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  • sariaquraishi 16w


    You really have things inside your heart
    I know you are extremely exhaust and hurt
    You really have done things that haunt you at midnight
    You thought the things would have made you excite
    But it ended up having no one by your side
    You are left by having not the feeling of nice
    But you act you'r living at best in your life
    Its totally generous at an approximate height
    Just like fire,You now have to ignite
    U need to dwell alone to fight
    U are just bit far away from the happiness of light
    Start a day with a good deed because its your right!!❤

  • sariaquraishi 20w

    #GirlsVoice #Raise #miraakecommunity #writers @mirakeeworld...
    I dont know but i feel like the things which i can do and i am capable of doing ...but there are several hinderance this society makes for me ...i think why things what my brother can do i cannot?...and i feel that if he can enjoy his life at its extreme then why being a girl i cannot..
    I feel like this society is biased for girls ..They are destroying the life's of every girl ...a boy can do whatever he wants but why only girls should think about everything everyone and at last about family!..why they need to kill their desires and ambition and meant only to do household works inside the 4 walls.��..
    Please like,comment and repost!❤...i want it to reach evey girl

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    Girls should raise their voice

    Do they think we are weak?
    Their egoistic judgements are at their peak
    O!Their faces are so bleak
    Their continuous restrictions
    Cannot we take any action?
    Girls get up have some reaction
    Arent we any object?to be done an auction
    What do they think about themselves?
    Is everything to feel free?Have they only gotten the right?
    Why girls are you in cage?
    Stand up for yourself and be brave!!
    Gather up yourself like a beautiful frame
    The more you be quiet,
    The more they'll judge you
    What if you are imperfect or let being perfect
    They'll pass their judgments,Stop getting affect
    Their taunts about your character
    If you live freely it would be better
    Girls,Why arent you making your voice loud?
    Are you only here to suffer these wound?
    I know my voice wont be able to reach every girl
    But one day i will make it reach you all
    Stop it,this is not the time to shed tear
    With whom do you fear?
    My heart gives wrath to them
    In the society,those who are still unaware of losing a gem
    Girls-Make your reputation
    Select your profession!

  • word_machine 114w

    दिल टूट गया तो रोना क्यों
    यादों का खजाना बाकि है।।।
    दिल टूट गया तो रोना क्यों
    यादों का खजाना बाकि है।।।
    मुझसा कोई न तुझे प्यार करेगा
    तुजे समझ में आना बाकि है ।।❤️

    - gaurav

  • word_machine 116w

    Akela pan

    Aaj kl akele pan ka satar kuch or hai..
    Sunsaan is sarir me ek ajeeb sa sore h .

    Bhari bharkam tensiono k beech fassi ek choti si jaan hai..
    Mukhote bhare desh me khi ghum meri phnchan hai..

    Ab to bs bachi meri ek yhi aakri aas hai..
    Laut aae khi se vo vaykti meri phchan jiske pass h..


  • poetofword 147w

    Felt, Nothing founded here
    Just melted my heart,
    collected your advice letter,
    and pressed myself
    to keep it in the overlapped box.


  • word_machine 157w

    पूरानी यादे

    यादे जो रह गई पीछै। अक्सर मुझे अपनी और खींचे

    करू कोसिस उनसे जाने की दूर लाख।
    पर असमर्थ इन कोसिसो में ना पाऊं उनसे भाग।

    याद बहुत है वो लोग आते।
    जिनके साथ हम ते समय बिताते।

    उनसे दूर हम है किस्सी वजा से।
    रहना दूर उनसे न कम किसी सजा से।

    कईयौ ने था विश्वास तोडा ।
    मुझ बीच राह पर था अकेला छोड़ा ।

    तूम लोगो ने बताया मुझे न ह कोई अपना।
    तोड़ दिया जो तुम्हारे लिए देखा था सप्ना।


  • poetofword 164w

    This happens every time i try to mix
    decision making with
    one too many drinks.

    Ooh, you're all that i want
    No good at giving you up
    Cmon and gimme some love tonight.

    I draw the line
    i'm out of line. yeah
    i think about it all the time
    make it happen in my mind
    i'm telling you. yeah