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    (Will You Be My Moon @the_charismatic_soul )
    I belong to the land of kings,
    She comes from the heaven of gold.
    So beautiful she is,
    Such a Passion Magnet.
    Even though I know she can not be owned,
    I still want to call her my own so anytime I want I can have it.

    So precious our time together is,
    That I don’t take a moment for granted.

    Still she’s so humble,
    That even though she is all powerful she doesn’t know it,
    She’s the most modest ethereal Goddess I’ve ever witnessed.
    So when she let’s me in I take the chance & hope I don’t blow it,
    She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, best love I’ve ever made,
    If she’d accept my proposal, I’d propose to her this very today.
    I’d get on my knees & ask for her hand with a ring,
    I’d give her my word, give her her space, & I’d give up the game.

    But none of the "what-ifs" that may happen after even matter,
    Because when we’re together everything else vanishes.
    These words become unheard irrelevant meaningless chatter,
    We become a phenomenon of amorous rapturous happiness,
    Whereupon all our wrongs are gone;
    The only song is laughter.
    And all that exists is an ambience of virtuous everlasting bliss.

    “Run away with me, let’s go all the way,
    Let’s create our own world where we are untouchable.
    I’ve got the funds to pay if you’re ready to run away,
    Seriously let’s create our own kingdom, it’ll be wonderful.”,

    To this she turned to me,
    And in our post-romance sweat she said,
    “But Love we just met I’m not so sure I mean I don’t know.”,

    To which I said, “Love I get it but please trust your self,
    Take a few moments to meditate on it & listen to your soul,
    Let us hold onto these moments of bliss together,
    And let’s let everything else just go"...!!
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #mirakee_reposters #pod
    20/04/2021 (Tuesday)

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    "I am gonna make love
    under this sky
    making stars jealous
    About my moon shining so bright"

    Would you be my moon...!?

  • the_alchemiist 4w

    Welcome back @dove_wings . ��️��
    (Take Your Soul To A Cosmic Journey)
    Stare, my dear...!!
    Head tilted back,
    Eyes wide and bright,
    Pupil glitters reflective light,
    Nebulas matching thy iris,
    Moon telling stories to thy soul;
    Illumination recreation,
    Time passing through broken glass,
    Wonder on, wonder about all,
    Gravity gluing feet and hopes,
    Earth spins on with grace,
    Trace the lines for story lines,
    Learn from present to past,
    A red one right there,
    And a blue one not far,
    Burning to burn then out,
    Look back at third,
    Blades green and soft,
    To be here where I belong...!!


    With her crumbled handkerchief,
    She wiped the stars falling from her red eyes,
    She bled her secrets to the galaxy thief,
    Till the arrhythmia was reduced to defeated sighs.

    Her violet joints matched the constellation,
    With a violent pulse flickering in and out of life,
    Her twilight breaths of condensation,
    Till the planets are asleep, the only thing awake is the night.

    When she's done orbiting around the fists,
    And thy is done burning her with it's meteors,
    She collects the hays of what is left,
    Praying that galaxies could have a shore...!!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writersbay #pod #mirakee #mirakee_reposters #constellations #cosmos #stars
    24/03/2021 (Wednesday)

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    She bled her secrets to the galaxy thief,
    Till the arrhythmia was reduced to defeated sighs.

  • the_alchemiist 6w

    (A Verse On The Quest Of Own Identity)
    For most of my life, I've been on a quest,
    To discover just who I might be.
    Earnestly searching, day after day;
    So desperate to recognize me.

    I've felt moments of utter fulfillment,
    And moments I couldn't go on.
    But I knew for the sake of my heart and my soul;
    To succeed, I would have to be strong.

    But the people around me seemed so lost
    in themselves,
    That I feared I might be on my own.
    But then there'd be someone who would reach out and help;
    And remind me I wasn't alone.

    I've wanted so much to be happy,
    To know what it was to feel peace.
    And I thought if I finally felt sure of myself;
    Then the pain and the struggles would cease.

    But I've learned that this journey is endless,
    The discoveries are fresh every day.
    And no matter how much I might know
    of myself;
    There'll be times I will still lose my way.

    And as I've grown older, I truly believe,
    I may never know all I can be.
    But the answers are not waiting out in
    the world;
    But have always laid right inside me.

