो वक्त भी बस एक छोटा सा ख्वाब था
    अब क्या उम्मीद की जाये कि मिलेंगे हम
    बह गया अब तो जो वो वक्त आब़ था

  • sadiyaa 4w

    A tryst with the blithe darkness
    the tristful visage of the eupeptic moon
    rendered my heart blue and fastly
    it embraced the refulgent pearl in the dark sea
    That lonely friend floated in the vastness
    and with joy it jumped to travel its shift.
    How bestial the stars of the night are!
    Their envious gape disquieted the moon
    and in the cosy lap of the dome,
    it ensconced till it fell asleep.
    Alas! the sun slowly woke up and
    I returned with again the same thought
    "where did the moon hide?"
    contemplating and waiting for darkness
    to take the reins of the night's reign again.

  • sadiyaa 4w

    Don't despair, Oh preacher, as you have been
    Preaching the hellhounds needing some scuffing
    Of their flea-ridden souls and tainted minds.
    Swamped with the servitude of the brave cowards,
    their orbs blind to their masquerade and devious stratagem.
    The hebetudinous minds of these hedonists delineates
    the crass soul dwelling in their moronic bodies.
    Oh traveller! Grieve not for your every step
    will yield them the thorny nectaries,the thistle in their way.
    Sermonise not their lectures for they hold the
    concealed deadly nightshade, waiting to devour thee.
    Let you go on with bowed head and the Divine sceptre
    will sway itself in your way to liberate you of oppression
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    Dont despair, oh preacher.

  • sariaquraishi 5w


    The waves of ocean terrify me.
    It remembers me of the ups and down of my life
    makes me remember of all those strife
    feels like my throat is being cut down by a knife
    those ferocious waves!
    makes me remember of every wicked games
    that sudden waves
    makes me remember of sudden disappointment
    the process done upon me of sudden detachment
    I ask you my life.Why?
    There was once a happy time
    it had good memories being define
    i was living a good life style everytime
    but why things changed this much?
    Now it Feels like i have done any crime.
    this much pain ,this much sadness
    where have i lost that happy moments of madness?
    you never know what i went through
    i am a sad writer with emotions of sadness,True
    I know everyone of you will relate
    Nobody cares start being happy its not yet late:)

  • sadiyaa 5w

    They may feel your redolence extinguishing
    The gleam of your in-depth fire fading
    and the halycon love in you floating away.
    The soul, they may feel,smitten with decay
    Your charm, may undoubtedly feel no more angelic
    I find in your fading love, an estuary of my smiles
    In your fading fire, a spark kindling my darkness
    and in your soul so tired, a splendour for my pain.
    a blossoming flower in your so weary charm.

  • sadiyaa 5w

    She called me to the world of chaotic confessions.

  • nawabzaadi 14w

    फिर कोई❤️

    फिर किसी को मुझ से प्यार ❤️होने लगा है..!!
    वो मुझे खुद की जान ❤️बताने लगा है..!!
    इश्क़ ❤️उसका हूं मै ये वो कहने लगा है..!!
    मुझे उससे अब डर लगने लगा है..!!
    फिर किसी को मुझ से प्यार ❤️होने लगा है..!!


  • dewyeyed 17w

    क्यों जो बीत गया वो बीता ही नहीं..!
    क्यों आज में कोई जीता ही नहीं...!
    क्यों जीने लगे हैं हम बिखरे रिश्तों में,
    क्यों टूटी दरारो को कोई सीता ही नहीं..!

  • sunohh 20w

    21st January 2021 Thursday

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    यादों की तस्वीरें अब धुंधली हो गई l
    देखते देखते हर बात पुरानी हो गई l


  • storm_shadow_ 21w

    देश के लिए वो अपनी खुशियों को ठुकराते हैं
    तुम्हारी चैन की नींद के लिए वो रातभर जागते हैं
    तुम सपने भी बड़ी गाड़ी और बड़े घर के देखते हो
    वो सपने भी सिर्फ अपनों से मिलने के देखते हैं।।

    यु तू माँ, पत्नी और बेटियां उन्के घर भी है
    मगर देश उनके लिए सबसे पहले भी है
    और निकलते हैं घर से ये कहकर," जल्द ही वापस आऊँगा"
    वापस आऊं या ना आऊं, तिरंगा लेकर तो जरूर आऊँगा।।

    दोस्ती और यारी करो, तो इनकी तरह निभाओ
    अपने लिये तो सब करते है, कुछ देश के लिए करके दिखाओ
    और बड़ो का आदर करना इन्हें अच्छे से आता है
    बिना डरे जीना हो तो इनसे कुछ सीख जाओ।।

    मरने का डर तो नहीं, बस परिवार की चिंता सताती है
    बच्चों के साथ बिताये कुछ पलों की इन्हें याद बहुत आती है
    साथ देता है खुदा भी इनका
    मगर इन्हें मौत भी बिन बातये आती है।।

    तुम्हें तुम्हारी रविवार की छुट्टी मुबारक
    इन्हें देश की सुरक्षा ज्यादा प्यारी है
    और ये दिल के बहुत पक्के है जनाब
    इनकी वीर गाथाएं भी बड़ी न्यारी है

    युहीं महफ़िल में जब किसीने सवाल किया
    की मोहोब्बत करें तो किससे करें?
    लोग ऐश्वर्या और आलिया को सोचते रह गए
    एक सैनिक ने "भारत" का नाम लिख दिया।।

    इतना कुछ करने के बाद मांगते तो कुछ भी नहीं
    किसीकी करो ना करो, इनकी इज़्ज़त जरूर कर लेना
    और कभी वक़्त मिले तो उन्हें भी याद कर लेना
    वो देश के जवान है, थोड़ा प्यार उन्हें भी कर लेना।।


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    Read the caption!!


