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  • ritesh18 25w

    Mirakee Update

    Le ye kya khabar chappi hai ki ab mirakee p Bio ka options hi nh aayega

  • shreyanarayan 59w


    this world gets a little more complexed
    it's a little harder to be good
    I try to be a better version of myself
    Yet everyday
    feels a little sadder
    and I wonder if I even could...
    I am trying to keep up
    with this insanity,
    This insanity that we call life
    Yet everyday
    I try and fail,
    I try to make sense
    of this chaotic world,
    a world that that is nothing
    but vane.
    I think that
    It will be different
    That fir once, just living won't be a pain
    And still
    I come back
    Just a little bit more insane.

    But today...

    Everything felt so right
    throughout I had a smile
    It didn't take much to please me
    I was calm, from inside.


  • miraquill 59w

    "The only constant in life is change" - Heraclitus

    How are you adding new features to yourself? Have you found a way to debug and update yourself constantly? And if not when are you going to start?

    Tag your posts with: #constantchange #updateself

    PS: if you haven't already, update your app! #mirakeeupdate

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    A New You

    We have recently released a new update for Mirakee, write about how you are updating yourself each day.

  • miraquill 63w

    With all the good news, there’s a bit of bad news as well. We hate to say this, but we are discontinuing support for a lot of languages here onwards. We will be only supporting English and Hindi for the time being. We will keep expanding the support for more languages in the future. (We are sorry, please don’t hate us.)
    Well, a few things are still under construction at Mirakee, but please bear with us, we’re working on them.

    Always remember, your Mirakee family is here for you. Now you take care of yourself, alright?

    Mirakee is home.

    #mirakeeupdate #mirakeefamily

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    New Mirakee Update

    Writing suggestions 

    We know you get stuck sometimes while writing your post. You run out of ideas, out of inspiration and that’s where Mirakee assistant comes in. She will give you some suggestions or ideas that you could add to your post and perhaps that could expand your imagination!

    How cool is that? Mirakee assistant is powered by AI and is currently in Beta. Our premium members can receive 10 suggestions per day. You can find the option to interact with Mirakee Assistant on the compose screen.


    Digital Magazine

    We have compiled the best posts written by our amazing featured writers in a beautiful magazine. If you like this concept, we will send you an issue periodically. Share your reviews on the Google Play Store. These posts were featured as 'Post Of The Day' on Mirakee. Each page is dedicated for every featured writer. 

    You can download the magazine from the feed. 


    Boost posts

    We see some of our new members struggling with getting enough recognition or feedback for their content. They can now boost their posts. Our veterans can help the new members by reposting their content if found worthy. This will ensure that the quality content of new entrants gets an increased exposure and visibility. The veterans receive the curator badge for encouraging the new members. 


    Premium images

    Want some new designs to make your content shine? Look out for new premium images designed by our in-house team coming soon into your designing tools. We will provide you with a selection of appealing and artsy images to make your content stand out. 


    Writing contests

    To further polish your writing talent and unleash your creativity, we offer interesting writing prompts. Everyday a new contest with a brand new theme will show up for you in the creative arena for you to participate. The best post(s) will be decided by our content team based on predetermined criteria. The winner(s) will be awarded a trophy which will appear in the winner’s profile. The top winners shall be displayed on the leaderboard. 

    You can find new writing contests in the creative arena.

  • word_hidden_in_heart 195w


    उसने होठों से छू कर 
    दरिया का पानी गुलाबी कर दिया, 
    हमारी तो बात और थी उसने 
    मछलियों को भी शराबी कर दिया।


  • writersnetwork 203w

    For Mirakee to achieve the vision with which it was created, it is important to make each and every one of you feel like a part of our family.

    While there are cordial relationships among fellow Mirakeeans, there have been certain reports of plagiarism and objectionable content on the app. We understand the gravity of this issue and continuously strive to make this platform a pleasant experience for all of you and to eliminate any elements of discontent and disgrace. Plagiarism is a serious issue for all writers and for us. We have always dealt with it sternly and will continue to take this issue with utmost concern.

    In order to aid our ongoing fight against plagiarism, we are introducing a new feature that allows the Mirakeeans to not only report objectionable/plagiarised content but also keep track of the status of such reports. It functions as follows :

    1. On reporting on a post, you can now provide brief details and links supporting the report which can include the website link from which it’s copied, if reason of reporting is plagiarism.

    2. A reporting section is introduced which is available on the notification screen. All the reports made by users can now be viewed by every user of Mirakee. You can also view the status of reports made by you, in the reports status tab available on the reports screen.

    3. You can upvote on a report signifying the validity of the report and you can also downvote on a report if you feel the report is invalid. This way all the Mirakeeans will help keep Mirakee clean and help the admins screen the reports.

    4. To prevent misuse of this feature, incorrect voting or reporting over three times will lead to your reporting/voting rights being revoked. Kindly don’t misuse this feature.

    4. Each report will be available for all Mirakeeans to screen for 24–48h after which it will be sent to the admin to review. The admin will issue a strike to the user if the report is valid and dismiss it otherwise.

    5. Strikes — on receiving the first strike, your post will be deleted and you will be issued a warning. The second strike would lead to your post being deleted and your posting and commenting rights will be revoked for 2 weeks. Your account will be terminated on receiving the third strike.

    6. You can appeal a strike by writing to team@mirakee.com and mentioning a valid reason.

    7. Please do not take reports personally, if your content is not plagiarised, your post will not be deleted and no action will be taken.

    Remember we are all a part of this family and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we fight this battle against plagiarism together.

    #mirakee #mirakeefamily #mirakeeupdate

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    Mirakee against plagiarism

    Update Mirakee app and
    please do read the caption.

  • abykhuman 212w

    The fault in our stars

    You need to realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lessen my affection for u.

  • shankesh_gulecha 225w

    The break up did update her,
    But updates drain the battery down.


  • foram_s 234w

    For him ,
    she was his love
    For her,
    he was a best friend.


  • 22jyoti 250w

    Jaha izzat Na ho...
    Waha se nikal Jao!!