    We're all on this quest to discover ourselves,
    Together but through our own ways.
    Overcoming whatever might get in our paths;
    So we can feel better someday.

    But always remember not to stray far
    From what matters and what's really true.
    In this life you don't have to be perfect;
    In the end, you just have to be you...!!
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #quest #self #mirakee_reposters
    13/03/2021 (Saturday)

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    In this life you don't have to be perfect;
    In the end, you just have to be you...!!

  • the_alchemiist 7w

    My pen either inks romanticism or seclusion. Do you agree with this...!?
    (The Ongoing Battles With My Demons)
    I peek through blinds that are tightly drawn,
    Shocked by the glow of the breaking dawn.
    I shun the brilliance of another day,
    Enslaved and entombed, I stay hidden away.

    The night was long as I lay awake,
    Anxiety choking like a poisonous snake.
    My self-hatred grows like some malady,
    That I pray will soon be the death of me.

    Being hated and scorned is painful indeed,
    And that love can be torture, we all must concede.
    But to be ignored and forgotten can vanquish one's heart,
    Until it's in pieces, just shattered apart.

    To feel non-existent is so hard to abide,
    When you know that your heart is still beating inside.
    And how do you save your sinking soul,
    When you feel yourself plummeting into that hole?

    My dreams don't provide any rest or relief;
    They only replay my regrets and my grief.
    I honestly don't know how I came to this place,
    But it's clear to me now that there is no escape.

    You may call me weak and lowly at best.
    I'm trapped in self-pity, I must confess.
    I long for some quiet, just a moment of peace,
    But my negative voice refuses to cease.

    My greatest enemy resides within,
    But how can I battle myself and win?
    I find this a callous, duplicitous life,
    Not worth any effort to fight the good fight.

    Surviving..., instead of living each day,
    Sheltered inside sturdy walls I create.
    Fleeting moments when hope will linger so nigh,
    But those feelings of wretchedness still once again rise.

    Getting through every moment and each empty day,
    Feeling lost and panicked in this chaotic maze.
    Still not giving up and not giving in,
    With my greatest fear being that it won't ever end...!!
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #mirakee_reposters #mirakee #seclusion #dark #demons #fear
    02/03/2021 (Tuesday)

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    Still not giving up and not giving in,
    With my greatest fear being that it won't ever end...!!

  • the_alchemiist 8w

    .Tired of writing now. Should I quit with this one ?
    (And The Condition For Love Is : )
    I hurt you,
    And you hid that from me;
    Because you love me,
    And you didn't want to hurt me in return.

    I disappointed you,
    But you didn't give up on me;
    With all my imperfections,
    Because you are better than me.

    I upset you,
    But you only offered me smiles and tender words;
    Because you saw something in us,
    Worth fighting for.

    I made you cry,
    And you didn't tell me;
    Because you didn't want to upset me,
    With your pain.

    Darling! So now I'll love you conditionally,
    And the condition for love is:

    If i will ever make you cry again,
    I want you to cry in my arms;
    Because it's the only way i know how to love you,
    With everything you are...!!
    P.s. :- The picture has no relation with my poem. Still I felt like using it. Maybe because of the conditions.
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #mirakee_reposters #love #poem #condition
    22/02/2021 (Monday)

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    Darling! So now I'll love you conditionally,
    And the condition for love is:

  • the_alchemiist 9w


    I think of you in the morning
    before the sun rises,
    when in the still of the darkness
    my heart feels your presence.
    Your love, your tenderness,
    your slow rhythmic breathing as you sleep,
    and I AM AT PEACE.

    I think of you when the first rays of sunlight
    spill like a waterfall between the blinds
    and settle in my eyes.
    I reach my hand, my foot, any body part will do,
    to touch you and breathe you in.
    It feeds my heart, my soul, my spirit,
    and I AM AT PEACE.

    I think of you at noon when the sun is at its highest,
    when the heat warms my skin
    and causes my eyes to close with sheer pleasure.
    Thoughts of you surround me, envelop me, overpower me.
    Images of you swirl around like a funnel cloud,
    sucking into its grasp all that it touches,
    and I AM AT PEACE.

