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  • veronica_06 1d

    Weaponless weapon

    If pen is mightier than sword, then
    Why does words prove to be the mightiest in the existence of all times?!

  • veronica_06 3d

    Call me wind if u do please the fear inside you!

    A part of me is holding back tears and it seeks fine justice!

    I breathe, wait and hope but finally go empty!

    What a strange time this is, halfway towards heaven and halfway passing through hell!

    When the world fights a war again, it craves imperishable unity!

  • veronica_06 1w


    Is there an answer in those blank pages of Universe's Journal for creating cruel WHYS in my life with the most ideal justification?

  • veronica_06 1w


    I saw her dried lips,
    Flaky and yearning,
    Unpink and sick.
    Thus, I swifly ran
    across those seams,
    and i spirited those!

  • veronica_06 1w

    #miraakee #pod #writersnetwork #wod #miraquill #miss

    Tu me manques beaucoup mama❣

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    Tu me manques

    Cute warm cuddles,
    Suprise dresses and icecreams,
    Loads of cozy cheek kisses,
    Multiple trendy ornaments!
    Firm hands that sketched completeness,
    Sizzling smile that sprinkled postivity,
    Dazzling eyes that made me love dipped,
    Heavenly heart that fabricated trust,
    Were all like an aesthetic dream now!
    I will keep missing you till I meet you!
    My soul has learnt to live with a scar!
    I can neither send letter nor flowers,
    Yet, hoping to meet you someday,
    With bunches of questions and love!

  • veronica_06 4w

    Poetry Receipe

    1. Chop out your best words with a pen.
    2. Add it into a clean paper bowl.
    3. Marinate it with some spices of pain.
    4. Add ample spoons of honeyed ecstasy.
    5. Add salts of metaphors and similes as per your wish.
    6. Add thick slices of your spirit's flavor.
    7. Add some secret milk of your life.
    7. Mix it fully and leave it aside to evolve.
    8.Then, gently align them sensibly in any shape.
    9. Heat a paper pan and add nature's oil.
    10. Shallow fry it in a medium heat of rhymes.
    11. Fry until it turns colorfull.
    12. When you sense an aroma of perfection, it means that it's ready to serve.
    13. Plate it on a white paper plate.
    14. Garnish it with Love and Hope.
    15. Squeeze some zest of guts.
    16. Now, your poetry is ready to serve. It can be served with chilled zeal sauce.

  • veronica_06 5w


    I can travel on a plain paper with my pen moulded with emotional nib to a destination dipped with colors!

  • veronica_06 6w


    I am the son of sun,
    I emmit sweat in ton,
    I hold orange eyes and yellow curls,
    And I smell earthen!

    I recomend for melons and berries,
    I insist fresh lime juices for merries,
    I tempt for grape and orange popsicles,
    And I shower fleshy mangoes!

    I am hottest of all,
    I build nights short and days tall,
    I exist between june to august,
    And I spin cotton and bliss!

    I convert things colorful and green,
    Yet, i am dry and reddish sheen!
    Some say I'm mean,
    But I endlessly warm your routine!

  • veronica_06 6w


    She is a lavander cloud that i sink,
    Sprinkling fragrance of pink!
    Her reminiscence rustles me like a hot coffee!
    Her soul tastes like rose toffee!
    For my aimless waves that roar,
    Her twilight eyes are the shore!
    And she is a poem that can never be worded!

  • veronica_06 6w

    An aesthetic scar

    When she parted,
    She left
    A pungent scent,
    A shrieking silence,
    An oceanic perplexity,
    An invisible stab,
    A queer dismay,
    An intoxicating love,
    An abstract warmth,
    A sword like valiance,
    And a rich grey void!

  • aks_the_reflaction 6w


    दिल यतीमखाना हो गया है मेरा
    तेरे इश्क़ की जागीर का
    तू आती नहीं के इसे वजह मिल जाये
    मौत आती नहीं के तेर बग़ैर ये फ़ना हो जाये

    कमबख़्त..... बड़ी कशमकश में है ये इश्क़ भी
    जिया जाए के न जिया जाए

  • veronica_06 7w

    Sky's dimple

    When the sun became grumpy,
    he refused to share his gleams with moon.
    Moon slimmed down in grief.
    Yet, she was the dimple of the fat dark cheeks!

  • veronica_06 8w

    Cherry blossom

    When the coldest winds bids ciao,
    She emerges in the vibrant colors of hope!
    She arrives with fresh breeze!
    Soundtrack of birds render her praise!
    Flowers epitomise her charisma!
    She comes to bloom lives on this universe!
    And she is as fragrant as cherry blossoms!

