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  • vannil_y 4w

    Heaven's Annex

    The rains fell and cold came
    Showers and downpour from Heaven's gate
    For its been a while since the earth drank
    'Cos it's roots had long been starved
    But it came, that look, that touch
    Lips on lips, softly, slowly
    Then he looked into my soul,
    Bent over and whispered:' This is forever'

    Time froze and as if it wasn't enough
    The next whisper said 'don't let go'
    I was gonna jump out of my skin
    But his hairy hands wouldn't let me
    In that moment I knew this had to be real
    Cos that voice, that kiss
    My soul drank to fill its thirst

    For the heavens had just opened an annex
    Rent free in my heart
    The rains stopped with clear skies
    But I still had droplets of his taste
    And he left it like it wasn't his
    I'd always run from rains to take cover
    This time I let it pour
    On my dry thirsty heart
    Since happily ever after was written
    In dripping watermarked ink