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  • alveeranaaz 10w

    Buoyant on unsettled waves
    Lost somewhere dusk to dawn
    Sail on a brittle boat
    Waiting for the inaccessible shore
    Poignent tides and darkening night
    Moon embracing the gloomy sky
    Glittering stars and twinkling firefly
    Darkness may settle or rise
    It seems a beautiful journey
    With a lost coast
    Which needs a resilient will
    To survive

  • shiazy 17w

    #multiverse #wod #mirakee #contest #mirakeecontest


    References used:-
    1) 'dark'- it's the series which shows time travelling and the parallel universe also. So I talked about it. "Like the one, I saw in dark"- in that when they go to the parallel world everything was just opposite to the real world.

    2) 'city of light'- it's the phrase taken from the series ' The 100'. City of light was made to remove the pain of people. To enter the city of light you have to give your body, soul to an AI and that AI will control your hormones and you'll not feel anything except happiness. So that was the pun, sarcasm I have used in this.

    Rhyming scheme:-
    Sentences are separated by commas, so the rhyming scheme is according to each sentence which is

    The figure of speech:-
    The whole concept is Apostrophe, giving a taste of simile, oxymoron and personification

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    I woke up, saw my left turns to right, like I am in mirror

    Something's corrupt, become psych, woah I am in parallel universe

    Like the one, I saw in 'dark', role reverse, my badass soul turns

    To be good ones, no pain implied, everyone's happy like 'city of light'


  • angeljohn 17w

    Madden-Action, Aftermath Happen..

    Life, of your's did present me, a strife;
    denaturing whole of my shalom-dream..
    A barbarous-action
    with no humanly consideration,
    and denying immortal-passion, mine..

    Knife of your futile fascination,
    slaughtered my artful designation..
    I do have a genuine query-
    "Is the consequence, of your capitalizing attitude;
    dismissing, the time's rare-tokens-of love,
    family-essence, life's know-how's,
    attitude-ripeness and assigned-correlation?"
    Do provide me, with a satisfactory response..

    Immediately, there arrived a response -
    "My toungue is freezed, completely,
    how shall I; openly-counter my actions,
    those I have previously done?
    But, I do have a quick solution,
    for your in-depth analysis -
    Radically, my dear unfasten yourself,
    for I am arrested within you,
    for I am; You, very true..!

    Thus dear, it is clear that-
    For every action,
    there is an opposite and equal reaction!"

  • nehalgupta 18w

    Dear Maa,

    Hope you are busy pampering us around this time. After all, you have been the mountain that pushes the waves to the other side.

    I am writing to tell you ( only if I had the courage to show you ) that you are more than the word "special". From being the alarm clock to serving us with the savory-rich breakfasts, the world would go upside down without you.

    The way you pull up your hair after waking up and start filling the house with all of the warmth speaks of your care. You carry a whole of a universe in you when you put us forth over and above you. It is exhausting to find you working as we care only good for you but always fail to express.

    Sorting the best for us and not complaint about your desires make me question about your strength. Though when I take a day to express my love, I hate finding you busy round the clock. But the moment I pull away only to find you hugging me melts me into a rainy cloud.

    I love the way you carry yourself and pushes me to do only the best. I love how you argue and never take my side in my wrongs. I love how you play the role of a mother that not only love but also shows me the world from both side.

    From being the superwoman to being the best friend, you hit the tunes that speaks of our favorite songs. Your eyes are something that I look upto as eyes never lie. In those eyes, I find your soul that says me a thousand words left unsaid but hold secrets that you hide.

    This day, I, your daughter, is feeling highly indebted and would like to pay my heartful love for your every little gestures.

    Your daughter


  • nehalgupta 18w


    I love the variations of ink,
    Weaving words in different colors,
    If black adorns the night tales,
    The blue squeeze out the magic of skies.

    If red reveals the hidden love,
    Pages in green soothe the withering minds.


  • nehalgupta 19w


    Evenings are high on love,
    Surrendering golden hues,
    That remained blinded,
    Under the covers of blue skies.


