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  • nis_had 18w

    "This world had ended a long time ago" Her former voices began to resonate in her ears, "Let's start now or it would be too late".

    'Maybe it's too late?' She asked herself.

    It was only a few days since she received the warmth of the light and the fragrance of the earth.
    Her bones had beginning to soften, and her eyes are dry.
    The days of eating her lifespan and the drinking her tears are over. Can't figure out what to do next.

    Her lungs opened very slowly to breathe.

    She raised her weak hands and looked up.' It hurts but I can slowly raise my hand.'
    Someone had cut off her head. The lips cannot utter words nor the eyes cannot sleep.

    The wooden chairs in the room were beginning to spread their roots to the ground. She could not even imagine to how many people does the smell of rust sticking to her nails lead to.

    The body had adapted to pain.

    Her friends were bamboo sticks and canes. No one else liked her as much as they hugged her.

    Her jewelry was the iron chains. Sometimes it was wrapped around her like bracelets, sometimes like anklets and waist ornaments.

    “This world had ended a long time ago.
    So let's end this now or it would be too late "
    She could not even recognize her change of heart.

    With a torn body, she slowly crawled to pick up a small knife.she slowly tried to lower it into her nerves.
    don’t know if it was because it wasn’t time, and there was no bleeding from the wounds.

    Helplessness came over one shoulder and began to sway.

    She came out of that small backyard in the middle of the sand dunes.
    She rolled the distant sky in her left hand.
    She made a cut, aiming for the clouds.
    The blue sky that spread in the morning suddenly gave way to the red setting sky.

    She crept through the torn clouds and disappeared forever from this world that had ended.

    A new world.

    A world surrounded by great walls.
    The northern sun is roaring over a flat surface.
    In the distance, there is a valley with flower vines and gardens.
    A small world of serenity.
    A small carpet of immense thoughts.
    A handful of faceless human figures living there.
    Many of them hugged her.
    For the first time in her life, she recognized that feeling.
    That feeling went from her fingers to her brain.
    A feeling that gave the brain a frenzy.
    Messages from the addicted brain went through the nerves and into the feet.

    The scorching sun, the unrelenting rain, and the unrelenting cold were disappearing into her days.
    Slowly her walls moved to infinity.
    The alien planet fell from her feet into the abyss.
    She stood up like an angel in the air.

    The fire that lighted up her body kept coming back to her.
    Slowly that niche of light began to flash.
    Infinite lights of miniscule size emerged from all four directions flew at her.

    Light upon light.

    The surrounding air particles, the sand dunes and all the creatures began to play around her.
    One after the another, the earth, the moon and the stars revolved around her.

    She is the sun today.
    And tomorrow.

  • sameersawant_07 23w

    एक गर्भ में आने के बाद एक स्त्री की यही मनोदशा होती है जिसे एक पुरुष शायद ही कभी समझ पाए। औरत तो स्वयं अपने आप में एक शक्ती है, बलिदान है। इतना कुछ सहन करतें हुए भी वह तुम्हारें अच्छे-बुरे, पसन्द-नापसंद का ख्याल रखती है।
    अरे जो पूजा करनें योग्य है जो पूजनीय है उसे तुम बस अपनी उपभोग समझते हो। उसके जिंदगी के हर फैसले, खुशियों और धारणाओं पर तुम अपना अंकुश रखकर खुद को मर्द समझते हो। इस घटिया मर्दानगी पर अगर इतना ही घमंड है तुम्हें तो बस एक दिन खुद को उनकी जगह रखकर देखों अगर ये दो कौड़ी की मर्दानगी बिखरकर चकनाचूर न हो जाये तो कहना।
    याद रखना जो औरतों की इज्ज़त करना नहीं जानतें वो कभी मर्द हो ही नहीं सकतें।

  • sameersawant_07 23w


    Maybe the universe wants you to open the door..it just may lead you somewhere you never expected. We all have a choice to make.
    In my opinion the heart is the doorway to love. Just open the door and let the magic in.
    Only you can walk to the door and only you can open it.
    We struggle to open our heart to love once it’s been hurt. Your walls are up and it’s not easy letting someone in. The truth is, love is a risk. But when love is real it touch your heart and soul.

    Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart. Not someone who plays with it.
    Everything that happened in my life have led me to you. My good choices and my bad choices. My happiness and my heartbreaks. They all seem worth it now because path was headed to you. Your love healed my broken soul and gave me the confidence to be better man.

  • manjunath_s_murthy 26w

    Thank you

    "Why do you even write, nobody reads that shit!" She said.

    "That's ok with me."

    "You're full of SHIT just like your poems,
    your writings are UGLY just like your face."

    "Thank you."


  • poetrani 29w

    Don't Rush

    I am not here to judge, So Don't Rush,
    I don't stare at the rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece to give life a lil budge,
    So Don't Rush,
    I've surplused colours in my soul more than seven,
    We aren't same anymore, I have already came from heaven,
    So Don't Rush,
    I do not believe in the act of vengeance, I am a grown woman with responsibilities, not a normal nomad,
    I have my own standards that I established by winning everyone's heart,
    So Don't Rush
    I understand the language of bodies and their movements,
    I recognize quintessence and incarnate the old one but with trend,
    So Don't Rush,
    Don't pull the horses of your fragile head over me you ching,
    you'll found no place to escape if I spread my wings,Don't Rush
    Coz you don't know me and you never will,
    As i never play the games but I made one for you to loose for you to win..

  • niti11 40w

    Paper Boats

    Drenched in the rain , the little boy went searching for his paper boat . He was relentless in his search because this blue one was by far the best boat from today's batch of somewhat clumsily fashioned vessels crafted with his dainty 8 year old fingers out of leftover craft paper. The weather had propelled this zest. So far the yellow and orange boats had been titanical disasters and to save himself from his prying neighbour and nemesis Kevin's condenscending sneers he needed to make this one work . As if in redemption the blue one had worked all too well . The launch commenced in the puddle that had formed in the driveway which still held remnants of orange and yellow pulp in it . But with increasing downpour the puddle became a small stream that merged with the flow of water on the street washing away his boat . Abandoning his umbrella and braving the rain , he followed the sloping current , eyes fixating on anything blue . Suddenly he stopped in his tracks . Blue umbrella in hand , Pink dress and Yellow galoshes , lovely Brown hair that curled at her cheeks , his paper boat was in the hands of the most beautiful little girl he had ever laid his eyes upon. As he approached he saw she had the bluest of eyes that put his boat to shame . His eight year old self felt the lyrical stirrings of puppy love . " Is this yours ?" "Yes", he said , his heart in unfamiliar territory
    "You made it ? " "Yes... yes i did " ,gushing and blushing. "Oh its so pretty ! Can i play with it ? We just shifted yesterday and i haven't unpacked my toys yet ." "Of course " , said he in hypnotic delight.
    The next day too it rained , as he had wished it should . He set off his boat along the same route hoping to catch her attention again . Suddenly he stopped in his tracks .
    There she was standing next to Kevin squealing with delight ,admiring his shiny remote controlled boat . Now way his lowly paper boat could compete with that . " Oh its so pretty " he heard her saying . Forlorn he turned around, his tiny heart now hindenberged . Life teaches us lessons in ways most unexpected . He had learnt his first. "Huh.. women "

  • hota_sia 48w

    The Jollyfull Life

    Nov. 8,

    Dear Buddy,
    So what's going on in your life. I hope you are fine, miles and miles away from this deadly virus which has spread all across the world. But do you know, today's a bit different day for me. In fact I feel as if these days are running very slow. Hope it results good with the proverb- Slow and steady wins the race.

    Hey! Hellow!Valakam! Today I'm gonna share my most favourite memory of my life and the most successful memory till date as I have never fulfilled all my desires and wishes to such an extent.

    Today, I'm gonna share my story behind the love for writing and the desire to be a writer one day. I would like to go bck to flashback to my seventh standard. In studies, I was as dull as a donkey and in songs, I was not less than a “BAKWAAS” singer, a fan of Neha Kakkar, Shreya Ghosal, Guru Randhawa etc.

