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    My Diary....❣️

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawer haven't tasted air for years now.....
    The old journal was lost and covered in dust....
    Yet it kept the memories fresh and safe
    It stil hold the fragrance of love and heartbreak
    Your photo with excited smile and loving eyes....
    Makes me smile.....
    Taking back in time when we meet for the first time.....
    Every chapter hold a memory
    The beautiful moments spent with You......
    And the nights i read and watched your photo for hour's.
    The things i never spoke
    Worte it with the rhyming rythm
    My love for you is so deep
    Its alive still in my heartbeat..
    You'll probably never read this.....?
    You'll probably never know....!
    Countless tear I've cried
    Trying to ignore my heart
    Locking all the feelings away
    You Still beat in my heart anyways....

  • mysery 16h

    Hellcat 6


    Chapter Two - Part One

    Wilder Sanchez

    Fucking Monday mornings.

    I hate them so much.

    Especially when trying to deal with depression and physical exhaustion. I am well aware that these are the side effects if my drug use but I cannot live without my six hours of happiness.

    I remember how it all began. I was hanging with my guy friends when one offered me a joint. It was pretty awful but after a while, I decided it wasn't so shirty. Within a week, I was ready to experiment with other hard drugs.

    The psychologists prescribed dekapote and xanax for my PDD and social anxiety. But my body is used to those so I added the molly and cheap beer.

    I know the drugs do shit to my body once the six hours of euphoria are over. It's almost scary how I lose control of my mind.

    But that's the feeling I want. That numbness, it's a moment where I get to take a step back and let someone else worry about the mess I am.

    I know one day I might go too far,  take a few too many pills than Im supposed to, drink a few too many beers. It's happened before. Lucas never found out about the stomach pump I had to get. He doesn't know I almost died a negligent suicide at sixteen. That thought me a lesson.

    But it wasn't enough to make me stop the drugs because truthfully I can't.

    My body feels heavy as I crawl off the floor where I fell asleep last night and make my way to the bathroom.

    The mirror above my sink is broken. I had slammed my fist into it during one of my withdrawal days.

    I like it this way. Because I don't have to remind of the mess I have become by staring at my reflection.

    I get dressed for school in ripped jeans and my customary black hoodie. The hoodie is the only thing I have that had belonged to my mother. When I wear it, it makes me feel like I'm close to her even though I can barely remember who she was.

    Thirty minutes of lazy walking later I have arrived in front of Westreet Prep, my current high school. My older brother Lucas went there and I'm pretty sure both my parents went there too. Westreet Prep is just another high school, with federal style brick buildings and a large courtyard in front.

    I used to ride a motorcycle to school. It was a Yamaha FZi. But after my arrest, many of my privileges were taken away from me.

    It's always different walking to school from the way it used to be when I had my bike. The longing is almost enough to turn to regret.

    Walking into the school, I head to the cafeteria. Repeatedly hitting the rundown snacks vending machine earns me a glare from the lunch ladies and honey nut granola bar which I rightfully paid for, thank you very much.

    I find a table in the corner and set up my stuff there. My history report was supposed to be on the American Civil War.

    After borrowing several books from the library and paying for old reports on similar topics from the school's black market, I have only now decided to begin my report, fifteen minutes before it's due.

    I interchange between nibbling on the end of my pencil and munching my breakfast bar while composing my essay. It's concise, with a little less than four hundred words.

    The teacher is an impatient oaf called Mr Beier so I think he will appreciate my concise and accurate essay, not at all like the verbose theses my classmates will no doubt submit.

    An alarm on my phone alerts me that it is time for class to begin so I pack up my stuff, through my trash in the bin by the exit doors and head to Mr Beier's World History class. I take my sweet time doing all this, I couldn't give a flying fuck if I was late.

    Why am I taking a history class? I have asked myself the exact same question over a dozen times. I am not sure who I want to be in the future but I am pretty sure it's not a history buff.

    The tardy bell goes off the same time I walk into the class.

