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  • pratima_pandey 17w

    कड़कती धूप ने भेजा था कल बादलों को पैग़ाम ,
    सुहाना मौसम लेकर आ गईं हैं वर्षा रानी आज ।
    - प्रतिमा पांडेय

  • shreya_jassi 18w

    प्रथा बनाई गई
    शादी बाद पुरुष नहीं स्त्री की ही बिदाई क्यों हुई?
    ये सवाल तक नहीं उठी
    और वो अपना पिहड़ छोड़ ससुराल आ गई

    बचपन आंगन छोड़कर आती है
    ये सवाल क्यों नहीं होती है?
    अच्छा सुनो क्या लेकर आई हो
    इसे पूछने सारी दुनिया पहुंच जाती है

    वो लाड़ली थी वहां की
    यहां तो महज एक नौकरानी बन गई है
    दर्द सहते सहते वो बेदर्दी
    एक जालिम कहलाने लगी है

    वो तो उसके अपने भी नहीं थे
    फिर भी उसे पूरा संसार मान बैठी है
    इस क्यों की तरह स्त्री भी
    आधी अधूरी ही रह गई है

  • tejasmita_tjjt 18w


    कल्पनाओं के भंवर में
    न जाने मन कहां कहां गोते लगाता है
    सच ही कहा है किसी ने
    जहां न पहुंचे रवि वहां पहुंचे कवि

    कितने हसीन ख्याल देखे थे
    संग तेरे जीने मरने के ख्वाब देखे थे
    हाथों में लेके तेरा हाथ
    मुस्कुराके आने वाले कल देखे थे

    ऐसी कल्पना तो कल्पना में भी न की
    यूं चूर चूर होकर दिल चकनाचूर होगा
    अचानक से तू मुझसे यूं दूर होगा
    बिछड़के जीना तुझसे मेरा यूं मजबूर होगा

  • riasri 20w

    Flower of love bloomed from friendship never wither

  • veronica_06 20w


    They can eternalize situations!
    Their perception are metaphorical!
    They oxymoronize emotions!
    Opportunities strike them with writer's block!
    They are blessed with boon of sudden thoughts!
    Neither the knit of words matter,
    Nor the type of threads(words) bother!
    If one could weave a cloth of phrases,
    where the reader can feel it's warmth even slightly,
    Then, No writer is worthless! as
    Art is neither to be judged nor criticized
    It's just meant be felt!
    Only the eyes of the reader matters!

  • shivanijha 20w

    I have seen all the relations of the world��,we have to cry at every turn.��
    Some special people were not found in the name of friendship, all became mean at a point of time. And nothing was found in the relationship except cheating. ��
    Don't know who those people are, whose good friends and good love comes in their fate. ��
    Our destiny never shines like this✨✨
    And now it's become a habit to be alone, the better, no quarrels, no crying, very relaxed life goes on����
    @shivani jha❣️

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    Loneliness doesn't make a person weak rather make strong and I have no compulsion to be alone, this is a choice! And I am very happy with this choice.
    @shivani jha❣️

  • shivanijha 21w

    #miraakee# miraquill@ writers network
    Missing someone ��

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    Yaad ab tumhaari iss quadar aati hai,
    Ki Hawa ki sarsaraahat se bhi lage tumhaari hi aahat aayi hai!!
    --shivani jha ❣️

  • shivanijha 21w


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    Logo ki baate na pehle samjh aati thi,
    Na ab aati hai !!
    Logo ne pehle bhi giraane ki koshish ki,
    Aur aaj bhi koshish jaari hai !!
    --shivani jha

  • shivanijha 21w

    Ye muskuraahat hai uss chehre ki jis chehre ko dekhkar hum khil uthha karte the,
    Ye gungunaahat hai unn lamho ki, Jin lamho Mai hum gunguna liya karte the.

    Par afsos ki naa ab humaare pass vo chehraa hai aur naahi koi lamha unhe yaad Karne ke liye❣️
    @shivani jha

  • veronica_06 21w

    Her duppatta

    When u suddenly left me,
    the world became deeply dark for me!
    The next moment that smacked me,
    was your smell entering into me,
    which my nose sensed unendurable for me!
    I threw all that smelt like you, hearing a insane me!
    After a bunch of clock's ticks, my bruises were healed by me!
    And now that pale pink duppatta of you,
    Smells not just like only you,
    But like of favorite chocolates, icecreams, jhumkas,beaches,medicines,curd,plants and everything of you!
    Once such inhale of that duppatta of you,
    Can take into ride of love of you and me!
    Can hear your smile dispersing into me!
    Can make hope longer for me!
    And can make me run without quitting for you!

  • suwayda_aroosh 22w

    Larzaa'n kuch aisey neend ke taarey
    Aankh mein hain

    Aankhein moond loo'n tou neend
    Chubhney lagey.

    Choo kr bhi na guzre, so'oon bhi tou kya?
    Abhi neend iddat mein hai.

    Ujaala baahir hai Aur raat,
    Tou bas dil mein hai.


  • suwayda_aroosh 22w

    آج تک رہی ہیں خلاؤں کو آنکھیں

    آج ان میں تو نہیں...