  • nehalgupta 19w

    Haiku on Autumn

    The petal knows,
    The magic in the falls,
    Leaving bushes to warm the nature.


  • thewritingbunny 33w


    The jar was all that was left after Jane's grandmother had disappeared 3 days ago; Taking with her Jane's whole world. All that was left was contents of the jar: The jute threads on the letter slowly falling apart. Roses with no fragrance and photographs thoroughly aged with time.

    Holding back a sob, she pulled out a photograph from her grandma's younger years. A group of three fine young ladies from the supernatural club. In search of the next big story. Some groundbreaking revelation. Slowly she ran her fingers over the photo. She couldn't hold back the tears no more.

    "Where are you grandma..?" Jane said to herself. A teardrop crashing on the photo. But then she smelt it, Roses! But where from? She looked out the window, there were no roses in her grandmother's yard. She never planted any. She then looked into the jar and gasped, the Rose had revived. The jute threads back to their former integrity and photos back in a stat where it looked like it was just taken yesterday. What was happening !?

    Jane hastily pulled out the letter and undid it's knot. She could smell the ink on it like it was written mere minutes ago. It read..

    ' If Matilda read it correctly; 31 years from now, the flowers will bloom again and revive everything around it.. and when that happens; I hope it'll awaken in you what it awoke in me the day we found it.. and when it does.. you'll know where to coming looking.. the winds will guide you.. Like it does for every Sylph

    ~To Jane ~Love Grandma '

    Overwhelmed, Jane shut the jar, the glass container sucking in all the unfamiliar winds with it. It felt like everything went back to it's former state. A wind then blew past her as if it had something to tell her. Was it all true? Is this why she always felt out of place? Different?

    Is Jane even human?


  • drishty_das 34w

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    #pod #mirakeeworld #mirakee #pain #survival #destruction #hope #rebuild #grief #mirakeecontest

    After I wrote this and tried entering I realised that I can't participate in the contest without premium membership. But since I've already written it, I'm posting it here anyways.

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    Dell, you know some destructions are like forest fires, they paralyse you slowly and seem unending while others are like storm, they break you in one go and pass away in seconds. But all destructions are painful and maybe feeling that pain is like breathing, only latter is a necessity to live and former to survive. There are days when pain is so extreme as if your veins have grown thorns and everytime you move or breath or cry or mourn, it hurts so much that you end up sitting still and gazing at nothingness for long. This pain and grief numbs all the sensations in the body that you feel nothing but only a sense of loss. A loss of someone or something or maybe a loss of own self.

    But you know pain is also an empowering emotion which has the power to break you down and also to build you up. If only you would cling to your pain, and not let it fester your roots, to unfeel everything, akin to being in a deep slumber where everything seems unreal and you know your fears will leave you once you open your eyes. So when one day you do wake up, the pain is less intense and it hurts little less than it did on that first day, you will feel a very faint, flickering light ignite in your heart and in that moment you will know that there is hope and you will be okay.

    Of course you will not be the same as you were before because destructions only leave behind debris and chaos of tall buildings and still hearts. But if only you would change your lense and see not everything broken is a mess, you would know how to pick yourself up with that pain thriving in your veins.


  • alishadogra 42w

    So the year is wrapping up...
    Expecting last present from Santa
    Asking for all dreams to come true
    So to start with new tale untold.

    #InfianAirforce #LoveforIAF #mirakee #mirakeecontest #mirakee #mirakee_assistant

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  • alishadogra 42w

    Life is an obscure fact and death is a reality.

  • 90sakshi 43w

    The endless cycle of sunrise and sunset

    Just like the sunrise opportunity comes in our lives,
    We don't have any idea when they comes ...
    But, as like sun daily rise , they may be come daily..
    Their is a possibility that we don't recognize them..
    If we put in mind & having faith may be catch it ✨


    Just like the sunset failures comes in our lives,
    We break down ourselves due to this failures...
    But, just one thing put in our mind that,
    If once there is sunset the next day ...
    There must be the sunrise means having new hope✨

    Because it's a endless cycle of opportunities and failures just like sunrise and sunset...