  • mysery 16h

    Hellcat 5


    Chapter One - Part 5

    Abraham Bennett

    I have never met a girl like Eli. 

    She's not beautiful, not in the aristocratic blonde hair, blue eyes way. 

    No, she's interesting. That's the most fitting word to describe her. 

    She has long red hair and the deepest brown eyes I've ever seen. She never smiled during our interaction, and I can tell it's nothing personal. She does not strike me as the happy obedient kind. 

    There's something wild about her. 

    Wild Wilder, it's actually funny when I think about it. I think I've been thinking about it too much. That's why I have to ask my father to repeat his statement. 

    He does, unhappily. "I asked how was your day, Abraham."

    My father is the only person in the world who can get away with addressing me by my full name.

    "It was fine, " I play with my food. My mother is a good chef and I don't want to offend her but the truth is that I am not really hungry. 

    "You gonna eat that?" Josh asks, pointing a silver fork at an untouched piece of shallow fried chicken on my plate. Josh is my little brother. He's younger only by a few months.

    We are both seniors at Westreet Prep. I have an older sister and an older brother as well. Tim is married and Esther is going through medical school. 

    "Nope," I slide the plate over to him. 

    He cheers. 

    Dad frowns discouraging at me. "Eat your own food, boy." 

    If I got a penny for every time my dad addresses us as 'boy', not 'son' I'd be a millionaire. 

    Josh pouts, returning my plate to me.

    I sigh. There's no escaping my father. 

    "How was the community garden, honey?" Mom asks, smiling brightly. 

    "Considering the fact that I was ordered to work there I'll say it wasn't too bad." It's hard to keep the bitterness out of my voice.

    My father glares at me. "Do not speak to your mother like that."

    "It's fine, Henry." Mom sighs, raising a hand to silence him. 

    The way my mother always defends me against my father makes me feel guilty. That is why I answer her question. "We were made to work in pairs."

    "Who was your partner?" Josh asks through a mouthful of chicken. 

    "Chew your food, boy," dad instructs. 

    Josh rolls his eyes. My father's eyes narrow. I avert the near clash with an answer to his question. 

    "This girl called Wilder Sanchez."

    "Red hair, blue hoodie?" Josh asks. 

    How does one accurately one's outfit just from their name?

    "Yes," my voice mirrors the surprise I feel. How does Josh know Eli? 

    "She's in my art class." Is he a mind reader now?

    "That's nice," mom adds, her kind features smiling at me.

    "I don't think now is the time to be thinking about girls, " dad cuts in. "You should be focusing on your education. On your future. You'll need a clean mind and heart to join the Navy."

    "I already told you, dad. I'm not joining the army." My voice is tired. 

    My father was an army chaplain. He seems to think joining the Army is the only way I will learn how to truly become a man. He was disappointed when neither Tim nor Esther enlisted.

     He has set his hopes on my following in his footsteps. He does not say it directly but I'm pretty sure he will disown me when he finally realises I will not be joining the army. 

    Dad's eyebrows furrowed in determination. "You'll change your mind."

    "No, I won't."

    "The army is what shaped me into the man I am today. And it is what is going to shape you into the great man I know you are going to be-"

    "I going to my room, " I sigh, pushing my chair backwards and standing up. 

    "Don't you dare walk out that door Abraham. I am not finished talking to you."

    "But I'm done listening, " with that final statement dropped, I walked out of the dining roof and climbed up the stairs to my room. 

    My father has always been strict. But I know he loves me. I just don't get why he can't accept that I'm not joining the army. 

    I'm still seething when there's a knock at the door. 

    "Go away, " I mumble.

    "Open the damn door, Abe. I'm not your mommy."

    "What do you want Josh?" I ask while standing up and walking towards the door. 

    It swings open in my face, nearly hitting my nose. 

    Josh walks in. "You forgot your dessert."

    "Did mom send you here to talk to me?"

    "No one sent me, Abe. You know how dad behaves pisses me off too. The difference, is I don't go tagging with my friends because he upsets me."

    "Was that supposed to make me feel better?" I ask, going to sit next to Josh on the couch. He offers me the plate if brownies, I try one.