  • veronica_06 10w

    #miraakee #pod #writersnetwork #wod #miraquill #question
    Set:BWhy are rainbows rare? Set:A Awaiting
    Set:B What is the color of hope? Set: A Night
    Set:B Is happiness playing hide and seek? Set:A Mirror
    Set: B How many poems have you written? Set: A Stranger
    Set: B Is it easy to fall and break? Set: A Moon

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    Why are rainbows rare?
    Cause awaiting for the sunlight to
    merge with rain is a worthy bliss!

    What is the color of hope?
    It's in the hues of night
    to make existence lustrous!

    Is happiness playing hide and seek?
    Yes! Cause we don't use a mirror all day
    to make our lips curve upwards only!

    How many poems have you written?
    As much as leaves of a Palm tree, said
    a Stranger inside me with a smirk!

    Is it easy to fall and break?
    No! Like a Moon which keeps falling
    and breaking to dazzle flawlessly!

  • veronica_06 10w

    Locked windows

    We all run like ghosts,
    senselessly and numb!
    We work like machines,
    seamlessly and succumb!
    We forget family and friends,
    hopelessly and numb!
    We divorced nature
    recklessly and glum!

  • ranii0022 11w

    नज़र का किस्सा नज़र पर ही ख़त्म हुआ आख़िर
    इन लफ्ज़ों का भरम भी टूट ही गया आख़िर

    ख़मखां के ख़्वाब बुन लिए रातों में जाग कर
    अब ख़्वाबों का काफ़िला भी रुक ही गया आख़िर

    ले–देकर फ़ख़त एक वक्त ही था साथी हमारा
    अब वक्त भी हमसे रूठ ही गया आख़िर

    आस–ओ–उम्मीद अब कुछ नहीं है मेरे पास
    मुझ को एक शक था के तू मेरा ही है
    हिज्र पर भारी ये वहम भी टूट ही गया आख़िर


  • ranii0022 11w

    कभी-कभी लगता है
    कि मुझ में भावनाएं है ही नहीं
    शायद मेरा व्यक्तित्व ऐसा ही है
    या इसे कठोरपन ,कठोरदिल, वगेरह नाम दिए जा सकतें हैं

    बात ऐसी है के......

    मैंने कभी खुद को आजमाया ही नहीं
    या कभी किसी के भरोसे को अपनाया ही नहीं
    लोगों के दुख सुने ज़रूर हैं
    कभी किसी को अपना दुख सुनाया ही नहीं
    दोस्तों से बातें भी बहुत की हैं
    पर उनको अपना हाल कभी बताया ही नहीं
    खुद से खुद को कभी मिलाया ही नहीं
    अकेलेपन की कोई मिसाल नही मैं
    इस सच का आइना खुद को कभी दिखाया ही नहीं

    (अरे, ये तो rhyming हो गया।)

    कभी–कभी तो शक होता है
    कि भाव और दिल ये दोनों मुझ में है भी या नहीं
    क्या ? मैं सच में एक कठोर दिल इंसान हूं
    शायद मैं दिल की बात करने से डरती हूं
    डरती हूं की कहीं जो दिल की बात शुरू की तो... रो–रो कर..... कहीं बिखर न जाऊं
    डरती हूं की जिससे मैं अपने सारे दुख, सारे आसूं, सारी चिंताएं, सारे दर्द बाटूंगी...

    क्या वो समझेगा या समझ पाएगा मुझे??

    लगता है, ये सब अब मेरी आदतें बन गई है
    मुझे कमज़ोर करने वाली आदतें
    और ये मेरे लिए दुख की बात है

    पर एक अच्छी और ख़ास बात ये है ......... कि
    आदत बदली जा सकती है
    और अगर ये आदत है
    तो मैं ज़रूर इसे छोड़ना चाहूंगी।


  • eshita_ghosh 11w


    I need you the most now than I have ever before
    doing the best I can
    but don't think I can anymore
    Feeling lonely
    in this journey
    don't think there is anyone else
    who can truly heal me
    it has to be you
    you and you only
    my pain never leaves my side
    no matter how hard I try
    tired of being lonely guy
    I just wish if you could hold me tight
    tonight and every other night
    Whispering in my ear that, "everything will be alright"
    I don't need the whole world
    right by my side
    I'm falling into pieces, I need you tonight
    you are my weakness and my strength
    in this dark world, you are my only light
    having you in my arms is my sole hope
    A hope which is keeping me alive.....


  • sariaquraishi 12w


    You really have things inside your heart
    I know you are extremely exhaust and hurt
    You really have done things that haunt you at midnight
    You thought the things would have made you excite
    But it ended up having no one by your side
    You are left by having not the feeling of nice
    But you act you'r living at best in your life
    Its totally generous at an approximate height
    Just like fire,You now have to ignite
    U need to dwell alone to fight
    U are just bit far away from the happiness of light
    Start a day with a good deed because its your right!!❤

  • untold_words_here 12w


    Life is full of problems