    For me, my duty was to spend time with friends in school and then come back to home and again spend time in WhatsApp with friends. Studying was not even at the bottom of my duty list. Dushman.The relation between me and maths-science was like Jaani Dushman. I felt as if I should throw these books into a dustbin or just murder those teachers. But we both know that I could neither do any of these. Those days were really was for my studies.

    But on the other hand,I was completely filled up with English Liti (Literature)and grammar. These were like world for me. I lived in with only two worlds -my friends and English.Other were even out of my wishlist.

    So what happened one day is I was in the class sitting at the first bench of left corner.I was in complete enjoyment with my friends.And suddenly our Liti Teacher came to teach the most boring-cum-beautiful poem by William Wordsworth. And in the mid of the class,I felt so drowsy that I actually went off sleeping inside the class.Two fun facts were- The teacher didn't knew about it till the class was over and me myself was in such depth that I too didn't marked when I slept.Hats off to my courage. I slept in the class for the first time. I was in mixed state at that time. Fifty percent of my heart was filled with joy because that was the first experience for me to sleep without the teacher's knowledge.And also fifty percent of my heart was a bit sad because I slept in the English class that was the most favourite subject of mine. Of course,I didn't like the teacher but at least I liked the subject. I should have not respected the teacher but for the prestige of Liti, I should have not slept that day.

    These thoughts were continuously capturing my mind. Even some of my friends started teasing me. I felt a bit offended. While I came back to home ,I stayed in the same state for whole evening. My frustration level was increasing slowly. I felt a bit bewildered. Many times such situations have encircled me but that situation was completely opposite of it. Even I wasn't able to express it to my mother as she is also a teacher. If I would have done so,I would have observed Newton's third law practically that day-Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I simply kept silent and suddenly a song entered my mind. At that time,my mind was such overcrowded that in such a critical situation, a song entered my mind. And a beautiful thinking was followed by then. I thought of writing it all my frustation in the form of a song. That was a Hindi poem-“ Nind ki goli”written and composed by me. Also directed and sung by me. I felt a bit contented. And the next day ,I thought showing it to my friends. They were so so so happy that they enjoyed reading it and even read the poem twice,thrice or even more. They were happy seeing the poem and I was happy seeing their faces. Many days passed and my friends thought of showing my poem to all the girls including the weaker ones too. (those who were weak in studies just like me.)

    I was again astonished as they too liked my poem. Since, they were back benchers and thousand miles away from their studies, they should have either ignored it or just act as if they enjoyed it. But they read the read the whole poem happily and even enjoyed a lot more then expected.

    That was the day, I felt as if I have become the richest and the most successful person of the world. I felt as if I have conquered the whole world. I was in cloud nine. That's how I gained my inspiration from my readers for writing more and more poems, quotes, stories and the journey started.

  • hota_sia 50w

    A mystical message-II

    A little over seven months ago.

    J. C Bose University of Science and Technology
    Faridabad, Haryana
    March 2020

    First of all, I stepped on the playground,measuring the greenness of the vast ground. I narrowed my eyes,my mouth being wide open and started assuming the vastness of the college with about more than 50,000 students.
    The Principal of course, accepted me, as a student of his renowed college and I was set free to take a quick tour of the college.
    And why shouldn't he reject such a brilliant student like me?
    For a moment, I felt as if I've got the position of V.I.P.
    Anyways, if my parents are happy, then why not me?
    I was well-set with my excitement to start the new chapter of my life but before I start, my parents had already mixed up my life with the best quality spices.
    Father paid admission fees plus hostel fees.
    And when I knew about it, suddenly “The MDH wala budha” striked my mind.

    “But why Papa. I wanna stay only with my family and none other else. ”
    “I don't want..... Actually I shouldn't.... ”
    He kept strucking in the middle.
    “But it's only for your sake. You need to learn and be prepared to stay alone for your future demands.”
    “But..... ______”
    Nothing so big statement striked my mind at that moment to argue for. Another thing is that if you are with your mother, you can show your angerness but in front of father everyone is a dumb.
    “Fine.Your wish is my command.”But deep inside, I was travelling down my hysteria. I could not able to digest that, the whole night.