    "No, it wasn't." I'm not sure whether to appreciate his honesty. "What's up with you and Eli?" He asks. 

    The question surprises me. "Bro, we just met."

    "I know. I mean, what do you think of her?"

    "I think she's lonely."

    "Aren't we all?"

    "Come on, Josh. Let's play." I get up from the couch and move to the television set. After a minute of reconnecting wires and adjusting the settings, I grab my gamepad and go and sit next to Josh on the couch. 

    "What are we playing?" He asks through a mouthful of brownies. 

    I wrinkle my nose, chuckling nonetheless. "Chew your food, man."

    The TV screen lights up with the logo for Sony, then Nintendo. Playing Mario Kart with my little brother Josh is easily the best kind of therapy for me. Especially since I'm undefeated. Josh says it is because we always use my game console but I believe its because I truly am an expert. 

    "Three, " Josh starts the count down to match the numbers on the screen. 

    "Two." We exchange a look. My heart rate has spiked. I can already feel the adrenalin from the race. 

    We chorus the final number. "One."

    Let the games begin.

  • mysery 16h

    Hellcat 4

    Chapter One - Part IV

    Two hours later, the man dismisses us. I have finished three of my two hundred hours of community service. 

    I slip on my hoodie even though it's the middle of the day and stuff my earbuds into my ears. The loud music ricochets within my ear canals and creates an ache in my head I have grown to live with. I'm listening to Coldplay as I walk to my home. 

    A quick stop at MacDonald's for a sack of greasy food and a pack of beer, then I begin the journey home. 

    One year ago, I lived with my older brother Lucas. I was raised by Lucas when my father went to prison for killing my mom. Lucas witnessed the murder, he was nineteen at the time. I was only two years old, so I don't remember much of it. Dad went to prison and Lucas adopted me. He raised me like a father. I've visited my biological father once while he has been in prison. That was on my sixteenth birthday. It's one of the memories I'll rather forget. 

    If Lucas is such a great older brother, why am I now living alone? The answer is simple. Two years ago, he started dating this leech called Vanessa or Vincentia or something along those lines. I thought their relationship was not serious. I hoped it was not serious. 

    But then Lucas started blowing me off to hang out with her. When she got pregnant and he proposed to her I knew that was the end of my relationship with my older brother. I packed up my stuff and left. For the first two days, I slept on the street. One day Lucas intercepted me and gave me an offer.

    That was when I started living at my current place. Lucas pays all the bills and gives me monthly allowances. In exchange, I go to school and try my best to keep my grades above average. 

    But after I got arrested, Lucas found out I've been using drugs and he reduced my allowance so I can only afford what I need. It's become much harder for me to pay my dealer, who also happens to be a former high school classmate of mine. 

    Jake dropped out in freshman year. We met at a bar and he introduced me to the world of dope. I've taken LSD, meth, Mary Jane and dope. But the substance I am truly hooked to is Ecstasy. 

    I call Jake and we meet in the back alley of my dilapidated apartment building. In the safety of my apartment, I swallow four pills and wash it down with booze. 

    I finish off my cheeseburger and take two more pills of Xanax with some more cheap beer. The combination of booze and pills leaves me lightheaded and blissful. 

    Despite what most people think about drug addicts, I actually know what the pills are doing to me. The Xanax is a prescription drug for my panic attacks. It helps calm me down. I started taking the ecstasy to go with when I realised I was becoming immune to the anxiety pills.

     The MDMA increases levels of serotonin and dopamine. It alters my mood and makes me feel... What's the word? Joyous. I feel alive after taking my daily pills. It certainly helps me to focus on my sculpting which I do in the living room.

    My apartment building is simple enough. There is a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. I have a bed, wardrobe and desk in my bedroom. The living room is decorated with my sculpture equipment and a set of plastic folding table and chairs. There's a fridge and a stove in the kitchen. But I don't cook and my fridge is almost always empty. 

    The faucet doesn't drip, the painting isn't chipped inside and the door has a lock. Not a bad place for an unemployed seventeen-year-old.