    I think of you when the sun is setting
    and its final rays of light begin to fade.
    I can hear your voice, deep, soft, and slow in my head--
    words of beauty, joy, romance, and everlasting love.
    My heart begins to sing a love song so sweet and so gentle.
    I can't wait to share my day with you and yours with me.
    and I AM AT PEACE.

    I think of you when the sun has set and the stillness of the moon
    is displaying one of its many wondrous phases.
    Thoughts of your smile, your laugh, and your eyes
    create a feeling that is impossible to express with just words.
    The need to touch you, to feel you, to drink you in
    is almost too much to hold inside.
    Anticipation of you is the greatest gift.
    I AM AT PEACE...!!
    @the_charismatic_soul�� @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #writersthought #mirakee_reposters
    15/02/2021 (Monday)

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    The need to touch you, to feel you, to drink you in
    is almost too much to hold inside...!!

  • the_alchemiist 11w

    (A Sad Song Of Teen Depression)
    If I showed my true colors, what would
    society think?
    Would they laugh, show pity,
    or read the ink?
    I'm exhausted from smiling every
    single day;
    When I know the pain won't just go away.

    Every night I cannot sleep,
    Because my thoughts run so deep.
    They went out for a stroll;
    But got sucked into a black hole.

    My focus is no longer there, anywhere,
    I don't know why I'm like this, I swear.
    It seems like I'm just well-dressed;
    That just means how much I'm stressed.

    My friends all laugh and hang around,
    You don't need water to be drowned.
    This darkness beneath consumes
    my mind;
    It's like I'm living my life blind.

    On the outside I'm holding it together,
    But it's as unpredictable as the weather.
    "How are you?" "I'm fine."
    But the truth lies between the lines.

    It's like being on Mars and trying
    to breathe air,
    When they talk about the future,
    I don't really care.
    You say to suck it up and to be strong;
    But little do you know what exactly is wrong.

    My life is forever altered because of this,
    That cheerful 5 year old is who I miss.
    This is war; you either win or die trying;
    You speak the truth or continue lying.

    The changes were all so very subtle;
    I don't blame you for not seeing,
    But what you don't understand is that
    I'm a human being.
    The truth is you wouldn't last if this
    was in your brain;
    But I've found a way to numb the pain.

    I have to fight my mind every
    single second,
    But that's only because this thing
    had beckoned.
    I wouldn't ever choose to feel this way;
    these were the cards I was dealt;
    My only wish is that more people would
    understand how we felt.

    Sometimes a glimpse of wonder
    wanders on over,
    But it's as rare as finding a four
    leaf clover.
    Monsters don't live under our beds;
    They scream inside of our heads.

    Still I live with hope that one day I will win.
    I will defeat the monster that's under my skin...!!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakeeworld #pod #mirakee #mirakee_reposters #depression #teenage #anxiety #my_poetry #my_poems
    03/02/2021 (Wednesday)

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    Still I live with hope that one day I will win.
    I will defeat the monster that's under my skin...!!

  • the_alchemiist 12w

    For so long, I wished for the day.
    The day that our love would find its way.
    From my heart and into your soul,
    The feeling so strong, I had no control.

    When that day came, when I found you again,
    I vowed never to make the same mistake.
    I knew I would never let you go,
    For my life is now complete in a way I cannot show.

    For eternity I will spend making you believe,
    You are the sole reason that I breathe.
    My life is yours, my hopes and desires too.
    Until my dying day, my heart is reserved just for you.

    You are everything I could ever need and more,
    More than I deserve or would dare wish for.
    You are my baby, my angel, my dream girl.
    I'm thankful every day that you are my whole world.

    For the time I spend with you, my heart truly sings.
    My One, My Only, My Everything...!!
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #mirakee_reposters #love #romance #life
    29/01/2021 (Friday)

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    For the time I spend with you, my heart truly sings.
    My One, My Only, My Everything...!!

  • the_alchemiist 28w

    ���� ��'�� ��������; ����'�� ������ �������������� ���� ������...!!
    Dear Mirakee Family...,
    Yesterday, sitting under the nightsky embedded with diamond like shimmering stars and my true love, my moon, I somehow completed this piece.
    But the truth is that, this poem is just a mere pretense to show my thankfulness, my heartiest gratitudes, my love and affinity which has no place to stand in front of love and affection you all showered upon me.
    The line which is continuously repeating in my heart is, "It's much more than I've ever imagined." All the love, care, affection and blessings are the reason why I'm here again. �� �������� ������ ������ �������� �������� ������������ is what I can say now.

