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  • midnightwanderings 11w

    Today's Thoughts

    I dont know you but I miss you.
    I know where you are from,
    But what is your favorite color?
    I remember you telling me where you served your mission, but what is your favorite movie?
    Do you like to workout?
    What kind of sadness hides behind your smile?
    Has jealousy ever steered your mind?
    I want to lay next to you, to see your face relax as you sleep.
    I want to see the peaceful moments in your face.
    I want to close me eyes and feel the sun kiss my skin, knowing you feel this next to me.
    My skin shivers, your finger brushing mine, and when i glance over you flash a small smile at me, making me blush for the first time.
    I know your last name,
    But how did you get your first?
    What do you do when you get angry?
    I know I blow up easily.
    Is that something you can handle?
    Can you keep me calm when I want to light the world on fire?
    Are you my gasoline, or are you the fireplace that lets me burn, and yet keeps me from burning down the house?
    Will I ever say the words "I love you"?
    Will you make me cry, though none have been able to?
    Are you the one I will someday come home to?
    Or are you as fleeting as a thought.
    Are you a smile flashed as I walk past, never to give me a second glance.
    Will I place you on a shelf of people ive met and filed as an acquaintance?
    Who are you?
    How would you change my life?
    Will I ever change yours?
    These thoughts may not be there tomorrow.
    But it is today, and I ask,
    Does 1 + 1 make 2?
    Or do they wave to each other, and never finish this poem.
    I dont know, and I......