    With a bottle in hand, I go to my room. There are homework books scattered on my bed, I contemplate finishing the history project I have due tomorrow. The thought makes me laugh out loud. I finish the bottle an light a joint, grabbing a hoodie and stepping out of the building. At first, I never locked my door. I didn't think there was anything worth stealing inside. 

    Until someone stole my sofa while I was at school. I didn't get a new one, but I had learned my lesson.

    The roof of the building provides excellent views of the starless sky overhead and the slum I live in beneath. New Jersey is a beautiful city, but the southeast is crap. A rat scurries past me, and I laugh as I watch it hide under a pizza box. 

    "This is my life!!" I scream into the darkness of the night. This is who I am. This is who I have become. I'm not sure whether I like it. 

    In spite of the hoodie, the weather feels too chilly, and I decide to retire for the night. I'm pretty sure I turned off the music but there's a loud thumping in my eardrums as I begin to stagger back into the building. I don't know how I make it to my apartment in one piece. 

    Stumbling over clothes and school books lazily strewn over the surface of my bedroom, I topple on the bed in a heap of tired bones.

    The last thought that crosses my mind as my head hits the pillow and I drift into the sweet nothing of unconsciousness could have a jarring effect on my mind if I were sober.  

    Is this who I want to be?

  • dais_yblossom 1d

    " ज़िन्दगी "

    अगर ज़िन्दगी दिलकश लगे
    तो फिर जीने में क्या ग़म हैं,
    अगर ज़िन्दगी फिज़ूल लगी
    तो ज़िन्दगी किसी दर्द से कम हैं ।।


  • azam_dehlvi 2d

    मुझ मे खराबियां बहुत हैं,
    सीफत कम हैं खामियां बहुत हैं,

    मुझसे मिलना है तो दोज़ख मे मिल,
    जन्नत मे मिरी जाँ पाबंदियां बहुत हैं...


  • azam_dehlvi 2d

    क्या कुछ है के जो मैं नही हूँ,
    कुछ भी नही है के जो मैं नही हूँ,

    मुझको जानना है तो पूरा पागल बन,
    मेरे पहलू मे खुद मैं नही हूँ...


  • azam_dehlvi 2d

    है पहलू मे एक टके की हसीना,
    तेरी फुरकत गुज़ारी जा रही है...

  • creative_index 2d

    As sundays heal the six thwacks
    So woods do the crippled soul
    The verve surged, the nerve calmed
    And rapture accompanies the stroll

    There are woods in my vicinity
    Filled up with reverberating calm
    And with blossoms, pines and parcels
    That brings about the daily charm

    Oh with parcel, I mean the winds
    Swirling through the rustling leaves
    With a note of eternal flow
    Taking away the tedium beneath

    The parcel being the plumerias
    Fallen off from seasoned boughs
    Laid out in wait for wayfarers
    To fulfill the undone vows

    It shelters the messengers, the birds
    Woodpeckers, barbets and coockoos
    That sing along in a unison
    When the weather changes its hues

    Better to take a walk alongside
    The peace that rests there in shade
    The woods have much to offer
    Than the sly, ho-hum facade

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    The Wander World

    (Read in Caption)


  • _pavithra_ 3d


    Miss u paa......❤


  • katladyt_ 3d

    what's familiar
    can hold us back

    Just as feelings
    can fog our focus
    and pull us in


  • stella_writes 4d

    I hope it's enough,
    Whatever I do,
    I am standing here all alone,
    Thinking of starting again,
    I chose it to be this way,
    So am gonna walk this path and see it through!