    Dear @tranquilizingwind (wind) ,
    Oh my purest soul...!! Am I really so blessed to have an admirer like you...!? Are you for real...!? And...how can I Thankyou for all those letters and those words of love which are specially crafted to heal my body, heart and soul...!? Thankyou is soo small word to be said for that love, because if I'll say you Thanks, it definitely will be an insult of your love and affinity which I never want to.
    Besides I feel soo bad that we still don't know eachother very well and still you did all that. I'm really soo sorry for that. Let's get into knowing each other more through words and poems. It'll be interesting, isn't it...!?

    My dear @pakhi1738 dii,
    All I want to say you is you're never going to loose your #annoying_younger_brother , okay...!? I promise that I'll always be there for you, for reading you, for loving you and obviously for annoying you. When I came to know that you're were soo stressed about my surgery and also were asking for consultation of doctors, trust me, I felt like running to you that very moment and to tell you that I'm and I'll be fine didi, don't worry, I'll be back soon.
    The days and nights which I spent in OT and then on my bed resting, my mind was never empty with your thoughts and your words. Dii, your love and care are the reason why I'm here again.

    If I'll keep on tagging and writing, I'll never be able to post this stuff and I desperately want to make it soon. My feelings, my emotions and my love for you guys knows no boundary. I LOVE YOU all more than anything in this world.
    Besides, my surgery is done by now and I'm in bed rest for a week. After that I'll have my tests done and then results. (Fingers crossed) I hope everything will be fine with me.
    But the thing is that, I wasn't able to control myself from getting back to you all as soon as possible. My days weren't passing reading you, replying you and talking to you all. I know it's bad...but... this is what it is...!!

    Missed you all as hell....
    And....here it goes...an independent composition on nightsky...!! I hope you'll like it...!!
    (My Metaphor Of Nightsky Is YOU...!!)
    When hope is fleeting,
    stop for a moment and visualise.
    In a sky of silver, the crescent of a lavender moon.
    Imagine it -
    delicate, slim, precise,
    like a paper-thin slice from
    a cabochon jewel...!!
    It may not be useful,
    but it's beautiful.
    And sometimes, it's enough...!!
    The night sky above......
    Unreached by doves
    a majestic sight
    of incomparable light
    twinkling dusts
    of shimmering galactic blasts.

    I wonder why
    That this precious night sky
    was so sadly underrated
    even noticed, but rarely appreciated.

    I wished you give a minute
    to take your eyes a treat
    and you'll see that same night sky
    I look at when all I've got is to cry.

    That is my eternal canvas
    where hopes and dreams and lies was
    scattered is nowhere of far distances;
    couldn't even remember the pieces.

    My metaphor of life,
    an infinite projection of blithe.
    So tonight, by chance, again
    I'll watch my nightsky then
    hoping you did too
    because my metaphor of night sky is YOU...!!
    Dear Mirakee Gems...,
    The view of making this post is only to express my love and affinity for you all my dearest mirakee gems.
    Though it's not possible to tag here and express my words one by one, so I'll be doing that in my comment section. This post is entirely dedicated to my mirakee family just because I want to have conversation with you guys.
    So I request to please let me thank all of you and say my words of affinity to you all.

    Besides, I've got a lots of tags and mentions for which I was waiting for. I desperately wanna read them, but as I said I'm still in bed rest, so maybe I'll be late but I'll reply and comment for sure. Please don't mind the delay. I love you all, forever and always...!!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #mirakeeworld #mirakee_reposters #pod #nightsky #mypoems

    06/10/2020 (Tuesday)

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    (In The Caption)

    If I'm back; it's all because of YOU...!!

  • nivi07 33w

    Happy Teacher's Day!!

    A teacher is a person,
    Who gives you special attention.
    They are the ones who made us smart,
    They knew our abilities from the start.

    A teacher is full of wisdom,
    They teach you about freedom.
    They always correct your mistakes,
    No matter what it takes.

    Teachers take so much care,
    They make sure that we learn to share.
    They have to make so many sacrifices,
    Just to see that we don't have any vices.