  • ms_learner 43w

    I would love to Explore the depths of the ocean
    I would love to be there enjoying every season

    I am in love with the ocean
    I am in love without any reason
    This love will increase every season
    This love is developing a new vision

    Now love to Explore
    Which I haven't done before

    If I were a mermaid
    I will love to be in the water
    I will live there for my whole life in
    Meeting new creatures
    Having unique features

    I will be in love with the ocean
    The ocean will be too in love
    With every creature


    #mirakeecontest #ocean #love #life

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    If I were a Mermaid


  • aj_snow 44w

    If I were a mermaid..

    I would sit on the bottom of the dark ocean floor, reminiscing of our love. Peacefully and quietly to me and my thoughts. The water caressing my body. My hair floating around me like a halo. I stare up and see light, as if a finger is pointing at me. I close my eyes and smile. I cannot cry because the ocean won't allow me.. it's too full already. I am forced only to remember the happy days. I race the fish to the top. I'm in a hurry to reach that light pointing at me. I get to there and crawl towards the sand..only to shed a golden tear in remembrance of the man, I cannot have. The sun and land will allow this, but only for a short time then home I must go. The waves are waiting..wading for me.

  • alishadogra 44w

    आसमान को क्या इलज़ाम दूँ इतना उंचा होने का,
    ख्वाईश तो मेरी है उसमें उड़ने की ।

    P.S.- Picture credit - @alishadogra

    #mirakee #mirakee_assistant #mirakeecontest #iaf #dream #life

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    कुछ यूहीं मैं दूर रास्ते निकलना चाहती हूँ,
    इन बंदिशो को आज तोड़ना चाहती हूँ ।
    अब बिन राहों का मुसाफिर बनना चाहती हूँ ,
    मैं फिर उड़ना चाहती हूँ ।।

    खुले आसमान में ख़ुद को खोना चाहती हूँ ,
    हवाओं से भी तेज बहना चाहती हूँ ।
    तूफानों से अब खेलना चाहतीं हूँ ,
    मैं फिर उड़ना चाहती हूँ ।।

    आसमान की ऊंचाइयों को छूना चाहती हूँ ,
    जिंदगी के इस सफ़र को जीना चाहती हूँ ।
    सीने पर अब Wings लगाना चाहती हूँ ,
    मैं फिर उड़ना चाहती हूँ ।।

  • messanger_of_angel 44w

    My watcher

    My dear shadow
    When I walk alone,you follow me
    When I did anything, you watch me
    You are always with me,but
    Why you left me at night
    Please stay with me
    You are not only my friend,but
    Also my fellow stranger


  • sweta11 44w


    In the darkness, you follow, in the light, you follow,
    Oh! Dear shadow, you are like my other half,
    Changing phases according to day and night,
    Since childhood, you have been my curiosity, until I don't know the concept of shadow from a science perspective. I use to get scared of you when I was a kid. But I love to play and making images of deer from my fingers and it's was like a light show when there is no power in the house.

    Oh! The dear shadow you have always there and always will because you have risen from me, your significance will always be there because you are my embodiment.


  • da_scribbling_pen 45w

    Crimson heart

    Words bled in the ocean of his sorrow,
    So dark and dense filled with remorse.
    Every atom took her name and every molecule carrying her memory.

    Just it was yesterday, he flew in the air and stuck with an arrow drowning him deep under. No more yelled his head and yet his heart reached out to catch the last glimpse.

    Nothing left apart from memories and past time,
    All he could see is another feat,
    And all he could say are his words colored in crimson sheet,
    For words bled in the ocean of his sorrow.


  • rajnish_sen 45w

    sometime, somewhere,
    somehow, something
    will hurt you and
    that's totally okay.


  • shadowieshades 46w

    The sound coming from my mom's anklet is my favorite song.....