  • _lostworldbabe_ 25w

    Qabr ❤️

    Dil se badi koi qabr nahi hoti
    Yahan har roz koi na koi
    Jazbaat dafan hote hai ❣️

  • srameshkumar 28w


    And when was the last time you
    cared for someone?
    To be called a fool in love isn't
    uncommon these days
    We are lost in the darkness of hatred
    burning through every soul,
    It seems the light has become a stranger to us all.

    And when was the last time you truly wept?
    One that left you breathless,
    and your guilt & pain was reimbursed by shedding tears all over the place.
    A broken wheel still pursuing its path it was supposed to and a torn heart squirming sideways, a sight for sore eyes I presume and I quote "Curse this mundane topsy-turvy land".

    I remember the last time I actually
    did something for someone
    and surprisingly It felt good,
    Other than grinning at absolute victories I conquered in my dreamland, Touche.
    I took a stand for someone,
    I made someone smile,
    I was polite to every breathing being
    And here's my biggest achievement
    I was unsuccessful in giving up
    and every time I tried, I failed at failing.
    And all I wanted was to do the
    right thing one last time.


  • srameshkumar 31w

    The voyage of my wishes is a journey of thoughts unravelling its dark and beautiful side in its own way.
    The power of strong virtues like patience and courage helps you to give in for quite some time.
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    Some days I vouch for learning,
    And some for yearning love
    At times I do all the thinking in the world
    And at some nothing at all.
    Every other day I want to be something else,
    and once a while to be the stubborn me
    I want to build a preceding reputation of me
    not where the men would bow but
    where smiles can often blossom with my presence amidst,
    I want to matter and I want to be asked
    so I can answer that I have been rehearsing to give over a decade now.
    I'm no one looking for a Fidel purpose,
    to lead and to be led for anything
    with a decree of the true greater good
    If it is ever going to be.
    I'm an anonymous writer,
    writing all that my heart could scream,
    my hands could muster,
    my emotions could ever utter and all that I believe that has to be told,
    One way or the other.
    I'm a fellow sushi lover who thinks I have the power to change the world even for a second,
    and that's what matters at all,
    I could greet a million strangers with nothing give to them but my smile, one with the best intention one could ever have to make their day a little more bearable
    and I could die in peace muttering
    all that is left unfulfilled but my heart will know
    somewhere, someone will be thinking of me as I pass into nothingness.

  • srameshkumar 32w


    What hurts the most is they deny
    Forbid the natural instincts making space for something sacred on the garden of Eden,
    Wasn't that obvious
    The obnoxious series of love and hatred,
    Entwined broken promises,
    And grave decisions of the first lady,
    Was it a lie?
    A velvety cover up of all the bribed scenarios,
    All in the name of the Anonymous,
    The folklores of great beyond,
    Odes of a unreachable within,
    Dismantling what's left of rationale,
    I beg thee to lay forth,
    Lies in the name of encarnated beings,
    And all that's legit lying amidst the serene loopholes,
    Crosswords in the need of keeping secrets,
    The Sion carries its decipher
    Oddly a few miles away the east.


  • noblepiece 32w


    In my deepest rage
    I feel younger in age
    Turning our romantic page
    I could love you like a sage.

    Give not in to the fake lies
    I come in for us to lie
    I've been through lots, seen many lives
    Its a naked truth I tell, no lies.

    Love me while you see me
    Sex me while you are honey
    Pamper me with your tenderness
    Mend my heart, my brokenness.

    Without a deeper fear
    Flood me with flooding care
    I see, feel, and hear
    Your resounding joy in my ear.

    Stay with me longer
    Loneliness is a murderer.

  • untoldstoryoflife 33w

    Kisi ne kaha waqt ko thuda waqt do,woh sab badal de ga daikhu usne tumhe bhi badal diya


  • untoldstoryoflife 33w

    Jo ladki bachpan mai khilona nahi khaili
    Woh tumhare jazbaat se kya khaile gi


  • srameshkumar 33w


    Night unlocks
    the beauty lying amidst the great beyond
    Deciphering love among chiming stars
    and listening to dreary dark
    Saying a prayer before the bed
    that may never cross the lips again
    Staring meticulously at the charisma
    of everlying sky in a whole breath
    Bidding farewell to all
    those who we may never
    encounter in this life
    Yet again garnishing the lies
    on the despicable truths
    to make it preachable in the
    journey that may never begin,
    One where hope is all that takes
    to travel into the universe and be
    lost willingly into the impeccable
    mystery of solitude and wonder.

  • annie_v 60w

    Quote from Book..

    Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your hands...