    Dear teachers, this poem is just for you,
    People like you are just so few.
    You teach us about life,
    And make us become as sharp as a knife!


  • nivi07 33w

    Hi my fellow friends! I'm so sorry! My apologies to everyone for having gone for such a long time! I hope you all are doing well... Anyways to make up for things I decided to write up something... Hope you like it! Thank you for reading! Have a nice time guys!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writerstolli
    #pod #tod #mirakee #mirakee_reposters #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #my_mirakee #thoughts

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    Dear Friend,

    Once, you were a complete stranger, an unknown face,
    But now, you're a person I do embrace.
    Nothing can describe the bond we share,
    You've always been there, shown your care.

    You're there for me, as I am for you,
    Be as sparkling as morning dew.
    Just seeing you hurt, or seeing you cry,
    Makes me feel like I want to die.

    There's nothing that time can't mend,
    You surely know I'll be there till the end.
    So ease yourself and stop your tears,
    Just let go of all your fears.

    You're unique; as special as you are,
    A friend like you just fills the bar.
    Seeing you always makes me smile,
    Your simple presence makes my life worthwhile.

    You've taught me what is right and wrong,
    You've always been by my side along.
    We still have lot left to do,
    Now tell me, isn't that a whole lot true?

    Thank you for believing me from the start,
    This friendship bond of ours, comes straight from the heart.
    Always remember, if you're ever in need,
    You have a part of your soul in me, who can always feed.

  • the_alchemiist 34w

    Hey My Mirakee,
    The day I posted the page of my post Mid-night Diary (A SLEEPLESS NIGHT), I had promised myself never to write on Insomania again. But whenever I picked my pen to write something to distract myself from the nefarious silence of mid-night, I always ended up with "Why can't I sleep?" And this thought made me so thoughtful that I came up with this...
    (A Mid-night Alchemy)
    When demons pick at my troubled mind,
    And the passage of sleep becomes harder
    to find;
    I close my eyes, turn out the light,
    And listen to the music of the night.

    First there's the silence, looming and
    The audience lies waiting, patiently
    My heart is racing; it's pounding and
    The taste of tension is sour and sickening.

    Outside the wind blows a sweet, sad
    That plays on repeat again and again;
    It builds to a crescendo, stormy and wild,
    Until it blows over and breathes like a

    The rythm of of the mid-night train is
    'The Moonlight Sonata' for insomaniac;
    It's a song of love and another heart
    When so much is said without a single
    word spoken.

    A dripping tap becomes a cacophony,
    The percussion in my moonlight symphony;
    Every drip...drip...drop performed in the
    Is a well-rehearsed line in my sleepless

    The hymns of miners lost in the gloom,
    Are sang by angels as they circle my
    Voices that flicker like light from a
    Are swallowed by the coal-black from
    which they came.

    Birdsong at dawn, a heavenly choir,
    Brings me to rest and my eyes start to
    While sunlight chases my demons away,
    I fall asleep gently to the sounds of the
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersthought #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #my_poetry #mirakee_reposters #insomania #sleep #night #my_poem

    29/08/2020 (Saturday)

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    The rythm of mid-night train is 'clickety-clack',
    'The Moonlight Sonata' for insomaniac...!!

  • nivi07 44w

    Dear friends, I have seen that the number of Covid-19 patients have been on the rise all over the world. Hence, I decided to write a poem on hope, so that I may be able to encourage everyone. Please don't give up hope friends! Everything will be fine! I hope you all are fine! Thanks for reading!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writerstolli
    #pod #tod #mirakee #mirakee_reposters #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #my_mirakee #thoughts #poets_pen_for_peace

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    Always try to think positive,
    Because if you think negative,
    Then you'll have health effects adverse,
    Which will just make your condition even worse!

    Go to sleep with a smile in your face,
    And to smile there are many ways!
    Be satisfied with what you possess,
    Be grateful! Don't think you have anything less!

    Remember, you have a lot with you,
    Don't think that they are few!
    Sleep is the best time to repair,
    Let go of what you don't care!

    Keep up the good hope,
    That tomorrow has a lot of scope!
    Remember, after every night,
    There will be a day full of light!