    The first day of my college! New area with new friends. So new clothes with new trends.I have kept my hair open.Round googles which I stylishly took it off.And if everyone just stares at you, when you enter the college, definitely it becomes a matter of prestige for you. Same is happening with me too. I feel as if I'm in the seventh heaven. For a motive that everyone would start taking with me, I'm now overacting to try to be the cutest in their eyes, to be the most gorgeous in their eyes, and act as if I'm the one and only heroine of this college.
    “Life is so awesomeeeee..... And I'm also so awesomeeeee.... ”In the middle of all these, I murmured to myself.

    And suddenly it happened that my mother sprinkled huge drops of water into my eyes and started rebuking at the highest pitch possible.
    “Just get up, or else you'll get a quick slap from me.”
    “Oh woww! I look so adorable today. ”I still murmured.
    “Hurry up, or else you'll have to rush for college. Oh yes, you neend to rush to the college for today so that you can have a good room in your hostel. ”
    I shockingly woke up.
    “No mumma, Mumma please... Please Mumma.... ”
    And again with a upside down smile, “Am I not studying hard? ”
    She didn't uttered anything.
    “Tell me Mumma.... ”I repeated again.
    “You don't worry ,Dear.”
    And then suddenly with a great excitement, she uttered-“Do you know,I've a surprise for you! ”
    “Whatt? ”I said.
    “My sweetest daughter, you get a neww phoneeee... which will be purely yourss!!
    Just call me everyday from the hostel. Atleast I can hear your voice. ”
    I smiled with delight and hugged her.
    “Okkk Mumma.”

    To be continued...

  • hota_sia 51w

    A mystical message

    I stared at the letters tattooed into my right forearm. I had no memory how I had got it or why I was in a hospital gown or why I was floating at the edge of a muddy, river bank. I had absolutely no memory of who I was.

    My dark,half opened eyes fell on the rays of the rising sun which was being reflecting from a piece of mirror kept there. My mind was completely blank and I felt to have got born in a new world.

    Half an hour passed and then my ears heard a very fearful voice of a couple who wear in search of their son.
    "How can God curse my child? It's too much. Even I don't know where's my girl, how's my girl____" The mother mumbled.
    Father interrupted in the middle-"Don't think too much. Everything's fine. I'm here to consult with a nurse. Stay Calm. "
    They consulted the Hospital Manager but did not get any appropriate clue.
    After a while, a nurse came and directed them into my room.They ran towards me wailing heavily.
    I was really surprised to know that they were mine.
    "Who asked you to fall in these things? Have you forgotten that you are still a kid? " shrieked my Mom with her weepest eyes.
    I did not even shook my mouth.
    "What we're you dreaming at the edge of that river bank,Aadya? "
    A small memory strikes my mind but wasn't able to figure it out.
    My legs were deeply injured and my left eye was swollen a bit. My ankle was also swollen, a major sprain.I was unable to move my legs freely.
    I simply looked both of their faces but didn't replied back anything.
    I was back to home after spending three hours lying unconscious in the hospital. They lost bundles of money
    and I was with “lost memory. ”
    “No work, no study. Just lie down and be moody. ”
    My sort of thinking be like. I was at cloud nine.
    “Wait a minute. But I don't wanna be a fatso just lying down in the bed! ”I muttered looking at the mirror.
    But at the same time-“ To gain something, need to loose something. ”
    The sun was going to set.
    “Are you fine now! No need to be scared. Just relax.”My mother interrupted entering my room.
    I simply nodded my head.
    She patted my shoulders, a tight hug and left the room.
    I slept.
    But my father became restless day by day. He wanted to work on this mysterical incident. He felt as if a sword was hanging on her daughter's head.
    That's how he started his mission of investigation.

    To be continued. ..

  • yalangiqueeny 55w

    Strangers !

    There is love between them, but they never express it to each other.
    They stay under same roof , yet they are strangers.
    They work for different shifts, and loneliness occupies the space in between them.
    He prefers to watch TV and she prefers to clean the house on weekends.
    The walls around them crave to listen their voice, but they don't speak,
    they just text each other on whatsapp.
    He never compliments her cooking, she never admires his physique.
    Even silence got tired staying among them, yet they don't utter a word.
    They were always together when they were in love, but drifted apart after marriage !