  • stella_writes 1w

    It hurts so much looking at my idol,
    Telling me to stop worrying,
    Telling me to use em' to love myself,
    It hurts so much that I try so hard and it just turns out bad,
    I look at em' hoping to get better,
    Hoping to do the right thing the next morning,
    That morning never comes and I never wake up,
    Disappointing myself and my idol all together,
    Closing my eyes for one last time and promising myself and my idol
    "To Get Better"

  • stella_writes 1w

    Trying so hard to get back up,
    Find my place in this world,
    Failing at it beautifully,
    Yet not giving up,
    Just one more day to go and maybe the pain will end,
    Laughing at how that sounds in my own head,
    I think am going crazy,
    Slowly going back to the old roads,
    Darkness all round,
    Moving around scared like a child,
    Taking a step forward and 4 steps backward,
    Linking my hands with the wind and feeling it leaving me slowly...

  • stella_writes 1w

    I have been wondering about things I never said,
    Things I never did,
    Things am scared of,
    Things that I love,
    I have been overthinking about everything lately,
    Loosing my grip in life,
    Trying to hold on tight,
    Ending up bruised at the end of the night,
    Crying myself to sleep,
    Cuz apparently that's the only way to stay alive!

  • stella_writes 1w

    Screaming out loud but there's no sound,
    Holding on to you but you can't seem to understand,
    Walking together but still so distant,
    Looking in your eyes but slowly turning into stone,
    Penning down my thoughts but thinking of you,
    Minding my own business but messing up our lives!

  • stella_writes 1w

    And now you say that you miss me,
    After breaking me up into millions of pieces,
    How do you look at yourself in the mirror when you do things like this to me?
    Have I ever made you feel so low that you had to turn into a monster,
    Now that I was trying to get back up you are back at me, pulling me down with every step you take towards me,
    I keep blaming myself for what happened,
    Blaming myself for giving you so much power over me,
    But now look where we are at
    "A Broken Heart and a Monster"!

  • standbyme 2d

    "Once upon a time, a little girl dreamt of being a princess & meeting a charming prince that would sweep her off the feet"

    In the real world, a princess may not want prince charming but just an ordinary shoemaker. And it's not prince charming's fault. In the end, who knows, the shoemaker may not want the princess either.

    Therefore it's not necessary for the story to end with "happily ever after"
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  • standbyme 22h

    WARNING: This is a religious content. Reader discretion is advised.

    The good book did not arrive by facsimile from heaven. The bible as we know it was finally presided over by one man: The pagan emperor Constantine. He was a life long pagan who was baptized on his deathbed. Constantine was Rome's supreme holy man. From time immemorial, his people had worshipped a balance between nature's male deities & the goddess or sacred feminine. But a growing religious turmoil was gripping Rome.

    3 centuries earlier, a young jew named jesus had come along, preaching love & single God. Centuries after his crucifixion, Christ followers had grown exponentially & had started a religious war against the pagans. The conflict grew to such proportions that it threatened to tear Rome in 2. So Constantine may have been a life long pagan, but he was also a pragmatist. And in 325 A.D, he decided to unify Rome under a single religion, Christianity because he didn't want his empire torn apart. And to strengthen this new Christian tradition, Constantine held a famous ecumenical gathering known as the council of nicaea. And at this council, the many sects of Christianity debated & voted on everything, from the acceptance & rejection of specific gospels to the date for easter to the administering of sacraments & of course the immortality of Jesus. Until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by many of his followers as a mighty prophet, as a great & powerful man but a man nevertheless, a mortal man.

    Yes, I'm saying that Jesus' divinity came from a vote. In those days, Gods were everywhere. By infusing Jesus the man with the divine magic, by making him capable of earthly miracles, as well as his own resurrection, Constantine turned his into a God, but within the human world. And he basically knocked the more distant Gods out of the game!
    @mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod

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    The difference between a cult and a religion:A cult has a guy at the top who knows the whole thing is a scam.In religion,that guy is dead!

  • stella_writes 2w

    It's been long that I have thought about you,
    I have been so immersed in the chaos that I shut half of me,
    The part that hurt the most,
    The one that I treasured the most,
    I know it didn't matter to you,
    I know it has nothing to do with you,
    But here I am again, thinking of you,
    How could I be so weak for someone who doesn't even exist,
    How could you do this to me without even knowing me,
    How did I give you do much power over me,
    That I lose it everytime I think of you being with me,
    Holding me and pushing me away!