    آج تو ہر جا, فضاؤں میں بھی

    بس اس دل میں نہیں

    میری جھکی نظروں نے کیسے تیرا پتا دیا

    حیا کیا ان میں نہیں ؟

    تجھے چُرایا گر, تو کبھی میرا تھا بھی ؟

    سِسکتی دھڑکنیں کہتی ہیں :


    آج بلائیں ہیں میں نے چڑیاں

    تنہائی میں دل کیا روئے گا نہیں ؟

    #urdupoetry #miraakee #miraakeeworld #writersnetwork #suwayda

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    Aaj takk rahi hain khalaaoon ko aankhein
    Aaj in mein tu nahin...

    Aaj tu har ja, fazaoon mein bhi
    Bas is dil mein nahin.

    Meri jhuki nazroon ne kese tera pata diya Haya kya in mein nahin?

    Tujhe churaya gar, tu kabhi mera tha bhi? Sisakti dhadhhkan kehti hain:


    Aaj bulaee'n hain mein ne chidhyaa'n
    Tanhaai mein dil kya roey ga nahin?

  • a_confused_soul 22w


    It is nearing end,
    My affection for you.
    It has suffered long,
    Trampled under your whims,
    Like a night jasmine
    That has seldom seen the bright sunlight.

    The chills in the air,
    biting my skin.
    The vague memory of yours,
    pinching akin.
    I walk past that lightpole
    that has stood indifferent to the test of time
    Unlike my  tattered heart
    That has diffused into thin air forever.
    The air has some scents
    Of the blooming flowers
    Of the cigarette i smoked
    Creating a beautiful concoction of flavours,
    Making me hazy,
    Or is it my drunken stupour?
    The night is still young
    It's my heart that has gone feeble.

    It's the last night of december
    And i reminisce of the year that went by.
    It is the night i will remember
    As the one where i morphed into a butterfly.

    Ipsita Biswal

  • veronica_06 22w

    Convectional she

    As it was so long since she descended,
    She decided to delve with her friend,
    So, her anklets were tightened,
    Her onset made the earth contend!

    Clouds puffed the blocks,
    Breeze loosened her hair locks,
    Her sight showered love like rocks,
    And she landed with supple knocks!

    Her breath diffused petrichor,
    Her presence made pleviophile's heart color,
    Her rustle made dry flora & fauna smile forever,
    And she bided au revoir with her silver finger!

    She, in this form is always unsurpassed!

  • medha_himanshu 24w

    Sits in heaven

    She left us,
    How and why? No one can tell.
    Questions unanswered,
    bewildered and engulfed,
    So deep in emotions.
    Your beliefs will form a bridge of hope
    To meet her until next time
    When you would have your next cup of tea together, sit in the bedroom and talk for hours.
    I know those memories of her have you devoured
    I know how hard can it get, you crave your last one more times; one more cup of tea, one more conversation, one additional ride to the temple.
    Her favourite prayers, her bond with the lord
    Her prayers were for you that helped in your despair.
    A million 'one more time' would not suffice the void, inside your heart.
    It would not ease your wriggle and your knots.
    Always remember, those we love are never forgotten.
    Their soul their prayers are right above you.
    Those we love, never go away
    They come and stoke your forehead for a good night when you're deep asleep.
    You just can't see, but still, you feel them.
    Unheard, but still you hear them?
    You exactly know how they sound.
    They walk beside you, guide you
    Through the beliefs, they laid in you.
    I'm not going to comment on how she has ascended to the lord or now is probably a twinkling star? Looking down for you from far away.
    I don't know that for now
    All I know, she was here laughing with you, sitting beside you, eating beside you, in peace.
    All I know that she still is.
    She will always do, in peace.
    It's happening all of it, you just can't see.
    Because all you can do is to believe
    In her, in you.
    It hurts, will always do.
    A little time will help you to soak in.
    Every time you hear them mentioned, you'll cry
    Because layers of which your emotions are made are thin.
    When you eat, keep a bite aside
    As I said, you just can't see.
    And that's okay.
    She's here
    You're loved.

  • prettypoetry96 25w

    वो दिल जीतने की बात करते रहे,
    हम दुनिया जीत के भी उनके आगे हार गए।।

  • farukh__thoughts 25w


    "A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation"

    Karte karte sare dost "gayab" hi ho gae...

  • aks_the_reflaction 26w


    कई ख़याल हैं मेरे
    जो पुख़्ता नहीं हैं।
    साँस इस से पहले कभी
    इतना सस्ता नहीं है।
    जो ज़िंदा बचें
    मर रहे वो मुसल्सल
    निजात का क्या कोई
    अब रस्ता नहीं है?

    कितने छूटें अपने
    जनिबेमहफिल छोड़ कर
    हममें ज़िम्मा बड़ा है
    ये ज़िन्दगी है
    कोई बस्ता नहीं है।
    कोशिश करूंगा
    उम्मीदों को बाँटू
    अदना इन्सां हूँ
    अब कोई फरिश्ता नहीं है।
    कई ख़याल हैं, जो पुख़्ता नहीं हैं।
    साँसें हैं साथ भी हैं, ज़िन्दगी बेरस्ता नहीं है।

  • aks_the_reflaction 26w

    तुम और मैं

    दिगंत के अनंत छोर पर
    तुम हो; मैं हूँ
    और विरह है

  • sejal__dutta 28w

    Always whenever I recall you
    All I recall my pains.