  • dipsisri 57w


    The truth is i like you a lot more than i've liked anyone for a long long time.And you know why i can't describe & express my feelings to you because it kinda scares me to do, coz i don't want to screw up this cutest friendship bond.Even if I want to share my feelings with you I just can't.And i don't know what will happen one day to this bond but its a fact that friendship have no breakups.Yes I know that I fight a lot with you but after few minutes it just vanished .So I don't want to ruin the precious moments we have and maybe our "FRIENDSHIP" is so so much sweeter than "LOVE".Being in love doesn't always mean that you have to be in a relationship,you should just have true and undying feelings for your love.
    And the most important thing you will get this if you've watched KKHH .
    "Pyaar dosti hai!!" because of this line so many boys are in friendzone category (LOL).

  • sarahrachelea 53w

    My Pink Guy
    He's a Prince of the Sun radiating his vibes

    What a heart stealer, his smile
    It's so bright, a sun ray full of hope,
    It felt so sweet and warm
    Like nectar

    His soothing voice, my lullabies
    A blended harmonies of love and wine
    And his calming eyes
    Is a soul hacker that shining hard

    Ohayou, ohayou
    I'll see you soon in Tokyo
    When the sun has finally arise
    Above country of the rising sun


  • seven_thoughts__ 60w

    मेरी ही रहना

    दर्द दो कितना भी पर कभी दगा ना देना
    तुम मेरी हो हमेशा से और मेरी ही रहना....!!


  • writefreak 65w

    It's all just a myth to say
    "Love is sacrifice"
    True love isn't giving anymore,
    It's just a string of comforts.
    True love isn't losing anymore,
    It's just a gold of gaining.
    True love isn't realising anymore,
    It's just a make up of possessing.
    Sacrifice died and love gained.


  • saraswatiojha_ 68w


    🤷जीवन में कुछ भी करो तो 👉खुद के लिए करो
    🤷क्युकी जब आप खुद के लिए करते हो 👉तो आपको सफलता मिल जाती है ।
    🤷कभी भी ये सोच कर मत करो कि मुझे समाज को दिखाना है ,या लोगो को अगर ये सब सोचकर करोगे तो सफलता मिलने में मस्किलो का सामना करना पड़ेगा।।


  • saraswatiojha_ 68w

    💟Love ❣️sairy 💟

    🤷Wo bhi kya din thee.
    💁Wo kab aaye Aasman se .
    🙅hamari life me .
    🙅ye pta na chala.
    🤦Kab jindgi se durr chale gye.
    🙎Pal var ki yaado ko chod kar.
    🙅 y pta na chala.
    🤷Jindgi hai janab.
    🙅 koi majak nhii.
    🤷Kissi ke 🚶aane se.
    🏃 ya kissi ke jane se.
    🏂hamari jindgi nhii rukti .

    By saraswati

  • saraswatiojha_ 68w

    Silent killer

    Silent person are the example of silent killer it is bitter but it's true.

    By saraswati

  • saraswatiojha_ 72w


    ☁️आज आसमान ☁️में बादल छाए।
    🌦️रिमझिम-रिमझिम,🌨️ हलकी- फुलकी।।
    🌧️आसमान से पानी टपके ।
    🌤️मौसम हुआ फिर से सुहाना।।
    ☕☕आई याद चाय ,पकौड़ी कि।
    🤷देखते ही देखते और तेज मौसम ने दिखाया अपना 🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️रूप।।
    और बादल ने बदला ☁️🌩️आपना रंग ।
    और हो गया सफेद से 💧नीला ।।
    होने लगी बारिश तेज ,बर्फ के साथ-साथ,
    ओले भी शुरू होने लगे ।
    आज मौसम ने रंग बदला ।।
    खूब मजे किए हमने ।
    लिए मजे चाय🍵☕ और पकौड़ी के ।।


  • saraswatiojha_ 72w


    इंसान जैसे माहौल में रहता है ।
    वैसे ही वो ढल जाता है।।
    जैसे कि पानी और बर्फ को किसी भी आकार में डालो वो वैसा ही आकार लेलेता है।


  • saraswatiojha_ 75w


    अगर हमें अपने जीवन में आगे बढ़ना है ।
    तो हमे नदियों से सीखनी चाहिए।।