  • the_tiny_girl 48w


    Dekha isss qadar Yaar ki nigahon mein
    Nigahein chura hi li un hone

    Kya gajab Ka nazara tha vo bhi
    Mohabbat Jo thukra Di thi unne

    Aasuon Ka Dariya Jo nikla tha
    Nikla tha vo to mere hi Ghar se

    Doob gya jahan Sara phir to
    Mere mohabbat ke dariye se
    Mere mohabbat ke dariye se

  • _phoenixgirl_poetry_ 49w

    In the process of getting love,
    sometimes we forget about giving it back.

  • _phoenixgirl_poetry_ 49w

    Everyone congratulating her,
    She was sitting on her labour bed
    Beside her newborn baby.
    She was staring at her with so much love,
    Her 42years old mother rushing into the room,with tears and a big smile,held her in her arms.
    She started to cry and murmured,
    "Mom, I am a mother now."
    Her mother placed a kiss on her forehead and said,"You will be a good mother,my child."
    "Mom, I am sorry.
    How much pain you received when you gave birth to me?
    Mom,sorry.... .I didn't understand the pain until I receive the same.
    And I did so many stupidities all these years...Mom.
    Please forgive me.."She said in tears.
    Her mother hugged her again and said,
    "It's okay my dear.
    Being a mother is a blessing.
    You carry your own child for Nine months.
    You can witnessed every little growth of your child...
    And after giving birth... when you hold your child in your hands...
    Then you will understand the motherhood.
    The pain is nothing comparable to the happiness you receive..."
    "I am happy that you understand...but you are a mother too..take good care of your child"
    "Good luck,My dear"

    #pod#mirakee_reposters #mirakee #writersnetwork#my_mirakee #my_poetry #poems #love#life#thoughts #quotesoflife
    Follow my Instagram account for more :-
    Link is in the bio

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    Happy Mother's Day

    In this fake world,
    If you want to find something real
    Then go to
    Your MOM.

  • nivi07 50w

    Become a Change Setter!

    "What's the reason that we're born here?
    Pray tell me, let me hear,"
    Asked a king to his wise minister,
    And he did seem a little sinister.

    O my lord! We're born to serve,
    To those people, who really deserve.
    I know you've surely heard, my lord,
    That service to man is service to God!

    Tell me a reason to do so,
    Do tell me, I'd really like to know.
    What benefit do we really get?
    Tell me the truth, do not fret.

    Every mortal that ever draws breath,
    Has a job to do before it's death.
    And that is to serve all,
    Maybe it be big or small!

    Helping others is a bliss,
    And it really is a bless,
    This is a duty to be performed by everyone,
    Not just by a single one!

    Happiness truly arrives when,
    One wholeheartedly helps his own brethren,
    One should never turn his back,
    On someone, whether he's white or black!

    So let us all learn to serve today,
    So that someone else may live another day!
    Instead of not paying any heed,
    Let us help someone in need!

    Let us start by doing small tasks,
    Before someone just comes and asks.
    Let us change for the better,
    And become a change setter!

  • _phoenixgirl_poetry_ 50w


    After A Rain,
    The Sunlight Feels Better Than Usual.


  • _phoenixgirl_poetry_ 50w

    Dad's Scolding

    I Always Thought....
    Only My Dad's Scolding Can Make Me Cry
    Along With The Rest Of The Misconceptions,
    You Have Also Removed This Misconception.......

  • nivi07 54w

    Your mind is what helps you think. The manner in which you were brought up stays with you forever. Your success depends on hard work and on how you use your mind. Remember:

    It can make you or it can break you.

    You can become mentally strong, or you can become strongly mental.

    You can have an endless hope, or you can have a hopeless end.

    So, always use your mind in the proper direction! You should possess the never-say-die attitude! Be strong and stay safe, my dear mirakeean friends! Follow the rules put forward by the government. Know that they're not working for their for own good or benefits, they're working 24/7 just for us! So, let us also take up the responsibility and help them atleast by staying at our homes, washing hands from time to time and maintaining social distance, atleast for a few dyas, till the lockdown ends... I don't know who you are, what nationality or religion you belong to, but together, let us defeat this deadly disease! Even though we may be staying at different places, let us stay united always... It's my kind request... Stay safe, and be happy guys!

    Also, please repost this so that this message reaches to the maximum amount of people!

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